Get a Light! Everyone’s Doing Gels

Service Prices Up in EVERY Category

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Industry OUTLOOK
Remember several years back when the planet formerly known as Pluto got downgraded from the Solar System? Scientists had discovered characteristics of Pluto that showed it was different than the other planets — and different from how they’d looked at it previously — so they reclassified Pluto as a “dwarf planet.” As I was working on these statistics, I was thinking about Pluto, because we’ve discovered characteristics of the nail business that cause us to look at it differently. For instance, we felt that the method we used to calculate market size was too narrow. We used to benchmark four key service categories: manicures, pedicures, acrylic full sets, and acrylic fills. Those were the four planets in our Solar System that defined our industry and they’d been the basis for 15 years’ worth of data collection. But how could we not include gels? And nail art? I guess my Pluto analogy is actually backwards: We haven’t dropped any planets in our Solar System; we’ve added new ones. So this year, we expanded our review of all service categories to include gels, nail art, and we broke pedicures and manicures into two categories: deluxe and basic. And for the first time, we have data to answer some of the most frequent questions our editors get about how many of each service is done in nail salons. Enjoy this year’s Big Book. And we hope you will use it. — Cyndy Drummey

(figures represent % of weekly salon services)

all manicures acrylics gels (all types) all pedicures nail art all manicures all pedicures acrylics gels (all types) nail art

15.4% 21.3% 17.9% 25.9% 9.8%

wraps/other extensions 1.5% other 8.2%


wraps/other extensions

(figures show which gel services make up all gel services done in the salon)

UV/gel top coat

brush-on gels

2012 projection of nail market size:

gel toenails hard/ traditional gels soak-off gels

$7 .3
Amounts shown in billions

(includes all money spent in the salon on the services in the chart at the top right)

colored gels brush-on gels hard/traditional gels UV/gel top coat soak-off gels colored gels gel toenails 24.6% 23.9% 18.3% 15.3% 10.6% 7.3%

5-YEAR market size comparison
(this chart compares four salon services only)


$ $


$ $









whose continued support of the Big Book statistics section enables this expanded market report. George Schaeffer and Suzi WeissFischmann are big supporters of this special issue and have great regard for research-based decisions.

Unless indicated, most of the data in this year’s Big Book was derived from a readership study done by NAILS in October 2011. We had 1,471 respondents and we’ve used their responses to project these figures. We maintain proprietary methods to calculate market size, service income, and ethnic breakdown. We welcome the opportunity to talk to our readership about these statistics in greater detail. We have more data than we can print, so please call us if you need something you don’t find here. Also, if you’d like to browse our statistical archive, go online at www.nailsmag. com/market-research.

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2011-2012 THE BIG BOOK

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3% 12.1% 3. manager (doing nails) Salon manager/nail dept.6% 19. manager (not doing nails) Student/apprentice 1.6% 18.3% 15.5% 19.7% 14.nailsmag.9% 26-30 31-35 41-45 36-40 41-45 46-50 46-50 36-40 Over 50 10.6% 20.2% Over 50 4 | NAILS MAGAZINE | 2011-2012 THE BIG BOOK >>> .9% 30.3% 7.7% 15.8% 16.3% ETHNICITY One of the most fascinating aspects of the professional nail industry is its ethnic diversity. especially the dominance of Vietnamese salons.3% 3 % 97 male GENDER: % female which title best DESCRIBES YOUR POSITION? Nail technician/booth renter Nail technician/employee Salon owner (doing nails) Salon owner (not doing nails) Salon manager/nail dept.6% 2. including stories about how the Vietnamese became such powerful players.0% 14.4% 6. To see statistics on the Vietnamese nail industry.Nail Tech DEMOGRAPHICS INDUSTRY STATISTICS association directory WHERE DO YOU LIVE? New England/Mid-Atlantic North Central South Atlantic South Central Mountain Pacific Coast International 18.3% 7. go to www.6% 6.9% 7. Vietnamese Caucasian Hispanic African-American Korean Other 45% 33% 10% 9% 2% 1% 31-35 Cosmetologist Other HOW OLD ARE YOU? 25 or younger 26-30 25 or younger 7.

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6% 18.8% 13.3% I have my own insurance policy.7% 17.7% 9.5% 41. I have insurance coverage through the salon that I pay for personally.5% 2. I am covered by Medicare.1% HOME LIFE Married with kids Unmarried with kids Married with no kids Unmarried with no kids 51.6% 6. 38.1% 20.8% 27.2% 3. Other 21.2% 6.1% 6 | NAILS MAGAZINE | 2011-2012 THE BIG BOOK >>> >>> .2% 47.5% 16.2% ARE YOU INSURED?* I have medical insurance through my spouse’s policy.4% *2010-2011 Big Book how long have you been DOING NAILS? One year or less 2-3 years 4-5 years 6-7 years 8-9 years 10+ years 15. based on my age.4% 15.9% 3. I do not currently have medical insurance.Nail Tech DEMOGRAPHICS INDUSTRY STATISTICS association directory what is the HIGHEST LEVEL OF SCHOOL you have completed? Some high school Finished high school Some college/AA degree Finished college Some graduate school Finished graduate school 3.7% 2. I have insurance coverage through the salon that the salon pays for.2% 4. not through work or a spouse.4% 6. I am covered by Medicaid.9% 6. based on my income.

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0% 17.6% have a dress code that allows either a daily color scheme change or more casual attire on weekends. sweats.0% 3.8% of salons that DO HAVE dress codes: 4.6% 20.3% 0.5% 3.Salon ENVIRONMENT INDUSTRY STATISTICS association directory BOOTH RENTAL of booth renters pay their rent weekly Average booth rental for weekly renters of booth renters pay their rent monthly Average booth rental for monthly renters how many nail technicians $110/week $410/month WORK IN YOUR SALON? Overall booth rental average $445/month Just me 2 techs 3 techs 4 techs 5 techs 6 techs 7+ techs 52.3% 9. specifically prohibit one of these items: open-toe shoes. midriffs. or cleavage-revealing attire. flipflops.8% does your salon have a DRESS CODE OR REQUIRE A UNIFORM? Do you carry PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE for yourself or your salon?* *2010-2011 Big Book if you do have a SALON DRESS CODE. what is it? business casual/professional/ common-sense dress code salon-branded top or salon uniform/smock/apron black & white or black & an accent color all black scrubs white lab coat or jacket “trendy/stylish” attire all white or white & accent color (but not black) nice jeans 26.7% 2.6% 4. shorts.3% Other/no answer 9.2% Resort/hotel/ destination spa/salon 0. specifically prohibit nail techs from wearing jeans.8% 23.7% 13.5% 3.2% 8 | NAILS MAGAZINE | 2011-2012 THE BIG BOOK .9% 2.4% 10.0% 5.6% 3.8% 28.1% 6.5% 5.3% How would you DESCRIBE YOUR SALON? Nails-only salon Full-service salon Day spa Home-based salon Mobile salon/spa 54.3% 1. sneakers. >>> 1.

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03 n/a $28.2% 10 | NAILS MAGAZINE | 2011-2012 THE BIG BOOK >>> .73 $36. I am an employee and I receive a salary plus a percentage of my service fees.93 $48.2% 19.68 9.99 $31. and I pay a percentage of service fees to the salon as rent. the average is $7.24 $44. how many HOURS DO YOU WORK EACH WEEK? 10 or fewer 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 More than 50 12.96/toe.5% *These prces do not reflect Vietnamese salon service pricing.5% Colored acrylics (full set) Pink-and-white acrylics (full set) Acrylic fill 2.7% 19. I pay rent to the salon and I keep all my service fees. but I also do nails and keep what I make from services I personally do. I am a booth renter.7% Deluxe manicure Basic pedicure Deluxe pedicure Full set acrylics (sculpt) 3.2% 10.74 2010 $18.66 $47.0% 21. the average is $5.5% 16.Nail Tech INCOME INDUSTRY STATISTICS association directory which best describes your I am a booth renter.79 $27.66 $45.12 $30. I am an employee and I receive just a percentage of my service fees (no salary).8% 7.3% 11.78 $48.5% SERVICE PRICES INDUSTRY AVERAGE* Basic manicure 2011 $19. † For techs who charge per toe.74 $26.0% Full set acrylics (tips) Gels (full set) 2. I receive a higher commission if I bring in more clients). I am an employee and I receive a salary.8% 13.38 $25.35 $47. I own the salon.2% 11.8% 10.63 $35.06 $40.89 $32.6% 11.9% 4.76 $28.4% 14. Other COMPENSATION SYSTEM? 25.52 $49.8% 7. I own the salon and pay myself a salary.6% 18. on average.06 $47. I am an employee and my compensation is based on the number of clients I serve (for example. †† For techs who charge per toe.5% 29.70 $46.5% Gel fill Gel toenails (full set) † Acrylic toenails (full set) †† Soak-off gel application Average weekly income for nail techs (all titles) $150 or less $151-$250 $251-$350 $351-$450 $451-$550 $551-$650 $651-$750 More than $750 16.40/toe.28 $41.93 $37.87 $31.99 $42.87 $29.

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12 | NAILS MAGAZINE | .8% 3. for example) 97% 95% 93% 89% 79% 74% 74% 72% 71% 70% 68% 67% 67% 59% 58% 58% 55% 52% 53% 51% 34% 33% 31% 30% 28% 28% 27% 26% 25% 16% 16% 12% 12% 8% 6% 5% 2011-2012 THE BIG BOOK % increase since 2010 44 15% % have you have added a new service.9% 0.5% 1.5% 1. 61% ADDED ANY NEW SERVICES this year? 31% what SERVICES have you ADDED THIS YEAR? soak-off gels or brush on gel-polish specialty spa manis and pedis* new nail art techniques 53.2% 2.9% 2.4% 2.5% 1.8% 4.Salon SERVICES INDUSTRY STATISTICS association directory what SERVICES are OFFERED IN YOUR SALON? Manicures Polish changes Pedicures Nail art Brush-on gel-polish Specialty manicures Specialty pedicures Paraffin dips Pink-and-white acrylics Full set acrylics (tip-with-overlay) Gels Full set acrylics (sculpt) UV-top coat service or gel overlay (as an additional service) Colored acrylics Soak-off gels Waxing (hair removal) Eyebrow shaping Gel toenails Colored gels Acrylic toenails Makeup application Massage Wraps (silk or linen) Eyebrow tinting Full-coverage nail art coatings (like Minx) Wraps (fiberglass) Reflexology Eyelash extensions Eyelash tinting Powder-and-glue extensions (acrylic “dip” services) Body wraps Microdermabrasion treatments (for hands and feet) Airbrush tanning Tanning Permanent makeup Non-waxing hair removal (electrolysis.7% 7.3% 1.1% 1. waterless manicures.4% 3.8% 4.0% 1. have discontinued a service.9% 3.7% 0.7% 0. hot stone mani/pedis.9% 0.0% 13% traditional gels (including colored gels) gel polish on toes Minx-type/press-on nail art facials/skin care services eyelash extensions/coloring/perming rock star toes/glitter toes waxing spray tanning 42% hair extensions/feathers paraffin permanent cosmetics glitter tattoos eyebrow shaping/tweezing/threading makeup application (including airbrush makeup) massage foot detox reflexology other *Specific new specialty mani/pedi services included vegan mani/pedis.1% 0.

From the business side of things. suggest a traditional hard gel. THE PRICE DIFFERENTIAL IS NARROWING. on average. it works just like your favorite old-school marketing method — word of mouth. 3 We’ve seen a steady closing of the gap in the price difference between Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese salons. Your clients can help you market your salon by “liking” it on Facebook or by “checking in” on FourSquare. More women (and men) are realizing that nails are a great place to make a temporary (and often inexpensive) fashion statement. SOCIAL MARKETING IS KING. and generally have raised their prices across the board. When their friends see your salon name pop up on their pages. — Hannah Lee >>> 2011-2012 THE BIG BOOK | NAILS MAGAZINE | 13 . If she just needs extension or strength. as more Vietnamese salons offer high-end manicure and pedicure options and gel-polish services. PRACTICALLY ANYTHING GOES — ON YOUR NAILS. to YouTube and Yelp. Vietnamese salons. soak-off gels (in builder/base and colors). salons can charge for longer massage. then gel-polish might be what she needs. we’re seeing nail techs take a more “prescriptive” approach to gel services. to Groupon and Living Social. we even saw a few salon owners charging their booth renters a separate fee for pedi-spa use. 2 We’ve officially entered a realm where the trend is the fact that there is no trend. and pure gel color in bottles to choose from. it might actually be smart to keep your base prices the same and charge for the little extras. Similar to how the airlines now charge for checked bags and extra leg-room. a heel treatment during a pedicure.Salon TRENDS 2012 TREND WATCH PRESCRIPTIVE GEL SERVICES ARE THE NEXT STEP. 1 With the advancement in technology of all things gels. She might just want longer-lasting color. You thought blues weren’t popular as a fingernail color? Les Jeans de Chanel denim-inspired polish collection sold out before many fashionistas could get their hands on it. It’s now common for salons to have Facebook or Twitter accounts to connect directly and immediately to clients and potential clients. TAKE A CUE FROM THE AIRLINE INDUSTRY. 5 From Facebook and Twitter. Today it’s closer to 75%. Understanding the differences in your gel options is key to growing your gel business. or custom nail art. salons have harnessed scial media with a vengeance. charged about 60% of the price of a nonVietnamese salon. Now you’ve got traditional hard gels. 4 In these times of economic sluggishness. hybrid gel-polishes. gel top coats. You could have one client who is a sworn “classic” nail girl and wears only pale pinks and the next hour you’ll see that client who looks to Katy Perry and Lady Gaga for her nail inspiration.

5% 55.6% 27. take walk-ins exclusively.2% 52.3% 3% 2% 39% of respondents work exclusively on standing appointments. take no walk-ins. >>> 14 | NAILS MAGAZINE | 2011-2012 THE BIG BOOK .0% 10. it’s they’re their busiest open late. Standing appointments (clients who come in every other Tuesday at 9. day.2% 5.5% 7.5% 28.2% 3.9% 47.4% 25. HOW MANY CLIENTS DO YOU SEE per day? More than 8 clients/day 8 clients/day 7 clients/day 6 clients/day 5 clients/day 4 clients/day 1-3 clients/day 13.2%of salons have a clientele that is % made up of 90 or more in just one of these demographic categories.8% Respondents chose all that applied.4% 19.1% 12.6% 5.2 average clients per day Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 19.8% on average.5% 56.9% 75.2% 3.1% 2.4% 73.9% 16.1% 9.8% 76. for example) 38.6% 19.6% 76.0% 29.Client DEMOGRAPHICS INDUSTRY STATISTICS association directory WHICH DAYS ARE YOU open and/or open late? Open If they’re If they’re open.7% 11.5% 46. open. for example) 13.3% which of the following do you use for BOOKING APPOINTMENTS? Paper calendar/paper booking Computer software Smartphone app Online booking 61.0% 51.4% 14.0% 21.5% None of the above what percentage of your business is APPOINTMENTS VS.4% 41.4% 74.4% Walk-ins Other (filling in for another tech. WALK-INS? Regular appointments (clients who schedule their appointments one by one) 46.6% 71.1% 18.0% 46. WHO ARE YOUR CLIENTS? Girls under 20 Women 21-25 Women 26-35 Women 36-45 Women 46+ Men 7.4% 12.6% 8.2% 4. 23.

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9% 2.5% 1.2% 27.5% 47.6% 2.5% 2.7% 22.2% 0.3% 0.4% 17.5% 3.Salon MARKETING INDUSTRY STATISTICS association directory WHERE DO YOU ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS? Client referral system Facebook page Local newspaper Sponsor charity events The salon has its own website Yellow Pages (printed) Local or city magazines Other online directories (including salon finder sites) Direct mail to local area residents High school or other school papers Cooperative advertising with other local businesses Twitter page Door hangers or windshield fliers Daily deal sites like Groupon or Living Social Radio Sponsor local sports teams Online Yellow Pages Local TV FourSquare account Billboards or bus benches I HAVE THIS IS ADVERTISED ONE OF MY THIS WAY 3 MOST WITHIN PAST SUCCESSFUL 12 MONTHS.9% 0.3% 17.1% 10.8% 5.4% 27.5% 4.2% 4.4% 1.6% 30.4% 5.2% 19.6% 3.1% 9.7% 2.1% 18. METHODS.1% 13.2% 15.0% 4.2% 16.9% 29.5% 11.5% 3. 74.7% most effective marketing methods for nail salons Percentage refers to the number who say it’s one of their three most successful methods of advertising.6% 66. TOP 5 51 Facebook and other social networking tools % 28 % word of mouth/client referral system 17% newspapers salon websites 7% online directories 7% 16 | NAILS MAGAZINE | 2011-2012 THE BIG BOOK >>> .2% 51.9% 6.5% 3.1% 7.2% 4.

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ts.0% 16.5% 7. Other Don’t use 32.7% 6. Business phone calls Business text messaging Researching companies online lon Online appointment booking for the salon Accepting credit card payments Other business applications* 86.1% Respondents chose all that applied. 80.1% 26. My salon is on Yelp. 18 | NAILS MAGAZINE | 2011-2012 THE BIG BOOK .9% 52.5% 12. *Other applications included banking.6% 5.7% 3. watching videos. reading blogs.9% [57. I have a nail-related blog. managing Facebook accounts. 64% of nail techs over 45 do. I have my own website.9% 82. what BUSINESS APPLICATIONS CATIONS do you use your smartphone phone for? of nail techs between ages 26-30 have a Facebook page. s. I have a YouTube page. I have a Twitter account.5% 3. reading e-mail.5% 21.0% 30.7% 22.4% 5. managing anaging the salon website.1% of those over 45 do.0% 24.1% what kind of smartphone device DO YOU USE? iPhone Android phone Blackberry I have an iPad or other tablet.5 % (2011) (2010) ] ARE YOU ONLINE? I have my own Facebook page.7% 60.3% 13. I have my own FourSquare page. My salon has its own website. 87% of nail techs under 25 have a smartphone. My salon has its own FourSquare page.4% 11. My salon has its own Twitter account.8% 17. checking e-mail. My salon has its own Facebook page. I encourage clients to “check-in” to the salon on FourSquare or Facebook.Tech-savvy TECHS INDUSTRY STATISTICS association directory SMARTPHONE? Do you have a yes 73.4% 40.4% 8.

1% 2. average hours per day spent online WHICH IS TRUE FOR YOU? I have my own website. use a computer in their business. I access the Internet to learn more about new products. 90.6% 24. regardless of age. age is not always a factor. I access the Internet to look at different product manufacturer websites.9% 1.6% 79.1% 56. I use a computer to handle some business functions.2% 2. More under-30 nail techs have a Facebook page than those over 45.6% 57. I’m interested in receiving information about nail products via e-mail. My salon is on Yelp.7% 1. WHICH IS TRUE FOR YOU? I use a computer to handle some business functions. My salon has its own Four Square page.1% 80.3% 7.1% 1.0% 29.4% 1.0% 83. and although there were areas where tech-savviness tracked closely to age. I have a Twitter account.1% 0.8% 37. I go online to chat with other nail much time per day do you HOW DO YOU DO BUSINESS ONLINE? We asked techs which of the following statements were TRUE for themselves. I access the Internet to do research on the nail business. but most nail techs. E-mail is a good way to reach me. I look at nail-related videos online.9% 72.8% 6.66 WHAT’S AGE got to do with it? We looked at web and smartphone usage across age ranges. I access the Internet to look at different product manufacturers’ websites.7% 66. I look at nail-related videos online. My salon has its own website. I have my own Facebook page. My salon has its own Facebook page. I access the Internet to learn more about new products.9% SPEND ONLINE related to NAILS? less than one hour 1 hour 1½ hours 2 hours 2½ hours 3 hours 3½ hours 4 hours 4½ hours 5 hours more than 5 hours 14. I subscribe to various nail-related e-mail newsletters. under 30 16% 55% 87% 67% 21% 12% 31% 31-35 17% 51% 87% 58% 26% 12% 27% 36-40 16% 49% 83% 67% 25% 7% 23% 41-45 19% 48% 80% 67% 30% 10% 24% 46+ 15% 55% 70% 53% 11% 5% 21% 71% 89% 85% 91% 70% 89% 86% 80% 67% 90% 82% 81% 66% 93% 83% 84% 64% 89% 81% 73% 40% 39% 13% 10% 36% 35% 16% 9% 37% 30% 16% 12% 34% 25% 18% 16% 22% 25% 36% 12% 2011-2012 THE BIG BOOK | >>> NAILS MAGAZINE | 19 . WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING SMARTPHONES DO YOU PERSONALLY USE? iPhone Android phone I don’t use a smartphone I have an iPad or other tablet.

5% 11. I shop from a mobile or van dealer who comes to my salon.3% 24.1% For some items. except my tools.7% 26. 16.3% per month on nail supplies? $100 or less per month $101-$200 per month $201-$300 per month $301-$400 per month $401-$500 per month More than $500 per month HOW MUCH DO YOU SPEND 43.3% 4.” 25.Buying HABITS INDUSTRY STATISTICS association directory Do you PURCHASE your OWN NAIL PRODUCTS? Yes. including tools and equipment.8% 31.5% 23. I buy direct from the manufacturer. I buy from non-traditional places that don’t carry traditional professional nail supplies.5% 33. I shop in an open-to-the-public beauty store.9% 13.5% 3. A distributor’s sales consultant comes to the salon and takes my order. I order from an online-only distributor. I buy products at tradeshows.1% Respondents chose the sources they use “regularly. The salon provides all supplies.6% 15. I order over the phone from my dealer’s catalog or deal sheets.9% 20 | NAILS MAGAZINE | 2011-2012 THE BIG BOOK .1% 36. 70.2% 2.4% 38.2% 20.0% 2. The salon provides all my supplies. Other 10.2% I shop at the drugstore or other general store. 89.4% 6.6% 11. I provide some supplies.1% Less than once a month Once a month Twice a month Once a week More than once a week No set pattern HOW OFTEN do you purchase supplies? 2011 9.3% 21. I provide all my own supplies.1% 2010 11. I order online from my dealer’s catalog.0% 25.7% 5.5% 2.2% 29.2% 26. the salon provides some supplies.1% 27.2% 2.5% WHERE DO YOU SHOP for nail supplies? I shop in a professional beauty supply store.4% 14. including tools and equipment.

341.opi. with just 1 to 2 drops.HOW CAN A DRIP DRY? Easily! Drip Dry dries nails to the touch in one minute.9999 or visit www. Any other questions? LACQUER DRYING DROPS Call 800. .com ©2012 OPI Products Inc. completely in five.

5% 8.6% 93.3% 29.9% 58.0% 39. When I can.1% 73.2% 65.1% 83.9% 37.3% 87% of nail techs have UV LIGHTS IN THE SALON.7% 19. I believe my environmental consciousness is important to my clients.6% 28.8% 50.8% 29.1% 63. We dispose of our unused products in an environmentally correct fashion. I haven’t given much thought to the ‘green movement.8% 31.0% 65.0% 8.6% 11.8% 9.6% 11. We use low-energy lightbulbs at this salon.1% 9.Buying HABITS INDUSTRY STATISTICS association directory which of the following pieces of SALON EQUIPMENT do you have in your salon?* UV light (for curing gels) electric file paraffin unit 87.8% 9.4% 69.6% 10.8% 7. We have reduced our water consumption at this salon. I choose my salon products — at least in part — based on the manufacturer’s commitment to environmental issues.2% 76.’ I think the ‘green business movement’ is a fad. Being environmentally conscious is important to me. Being environmentally conscious is VERY important to me. I have instituted some ‘green’ or ‘sustainable’ business practices in my salon.9% 50% of nail techs have PEDICURE SPAS IN THE SALON.5% 45. 93. I choose ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ products. We recycle at this salon.* 1 light 2 lights 3 lights 4 lights 5+ lights 36.3% 37.3% *2010-2011 Big Book 22 | NAILS MAGAZINE | 2011-2012 THE BIG BOOK .9% how ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS is your salon?* I’m more aware of potentially dangerous chemicals in my products.4% 56.4% 0.9% 18.9% autoclave airbrush (for nails) airbrush tanning equipment tanning bed microdermabrasion equipment (for hands and feet) 18.2% 68.* 1 pedi spa 2 pedi spas 3 pedi spas 4 pedi spas 5 to 10 pedi spas more than 10 pedi spas 44.1% pedicure spa (“throne” type) local area exhaust system (for ventilation) professional towel warmer air purifier vented manicure table high-level sterilizing equipment (not autoclave) 28.

longer. matte NAIL ENVY Same strengthening benefits as Original Nail Envy. soft&thin NAIL ENVY Strengthening formula fortifies soft. but with a natural-looking matte finish. thin nails with extra calcium. Call 800. kukui nut ©2012 OPI Products Inc. cracking. original NAIL ENVY Maximum strength formula with Hydrolyzed Protein and Calcium helps nails grow harder. . and splitting. dry&brittle NAIL ENVY Moisturizing formula helps maintain flexibility and protects with antioxidant vitamins E & C. and stronger.opi.getandkeep NAILS to ENVY maintenance NAIL ENVY Just the right balance of strengthening and protective ingredients to keep nails in great condition. Once your chosen Nail Envy formula has done its job. and resist peeling.9999 or visit www.341. switch to Nail Envy Maintenance Formula to maintain results. and aloe vera to soothe sensitive nails. sensitive&peeling NAIL ENVY Formaldehyde-free formula protects against peeling with antioxidant vitamin E.

9% 30.1% 3.8% 6.5% 24.4% 24. nutritional supplements 17.2% 56.9% 18.7% 8.9% 3.2% toe rings clothing 16.5% 27.1% receive an INCENTIVE ON RETAIL products they sell.8% 63.4% 7.1% 71.3% 64.6% 24.0% 0.5% 46. buffers Makeup/cosmetics Jewelry 71% WHAT PRODUCTS DO YOU RETAIL? nail polish 74.9% 5.8% 17.2% If you do receive an incentive on retail products. WHAT IS THE INCENTIVE? 10%-19% commission Other commission/ percentage of sales Discounts on salon services or retail products for myself 1%-9% commission 20%+ commission Commission is variable/tiered Counted toward my salary/bonus Points systems/awards Rental rebate Other 24.5% 41.Salon RETAIL INDUSTRY STATISTICS association directory OP 10 BEST-SELLING RETAIL PRODUCTS FOR NAIL SALONS 1 2 3 4 7 6 5 8 9 10 Nail polish Top/base coats Hand lotion Cuticle treatments Nail strengtheners/treatments Hair care Skin care products Nail files.7% 36.1% 18.8% 17.3% 24 | NAILS MAGAZINE | 2011-2012 THE BIG BOOK . buffers skin care products hair care jewelry polish drying products makeup/cosmetics other boutique items adhesives/nail glue candles implements or personal tool kits vitamins. hand lotions nail strengtheners/treatments cuticle treatments top/base coats nail files.5% 5.

OR FORMALDEHYDE • Nail Lacquers feature OPI’s exclusive ProWide™ Brush (Patent pending). NEW NEW DS extravagance DS reserve DS opulence DS reflection DS classic DS glow DS mystery DS radiance DS magic DS temptation SHOWN DS bold SHOWN top coat CONTAINS NO DBP. TOLUENE. SEDUCTIVE GLAMOUR. Style is all about dazzling color and luxurious texture! The new DS temptation and DS bold from Designer Series by OPI complement both of these elements brilliantly.9999 ©2012 OPI Products Inc.341. Designer Series is high fashion for your nails.NEW DS TEMPTATION & DS BOLD CONFIDENT ELEGANCE. • Call 800. . Formulated with real diamond dust and ultra rich color.

445 7. Alaska.6 clients per day 6.096 6.8 clients per day 6.128 1. hours for a nail tech license.427 32.784 69 1.084 913 2. Tennessee booth renters pay an average of $303/month.773 4.300 1.085 4.300 178 788 59 1.673 6.160 96 1.071 7.455 3.Regional ANALYSIS Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Dist.3 clients per day average price average price Wisconsin Massachusetts Sources: This data is derived from several sources: state boards’ self-reported figures (in some cases.980 13. business lists and NAILS’ own estimates when a number is not provided or figures from various sources were inconsistent.334 112 228 120 51. Arkansas.600 2011 Nail Salons 563 68 815 450 7.266 11.536 341 60 1.715 5.932 438 183 30.400 1. 26 | NAILS MAGAZINE | 2011-2012 THE BIG BOOK .233 2.442 360 4.318 112 10.070 5. and Alabama have all doubled the nail tech population in 10 years. Montana has gone from 500 nail techs in 2001 to just 96 in 2011.622 2.245 1.355 1.039 2.967 1.774 1. of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming TOTALS 2011 Nail Techs 2.147 16.031 793 1.910 4.708 1.133 83.025 279 639 2. we confirmed the data by looking at the actual list of license names).874 33 5.137 229 230 933 695 365 437 467 982 182 1. BUSIEST NAIL TECHS West Virginia Alabama Minnesota 6.084 7.913 1.335 9.978 936 929 93 100 4.471 11.600 9. Arizona booth renters pay an average of $663/month.607 638 446 941 166 135 200 198 1. Our own estimates are based on known information about the number of salon businesses in each state and the average number of nail technicians per salon.300 574 1.689 1.836 720 8.244 INDUSTRY STATISTICS association directory Louisiana.208 11.832 3.307 350 355.753 186 7.508 1. Highest nail tech to salon ratio: Nevada at 28 to 1 Lowest nail tech to salon ratio: Montana and South Dakota at .6 to 1 Alabama requires Colorado requires hours for a nail tech license.620 1.

refreshing cucumber. ginger.NEW! LEMON TONIC temptingly taming Tempt clients into pedicure season with the alluring aromas of sparkling lemon and yuzu warmed by cozy vanilla.9999 or visit www. soothing green & white tea. Call 800.opi. and indulgent royal verbena.341. exotic tropical citrus. Also available in revitalizing espresso & cappuccino. sensual spa massage with rich emollients and antioxidant vitamins. soothes and ultra-hydrates with shea butter extract. enticing papaya pineapple. and white tea essences! lemon tonic mask Rejuvenates. lemon tonic scrub Banishes calluses and ©2012 OPI Products Inc. lemon tonic massage For a silky. . rough skin with natural sugar crystals and AHAs.

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