MEMORANDUM From : Marketing Manager To : General Manager Date: September 24th 2006

Subject: Recruitment Sales

In order to meet target in sales of our products, we need to raise rate of sales. It is needed to expand market area. I think we have no choice but recruit some new employee for sales position. Can you follow up ‘recruitment’ to meet our requirement? If possible, next month I would like to have 10 new employees in my division.

Cc. HRD Manager and Finance Manager

Marketing Manager

I wish to apply …. The content of application letter 1. 2. of…… As informed by …… 3. The position you apply . I am applying ……. Envelope sorts 2. The application letter Photo Copy of ID card Application letter Curriculum vitae Copy of your academic transcript Some certificates 3.. Letter performance It reflects the applicant’s image Don’t make you letter too long Don’t use any correction type ink like tipe-ex Beware of your physical appearance of your letter Show your creativity in your letter. Source of the job vacancy As advertised on daily paper ….. Your willingness to work I would like to apply ….APPLICATION LETTER AND CURRICULUM VITAE Some principles of application letter is:   Offering yourself The performance of your letter The process of accepting an application letter in a company: 1.

Amount of salary you want.for the position of ………. And I expect to have salary not less than …. Don’t use any abbreviation in English grammar like I’m.…. …. 3. Self promotion I am hard worker and a result oriented person ……….. vacancy I have been long in this field of job …. 4.. I am well experienced in the same area …… 5. for the vacancy for ….. I’ll CURRICULUM VITAE Parts of CV: 1. Personal data Academic history Courses and Seminars Working experience/employment background References . I think I can complete fill your ….. 4. I am sure that you will satisfy to see my work …. My last salary was ……. 5. 2. I’ve. I feel that I deserve to have salary not less than …….

21 April 1983 : 60 kg/170 cm : Indonesia : Single : Social – economy Academic history Elementary school Junior High school Senior High school University : SD : SMP Negeri 2 Semarang (from 1993-1996) : SMA Negeri : Courses and Seminar English course Computer : : (copy of certificate were enclosed) . Jakarta 12861 Phone: 021 – 687878388 Jakarta.EXAMPLE OF CV CURRICULUM VITAE Fadilah Natanegara Jl Casablanca Timur 71 Tebet. 7 July 2011 Personal data: Place/date of birth Weight/tall Nationality Marital Status Interest : Jakarta.

Mall Casablanca From 2002-2005. . Marketing supervisor in retail industry. production manager in a garment industry PT Carestyle Organizational Background References Mr Desta Pramadi Office: Mall Casablanca JL Casablanca Raya no 26 Jakarta Telp 78789890 Job position: Retail Manager With their permission ‘ employment history” can be confirmed to the names written in references above.Employment History From 2000-2002.

HRD Manager . We have no track record of his/her bad behavior. we found that he/she had dedicated his/her best to serve the company. 15.REFERENCE BLUE OCEAN 1792 Redhill Avenue Santa Monica CA 898999 USA Tel: 1-800-423678 fax 7678-789-899 No 053/HRD/BO/V/2005 May. 2005 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN This is to certify that Name Badge No : : Last Position : Period of Employment: Due to termination : During period of his/her employment. Blue Ocean wishes him/her to have all success and best of luck in the future.