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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Avoid exposing the eyes to air directly, e.g. a car heater, hair driers, and air conditioners. Wear glasses while going out in the sun or while riding and goggles during swimming. Keep the home environs humid, between 30 and 50 percent. During winter a humidifier may be used to add moisture to dry indoor air. Additional humidity can be created by wearing special glasses that form a moisture chamber around the eye. Try to blink frequently which will help spread the tears more frequently. Try avoiding rubbing the eyes. Prophylactic use of eye drops before rather than after,when performing activities which are visually demanding Use artificial tears as eye drops or ointments. Though ointments last longer, they can become messy because of their viscous nature leading to blurred vision. Avoid smoking

Dry Eye Omega Benefits + EyeWarmers


New Moisture Release Eyewear Provides All-Day Dry Eye Relief

They look like designer eyewear, but have hidden seals and a moisture releasing compartment that hydrates and protects your eyes all day long. Tranquileyes Moisture Release Eyewear is a brand new, revolutionary solution for millions suffering from mild to severe Dry Eye conditions. Developed and patented by Dr. Stanley Scheiner, a Board Certified Ophthalmologist, tranquileyes Moisture Release Eyewear incorporates an ingenious technology to help stabilize the tear film, improve visual acuity, and ease symptoms of eye dryness, redness and fatigue. “Dry, itchy, burning eyes are a frustrating condition when provoked by keratitis sicca,” says Dr. Scheiner. “Compliance level has been proven to be less than 50% for patients using eye drops and other traditional treatments, which is why these ‘moisture reservoir eyeglasses’ were developed. For the first time ever, we can now conveniently deliver a moisture rich environment through eyewear to an otherwise dehydrated corneal surface. This reduces symptoms, provides more comfort, increases compliance, and requires fewer doses of drops, saving the patient money. This product will make patients very happy.” The stylish, lightweight frame utilizes two vented chambers which contain a piece of foam. The chambers are soaked in water then placed back into the frame where they are positioned to continuously release moisture around the eyes. A comfortable, foam padded gasket and bendable nose bridge help seal the face and protect the eyes from wind, dust and pollen.

air-conditioned environments and more. and providing relief for millions of people suffering from dry eyes. CEO of Eye Eco. We are thrilled to provide another proven solution for patients.sabhlokcity.When eyewear is worn. suplementi itd http://www.” says Suzanne Paulson.” jastučić http://eyestrain.findhomeremedy. increasing relative humidity around the eyes. Studies have shown that increasing relative humidity stabilizes the tear film. The therapeutic environment minimizes dry eye symptoms. Moisture Release Eyewear is the only product on the market that increases relative humidity by adding .com/optometry/cornea-external-disease/news/print/primary-care-optometrynews/%7Bf72f71ed-ec25-421a-8731-97cdafd0766c%7D/od-shares-drug-free-approach-to-treatingmeibomian-gland-dysfunction http://www. Inc. “They’re an extraordinary gift for anyone with Dry Eye and unlike any product on the market. improves comfort.healio. “This new eyewear shelters the eyes from wind. reduces fatigue and improves visual acuity – indoors and blog http://allaboutdryeye. irritated or tired eyes. effective relief for dry. contact lens use. dust and harmful rays (sunglass version) while also introducing moisture. allergies. helping to stabilize the tear film. Moisture Release Eyewear is the latest in Eye Eco’s line of acclaimed tranquileyes products offering natural. the water from the foam evaporates through the vented http://www.

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