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and easy Settings saved successfully; you're good to go. Settings were not able to be saved successfully. Internet Explorer®is better than ever, which you'll see in just a few quick clicks. Are you ready to choose your settings? Take the Tour Learn more about the new features in Internet Explorer 7 Go to your homepage Start experiencing Internet Explorer 7 now Get add-ons Make your browser more productive, safe, and fun! Need help? Check out our support options a) Required settings Please choose your default search provider. Internet Explorer allows you to easily find information on the Web using any search provider. Your current default search provider is:Search Results Please select 1 of the 2 following options: Keep my current default search provider. Let me select from a list of other search providers. Click "Save your settings" below to see the list of search providers. Before you can continue, please choose your default search provider. Save your Settings Save your Settings Continue Applying settings... b) Optional settings Avoid fraudulent Web sites by using the Phishing Filter.Help protect yourself against fraudulent websites and online phishing scams. Turn on automatic Phishing Filter. (recommended) ClearType® makes Web text easier to read.Use the ClearType tuner to maximize text visibility on your monitor. Activate ClearType. Click "Save your settings" below and restart Internet Explorer for this setting to take effect. Choose a language and region. English (United States) Choose another language and region. Afrikaans (South Africa)Albanian (Albania)Alsatian (France)Amharic (Ethiopia)Arabic (Algeria)Arabic (Bahrain)Arabic (Egypt)Arabic (Iraq)Arabic (Jordan)Arabic (Kuwait)Arabic (Lebanon)Arabic (Libya)Arabic (Morocco)Arabic (Oman)Arabic (Qatar)Arabic (Saudi Arabia)Arabic (Syria)Arabic (Tunisia)Arabic (U.A.E.)Arabic (Yemen)Armenian (Armenia)Assamese (India)Azeri (Cyrillic) (Azerbaijan)Azeri (Latin) (Azerbaijan)Bashkir (Russia)Basque (Basque)Belarusian (Belarus)Bengali (Bangladesh)Bengali (India)Bosnian (Cyrillic) (Bosnia and Herzegovina)Bosnian (Latin) (Bosnia and Herzegovina)Breton (France)Bulgarian (Bulgaria)Catalan (Catalan)Chinese (Hong Kong SAR)Chinese (Macao SAR)Chinese (PRC)Chinese (Singapore)Chinese (Taiwan)Corsican (France)Croatian (Croatia)Croatian (Latin) (Bosnia and Herzegovina)Czech (Czech Republic)Danish (Denmark)Dari (Afghanistan)Divehi

History is easier to read. Skolt (Finland)Sami. Lule (Sweden)Sami. Inari (Finland)Sami. Northern (Finland)Sami. Favorites Center Favorites get friendlier. Southern (Sweden)Sanskrit (India)Serbian (Cyrillic) (Bosnia and Herzegovina)Serbian (Cyrillic) (Serbia)Serbian (Latin) (Bosnia and Herzegovina)Serbian (Latin) (Serbia)Sesotho sa Leboa (South Africa)Setswana (South Africa)Sinhala (Sri Lanka)Slovak (Slovakia)Slovenian (Slovenia)Spanish (Argentina)Spanish (Bolivia)Spanish (Chile)Spanish (Colombia)Spanish (Costa Rica)Spanish (Dominican Republic)Spanish (Ecuador)Spanish (El Salvador)Spanish (Guatemala)Spanish (Honduras)Spanish (Mexico)Spanish (Nicaragua)Spanish (Panama)Spanish (Paraguay)Spanish (Peru)Spanish (Puerto Rico)Spanish (United States)Spanish (Uruguay)Spanish (Venezuela)Spanish (International Sort) (Spain)Swedish (Finland)Swedish (Sweden)Syriac (Syria)Tajik (Tajikistan)Tamazight (Latin) (Algeria)Tamil (India)Tatar (Russia)Telugu (India)Thai (Thailand)Tibetan (PRC)Turkish (Turkey)Turkmen (Turkmenistan)Uighur (PRC)Ukrainian (Ukraine)Upper Sorbian (Germany)Urdu (Pakistan)Uzbek (Cyrillic) (Uzbekistan)Uzbek (Latin) (Uzbekistan)Vietnamese (Vietnam)Welsh (United Kingdom)Wolof (Senegal)Yakut (Russia)Yi (PRC)Yoruba (Nigeria) Join the Customer Experience Improvement Program. Lule (Norway)Sami.We invite you to join our Customer Experience Improvement Program to aid us in our continuous effort to improve Internet Explorer.)Latvian (Latvia)Lithuanian (Lithuania)Lower Sorbian (Germany)Luxembourgish (Luxembourg)Macedonian (FYROM) (Macedonia (FYROM))Malay (Brunei Darussalam)Malay (Malaysia)Malayalam (India)Maltese (Malta)Maori (New Zealand)Mapudungun (Chile)Marathi (India)Mohawk (Mohawk)Mongolian (Cyrillic) (Mongolia)Mongolian (Mongolian) (PRC)Nepali (Nepal)Norwegian (Bokmål) (Norway)Norwegian (Nynorsk) (Norway)Occitan (France)Oriya (India)Pashto (Afghanistan)Persian (Iran)Polish (Poland)Portuguese (Brazil)Portuguese (Portugal)Punjabi (Gurmukhi) (India)Quechua (Bolivia)Quechua (Ecuador)Quechua (Peru)Romanian (Romania)Romansh (Switzerland)Russian (Russia)Sami.R. Home and Refresh buttons. Yes. Forward. I want in on the Customer Experience Improvement Program.D. Northern (Norway)Sami. Northern (Sweden)Sami. . Southern (Norway)Sami.(Maldives)Dutch (Belgium)Dutch (Netherlands)English (Australia)English (Belize)English (Canada)English (Caribbean)English (India)English (Indonesia)English (Ireland)English (Jamaica)English (Malaysia)English (New Zealand)English (Philippines)English (Singapore)English (South Africa)English (Trinidad)English (United Kingdom)English (United States)English (Zimbabwe)Estonian (Estonia)Faroese (Faroe Islands)Filipino (Philippines)Finnish (Finland)French (Belgium)French (Canada)French (France)French (Luxembourg)French (Monaco)French (Switzerland)Frisian (Netherlands)Galician (Galician)Georgian (Georgia)German (Austria)German (Germany)German (Liechtenstein)German (Luxembourg)German (Switzerland)Greek (Greece)Greenlandic (Greenland)Gujarati (India)Hausa (Nigeria)Hebrew (Israel)Hindi (India)Hungarian (Hungary)Icelandic (Iceland)Igbo (Nigeria)Indonesian (Indonesia)Inukitut (Syllabics) (Canada)Inuktitut (Latin) (Canada)Irish (Ireland)isiXhosa (South Africa)isiZulu (South Africa)Italian (Italy)Italian (Switzerland)Japanese (Japan)Kannada (India)Kazakh (Kazakhstan)Khmer (Cambodia)K'iche (Guatemala)Kinyarwanda (Rwanda)Kiswahili (Kenya)Konkani (India)Korean (Korea)Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzistan)Lao (Lao P. Learn more about this program Save your SettingsNew look New look buttons New look for the Back.

Easier search Choose your favorite search provider and easily search the Web with the new Instant Search Box. Tighter security Improved security features help protect you against malicious software and help to keep your personal data safe from fraudulent websites and online phishing scams.Tabbed browsing Surf many sites in one window. it's faster that way. See them all as thumbnails and organize them in groups. saving time and paper. . Advanced printing Print it right the first time with no missing content.

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