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Section One: Grammar and Vocabulary (30%)
Direction: Beneath each of the following sentences there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose one answer than best completes the sentence. 1. Be sure to come to my party, _________? A. aren’t you B. can you C. will you D. mustn’t you 2. She was elected _______leader of the team, and ______leader of the team should have the ability of collaboration. A. /…the B. the…the C. the…/ D. /…/ 3. The man broke into the house only ______ immediately. A. to catch B. caught C. being caught D. to be caught 4 . _______(find) no one at the office, he locked the door and went home. A. Finding B. To find C. Having been found D. To be found 5. Shoe of this kind ______ very comfortable. A. has been worn B. wear C. is wearing D. are worn 6. ______ on earth was it that aroused the suspicion in the policemen? A. How B. What C. Which D. / 7. Jane and Helen are twin sisters and ______ is easily mistaken for the other. A. one B. the one C. she D. another 8. In recent years much more emphasis has been put ___________ developing the students’ creative ability. A. onto B. in C. over D. on 9. _______he is, ________ he feels. A. Busy… happy B. Busier …happier C. The busier…the happier D. Busier… happiest 10. Hardly had he entered the room _____ everyone present burst into cheers. A. than B. when C. as D. since 11. ____ much advice I gave him, he did exactly what he wanted to. A. How B. Whatever C. No matter D. However 12. ---I hear that novel is really interesting. ---It is ________ interesting. I've never read a better novel. A. not at all B. anything but C. not a bit D. more than 13. _____ has been planned that we'll leave the next step on you. A. It B. What C. As D. Such 14. By the time Jane gets home, her aunt ____ for London to attend a meeting. A. will leave B. leaves C. will have left D. left 15. Jason is fashionable, but to tell the truth, he wears of my friends.

we can _______ it by practising hard. Having Judged D. a range of B. guaranteed D. A. that C. pass on to D. a plenty of 30. Cobbie is my favourite basketball player. A. the least fashionably 16. A. to wait C. waiting D. where D. Judging 20. A. many of ________ even cried with joy. Sounding like a great idea. more fashionably B. make off D. recognize C. A. Thanksgiving day is an important festival in America.ordered B. We could do nothing but _____. where you have ________ goods to choose from. understand B.reluctant C. I don’t speak Russian. when B. it 22. The possibility never occurred to me _____ I would be unexpectedly admitted into such a famous university. A. A. which ___________the 18th century. the most fashionably C. how 17. he has a good chance of winning. more superior than D. what D. those B. I regard him____ other players. Thousands of Brazilians cheered Rio’s successful bid of 2016 Olympics in the streets. Which B. A. wait B. desperate B. A. will you ______ what she says for me? A. She _______ the mine rescue live in Chile for BBC news. interpret 26.superiorer than B. necessarily C. make up for C. Not having heard about her beloved son for years. altered B. that C. narrowly B. A. favorable 24. which B. superior to 28. covered C. them C. A. checked 27. whom D. less fashionably D. If we are not gifted with language ability. a kind of C. Mary Smith is quite expert in gardening so that she is ______ to win the yearly Gardener Award. a variety of D. pieced together D. fully D. comes up to B. that D. waited 21. A. His movie won several awards at the film festival. What 19. looks back on C. ______ he said was accepted by all present immediately. superior than C. was beyond his wildest dream. People prefer to go shop in supermarkets. involved C. A. goes back to 25. Judge B. make out 23. determined . widely 29.A. verify D. The more expensive articles are not ______ better. ______ by what everyone says about him. All what C. unwilling D. which 18. A. make up of B. To Judge C. she is ________ to see him.

simply ___4___ able to live their life with a minimum of misery and suffering is ___5____ a success. it is necessarily true that we must define success ___3___. largely D. which D. A. A. A. You should decide on the best . A. but if one has self-confidence it would be unfortunate to set one's goals at ___9___ low a level of achievement. Think of the peace of mind of the poor shepherd who tends his sheep. though 10. to be judged D. that B.Section Two: Cloze (20%) Direction: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. C and D. At 7. A. each B. being 5. Sometimes one can be very successful merely by taking a walk in the park or riding the subway downtown. when D. even if 8. " You have not really failed and spoiled your chances for success until you have been unsuccessful at something ___10___you really like. thought of C. A. 上 上 For some people. regarded B. considered 6. 上 上 A wise counselor once said to a young man who was experiencing frustration with his own professional success: "You do not have to set your goal to reach the moon in order to have success in traveling. Because not all ventures can be successful. too B. are C. and who is respected because he does a good job of achieving the goals expected of and accepted by his and his society. judged C. it seems that ___7____ some people appear to be rich in material possessions. B. broadly B. C and D. __6__ the other hand. A. since B. enjoys his frugal life with his family in the beauty of nature. one should not set unrealistic goals for achieving success. to be B. It is accurate to say that __1___ of us has our own concept of success to the extent that we are responsible for setting our own goals and determining ___2___ we have met these goals satisfactorily. Fill in each blank with the word or the phrase that best fits the context." 1. as Section Three: Reading Comprehension(30%) Direction: There are 2 passages in this part. every C. / B. In D. many of them seem to be miserable and consider themselves unsuccessful when ___8___ by their own standards of success. their D. how 3. even D. A. so C. To C. and to which you have given you best effort. For each of them there are four choices marked A. A. as if D. On B. There are many ways of defining success. to be judging 9. as C. B. what C. everyone D. all 2. large 4. whether C." The counselor added. judging B. Because we possess unique differences in genetic ability and favorable environments in which to express these abilities. viewed D. broad C. A.

the first physician to document the effects of stress on the body. Immunoglobulin A B. B.says Richard Morimoto.those who faced considerable work demands but coped with the challenge were more likely to say they were in good health than those who felt they could not get the job done. In a 2001 study of 158 hospital nurses. doing challenging work may be good for one’s health D. 上 A上 Humans should not try to avoid stress any more than they would shun food. A kind of stress D.researchers put volunteers through two stressful experiences.Hans Selye. Stress to some degree. D. stand D. Body’s first line of defense against germs C. Hormones . Stress hormones can help nerve cells handle information.choice according to what you have read in the passage.Bruce McEwen of Rockefeller University in New York.In the second. people who can’t get their job done experience more stress C. C.The video 上 watchers experienced a downturn in the antibody. can boost immune function. Richard Morimoto studies the effects of stress on the body. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE? A.In a study at the Academic Center for Dentistry in Amsterdam.a researcher at Northwestern University in Illinois studying the effects of stress on longevity. 4.But in the long run these hormones can have a harmful effect on the body and brain. What does the underlined word “shun” mean? A. According to the experiment by the Academic Center. face C. While here’s one question that continuous stress is harmful.Those who did well on the memory test had an increase in levels of immunoglobulin A. the gory video watchers suffered from stress. avoid B. Sustained stress is not good for you. recognize 2. Stress that you can manage also boost immune( 上上上 )function.says Dr.They can help nerve cells handle information and put it into storage. 1.subjects believed they had control over the outcome. Stress prompts the body to produce certain stress hormones.love or exercise.they were not in control:They had to sit through a gory( 上 上 上 )video on surgical procedures. Said Dr.including improved memory function. What’s an antibody? A.a timed task that required memorizing a list followed by a short test. stress will weaken the body’s defense against germs 3. people under stress tend to have a poor memory B.Its the occasional burst of stressorbrief exposure to stress that could be protective. In the first.several studies suggest that challenging situations in which you’re able to rise to the occasion can be good for you. an antibody that’s the body’s first line of defense against germs. We can conclude from the study of the 158 nurses in 2001 that _______ A.In short bursts these hormones have a positive effect.

I will bring my own tools to Shanghai to make sure that everything goes according to plan. I will separate her from the rock underneath her. Do you think the Little Mermaid will be safe during her journey and stay in Shanghai? I think she will be very safe. Why were you selected to move the Little Mermaid? There is a very small market for this kind of business and. She will be taken to Shanghai . Where can this passage be found ? A上In a Web discussion zone. How will you move her? First I will measure up exactly how she sits on her rock at Langelinie so that she is placed in the same way in the Danish Pavilion. Renovating old sculptures D. Removing graffiti from Litter Mermaid B. She will be staying in Shanghai forever. I mean. I don’t think that anyone will try to steal the Little Mermaid because she is too famous. C上In a newspaper report D上In high school students’ compositions. renovated old ones and moved them from one spot to another. Creating new sculptures for artists C. B. Have you worked with the Little Mermaid before? Not really. Stress helps us a lot B. he has created new sculptures for artists. Stress and our life D. 1. D. The statue sits at Langelinie. Coping with stress effectively (B) The experienced Danish stonecutter 46-year-old Flemming Brian Nielsen is going to make sure that the famous Little Mermaid is seen off from her spot in Copenhagen and arrives safely at the Danish Pavilion in Shanghai. B上In a suggestion book. It is impossible for me to keep track on how many statues and works of art I have moved but it must be several thousands. But I did remove some graffiti from her once in the early 80’ s after she had been targeted by vandals (the statue has repeatedly been subjected to vandalism. though it might sound pretentious. as for example on 11 September 2003 when unknown perpetrators toppled her from her stone). What’s the best title for the passage? A. What kind of job hasn’t Flemming Brian Nielsen ever done before? A. Healing power of stress C.5. 2. He has worked as a stonecutter for 30 years and during his career. Which of the following about “Little Mermaid” is TRUE? A. It’s made out of bronze and stone. what would they do with her? No one would buy her knowing that it was the real Little Mermaid. When she arrives. C. because she is made out of bronze and I work with stone. and later she will be lifted away by a crane to be taken by plane to Shanghai. I will place her in the Harbour Pool inside the pavilion. I am the most experienced in this field. Moving little Mermaid from Denmark to anywhere else 3.

“and I need to feel comfortable. 4. It’ll be well protected by Flemming Brian Nielsen.” Today David wears casual clothes—khaki pants and a sports shirt—to the office.” Another reason is that people seem happier and more productive when they are wearing comfortable clothes. B.” “A lot of young people don’t want to dress up for work.This became known as “dress-down Friday” or “casual Friday”. Intentional damage B. 85 percent of employers said that they believe that casual dress improves employee morale (心境,士气) .” 1 上 David Smith refers to himself as having been “a clothes addict. “I was a clothes addict. “I am working harder than ever. many companies allowed their employees to wear casual clothes on Friday 上 but only on Friday 上 . What does the underlined word “vandalism” mean? A. “so it’s hard to hire people if you have a conservative ( 保 守 的 ) dress code. D.” More and more companies are allowing their office workers to wear casual clothes to work.by a crane. Why. In a study conducted by Levi Strauss and Company. Appropriate protection C.” said business consultant Maisly Jones. He hardly ever wears a necktie. Graffiti 5. Why have so many companies started allowing their employees to wear casual clothes? One reason is that it’s easier for a company to attract new employees if it has a casual dress code. Natural disaster D. “Suits are expensive. Only 4 percent of employers said that casual dress has a negative influence on productivity. Little Mermaid will be safe during her stay in Shanghai? A. “I used to carry a fresh suit to work with me so I could change if my clothes got wrinkled. the change from formal to casual office wear has been gradual.” because ________ .” one person said. In the early 1990s. It’ll be accompanied by bodyguards. according to Flemming Brian Nielsen. Supporters of casual office wear also argue that a casual dress code helps them save money. C. It’ll be definitely taken good care of by the Chinese. (C) Five years ago. “For the same amount of money. In the United States. David Smith wore an expensive suit to work every day. “What started out as an extra one-day-a-week benefit for employees has really become an everyday thing. if you have to wear one every day.” says the owner of a software company. A上he often wore khaki pants and a sports shirt B上he couldn’t stand a clean appearance C上he wanted his clothes to look neat all the time D上he didn’t want to spend much money on clothes . It’s too famous that no one would even steal or buy it.” he jokes. you can buy a lot more casual clothes.” David says.

C上“Dress-down Friday” was first given as a favor from employers. B上Dress-down has become an everyday phenomenon since the early 90s. It should be based on the following topic: My favorite book 上“上上上上上上上上“上上上上上上 120 上上上上上上上上上上上上上上上上上上上上上上上上上上上 . are for casual office wear. because ________. D上Many workers want to wear casual clothes to impress people. C上A casual clothes code is welcomed by young employees. S. A上saving employees’ money B上making employees more attractive C上improving employees’ motivation D上making employees happier Section Four: Composition (20%) Directions: Write a composition of about 120 words. which of the following statements is NOT TRUE? A上Many employees don’t like a conservative dress code. the following advantages of casual office wear are mentioned EXCEPT________. A上they make him feel at ease when working B上he cannot afford to buy expensive clothes C上he looks handsome in casual clothes D上he no longer works for any company 3上According to this passage. 5 上 In this passage. D上All the employers in the U.2上David Smith wears casual clothes now. which of the following statements is TRUE? A上Company workers started to dress down about twenty years ago. B上Comfortable clothes make employees more productive. 4上According to this passage.

Reading: (A) ACBBB (B) CDBAA (C) CADCB IV.Answer I. Choices: 1—5 CADAB 6—10 BADCB 11—15 DDACD 16—20 BCDDA 21—25 ABADD 26—30 BCBCC II. Composition: (略) . Cloze: 1—5 ABADD ADBAA III.

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