WORD BUILDING: 1. Besides her studio apartment, she also owns a valuable estate in Italy. VALUE 2. There is a shortage of nurses and doctors in this area. SHORT 3. I've heard from reliable sources that the company is in trouble. RELY 4. Just smile politely and proceed with your daily life. DAY 5. I'll have to speak to my financial advisors before I can give you an answer. FINANCE 6. He has achieved recognition and respect as a scientist. RECOGNIZE 7. The apartments will be torn down and replaced with a shopping plaza. PLACE 8. If economists did nothing but study events, they would be merely irrelevant. ECONOMY 9. The study concluded that the variation between the CD players was very small. VARY 10.The EPA has issued a comparison of smog levels in Chicago and Detroit COMPARE 11.Women show far more willingness to do a thirough research before making an WILL Investment. 12.I've known him for years and I trust his judgment. JUDGE 13. Families , especially those with young children ,benefit from th program. SPECIAL 14. She was bursting with impatience to tell Natalia what had happened. PATIENT

SATISFY 18. 25.15. STRONG 23.His behaviour in school is beginning to improve.A child's emotional development may be severely damaged by a traumatic DEVELOP experience in its early years. that is.It's no good just bleating on about the rising tide of violence to get money out of VIOLENT the government.not a single decision was made.Bloomfield's approach to linguistics was based on observation of the language.I think you have to find an inner strength in order to feel good about yourself.Amativeness. 21.The police came to the inescapable conclusion that the children had been CONCLUDE murdered.Doctors say his chances of survival are not good. and the nervous system. love. 19.If children were taught to be more respectful towards their elders. 26. BEHAVE 24. It's only in the last year that our business has become profitable. .As resources become increasingly scarce. maybe these RESPECT crimes wouldn't happen so often. PROFIT 16. SURVIVE 22. OBSERVE 20. 17.It was a most unsatisfactory meeting . are in the most perfect NERVE mutual sympathy. choices have to be made and priorities INCREASE set.

I've already made plans for that weekend. BEAUTY 32.After two days there was a noticeable improvement in his health.There is a widespread belief that the Age of Enlightenment has run its course. HARM 40. SCIENCE 34. EXPOSE 35. NOTICE 39. .27. FORTUNE 33.Feelings and passions are freely expressed and there is plenty of opportunity for FREE the shedding of tears. this question could be answered by careful scientific research.Both were to exercise their joint theory in memorable performances.Barber's parents encouraged her to stay in school. 38.Human rights groups have called for an independent inquiry into the killings. PERFORM 37.Skin cancer is often caused by too much exposure to the sun.Bioremediation is formally defined as the controlled use of biodegradation to CONTROL remove toxic chemicals from soil and groundwater.Essential oils are harmless to skin. the term refers to a type of atmospheric disturbance centered DISTURB on a low-pressure center that often results in stormy weather. 36. BELIEVE 28. COURAGE 29.Even the most caring parents will sometimes make unreasonable demands on REASON their children.Unfortunately.In principle. 30.The Globe Exhibition is beautifully done and well worth a visit. provided they are used correctly. DEPEND 31.In meteorology.

She was severely injured but made a complete recovery.41. 42.In explorations of the texture of racist discourses in recent years. PACK 50.Most couples who break up seem to find it hard to remain friends. passengers should move to the top deck. . VARY 43. LOOK 48. and avoid KNOW camping alone. 54. 51.The power outage was the result of a failure in the computer system.Some of the issues surrounding mental illness have been unpacked in Chapter 3. BITE 46. RECOVER 47.A crowd of onlookers gathered at the scene of the accident. FAIL 45.Rhineland dishes are a specialty of restaurant and there's a superbly SPECIAL comfortable bar.He then said that in order to do so he needed 150 experienced men. EXPERIENCE 52. the inner city EXPLORATION has been a prime site for investigation.I feel uncomfortable talking about Gayle when she isn't here.People suffer problems with their corneas for a wide variety of reasons.Who is in charge of the arrangements for the President's visit? ARRANGE 53. COMFORT 49. I was bitten on the leg by a snake.Visitors should use reputable travel firms with knowledgeable guides. LIKE 44. Kim and EXCEPT Gerry are exceptions to that rule.On just the second day of the trip.In the unlikely event of a fire.

they were singled out as the APPEAR perfect couple. traditionally furnished with cool SPACE marble floors.Einstein's revolutionary theories made people look at the universe in a REVOLUTION completely new way. but he helped POPULAR to popularize the modern style.History.It's understandable that she doesn't want to see Bill again.Inside. 58. is a contemplative CONTEMPLATE luxury of advanced civilizations. COURAGE 61.When they made public appearances together. UNDRESTAND 62. the feel of coming to an alien city. EXPENSE 59. there is a spacious lounge and bar. Cooper took obvious pleasure in announcing the merger. we feel very tired after a comparatively short time.55. the extension of human memory through time. SENSE 66. 65. PLEASE 60.As a result. 64.Many people stick with their banks regardless of whether they offer the REGARD best deal. . Garcia died at the age of thirty. 57.The furniture is inexpensive but well-made.At first there is the odd sensation of panic. After a courageous struggle against cancer. COMPARE 63. 56.Architects and critics with purist views were suspicious of Hill.

Experts do not agree about whether the death penalty acts as a deterrent. DETER 78. EXPECT 72.He would also be a marvelous attraction for a graduate school of almost ATTRACT any-thing. 73.Mrs. SUCCESS 81. SKILL 77.Hoggart felt.I knew I had to give a speech.67.All of the ski resorts are accessible from the hotel via free public transportation. CUSTOM 75. ACCESS 74.The campground in Emerald Bay State Park has a spectacular setting.Studies have shown that there is a greater likelihood of teenagers having car LIKELY . 70. SPECTACLE 69.Because of my inexperience in the business. Belton took her accustomed place at the head of the table.The stage is bare but the ceiling is brilliantly painted . ASSESS 68.with some justification. JUST 76. 80. ANXIOUS 79. displaying the signs DISPLAY of the zodiac. but the thought filled me with anxiety.Locals welcome any efforts to beautify the neighborhood. BEAUTY 71. I think I trusted other people too much.We start with an assessment of the student's abilities. that his colleagues had let him down.Hague's announcement was not entirely unexpected.We give him instruction in safe and skillful driving.The army made an unsuccessful attempt to end the rebellion.

BELIEVE 89.Graham's doctor had repeatedly warned him not to work so hard. Carey does not remember the meeting at all.Please let us know at the time of booking if you would like us to make a hotel RESERVE reservation on your behalf.Nothing ever happens to disturb the tranquillity of this little town.Thank you to all our contributors for being so prompt with all your articles.I find it unbelievable that Mr.What shocked me was the parents' apparent lack of interest in their child. 94. OCCUR 83. 91. 90. MATURE 85. hidden in the Tuscan hills. CONTRIBUTE 86. stretching from the Borders to HISTORY Shetland. .The hotel is fully booked. APPEAR 87. REPEAT 88.It's a spectacular sight. 93. CANCEL 84.There are very few new buildings so the village is largely unspoiled.There are many historic sites to choose from.accidents. but we will let you know if there are any cancellations.Earthquakes are an unusual occurrence in England but are not totally unknown. SPOIL 92.I think Jim's too immature to live on his own.A crowd of sightseers had gathered on the street across from the burning SIGHT houses. as the wildfowl jockey for position to grab the biggest SPECTACLE beak or bill full of food. 82.

PUNISH 100.She likes reading those trendy intellectual magazines about politics and society.95. the book LITERATURE seems a bit half-cooked. Jerry leads his readers down an endless rambling path without END ever providing them with any resolution to the plot RESOLVE 105. therefore. 97.much to the amusement of passersby. ensure that it has the means within its membership to fulfil SURE this inescapable obligation. conceals a mysterious secret. CHILD 99.Some people are demanding the return of capital punishment for murder. . 103. The book starts out promisingly enough – a beautiful naïve nanny arrives PROMISE on an isolated island only to discover her employer . RIGHT 101. just While Bray has added all the necessary literary ingredients . MYSTERY 104.They were dancing and singing in the car. INTELLECT 98.Lee looked out over his half-moon glasses almost like a childish madman. 102. In his book. An undeniable truth hit Thomas in his Yale years: Black liberal leadership DENY had not prepared black people to compete. AMUSE 96.It must. is Every new drug has to pass a series of rigorous safety checks before it RIGOR put on sale. I'm only claiming what is rightfully mine. the recently widowed Marquis De Banqueth .

well-attended by both town councillors and residents alike . 108. 113. is Life-style is a controversial issue. tantrums or destructive behaviour. Counselors pool together a group of qualified applicants and try to sell APPLY them to many different companies. 107. OFFENCE 115. The book has no narrator or main character. FACE 114. Several office buildings were defaced by graffiti. Teenagers often make inappropriate responses to conflicts such as APPROPIATE aggression. 110. 112. and a full analysis of the arguments CONTROVERSY beyond the scope of this book. PREFER 109. Bank officials denied giving the senator any preferential treatment. 111. Please contact our administration office for an application form before ADMINISTER 5th July. The individuals who have contributed to this book are far too numerous NUMBER to mention. COUNCIL was held over the weekend to discuss the problems affecting the district. withdrawing. Consequently. it lacks a CONSEQUENT traditional plot.106. A meeting . DESTROY . The committee will investigate more effective ways of dealing with COMMIT young offenders. sulking.

It's a truly monumental work. Olly was bursting with curiosity about the new house. BEAT 119. 124. 121. 120. The quest for big game has grown in popularity. Sometimes it has been satisfied that no further regulatory action is REGULATE required. 118. For some people it may be an unwanted distraction. The cost of the software is insignificant compared with the cost of SIGNIFY training employees to use it. APPROVE 123. home schooling was regarded as something rather SCHOOL uncommon. for others it VALUE may be an exciting and invaluable asset.116. 125. Many parents cite the alarmingly high incidence of violence in ALARM . POPULAR 127. at an unbeatable price. The refugees will be housed and fed here for an indefinite period. 126. Up until recently . The standards placed on beauty products are either shockingly low or SHOCK totally non-existent. CURIOUS 122. The project has received the city council's seal of approval. DEFINE 117. Billy had lost track momentarily of where he was or how he MOMENT had gotten there.

His first commercial venture was opening a small corner shop. 137. and other problems. Fountain in Moonlight. EXTEND 135. she will be imprisoned for at least six years. Here an impressive collection of vehicles from the Great Age of Steam IMPRESS awaits unsuspecting engineers from two to ninety-two. some schoolleavers SURPRISE with qualifications fail to find jobs. with youth unemployment so high. the highlight of the exhibition STAND is . undoubtedly . Can violence ever be a justifiable method of protest? JUSTIFY 130. The film has been shown in its entirety for the first time. SUFFICE 129. COMMERCE 138. INSTITUTE 128. Not surprisingly. It's hard not to sympathize with the plight of single parents in today's SYMPATHY . If convicted. First-year college students often experience feelings of isolation.mainstream institutions as the reason behind their choice to home educate. Graham Greene had exceptional talents as a story-teller. The bank charged me for having insufficient funds in my account. Sleep deprivation causes memory loss. Although all the paintings are outstanding . an oil which recently underwent DOUBT extensive restoration. DEPRIVE 131. PRISON 139. ISOLATE 136. EXCEPT 134. WAIT 132. paranoia. ENTIRE 133.

She lived in a small settlement on the edge of the desert. 144. REASON 149. SETTLE 148. 147. 143. RESTORE 150. EFFECT 146. 145. By this time there was a queue of impatient customers waiting to be PATIENCE The idea was so successful in defusing the explosive situation that EXPLODE the meetings continued to be held at six-monthly intervals. For our survey we asked a representative sample of voters to give us REPRESENT their opinions. 142. 141. Thirteen demonstrators were killed when soldiers opened fire on DEMONSTRATE the crowd. Are you ready to make a long-term commitment? COMMIT . 140. He's a great believer in the restorative power of short naps. A reasonable number of people turned up for the meeting. Autopsies have identified at least 24 different contaminants in their CONTAMINATE bodies. Bridget ENTER made a dramatic entrance into the room. The chemical was almost totally ineffective in killing the weeds.

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