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This is not from the Neighborhood Club, but me personally as a concerned citizen, Mom, and general pain in the ass. There are various groups who object to the redistricting as too hasty and dangerous in terms of equal schools and programming. Various versions of this are being distributed to residents to try and engage them in the process and get them to come to the April 15th School Board meeting. Feel free to customize it for you own needs or, if you prefer, use it to make a paper airplane to fly on this beautiful day. Francie -----Original Message----From: Francie McComb Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 11:04 AM To: 'Hugh B. Gordon'; 'Teri Simon'; 'Joan Hindin'; 'Greg Strickland'; 'Anne Mezey'; 'Perry Hamilton'; 'Kevin Murphy'; 'Diane Actman'; maxine goldberg Subject: RE: Neighborhood Club Opposition to Change of Policy 206 All: The Neighborhood Club voteds last night to oppose the changes of the School Board's 206 policy. The amended policy, in our view, vests too much power in the Superintendent to change boundries willy nilly. We are finalizing a blast to our membership that expresses that opposition and concern with the SBoard rush to action. We will also ask for a delay on the vote to redistrict.

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