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What is Respect?

Many of human characteristics reflect the difference between some cultures so that make us being different of others. In many dictionaries respect is defined as a regard for or a confidence virtue of everyone. Also there are many way to show respect saying things like please and thank you, making people to not feel uncomfortable and so on. People know that actions can express their personality and it can say many things of us. We can affect people if we do not know how get control. At the same time, attitudes seem to be changing society instead these are promoting bad values. Therefore we must consider respect as an ambiguous value and just in general, each person should follow the idea to respect others, respect your self and finally respect life. Respect is a value that involve others people according to get respect of them. From the very beginning we learnt to respect to our brother, parents, relatives, and adults, that is to say we internalized respect during our infancy. However, too many times we forget the real meaning of respect and what we learnt during those years. Sometimes there are situations where we cannot get control of our impulses and we just react without thinking. For instance, if we have got a stressful trouble, we can often reflect our anguish feelings in front of others people, so that can affect them till can act worse of us and then we think why did he or she answer me in that way?. Definitely respect is treating another person the same way you would want to be treated yourself and that is the limit to make the difference between educated people and no educated. Nowadays there are many people who accept abuses of others in different ways. As we can see in news how some people recognize have been ill-treated once in their life. That is because, sometimes feelings can be more important than their own lives and those people usually confuse it instead what they really feel. The more you value yourself, the more you know that you are worth something. Although people accept bad treatments permitting aggression in different way and eventually these can affect their private life. Al last there is one word that summarize self respect, dignity is considered an inherent virtue because it is the only characteristic what nobody can lose, it is the only thing someone will have forever. The world has been changing too much the last years and the environment has suffered the consequences of bad acts that human race has caused. Everywhere we can see the steps of the worse humanity abuses. Through the unconscious of people the global warming and many other disasters have been increasing hardly. They do not know that many of their carefree actions involve earth, air and sea which have been affected significantly. In those cases respect has lose his intrinsic meaning. All around of us is life which deserves the same treatment. In conclusion, respect is an important value that nobody should forget. Society need people who can overcome for their actions which have to be positive in the way to respect everything. This important value has to be support in communion because it has not to be teaching just representing a word although it can be acquire as a result of our awareness. An idea such as socialization involve a real understanding of what respect means because it reflects how much culture and globalized is our society.

Claudio Perez Beltran 24 / 05 /2012