: Review the topics studied during the 1st term. DATE _________________________________ The present workshop of reinforcement will have a value of 5 %; the works, folder, guides and the complete notebook with excellent presentation 5 % and the evaluation 80 % for a total of 90 %. Remember that the suitable development of the workshop will allow to reinforce the knowledge and hereby to be prepared for the Evaluation. It must be realized to hand, by excellent presentation. Before realizing the workshop, check and correct the notes, guides, quices and synthesis evaluation. SIMPLE PRESENT VS PRESENT CONTINUOUS
1) Which sentences/questions are in the Simple Present? Then Turn it in true 1 negative

2) Which sentences/questions are in the Present Progressive? Then turned it In interrogatives


-Anne is always coming -He had a shower in the -First I get up then I have morning. -He was sitting on the beach. 4)true What are typical signal words for the -He's having aa shower. Present Progressive? write sentence for true one each - don't think so. true true -Listen! We're thinking of buying a new true car. -Look!
true true true

1 true

breakfast. -He's just finished the 3) What are typical signal words for the 1 letter. Simple Present?.. write a sentence for each true one -I was having breakfast. true -already true -I'm here. true -at the moment true -She lives in Sofia. true -every day
true true true true

-ago -at the moment just never

-last week -normally -now -

true true

true 5. true Out in the verbs in brackets in the Simple Present Progressive - or the Present now

-seldom 1) Andy sometimes ______________comics. (to read) true true -usually 2) We never ____________________TV in the morning. (to watch) - yet 3) Listen! Samuel ________________in the bathroom. (to sing) 4) My sister usually_______________in the kitchen. (to help) 5) My mother ___________________breakfast now. (to make) 6) They often ___________________the bathroom. (to clean) 7) Look! The boys ________________home. (to come) 8) Every day his grandfather__________________for a walk. (to go) 9) I ____________________with my friend at the moment. (to chat) 10) Cats_________________mice. (to eat)

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb
1.Last Saturday when my brother arrived, I ________ TV (to watch) 2.The police arrested the murderer when he ________ an old woman (to attack) 3.My uncle ________ all his fortune playing in casinos (to lose) 4.Yesterday it rained all day and the river almost ________ its banks (to burst) 5.Last night when I left the party two gangs of hooligans ________ (to fight) 6.Last Friday my father ________ to Paris to visit my brother who works there (to go) 7.They ________ the new bridge in time for the Olympic Games (to finish) 8.My girlfriend didn't come with us to the cinema because she ________ (to study) 9.When the teacher entered the classroom the students ________ very loudly (to speak) 10That terrible accident ________ yesterday evening (to happen) 11.Last night when the thieves ________ into my house I was sleeping (to break) 12.My parents ________ in the Cathedral of Seville 40 years ago (to get married) 13.The Socialist Party ________ the last elections and is now in power (to win)

14.The other day when I ________ tennis I hurt my leg (to play) 15.Philip ________ at home in very strange circumstances (to die)

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