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Sabrina Borden EDRL 461 Albert Rodriguez Date: 5/3/11 Grade: 5th Lesson Name: Word Analysis

Objectives: 1.5.4 Comprehend, builds, and extends vocabulary using syntax, prefixes and suffixes. Determine the meaning of unknown words and phrases in text using parts of speech. Materials: Spelling word, paper, and colored pencils, word sort. Procedure: The students will use their spelling list of compound words and break them into base words, prefixes, and/or suffixes. They will write the word in different colors according to what the word includes. Intro: We will talk about knowledge of prefixes and suffixes. We, as a class, will make a circle chart including the prefixes they know and what they mean, and a separate chart for suffixes. We will discuss what they mean and when they should be used. Review: students will do talking chips to review the spelling words, and discuss the meaning of each. The students will have a turn spelling and telling whether the word has a prefix, suffix, or is a sight word. Lesson: The students will take the words and do a word-sort individually. They will sort by prefix, suffix, and sight word. This should not take very long for the students to do. They will do this and then check with other group members. After they are done sorting, we will go over our sort as a class. They can then correct any mistakes they made. The second part of our lesson will be the students fragmenting the words into prefix, suffix, and base word. They will need 4 different colored pencils for this activity. The prefixes they will write in one color, base word another, and suffix another. The sight words will be written in the fourth color. Ex: uneasy, could, standing. Practice: For extra practice with prefixes and suffixes, they will have to take make a list of words they can think of that are not on our list and write them

in the different colors. For homework I want them to take 3 of the words they thought of and get the definition for them to share in class the following day. Closure: We will review the homework; go over what a suffixes and prefix is and how to decipher between prefixes and words that are spelt alike. Ex understanding and undecided

Reflection: This is a good exercise that could be done as homework once it is explained thoroughly in class. Practicing this at the beginning of the year and assigning it as a homework assignment for all spelling lists that have prefix and suffix words in them would be a great way for them to remember because they would know the pattern.