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M. FOR Huts. Scales TO WHICH IS ADDED. The whole containing Twenty. I |J Moiques. Library. Baihs. OF WHICH MAY EXECUTED WITH Irregular Stones. with to each. I Terminaries. BE MANY Flints. ! • Cafc3des. Groteique and Ruftic Scats. By WILLIAM WRIGHTE. nearly oppoiite Great Turnitiie. Holboin. Chinefe. at the Architectural J. Gothic. Architect. and SECTIONS.Grotefque Archite£hire. O R RURAL AMUSEMENTj CONSISTING OF PLANS. Morefque Pavilions. and Roots of Trees. with the Method of executing them. A NEW E D I T I O -V. An Explanation. Printed for I. and Natural Grottos. . and L O N D O K: TAYLOR.eight new Defigns. ELEVATIONS. Retreats.X8. Summe* and Winter Hermitages.DCC. &c. Rude Branches. Green Houies.

and may be thatched or covered with branches of trees twined round with ivy. dimenilons are figured on the plan. The dimenfions are figured on the plan. PLATE be compofed of trees. to Plan and elevation of an hermetic roots and irregular branches of cemented together with a ftrong binding clay. Az PLATE . and is proper to be placed at the entrance of a The wood. PLAN and The elevation of a hut. may be lined with mofs. and It is covered on the top with thatch.GROTESQUE ARCHITECTURE. IL retreat. essm PLATE I. or on the top of a fmall eminence. intended to reprefent the primitive ftate of the Dorick Order. to be built trees with trunks of infide walls and irregular timber.

PLATE V. fituated in a rifing wood near fome running water. over the door . fuppofed to be built round a tree roof. The feats attached are intended to be compofed of large irregular (tones. &c. Plan and elevation of a winter hermitage. 1 or . fet round with ivy. The roof mould be covered with thatch.[ 4 ] PLATE which £hould be III. with ruftic feats attached. C. covered with thatch. A. roots of trees. are feats of retirement. its IV. and the floor paved with fmall pebble flones or cockle (hells. The on the fide are intended to be compofed trees of large rough ftones and roots of pollard cemented together. is a tais with an Arabic infcription the roof tafte . Plan and elevation for an hermitage in the caflern ftyle. PLATE which fupports blet. be a couch feats . to be built partly of large flones and trunks of trees. eight feet fquare in the infide. from the lanterns above. &c. Elevation of an hermit's cell. in the Chinefe infide to be lined It is lighted the with billet wood and mofs. and lined with rufhes. fhould B. The ruftic dimenfions are figured in the plan. fowling. intended as a retirement from hunting.

is for a couch . A. and lined with wool or other warm fubftance intermixed with mofs. C. A. palm in the pediment is a and a tablet with an inicription. the walls to be built of flints or rough /tones. VII. or any other pretty device intermixed with them. is intended as a library. defign is This dant calculated to be built on a fmall ver- A 3 . the roof covered with -. ©f retirement. is ornamented with a portico of fculi.t 5 ] or any other winter amufement.ld be the floor paved with fheeps marrow-bones placed upright. one of which . and the other a bath the tops of . the walls to be compofed of large ftones. are niches for feats cut in the evergreens. Plan and elevation of an hermitage in the the front trees . are feats PLATE Auguftine ftyle . thatch. them are intended to be thatched b b b. fummer hermitage. and mould be fituated on a rifing ground planted with evergreens. B. PLATE Plan and elevation of a defigned to be in a VI. and the ends faced with flints . are pafiages of evergreens leading to the two circular retreats. wilderuefs or thick wood . A. and an owl carved on the top fhoi.

The dimenfions may be known by the fcale and the figures or* the plan. and as a proper retreat from the fatigues of a fultry day. fea weeds. &c. planted is with weeping willows. &c. X. looking-glafs. the infide to be ornamented with fhells. ores. VIII. the outfide to be Plan and elevation of a Gothic grotto with compofed of flints and irregular (tones. near a murmuring ftream. a rural circular hermitage. IX. and fection. and ftud- ded with fmall pebbles. it would have a very plealing ap- PLATE . and if built upon an eminence.t 6 ] dant amphitheatre. pearance.figured The dimenfions are on the plan. fupported by eight trunks of trees twined about with ivy. fountains* and other grotefque decorations. PLATE Apian. elevation. and half a feftion. Plan. PLATE four clofets five feet fquare . half an of elevation. The infide lighted by a gazebo. of a grotto in a ornamented with jet d'eaux. PLATE modern architectonic ftyle. defigned for an open {ituation near fome rivulet.

mould be decorated with ice. with fta- A 4 tues . with a bath (A). B. &c. the angles couped with off niches. the of the bath and temple to be ornamented (hells in the with beautiful infide to Mofaic be groined over. as on the plan. xiii. Elevation of a Gothic grotto. is lighted from the gazebo on the top. with cafcades (fee the plan. the outtafte.). gems. the arcades to be ice or frofted fide work . incruflations. the walls lined with flints. It is intended to have a fountain in the centre. where grotefque ftatues or vafes mould be placed. XIII. plate xii.C 7 ] PLATE XI. Plan and meafures to plate and xfr. are of four the two wings or repolieach defcended to by a flight is whole A. are the plans of the which fteps. tories. and ornamented with fhell-work and other beautiful feet. The whole extent is 75 PLATE PLATE and wings attached entrance are is XII. and a Chinefe temple (B). to be placed at the head of a grand canal. attached. Plan and elevation of an open Chinefe grotto. with antique figures fpouting out water. coral. The a faloon of 20 feet fquare. intended to be ornamented with curious fhells.

[ 3 B. or rather fountains. PLATE xii. fhaded by an adjacent hill. dome was to be ornamented with pendentive fhell and frofted work.). There are placed in the receffes Gothic figures. intermixed with groins (hells. to be lined with flints. as in the defign. Both thefe wings from the rofe arches. a morafs. fo that the building may as richly imitate the beautiful apIf the pearance of nature. ] is to tues in the niches. plate which mould be near as poflible built of large {tones rudely put together. rough Elevation of a rural grotto (fee the plan. PLATE . near fame murmur- ing rivulet. he groined over in the Gothic manner. pouring out water. with a pier in the centre. Sec. as appears in the elevation. and forms a running ftream. which defcends under the pavement through an arch. The be in fide niches are ornamented with iatyrs and other grotefque figures. where the cafcades. Sec. may be eafily effe&ed. The crafted with frofted work. the outfide to be compofed of rough ftoncs incrufted and ftudded with pebbles. it would look very elegant.glafs. XIV. in mould be inthe manner of are lighted dropping icicles. looking. The fituation mould be in ibme retired copie. near The fituation mould fome water. mells. In the middle niche is Neptune on a rock. The meafures are marked on the plan.

decorated with fibyls. was to be executed there in the nature of a bridge. in the centre.[ 9 ] PLATE A fall XV. with rude and irregular &c. at the it fame will time paying a due obfervance to nature. . have a very magnificent appearance. PLATE A grotto. it would have a very magnificent and pleafing appearance. &c. at Cafiiobury^ near flatters himfelf that if the is arch in this defign. Herts. PLATE . pouring forth and cafcade. on which the triton placed. The author hopes he may be indulged with obferving. fountains of water. that he hath with great pleafure feen a fine piece of water in the park of the Earl of Watford. canal. rock-work. fea . PLATE A defign for a triumphal of water. If care is XVI. XVII. and EJfex. defign for a cafcade or cataract of a great of water. tritons. lions pouring out fountains of water and a tri- ton. and look extremely elegant and would be a iuperb oris nament in a nobleman's park where there a great fupply of water. decorated with rock-work. by way of embellishment. cafcade of four falls taken to erect this arch flints.

The other apartments are four regular fmall rooms or clofets. &c. Plan and elevation of a rural rnofque with divided into an octagon faloon. by way of clofets. intended to terminate a view. A romantic bridge. and two fea gods lying on their oozy couch. very proper to be built in gardens. which will ferve for va- rious . fupported by eight columns. for the conveniency of dreffing and undrefling. &c. mofs. It is XXI. it will look as a rural hut. Plan and elevation for a grotefque or rural bath. PLATE minarets. If the water in the plan be very pLafing left out. PLATE Plan and elevation of a look very pretty if it XIX. incrufted with fhells. PLATE for the benefit of bathing. irregular rude branches and roots of trees. garden It ruftic feat for a or park. defcending through arches of artifi- rock-work. corals. or a cafcade of three fheets of water. lighted from the dome. would or was built with flints.[ io ] PLATE cial XVIII. pouring out water. fea-weed. It is intended to have three feats within. XX.

or upon an elevated verdant be built of wood. The dome trees.B. . having each a fmall fountain. that will render if is a very pleafing ornament. The four minarets at the angles bring the plan upon a fquare of forty feet. five feet diameter. the other two may be for the purpofes of lludy or ufe. and amphitheatre. well con- The minarets fhould be folid. fhew the true tafte of the Turkiih buildings the ftyle of architecture it and the Angularity of fuch. The cabinets. iluccoed . he Brim and I'oumeforfs Voyage to the Levant. are gilt crowned with domes. The minarets are placed in the to plan by way of ornament. buildings.[ 11 ] rious purpofes. be decorated with Arabic For a Shaw's more intelligible I and hiftorical account of thefe refer the reader to Dr. twenty with four cabinets at. fup- ported by irregular branches of nected and" cramped together. &c. mult Account of Barbary. as well as the mofque. PLATE Plan XXII. eight feet fquare two of which may ferve for entrances.) mould infcriptions. which would have a pleadis ing and elegant appearance. which fhould be on the . It may the infide fhould be painted with va- rious rich colours. tached. executed in a pleafure ground. and the pedeftals (A. and elevation of a circular mofque feet diameter.

with two minarets attached to the body of the building. plate xxiv.[ '* ] the outfide. which may be executed in brick of T4 The front is a portico of four columns. gilt . in the oriental ftyle. terior decorations It For the inon an open the fection. may be feen in the feclion. of which is which may be feen in the fe&ion. planted round with other exotic trees. The- other decorations plate xxiv. in the front The niches mould have Arabic infcriptions in gold little letters. &c. a few cyprefs or The dimenfions are figured on the plan. from whence hangs a chandelier to light the infide when required. PLATE inches thicknefs. which fupport the dome. XXIII. Plan and elevation for another mofque. The infide is lighted from the circular windows and fee little arches above. which may be painted blue. over which and are groined arches. in the centre a fountain for fabateons. the Turkish manner. if built would look very beautiful lawn. fupported by eight fmall columns. The great dome is fupported by eight columns. on the top of the great dome is a light cupola. The in portico is covered with three domes. plate xxiv. an iron baluftrade runs round the outfide. PLATE . ornament- ed with crefcents.

over which is a parapet The body of the ftrade of net or lattice-work. the palace of kra. at ULhamat Granada. have a very pleafing and magnificent appearance. plate xxv. Elevation of a beautiful morefque temple (fee the plan. which mould be double gilt and if the outfide was covered with a glofly fubflance. The coupled columns fup- an arcade of interfering femi-ellipfes. having neither the levity of the former nor the gravity of the latter. and xxiii. the outfide of which is adorned with ftars of glafs on an azure ground. Sections and leaks to the plates xxii. In the fpandrells are Moors heads. PLATE port XXVI. the ancient morefque mofque .[ '3 ] PLATE PLATE Two XXIV. The ino- particularities of both this and the follow- defign are taken from thofe famous remains of Barbarian antiquity. from whence it is lighted. it would . and xxvii. On the top is a pine. and ftars. temple is twenty feet diameter. The ftyle of architecture is a medium between the Chinefe and Gothic. with crefcents. which goes quite round the temple. balurofes.). crowned with an open lantern. with their proper meafures. XXV. plans of morefque temples to plates xxvi.

Elevation of a morefque pavilion (fee the plan. proper to he built on an eminence to an extenfive view. fcale. Ocleys Account of South or Weil Barbary. or geometrical itair-cafe. or baluftrade. faced with flints and irregular The dimenfions may be found by the . on three fteps. XXVIII. Over the arches In the middle is are Moors a circular heads and feftoons.C i* 3 at Cordova^ the old cafTavee or palace of the Moorijh kings at Mtequanez . for the accounts of which the reader is referred to Willughbuys Travels into Spain. and Shaw's Travels to the Levant. leading to the top. morefque ftandard and is very -. command PLATE itones. Plan and elevation for a green-houfe of the grotefque kind.) in the ftyle of the ancient Moors. It is mounted with a crowned with a fquare cupola. PLATE raifed XXVII. plate xxv.

Eievations. By the late Thomas Raivlins. together with the Particular of the feveral Materials to be contracted for. on Royal Paper. Parfonages and Summer Retreats with Back-Fronts. . &c. Cabinet-Makers. and Elliptical Arches. 4. by an experienced furveyor. Crunden s Convenient and Ornamental Architecture conlifting of original Deligns for Plans. Member of fordfhire. S. Price. 2. Rudiments of Ancient Architecture .mtrjetfhire. London . and Examples of each from the Antiques on the Temples and Intercolumniations. 56. with a Dictionary of Terms trated with ten Plates. engraved on 53 plates. half bound. with their ProAlfo. 1 On fifty-one Plates. 6. 2s. N. Warwickfhire. Suffolk. 2I. in the neweft and moft approved tafte. containing a correct liji of the prices alhived by the mcfl eminent furvey or s in London to tlie feveral artificers con: T cerned in building . is Work is engraved from the original Deligns. and manner of uiing the fame in building. with great additions. Plans. Price. Vitruviu* portion. C9c. and publifted with the authority of the Magistrates. and Sections of Buildings. The whole exhibiting near three hundred different defigns. the Royal Academies of Parma and Florence. 2s. 12s. Heppelvuhite& Co. by Charles Middletcn* Architect. on Imperial Paper. with periniffion. is. confiding of original Defigns of Houfe. and Sections. 2I. 6d. and J. Wiltjliirc. beginning with the Farm-houfe. . Architect. 5s. engraved on one hundred and twenty-fix folio plates : from drawings by A. The Builder's Price-Book . 2s. &c. to be erected in Cold-Bath Fields. of the u(c of every room in each feparate building and the dimenfions accurately figured on the Flans. 7. or Repofitory of Defigns for every article of household furniture. On Forty-feven folio Plates. in two Parts: containing an Historical Account of the Five Orders. I. with practical Remarks. and regularly afcending to the moft grand and magnificent Villa . Tcrkjhire. fewed. at the Architectural Library. price 2I. of the Ancients . c. executed in the Counties of Norfolk. 2I. Architect. Taylor. calcu: H^HE lated for the Ufe of thofe who wifll to attain a fummary Knowledge illufof the Science of Architecture . bound. bound.^. and a Portrait of the celebrated James Stuart^ Efq. with exact fcalcs for the meafurement . elegantly engraved. Familiar Architecture . Royal Quarto. A new edition. including the journeymen's prices. to the King. . 6d. corrected. StafBy John Soane. 3. the Mafonry of the Semicircular. Architecture. Plans. in boards. imperial folio. Dedicated. of the Houfe of Correction for the County of Middlfex. Elevations. 12. Books on Printed for I. 6d. 16s. Price ll. High Holborn. and Explanation in Letter-prefs. and Sections. The Cabinet-Maker and Upholfterer's Guide . No.. and to fuii all perfons in every ftation of life with a Reference. B. Sections. for Gentlemen and Tradefmen. calculated both for town and country. on feventy Copperplates. together with Banqueting-Rooms and Churches. <£rc. Elevations. To which is added.

. Defigner in Perfpeclive to his Majefty. The fame Work in two Volumes Quarto. Elegantly printed on Imperial Paper. Engraved on thirty-two Quarto Plates. and to make an entertaining Study to anv Gentleman who fhall choofe fo polite an Amufement. from Defigns drawn by J. Gates. The Carpenter's Treafure . Octavo. Begun by command of his prefent Majelty when Princeof Wales. fewed. is. Pavilions. with their Plans. half bou-d. forming a complete fyfteffl for rural decorations. IVallii. Forefts. and ornamental Wooden Gates. for the Counties of York. and Fellow ct the Royal and Antiquarian Societies. Dr. Garret's Defigns and Efti mates for Farm-houfes. Country-houfes. Villas.-. Elegantly printed on Imperial Paper. and the Bifhoprick of Durham. may be had feparate. By Jojhua Kirly.!". Engraved on thirty-eight Parks. and economy. and Fellow of the Royal and Antiquarian Societies. Lodges for Park or Garden Entrances. by which any part ot Architecture may be drawn with facility and exactnefs. containing oriBy C. T. Doors. 6s. 10. fewed. Roman. correctly engraved under the Authors infperiion. Northumberland. . Elevations. Lc. to adapt it entirely to the Arts of Defign. Wellmoreland. a collection of Defigns for Temples. half bound. Architect. . 16. ios. and fome Specimens of Rails in the Chinefe tafte. in a great variety of new Defigns for Cottages. with feveral Additions and Improvements. and 15. 14. 11. Imperial Ochvo. The Defripticn and UJe of a niw Infir invent called the Architectonic Seclor. By John Scane. The Country Gentleman's Architecl. both in Theory and Practice. fewed. fewed. ios. Octavo. in two Books being an attempt to make the Art of Perfpeclive eafy and familiar. and other Buildings : for decorating Pleafure-grounds. and Bridges. 16s. 6d. fewed. Ea- . *r raved" on fixteen Plates. : confiding cf Plans. by Hogarth. il. Engraved on fifty Cooper-plates. Architect. No 56. The Perfpeclive of An hitetl ure. il. The third Edition. ys. Rails. with Plans of the Offices belonging to each Delign diftributed with a flrict attention to convenience. elegance. By N. in the Gothic tatle. Brook Taylor. 5s. Cumberland. Obelilks. Caffines. and performed by two rules of universal application illuftrated with feventy-three plate. each. High Holborn.Books printed for L and J. Defigns in Architecture Sections. Szc. a work entirely new : deduced from the principles of Dr. Paper. Brock Taylor''! Method of PerfpeHivs made eafy. 0vtrton. 13. 12. Folio. Copper-Plates. tor Temples. il. ai:d Gothick tatle. Defigner in Perfpeclive to his Majetty. Defigner in Perfpeclive to his Majefty. ieces. is. Taylor. The Temple Builder's tncfi ufeful CompanioB . Miller. Baths. and Fellow of the Royal and Antiquarian Societies. to Kirby 's Perfpeclive. By JJhua Kirby. 9. Garden Seats. half bound. at 5s. with Centres at large for linking Gothic Curves and Mouldings. il. Illuftrated with thirty-five Copper Plates. Farm-houfes. 17. The two Front. 8. ginal Defigns in the Greek. Elegantly printed on Imperial illuftrated with twenty-five Plates. a& 6d. By Jojhua Kirby.

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