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Computer Question for Driving

Driving of vehicles on road is not permitted without

Getting a driving permission or license

Personal licenses are given to persons whose vehicles weight doesn't exceed
3.5 tons

Among the traffic rules is the speed limit which should be followed because
All mentioned above

Should Drivers follow the speed limits in all circumstances?

Shouldn't follow but considering the road status, weather and ambient conditions.

Following the tracks of roads (lanes) means?

All mentioned above

Visitors of Saudi Arabia are allowed to drive private vehicles on the following conditions?
Having an international license

What does getting a driving license mean?

Accepting to follow traffic rules and regulations

What does getting a certificate from a driving school allow to

No driving on the roads before checking the traffic administration to extract a driving license.

What is the maximum speed of small vehicles inside towns?

50 km/h

What is the maximum speed of trucks inside towns?

30 k.m. per hour

What is the maximum speed of trucks outside towns?

80 k.m. per hour

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What is the maximum speed of small vehicles outside towns?

120 k.m. per hour

What does the driver do to switch between tracks?

Using light signals and let others know this

What are the rules of overtaking?

All mentioned above

What is the blind area?

The area you cannot see without moving the head.

What does the existence of two solid lines in the middle of the road mean?
Overtaking is not allowed.

What does the existence of solid line on you track and a dashed line in the opposite track mean?
Overtaking is allowed for incoming vehicles in the reverse direction.

Why is overtaking prohibited in heights and bends?

The opposite direction is not visible.

When you feel tired or sleepy, what is it advisable to?

Stop on the side of the road and take some sleep and rest.

Researches and studies confirm that safety belt helps to?

Reduce the potential injuries and severe damage on accidents.

To what extent a pregnant woman needs a safety belt?

Very necessary

Traffic systems in Saudi Arabia force every driver leading a vehicle on the roads to have?
Co-operative insurance against others

Insurance plays a role in

Setting combats between accidents parties through financial rights guarantee

When entering a roundabout, the right of way is for vehicles.

In the roundabout

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Over-taking the car in front of you is prohibited in the following cases

All mentioned above

When approaching railway road, overtaking the front car is prohibited when it is far from intersection with a distance of
30 m

Half an hour before the sunset the driver must do the following
Turn on the vehicles lights

It is better to turn low lights on at night


It is necessary to use safety belt


Children less than 10 years need fixed chairs and doesn't need safety belt

Committing the legal traffic violation means

Paying a fine and adding points to the drivers log

Safety belt is fixed on

Chest and Stomach

The driver or the passenger who didn't use a safety belt during an accident, he might
All or some of the mentioned above

Traffic systems in Saudi Arabia states that drivers, passengers should user a safety belt on
All the roads

The system of points is a system to

Log the driver's traffic violations

The driver's license will be suspended or stopped temporarily for a particular period when his points record reaches
18 pt.

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If the driver passes the red sign, the number of points is;
6 pt.

When the driver exceeds the speed limit, added to his log is
6 pt.

Not stopping on seeing the stop sign adds to the driver's log
6 pt.

Ignoring the priority signs adds to the driver's log

2 pt.

Ignoring overtaking rules adds to the driver's log

6 pt.

In addition to applying the legal rules, driving a vehicles when drunken adds to the driver's log
18 pt.

How many points does a random move add?

6 pt.

The violation of not having a motor vehicle periodic inspection (MVPI) adds
2 pt.

The violation of parking a vehicle on pedestrian tracks adds

2 pt.

Among the safety traffic rules that should be followed when overtaking the other vehicles is
All mentioned above.

Overtaking is prohibited in the following places

All mentioned above.

Among driving requirements inside towns is

All mentioned above.

The purpose of the entries and exists of highways is

Giving the opportunity to the drivers to adjust their speed according to the traffic

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Visibility decreases at night, and this requires

All mentioned above

The driver's license will be suspended or stopped temporarily for a particular period when his points record reaches
18 pt.

Intersections and crosses inside towns are the places of run over accidents
As mentioned in A or B

Among the reasons of death accidents is

High speed

To switch between road tracks, the driver should do the following

Use the signals (light indicators)

In general, the priority of overtaking is for

One who drives in a straight line

To check non-existance of vehicles in blind areas, you should do the following


A solid line in your track means

No overtaking

The safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you is based on
The speed by which you drive your car

To avoid dazzling of your vehicle lights to other drivers, you should

Use low lights

When driving at night, it is advisable to do the following

All mentioned above

When you see emergency vehicles in the highway you should

Allow the priority of overtaking

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When existing from the highway, it is preferable to

Reduce speed

When enter the highway it is preferable to

Increase speed

Points are deleted from the driver's log after sign

Passing a year without committing traffic violations

If there is no plate indicating the limit of speed on a road inside towns, the driver should do the following.
Don't exceed 70 km/h

The traffic can hang those who violates the speed limits by
All mentioned above

The most dangerous traffic violation common in Saudi Arabia is

High speed and violating traffic signs

The safety triangle is

An emergency requirement

The fire extinguisher is a safety requirement in

All vehicles

Why should we follow light traffic signs and don't violate them?
All mentioned above

Why is using mobile phone risky during driving?

All mentioned above

Safety requirements are

Safety triangle and extinguisher

The speed limit on the road means

Follow but considering the road status

The cautious driver is

The driver who take positively driving directions

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Throwing garbage from the vehicles is

All mentioned above

Getting a driving license means

Getting familiar and committed with traffic regulations and rules

When you get tired during driving, you should

Stop and drive slowly to take relief

During bad weather, the driver should

All mentioned above

When driving motorcycle, you should

Put a head helmet.

When it is rains it is recommended

All mentioned above.

Parking in places specified for handicapped people is


If a parking is specified for handicapped people, can a nonhandicapped driver park in it?
This is a traffic violation

The most common accidents that occur by schools

A run over

When the driver sees a stopping school bus for pupils getting on or off, he should
Stop until the bus goes

Most run over accidents of pedestrians occur at the times of sunset or during the night because of
Low visibility

Blind people can be recognized on the roads through

Holding a white stick on his hand

When you see an emergency vehicle with its siren sound, you should
Give it a way

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The speed limit on the road means

Follow but considering the road status

When crossing a working area, you should

Reduce speed and be cautious

What should you do when passing a school?

All mentioned above

How do you maintain your vehicle to make it a safe means of transportation?

All mentioned above

If you had to stop your vehicle on a side of one-way road for an emergency, you should place the safety triangle with a distance
100 m

In case of vehicle sliding, the driver should push the brake as a first action

If your vehicle is equipped and with ABS device, and you had to use brake, should you push powerfully and continuously to reduce this system
Always correct

The benefit of checking vehicles periodically?

All mentioned above.

There is no difference between original and commercial spare parts


Among the reasons of tire eroding is.

All mentioned above

Among the reasons of tire explosions is

All mentioned above

There are three categories (A, B and C) for tires, the most appropriate category is
A then B

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Among the issue you confirm when replacing tires are the Production date, and in the B tires it has symbol.
3 digits

When a tire explode, it is preferable to

Reduce the speed gradually and control the wheel until the vehicle stops.

Among that thing the driver of the vehicle pays attention to when stopping forcibly is
All mentioned above

Among the things the driver bears in mind to avoid traffic accidents is
None of the above

Among the things drivers should bear in mind when replacing tires
All mentioned above

What can you do when the engine stops and it is hard to control the wheel?
All mentioned above

When the front lights stop at night, you can do the following
Drive the vehicle away.

When the engine cover releases suddenly as you drive, you can do the following
All mentioned above

When the fuel unite is disabled as you drive, you can do the following
All mentioned above

To avoid camel accidents on the areas where camels exit, it is preferable to

All mentioned above.

To stop external bleeding for accidents injured, you can do the following
Press the place of bleeding hard

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The greater the speed,

The less control on the vehicle

Using brakes in bends may cause

The vehicle to slide or turn over

Among the behavior on camels on seeing a vehicle crossing the road is

Not scaring and going away

When you a camel, crossing the road, you should

Reduce the speed and wait until camels cross the road peacefully

When you see a vehicle turning on the turning lights in front of you, you should
Reduce the driving speed

Crowding around accidents or disasters might be

An obstacle to aid and rescue operations and a cause of traffic accidents

If you are the first person to reach the accident site, you should
Stop your vehicle outside the road after passing the accident site

The penalty of those who cause or share to cause a traffic accident under the effect of drugs is
Pulling the license and applying the legal rules

Tiredness exhaustion may weaken the driver's ability to concentrate, so it is preferable to

Not to drive so long distance directly at night and stop to take some rest.

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