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2013 Briefer - The Re-electionists


EFFECTIVE TOWNS and TOYM awardee BS in Broadcast Journalism, UP; MA in National Security, NDCP Principal Author: Climate Change Law, Magna Carta for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Act,, Anti-Domestic Violence Act, Anti-Child Labor law, Expanded Senior Citizens Act; Universal Newborn Hearing, Screening and Intervention Act of 2009; Barangay Kabuhayan Act; Clean Air Act, Phil Tropical Fabrics Law; AgriAgra Reform Credit Act; Phil. Ear Research Institute Act (source: Rappler) Present for 81 days out of 94 TOYM Awardee in Youth Leadership UP Law, MS International law, Georgetown University Main sponsor of laws on Subsidiary Imprisonment, Decriminalizing Vagrancy; Phil. Red Cross Charter;

EMPOWERING Founder, Luntiang Pilipinas nationwide urban forestry programplanted 2 million trees in 33 provinces and 28 cities

ETHICAL Catholic Mass Media Hall of Fame; KBP Golden Dove Award, Gawad CCP PDAF spent on construction of schools Signed the resolution clearing Villar on his disorderly behavior re-C5; teamed up with Villar; a turnabout of her previous position voting to oust Villar as Senate President (source: Vera files, Political Prostitution by Ellen Tordesillas)

PLATFORM Education Health care Improvement of working conditions of our Filipino workers Safer and disasterresilient communities Environmental protection Cultural preservation


PDAF spent for school buildings, cooperatives, solar dryers, medicine, sports equipment, public markets

Bolted NPC because of refusal of Danding Cojuangco to fund his planned presidential campaign (source: Rappler) Among those who pushed for the

Provide for decent housing for Filipinos Livelihood through microfinance and skills training, Education Access to health care Environment

Holiday for the Observance of Eidul Adha; International Humanitarian Law; AntiImage Voyeurism Act; Judiciary Retirement Benefits Chaired Committee on Justice and Human Rights passed all 281 bills on additional trial courts (15th Congress) Chaired Committee on Environment and Natural resources (heard 300 bills and resolutions) Opposed sin tax law (he is against new taxes-Bus. Mirror, Nov. 24,2012 for decriminalizing libel Present for 91 days out of 94 Voted in favor of RH bill Present for 91 out of 94 days (among those with top attendance) BS Political Science, UP; Law degree, Ateneo de Manila, 2nd honor As chair of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, he led the probe into controversies involving Arroyos close allies such as the NBN-ZTE deal and the fertilizer fund scam. TOYM Awardee in the field

impeachment of then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Relatives in government: Sorsogon Vice Governor Antonio Escudero (uncle) Vice Mayor in Casiguran (Uncle) Councilor Hatoc in Casiguran (uncle); Councilor Escudero in Casiguran (uncle) (source: Rappler)


Questioned appointment Chief Justice Renato Corona amid an appointment ban Signatory of the impeachment complaint against Pres Estrada Relatives in government; Sen. Pia Cayetano (sister); Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano (wife); Barangay

Public accountability and transparency

of government and public service in recognition of his valuable efforts in advocating public accountability and transparency. Main sponsor Anticamcoding Act; national Book Development Trust Fund; University of the Phil. Charter of 2007 Present for 68 days out of 94 days, late 19 times (claimed official mission for 23 days) PMA and MPM at Asian Institute of Management Principal sponsor: Freedom of Information Act, 2012; Clean Air Act of 1999; Sponsor, Qualification Standards in the Appointment of Uniformed Personnel to BFP and BJMP; Education Requirements for Promotion in the PNP; Strengthening the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program; Revised Fire Code; Disposition of Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives Present for 91 days out of 94

Fort Bonifacio Barangay Chair Lino Cayetano (brother)


Proposed a Mini-Marshall Plan for Mindanao to help jumpstart economic development, peace and order, and political unity.

Helped in plotting a mutiny against President Marcos Led 2 unsuccessful coup attempts against the Cory Aquino Administration Accused of masterminding the 2003 Oakwook Mutiny but case was dropped by a Makati Court

Environment Social reform National security Peace Good governance Youth Education


PMA & UP Open University) MPA graduate Present for 42 days (detained for 49 days), late 12 times No information on principal sponsorship but Co-author of Archipelagic Baselines Law; Immediate Release of Retirement of Government Employees; Salary Standardization Law 3; PAGIBIG Fund Law; Magna Carta for Disabled Persons; Cheaper Medicines Act; Philippine Coast Guard Law; Tourism Act; Military Service Board Act; PNP Education and Promotions Act; Expanded Senior Citizens Act; Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management System Act. Studied Math and Law at Ateneo de Manila University Bar topnotcher Law Professor at FEU Co-author, Foster Care Act (only proclaimed in August 2011) Launched the Kontra Pandaraya Movement to fight election fraud and other forms of cheating and scams

Pushed for the enactment of an "anti-epal bill" or a measure that seeks to eradicate the unethical practice among public officials of claiming credit for various public works projects funded by taxpayers' money Was among the key officers who led the Oakwood Mutiny and standoff in Peninsula Makati to protest corruption in the military and the Arroyo administration Reported by COA to be top spender in Senate 2011: 28 million for office operations; 17m for staff salaries and 7 million MOOE

Anti-corruption measures Police and civil service reforms Education Health Environment Energy


Principled politics Clean, honest, and credible elections Local autonomy Environment OFWs Youth Justice

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