Unknown Serbian woman Serbia Blues (The New Reservation) Nothing to fear, nothing to worry, It is an old, well known

story. Don't think too deep, Don't loose your sleep Just another nation goes to reservation. Serbian people, they are so bad, The world would be best if they were all dead. Let's throw some bombs, lets burn them all, Put them against or behind a wall. Lets find a new desert, a new location, Let's call it “The Serbian Reservation”. Don't think too long, don't think too deep, Serbian land is now so cheap. Croats, Albanians, come and get some A piece of Serbia to every world's bum. It gives me sorrow it gives me blues Whenever I hear the CNN news: Kid kills his schoolmaster with a gun, Macguire hits another home run. The San Diego zoo got a new panda, Eight-hundred-thousand killed in Rwanda. Eight-hundred-thousand dead on the scene, Is NATO going to intervene? Give me a break, come on, get real, They were all black, not a big deal, Eight-hundred-thousand, their throats slit, We all remember what Clinton did. The Support he offered was only moral, At the time he was just getting oral. In the case of Rwanda he was to slow, But now he's ready for a final blow. The peace on the Balkans someone disturbs, So let's go there and bomb some Serbs. Let's get Kosovo ethnically clean, Ten percent Serbs, and they're so mean. Lets kick them out to reservation Kosovo is for the Albanian nation Ten percent only, used to be more, Seventy percent after Second World War. After fifty years they almost all left, Under the pressure, terror, and theft. Some ten percent just wouldn't go, Now Clinton's ready for the final blow. Serbs from Croatia, Serbs from Bosnia,

We chased them all to little Serbia, What Hitler started, lets get it done, Let's go to Serbia and have some fun. Let's test some weapons, cause some destruction, Let's see what will be the Russian's reaction. It'll be good for the bonds and stocks, 'Cause the market lately really sucks. Let us create the New World Order For every country, we'll write a new border. Everyone has to dance as we play, Or he'll become NATO's pray. ~ THE END ~ 1999 “To explain: In spotlight of new american threat I'm sending you this song as explanation of american politics. If you're interested for my life and life of all other civilian people in Serbia, please forward this song to as much people as You can. Bombing would be a violation both of nato's and the UN Charter. Yugoslavia is a sovereign country and Kosovo is part of Serbia's sovereign territory. The Kosovo Liberation Army is a terrorist group pure and simple. It relies on narcotics-derived funding. There are plenty of people of good will on both sides and there are proposed ideas for durable solutions.” ____ Excerpt from the Author's cover letter, February 1999. [guskova.ru] Project Coordinator: Dragutin Mladich <c@guskova.ru>

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