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RM & MR Syllabus

This is the syllabus for RM and MR. 1. Introduction to Business Research and BR Process 2. Types of Research - Qualitative, Quantitative, Basic/ applied and exploratory 3. Measurement Scales and Rating Scales 4. Qualitative Research Techniques 5. Data Collection methodology for primary and secondary data sources and methods

HRM Syllabus
Sr. No 1 Modules and Important topics Human Resource Management and the Environment Chapter 1- Ivancevich,10th Edition Trace the history and evolution of HRM Functions of HRM HRM and strategy planning of an organization

Human Resource Planning Chapter 5- Ivancevich,10th Edition What is HRP? Explain in detail the process of HRP Human Resource Information Systems(HRIS) Identity theft and HRIS Job Analysis Chapter 6- Ivancevich,10th Edition What is Job Analysis? Steps involved in the process of Job analysis/ Uses Methods of data collection Job Description/Job Specification

Recruitment Chapter 7- Ivancevich, 10th Edition What is recruitment? Factors affecting recruitment Methods of recruiting- Internal, External, e-recruiting Alternatives to recruitment Selection Chapter 8- Ivancevich,10th Edition Internal/External environmental factors affecting selection

Categories of criteria for selection/ reliability and validity of selection criteria Types of interviews/ Importance of training interviewers

Training and Development Chapter 13-Ivancevich,10th Edition What is an employee orientation program? What is its main objective? What is a training needs assessment/training needs analysis On the job/off the job training methods Training Evaluation- Kirkpatricks model

Performance Management Gary Dessler( Photocopy) Refer- PPT- Material provided Process of performance management Why measure and manage performance? Modern methods-360 degree appraisals and assessment centers Employee Remuneration and Incentives Refer-PPT- Material provided Merits and demerits of Incentives Incentives and employee motivation Types of incentive plans

Career Planning Refer PPT provided Refer Article- Career Anchors What is career planning and development? 8 Career anchors- Edgar Schein Role of HR in employee career planning and development

FM Syllabus
-cash flow stmt (analysis) -funds flow stmt (preparing and analysis) -ratios (20mks compulsory q) -cash budgeting -capital budgeting -inventory mgmt -WACC (fr theory)