This is a multi-purpose SWAP. 1. It's easy to make. 2. You can incorporate it into a discussion on sun safety. 3. You can incorporate it in to a discussion of light science and UV light. The beads look white, but when exposed to UV light (sun) they change color. This SWAP can be used to show girls when it's time to apply sunscreen or get out of the sun.

Materials: UV beads Large, coilless safety pins

Steps: Straighten safety pin. Straighten your safety pin just enough so that you can get the beads onto the attached side of the safety pin. Add beads. You should fit 4-5 beads on the safety pin. Rebend safety pin. Rebend your safety pin back to the original shape and close. If you have an issue with the beads sliding off, pinch a bit more at the bent area of the pin.

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