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Product Datasheet


1. Small Hydropower Generation Requiring No Water Drop 2. Installation Takes Only 3 Days 3. Compact and Unitized, Functioning as a Dam

Overview of Product / Technology

SMALL HYDRO STREAM is a small hydropower generation system that uses the world s rst dual-axis turbine technology. A compact and unitized system functioning as a dam, SMALL HYDRO STREAM eciently converts water ow energy into electrical energy, even in a channel with a smaller water drop (1 meter or smaller), and generates power. Because SMALL HYDRO STREAM is unitized, the installation takes only 3 days and does not require major work, allowing the channel to function normally during the installation. Thus, even an area far away from existing power grids can have power generation within the area if there is a channel or river. This means power supply is distributed and the loss of energy due to power transmission is reduced to minimum, making local production for local consumption possible. Maintenance of SMALL HYDRO STREAM is easy. While the structure is quite simple, the turbines are highly corrosion resistant and their life is 20 long years. SMALL HYDRO STREAM works with any quality of water in a channel, including fresh water, brackish water, sea water, and even sewage water.

Detailed Information on Product / Technology

Patent : Technology to convert the advantages of both impulse and reaction turbines into hydro energy in a owing channel (Characteristics Diagram of STREAM Hydrokinetic Power Generation System [Low-Head Type])
Lowering the water level reduces the moment of resistance The water level inside the turbines aected by the center speed

1. STREAM retains the kinetic energy received on the front and converts it to potential energy 2. The bell mouth shape of the unit accelerates the currents and the discharge of water through the orice transmits the impulse and the current torque to the entire surfaces of the turbine blades 3. The dual turbine collects energy into the center, letting the maximum energy act on the edges of the turbines 4. The fastest current in the center lowers the water level on the resistance side inside the turbines, reducing the moment of resistance and increasing the eciency 5. The currents acting on the turbine blades are discharged from the back of the unit, which do not block the ow of water or decrease the eciency

Acquires a wide range of energy (retention)


Prevents water from escaping

Collects energy into the center, increasing the speed of the water ow

Patent Information
Japan: Patented, Canada: Pending, Australia: Pending, International Patent: Patented, China: Pending, South Korea: Patented, USA: Pending, EU: Pending, Brazil: Pending

Company Overview
Business Summary, Overview
We are a company specializing in engineering development that started as a consultation rm for design of waterworks and sewage systems. In addition to the engineering development of the "STREAM" Hydrokinetic Power Generation System, a new, unprecedented type of hydropower generator, we do planning for installation of small hydropower systems in general and oer consultation services on small hydropower generation.

Flagship Product Lines

"SMALL HYDRO STREAM" Hydrokinetic Power Generation System (A semi-custom hydropower generator. Standard model: 500 W - 10 kW; Custom model: 20 kW - 1 mW)

Achievements in the Japanese Market

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Local Governments: Cities of Maebashi, Hita, Niseko, Nasushiobara, Kumagaya, Imaichi, Sagae, and Tsuru, and Towns of Koura and Kimobetsu.

Overseas Expansion
South Korea and India: Currently negotiating with several companies that are candidates for being production bases and partners. In addition, we have received inquiries about partnership and business with us from all over the world. We plan to actively look for business opportunities overseas now and in the future.



Contact Person: Yasu Matsumura E-mail: Address: Mansan Building 2-8-11, HigashiKanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0031, Japan