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Pictures of Lab

In chronological order
of date:

By: Lyssa Diehl

This picture below is of my soil bacteria right after I had swab the soil across the petri dish.
This is bacteria growth from soil after only 24 hours
The bacteria below is bacteria from soil after 48 hours. After this many hours, it started to smell really
gross whenever I had to take off the cover.
This is bacteria that I took from a plant leaf. This took many days before I saw growth. At first I
thought it must not have worked, but sure enough the bacteria started to grow, and smell.
This slide below is the simple stain
This picture below is of my streak plate. I was so excited to see that is had individual colonies growing
in the third quadrants, just like it was suppose to.
This slide below is a gram stain
This is me looking into the microscope for bacteria at the Veterinary clinic, in the lab room.
The picture below is an autoclave the they use in there lab room to sterilize the instruments for surgery.
This red box is the incubator they use. They leave the petri dishes in the incubator for 24 hours. It is set
at a certain temperature that microbes like to grow in.
This is Sheryl on the left (the person who showed me around) and myself on the right. She was so kind
as to walk me through the steps of a gram stain. In this pictures we are finished and ready to look at it
under the microscope. It had both gram+ and gram- on the slide.
This machine below is used to find the white blood cell count of the animals.
This piece of equipment is called a VetLyte. It analyses the sodium, potassium and calcium in the
animals blood.
After three or four days my yogurt finally solidified. It had a little bit of liquid on the top of it.
Here is a picture of me when I was about to try my yogurt. I wasn't as excited as I look!
I also made yogurt with a yogurt maker. This is a picture of what it looks like. This only took 10 hours
before the yogurt was finished.
Here is the milk boiling
This is everything I used to make the yogurt for the 'yogurt maker'
This is a thermometer to test when the milk it cool enough to add the yogurt
This is the yogurt that I tasted. It was kind of sour!
Here I go, I'm going to taste it!
This is the grape juice boiling on the stove.
Here is a picture of my wine I made. You can see the bubbles at the top.
This is a picture of when my hands were dirty after touching the keyboard and mouse.
In this picture I am washing my hands with warm water.
Now I am wiping my finger over a petri dish after washing my hands with warm water only.
In this photo I am washing my hands for about 30 seconds with antibacterial soap.
Now I am wiping my finger across another petri dish after washing with soap.
In the picture below I am washing my hands with antibacterial soap scrubbing very well for 1 minute.
Here is my final petri dish after the soap for one minute.
Here are the results of each individual petri dish with bacterial growing.
This is the results without washing my hands. (This had the most grow)
This is the results from when I washed my hands with warm water. (This had the least amount of
growth almost none)
This is a picture of when I washed with antibacterials soap. (One big colony of growth)
And finally when I washed for one minute. (there was visible signs of bacterial growth).
Swabbing the petri dish with bacteria for my kirby-bauer test
This picture below is when I was putting on the paper antibiotic discs.
Here is what the Kirby-Bauer looked like before any growth.
Here is the final results on what antibiotic worked the best.