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5 Asian Raw Food Recipes to Make Your Mouth Water! Raw food? So what is Raw Food? Raw Food is vegetables.  www. delicious. It has all the nutritional qualities and life force of the food preserved. or 118 degrees Farenheit. As a chef. I only want to prepare food for you that is healthy. you feel more energetic.9 percent the same. Eat cooked dead foods and feel dead. Eat raw living foods and you become alive.TheAsianRawChef. lighter physique • More vibrant energy! • Increased self confidence • Clearer. nuts and seeds prepared at a temperature below 47 degrees Celsius. It truly is nature’s best form of food for you. fruits. When you eat raw food. you can get into raw food. Only raw food can transform your consciousness and physiology to help you achieve optimum health. you will expand your palette to include a wide range of unique and exotic Asian . simple as that. confident and vibrant. We humans have DNA that is 99. and absolutely gorgeous. sharper mind • Delicious foods you are excited to eat • Feeling good in your own skin • Better digestion and flow in your body • Stronger connection with yourself and Mother Nature • Better understanding of your emotional and physical needs • Simple and delicious raw food recipes your friends and family will love! So if you are a raw food newbie. If you are a raw food veteran or chef. you will find the right information here on how to get started on your raw food journey. What kind of results can you expect? • A leaner. All natural. balanced. all organic. No matter what age and where you are in life right now. and there is something I believe we all want: To become better and be the best selves we can be.

curry. I have had a lot of trials and experimentation trying to perfect this recipe. the Curry Avocado Salad. and felt really satisfied with it. Beware! Because I can finish off 5 to 6 sticks easily in one go dipping the Almond Sambal Sauce. I cracked the code for Raw Pineapple Tarts! This is a classic Chinese New Year dish. with the added healthy raw boost! I hope they do the same for you! The first is a refreshing drink I once had at an Indian restaurant. to make your mouth water! I can remember my mouth used to water at the sight of traditional Asian dishes like Asian fried noodles. and enjoy a delicious treat! Lastly. I do have a couple of them in the fridge to satisfy cravings at any given time! Wishing you life in every breath. I sorely missed the taste of hot piping curry. Jeff Ng www. It’s great after a workout or just to cool off in hot weather. I love this dish because I know it’s something I can whip up anytime and it will always fill me up and satisfy me. So yes. When I was first starting out on my Raw Food journey. Now. That led to the creation of this . and one of the first raw dessert recipes I ever created. and other local delicacies here in Singapore.5 Asian Raw Food Recipes to Make Your Mouth Water! Introduction Welcome to the world of Asian Raw Food! I am very excited to be able to share these 5 Asian Raw Food recipes that I have created. Another one of my childhood favorites was Satay. and awesome when served chilled! I love Asian Pears and a combination with mint in a salad gives it a really refreshing taste. It’s called Vasantha Neer and I fell in love with it on the spot. I like this chilled curry salad better. This was actually the first salad dressing I ever created. prepare the sauce.TheAsianRawChef. So I wanted to create a few Asian Raw Food dishes to make me feel the same way. I remember I used to have a tray full of Satay sticks in the fridge which I can warm up anytime. I know I can finish a tub anytime because they are so addictive! And yes you might have guessed.

spreads. High Speed Blender I started off with a Vitamix and have never looked back. . wraps and rolls. Dehydrator Ultimately. like pesto. breads. and just about anything that requires a liquid or creamy consistency. I actually have my chopping board made the size of my cooking stove so I cover it and never have to turn it on. Well. It also offers a larger working space. You might ask what’s the difference between a food processor and a blender. A trusty companion indeed. Think raw breads.TheAsianRawChef. sauces. I use mine for making stuff that requires a more chunky consistency. I am currently using an Excalibur 9 tray dehydrator and it has been fantastic for me!  www. Great for making smoothies. Definitely worth the investment for this one! Food Processor I am using a KitchenAid 12 cup food processor. pizzas and tart crusts etc. sandwiches. Cleaver and Chopping Board A good knife and chopping board is really all you need to get started. a food dehydrator adds more variety and styles to your food preparation so it doesn’t have to be smoothies and salads all the time.5 Asian Raw Food Recipes to Make Your Mouth Water! Equipment you'll need Knife. A cleaver comes in handy when handling coconuts.

diced coconut meat and mint leaves. • Best served chilled.5 Asian Raw Food Recipes to Make Your Mouth Water! Coconut Vasantha Neer Serves 2 Water from Young Coconut x 1 Young Coconut Meat x 1 tbsp. Mix well and .TheAsianRawChef.  www. lemon juice. diced small pieces Lemon Juice x 1 tsp Raw Honey x 1 tsp Mint Leaves x 1 tsp. • Stir in the honey. finely chopped • Open a young coconut with a cleaver and pour the coconut water into a glass.

www. alfalfa sprouts and a sprinkle of chopped walnuts.5 Asian Raw Food Recipes to Make Your Mouth Water! Asian Pear and Mint Salad Salad Spring Mix x 1 bunch. roughly chopped Sunflower sprouts x 1/2 cup Asian Pear and Mint Dressing Asian Pears x 2 Cashews x 1/2 cup Olive oil x 2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar x 1 tbsp Salt x pinch Maple Syrup x 1/2 tsp Mint Leaves x 1 handful.TheAsianRawChef. • Mix the dressing and salad leaves thoroughly in a large . finely chopped Water x 1/4 cup • Blend all the dressing ingredients in a high speed blender.  Dressing will store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. • Top off with microgreens eg.

www. chopped avocado.  Curry Dressing will store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. roughly chopped Water x 1/2 cup • Toss romaine lettuce and arugula leaves in lime juice and olive oil. • Finish with a sprinkle of chia seeds.TheAsianRawChef. • Mix curry dressing with salad leaves. halved baby tomatoes. • Blend all curry dressing ingredients in a high speed blender. and leave to set.5 Asian Raw Food Recipes to Make Your Mouth Water! Curry Avocado Salad Salad Romaine lettuce x 1 . and finely chopped fresh coriander thoroughly in a large bowl. roughly chopped Arugula leaves x 1 cup Lime juice x 1 tsp Oilve Oil x 2 tsp Avocado x 2 Baby Tomatoes x 1 cup Fresh Coriander x 1 small handful Curry Dressing Macadamia nuts x 1 cup Coconut butter x 3 tbsp Tahini x 1 tsp Olive oil x 2 tbsp Lime juice x 2 tbsp Lime zest x 1 lime Salt x pinch Maple Syrup x 2 tsp Ground Coriander x 1 tsp Ground Cumin x 1 tsp Curry powder x 1 tsp Turmeric powder x 1/2 tsp Garam Masala x 1 tsp Chili powder x 1 tsp Garlic x 1 clove Onion powder x 2 tsp Kaffir lime leaves x 3.

soaked min 4 hrs Sweet Potato x 1 cup. chopped Garlic x 1 clove. peeled & chopped Red pepper x 1. • Dip with Almond Sambal Sauce and enjoy. Almond Sambal Sauce will store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.5 Asian Raw Food Recipes to Make Your Mouth Water! Satay Makes 25 Satay sticks Satay Sunflower seeds x 3 cups. Almond Sambal Sauce Almonds x 1 cup.TheAsianRawChef. chopped & deseeded Turmeric powder x 1/4 tsp Ground Coriander x 1 tsp Fresh Galangal x 1 tbsp. soaked min 4 hrs Olive oil x 2 tbsp Young coconut water x 1 coconut Young coconut meat x 1 coconut Lemon juice x 2 tbsp Tamari x 1 tbsp Coconut Palm Sugar x 1 tbsp Red Shallots x 2 . peeled & chopped • Blend all the Almond Sambal Sauce ingredients in high speed blender until smooth. chopped Red Chili x 1. deseeded & chopped Dark Miso x 2 tbsp Olive oil x 2 tbsp Lime Juice x . • Serve Satay sticks warm. Flip over and dehydrate on a mesh sheet for another 2 to 3 hrs.5 tbsp Salt x 1/2 tsp Coconut Palm Sugar x 1 tsp Ground Coriander x 1/2 tbsp Turmeric powder x 1/2 tbsp Ground Cumin x 1/2 tbsp Paprika x 1 tsp Cayenne x 2 pinches Garlic powder x 1 tsp Onion powder x 2 tsp • Process all ingredients in a food processor. www. Form into satay sticks and dehydrate on a non stick dehydrator sheet at 115F for 5 hours.

• Using square molds (4x4cm) on a non stick sheet. Dehydrate the tarts on a mesh sheet at 115F for 6-8 hrs. Test mixture to make sure it is holding together Pineapple Filling Pineapple x 1. Thereafter. followed by 1 tsp of pineapple filling. flipping over halfway through. and top by covering with tart mixture making sure the sides have no pineapple filling. Dehydrate on a non stick dehydrator sheet at 105F for 16-18 hours. fill the bottom layer first with tart mixture.TheAsianRawChef. adding the water last. www.5 Asian Raw Food Recipes to Make Your Mouth Water! Truly Raw Pineapple Tart Makes 6 tarts Tart Crust Cashews x 2 cups Lemon juice x 3 tbsp Salt x 1/2 tsp Raw Honey x 1 tbsp *Raw Oat Flour x 1 cup Water x 1/2 cup *Raw oat flour is made by grinding raw oats in a high-speed blender. • Process all ingredients in a food processor. Best served warm or keep in the refrigerator for up to 3 . process the dehydrated pineapple with the honey and cinnamon in a food processor to form the filling. • Proceed to fill the remaining pineapple tarts. medium to large size Raw Honey x 1/4 cup Cinnamon powder x 1/2 tsp • Slice and chop the pineapple into bite sized chunks.

he also led numerous holistic health tours and retreats overseas around the region such as to the Aenon Health Centre in Malaysia and Borneo Highlands Resort. nuts and seeds prepared at a temperature below 47 degrees Celsius. Jeff spent detox. The Raw Food Ayurvedic medicine?" It just did not make sense. fruits. he spends every day of his life creating Asian raw this question. After graduating breath! from university. http://TheAsianRawChef. he helped out at a vegetarian education school for six months organizing classes on the basics of a What is Raw Food? Raw Food is vegetables. he came across a most of his teens and early twenties in school. During that time. He began to much that on the very same day. http://twitter. From that point on. Then. he immersed educating himself in Life is rawesome. university. and preparing to The Raw Chef. In addition. he bought both home study question if what he did brought any benefits or greater courses . he came across a video on YouTube which posed began and he never looked back. I integrate raw foods with an Asian style and perspective. "Why is it that with all the advancements in modern western medicine. At one of his Organic picnic meetups.healthy plant based diet. internships. with so many hospitals and drugs foods that are healthy. These people had cancers like blood and bone cancer. It has all the nutritional qualities and life force of the food preserved. do people still turn to a five thousand year old Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. diet. It was not what he wanted from http://facebook. It was all about getting a job. From that point on. delicious and absolutely gorgeous. and he is wishing everyone life in every health. Coach. his raw foods journey advancements to the world. as well as Vegetarianism. It caught his attention and captivated him so get a job. Detoxification and Biogenic living. He is currently ancient healing art of Traditional Chinese Medicine and training under Karen Knowler from the UK. Now. he seeks to fuse together raw food with Traditional available. and lady who introduced him to raw foods and Russell James. Organic living. or 118 degrees Fahrenheit. It was at the Aenon Health Centre that he witnessed for himself people who actually turned down modern western medicine and cancer treatments for a natural juice About Jeff Ng Born in the sunny tropical island of Singapore. and especially organic foods. Add me as a friend on www.facebook. information and tips sign up to my mailing list on my website: www.5 Asian Raw Food Recipes to Make Your Mouth Water! Connect with Jeff For raw food recipes.TheAsianRawChef.facebook. Like my Facebook Page and Follow me on Twitter!! .

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