62 Lessons from Surah Yusuf Surah Yusuf is a surah with many lessons for anybody at any age, living

in any place. I

like how the story of Prophet Yusuf starts when Yusuf is in his childhood and continues until he becomes an adult. I could relate to a lot of events in this surah, because it deals with family life, and also sibling rivalry, happening when Yusuf was a child, like me. A lot of the events in Surah Yusuf relate to everyday life, and this surah teaches how to treat our sibling, be honest, respect our parents, keep true promises and most of all, how to be better people. I think it is important to learn the lessons from Surah Yusuf, so we can use these lessons in our life and become good people like the Prophets and Imams by using examples from their life. 1. Never tell a dream to anyone for 3 days, and only tell those whom you trust. (Ayah 5) 2. Love your siblings. (Ayah 8) 3. Never be jealous, it can lead you to killing someone. (Ayah 10) 4. Sometimes you know when someone is lying, but you shouldn’t say it without proof. (Ayah 13) 5. Don’t keep false promises. (Ayah 14) 6. Never lie. (Ayah 17+18) 7. Allah will always take care of his true servants. (Ayah 19) 8. Allah teaches the Prophets so that they can teach others. (Ayah 21) 9. Allah chooses Prophets and Imams, so why did they pick Abu Bakr? (Ayah 22) 10. Don’t leave young men alone with women. Always control your desires. (Ayah 23 + 24) 11. When you do something wrong, admit it, and don’t blame someone else. (Ayah 25) 12. Stand up for the truth! (Ayah 26)

(Ayah 79) . Always keep in mind about the hereafter. Ask only from Allah. Freedom is of no value. We must not let our Nafs-e-Ammarra take over us. act fairly. (Ayah 56) 29. Try to protect your honor. The guilty one has to be punished. Always have a good intention. instead of a sinful life of luxury. Don’t talk about someone when they are not there. (Ayah 50) 23. It is important to defend yourself. It is okay to displease people. you must be fair. (Ayah 32) 15. Only let people whom you can trust.Be kind to those who aren’t kind to us. (Ayah 53) 26. and believe in him to guard us. (Ayah 39) 19. (Ayah 47) 22. Always be prepared for disasters. not the innocent. (Ayah 77) 35. (Ayah 68) 34. When you have the chance. (Ayah 55) 28. (Ayah 36) 17. (Ayah 52) 25. Believers of Allah want difficulties.13. People must always think long term. Trust in Allah. always tell others about your religion. We must live a good life. (Ayah 29) 14. When judging a situation. (Ayah 37) 18. you will openly confess your sins. (Ayah 54) 27. Call people to the true faith. Sometimes to prove your point. Don’t cover up the truth. and no one else. so people will have confidence in us. Always listen to your parents. (Ayah 33) 16. to do an important job. (Ayah 67) 33.Allah gives all power. (Ayah 64) 32. if your innocence is not proved. (Ayah 57) 30. Everyone who looks at you doesn’t always look at you with a good-eye. Sometimes it is good to compare to explain something. That’s why you should say “Inshallah”. but to please Allah. People who have knowledge influence others in any circumstance. (Ayah 59) 31. (Ayah 44) 21.Don’t justify ignorance. (Ayah 51) 24. Observe the rules of fairness for everyone. (Ayah 42) 20.

the second. First. (Ayah 84) 39. (Ayah 99) 53.A person. Just like Yaqub could feel Yusuf in his presence. (Ayah 85) 40. and Allah will grant you what you want most. will only complain to Allah. Allah will always be there. Allah’s actions can never be questioned. we as Muslims should feel the suffering and pain of another Muslim. Your parents are superior to you.Admit when you are wrong and ask forgiveness of your sins. (Ayah 94) 48. where Imam Hussain is buried. (Ayah 91) 45. (Ayah 96) 50. No matter how big the sin is. Respect your parents. and there is no sin he won’t forgive. (Ayah 80) 37. and the clothing of the servants of Allah can have an impact and can be a cure over other human beings. Always believe there was a good reason why something happened. (Ayah 93) 47. then even the alam of Hazrat Abbas can be a cure. remember that Allah has a reason. Allah will always be there to forgive it.Jealousy is a disease which affects the soul. are the servants of Allah. (Ayah 95) 49. (Ayah 87) 42. The true believer will feel that whatever happens will happen for the best. always forgive him. When you have power over your enemy. (Ayah 88) 43. Always have patience. who believes in Allah. The same with the sand of Kerbala. when Zuleika ripped it from behind Yusuf. The people who forgive others.The Prophets trust the promise of Allah. (Ayah 100) . If you forgive somebody. (Ayah 90) 44.36. and the third is when Yusuf gave it to his father to cure his eyes. then Allah will forgive you.Hold in your anger. Allah is the most forgiving. In this surah. (Ayah 98) 52. and you must always give them a higher status. other than shirk. when Yusuf’s brothers took it and put fake blood on it.If you have the faith. (Ayah 86) 41. (Ayah 97) 51. Always obey your parents. (Ayah 83) 38. This Ayah also proves that intercession is acceptable. and never lose hope in Allah. Your parent’s love is true love. the shirt is mentioned 3 times. Don’t lose hope in Allah. If Prophet Yusuf’s shirt could be a cure. Always be patient under all circumstances.There can be a cure in something that belonged to a prophet. (Ayah 92) 46. When we don’t know why something is happening.

Ex.54. The stories in the Quran are not made up tales. Sun. He is not asking for anything in return. we must also call people towards Allah with our actions (Ayah 108) 60. (Ayah 105) 58. It is important to read the history of Imams and Prophets to become better people. A true believer’s prayer will be that he dies a Muslim. (Ayah 102) 56. A prophet will always call people to Allah only. Don’t give up in Allah. moon. The Day of Judgment will come without a warning. stars. (Ayah 110) 62. Learning history is important. We have no excuse to reject the call of the Prophet. If we are the followers of the Prophet. We have to observe and learn from the signs of Allah. They are true. and are lessons for us. (Ayah 109) 61. and ocean etc. The earth and the people will be in total confusion. The knowledge of the Prophet is from Allah. (Ayah 101) 55. (Ayah 104) 57. His conveying of the message is benefiting you only.The prophets are human beings and not angels. Always believe that He is there to help you. The disbelievers are the losers in the hereafter because of their disbelief in the Prophet. (Ayah 111) . (Ayah 107) 59.