Antiblock Mineral Additives for the Plastic Film Industry

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Celite® functional additives have been used for antiblocking in polyethylene film for over 50 years. Celite® antiblock additives reduce the tendency of thermoplastic film to adhere when compounded as plastic packaging or tightly wound rolls. Addition rates as low as 2,000 ppm provide significant reductions in block/re-block forces. This efficiency results from the unique, irregular particle shapes of the diatoms. Films containing Celite® antiblock additives exhibit exceptional clarity. A range of products with different particle sizes and shapes is available to optimize efficiency and cost effectiveness. The original grade of Celite® antiblock was Super Floss®. Super Floss® is still the preferred grade and is recommended for most film applications. Super Fine Super Floss® is the grade to consider if your application requires a fine or narrower particle size distribution. Micro Ken® 801, White Mist® PF, Super Floss® MX, Super Floss® A and Super Floss® E complete the product line.

Features and Benefits
Celite® diatomaceous earth antiblock additives exhibit minimal interactions with other additives in most LDPE and LLDPE resin systems. This assures that the optimal amount of processing aids and other organic additives are used. Celite® additives offer superior economic performance in higher alpha olefin LLDPE systems in which synthetic silica might otherwise be specified. One study, presented by a leading resin producer at ANTEC ‘99 , showed the statistical equivalence of Super Floss® to synthetic silica in a 1-octene LLDPE system. A primary objective of our R&D efforts is a continuing product development program, directed at enhancing product performance and assuring multi-plant sources to a growing worldwide market. The latest result of this intense effort is the successful introduction of Super Floss® MX in North America, and further significant breakthroughs in antiblock technology are on the horizon.

2% to 0. the polyethylene film.5% by weight of the resin. prevention of plate out and gloss control in PVC sheets • Silica nucleation site for polyurethane • Reinforcement and dimensional stability in siloxane (RTV) and extension of the pyrogenic silica • Mold release and gloss/sheen control of various other resin systems . This allows the end user to be assured of a consistent quality antiblock additive batch after batch. In addition to traditional applications in film.Typical Scanning Electron Micrographs Super Floss® Super Floss®MX Micro-Ken® 801 Antiblock Basics and Applications The theory of antiblocking is that varied particle shapes of diatomite particles protrudes from. plastomer and compounded polymer systems: • Antiblocking. or are at the surface of. Due to the critical nature of incorporating a solid into a solid plastic film. The irregular shaped particles of Celite® diatomite silica are extremely efficient for this application in all types of polyolefin films including LLDPE. Celite® products meet exacting quality control standards. Depending on the type of resin used to make the film and the end use application. the amount of Celite® antiblock required usually ranges from 0. metallocene PE and polypropylene. Celite® additives are used in a wide variety of plastic.

Celite® Polyethylene Film Additives – The Industry Standard High Gloss Low Haze Clarity Antiblocking Efficient and Versatile Minimum Loading .

com Printed in U.S. CA 93438-0519 U.A. average values obtained in accordance with accepted test methods and are subject to normal manufacturing variations. . All diatomite product trademarks referenced herein are registered trademarks of Celite Corporation. They are supplied as a technical service and are subject to change without notice. Contact the nearest Celite Corporation sales office to ensure current information. Celite Corporation A World Minerals Company P. ©2007 World Minerals Inc. Box 519 E-Mail: Info@worldminerals.The physical and chemical properties of Celite Corporation products represent typical.O. All Rights Reserved FF-603-07 Tel: 800-893-4445 Fax: 805-735-7981 Web: www.A.worldminerals.

To meet the specific needs of our customers. Celite® products are available on a direct basis and through our international network of authorized distributors.0 0.Typical Physical and Chemical Properties All data are typical. © 2010 World Minerals Inc. and are not to be used as specifications. For more information on our mineral additive products. In addition.1 0. our extensive Research and Development Department is continually seeking to develop new products to assist manufacturers in achieving the maximum functionality and quality in their products. please contact us at www. Super Floss ® E 12.9 0. a member of Imerys . worldwide sources of supply.worldminerals.48 <0.5 2.2 92 <2 4.8 1.2 7. or and unsurpassed customer service. antiblock and additive products are packaged in 44-lb.2 Total Product Support Celite Corporation is the largest producer of diatomite products in the world.3 Super Floss ® E 91.6 0. polyethylene. Our products offer consistently high quality. or to locate a distributor near you. superior technical support. 50-lb.. paper and FIBC bags.

These particle size distributions represent typical.0 2. Log Scale Publication date: Aug2010 .0 5.0 0. average values obtained from a laser particle size analyzer using standard test methods.0 100 10 1 Particle Size (microns).0 3.0 7. Log Scale Differential Size Distribution 8.0 Grade Super Fine® Super Floss Super Floss® E Super Floss® White Mist® PF Micro Ken® 801 Super Floss® MX Differential Volume % 6.0 4.0 1.Particle Size Distribution For Antiblock Additives The charts below show the cumulative and differential particle size distributions of each Celite antiblock additive grade. Cumulative Size Distribution 100 90 80 Grade Super Fine® Super Floss Super Floss® E Super Floss® White Mist® PF Micro Ken® 801 Super Floss® MX Volume % Undersize 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 100 10 1 Particle Size (microns).