As a parent of two children with special needs, I can both understand and connect with my audience, making my presentations quite unique in that I do more than simply offer specialized legal information. That unique perspective is often helpful in conveying the necessary information and answering the inevitable questions that follow.

Understanding The Legal Options Available to Support An Adult with a Disability

Many are unaware that in Nova Scotia, every person ceases to be a minor and is considered legally competent when they attain the age of 19. Although not every individual with an intellectual disability will require a guardian, how will a family decide if their family member does? In addition to learning what guardianship really means and when and why it can be such a useful tool, families will discover the other legal options available to support their disabled family member. For those families who decide that guardianship is the right choice, we will discuss a new option at a significantly lower cost than what is currently available. (1.5 Hours)


Protecting Your Child's Financial Future

This presentation will provide families with valuable information about the only type of Trust that will protect the beneficiary's continued access to government benefits. Unfortunately, too many families are unaware of the existence, yet alone the necessity, of this particular type of Trust when they leave assets to their disabled child in their Will. (0.5 Hours)


Government Funding That Most Families Leave on the Table

In 2008, the federal government instituted a program that not only allows individuals with disabilities to save tax-free, but also provides for the contribution of significant amounts of free government money. Since then, significant improvements have been made to this ever-evolving program, with even more changes to come into effect over the next year This informative presentation explains the working of the Plan at a basic level and provides the information needed to determine whether you or a loved one will qualify. (0.75 Hours)

Whether you’re looking for a single presentation, a half-day session (two presentations) or a full day workshop (three presentations), various pricing options are available to meet the needs of your particular group.

“Registration for these
sessions always fills up quickly with families even traveling from outside the county for her valuable insights and information. HACL feels that the information that Michelle has about financial matters and legal options for persons with intellectual disabilities is essential to every family we support.”


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Since co-founding a parent support group in 2007. Michelle has focused her legal training, experience and time on becoming a strong and effective ~ Yvette Cherry, advocate for the disabled. In 2007, Halifax Association for she launched a legal blawg dedicated Community Living to providing timely and practical advice to individuals with disabilities and their families on numerous issues, including guardianship, human rights, special education, various taxation issues and future planningfor persons with disabilities (along with the appropriate use of such tools as Powers of Attorney, Personal Directives, Wills, the Henson Trust and the Registered Disability Savings Plan). In 2010, Michelle created the Nova Scotia Legal Guardianship Kit and began offering presentations on issues surrounding supported decision-making and future financial planning for loved ones with a disability. When not giving presentations or otherwise advocating for those with disabilities, Michelle enjoys blogging and reading other blogs (on both a professional and personal basis), spending time with her family, reading, walking, swimming and traveling.

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