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GGL Induksion (induced electromotive force) Michael Faraday (1791-1867), a British scientist, make a hypothesis (conjecture) that the

magnetic field should be able to create electric currents. To prove the truth of the hypothesis Faraday. Based on experiments, indicated that the movement of the magnet inside the coil causes the galvanometer needle to deviate. If the magnetic north pole is moved close to the coil, the galvanometer needle to the right. If the stationary magnet in the coil, the galvanometer needle does not deviate. If the magnetic north pole is moved away from the coil, the galvanometer needle deviates to the left. Deviations showed that the galvanometer needle at both ends of the coil there is an electrical current. Events such as the emergence of electric current is called electromagnetic induction. The potential difference arising at the end of the coil is called electromotive force (emf) induction. The occurrence of induced emf can be explained as follows. If the north pole magnet brought near the coil. The number of lines of force entering the coil increases. Changes in the number of lines of force that caused the deviation needle galvanometer. The same thing will happen if the magnet is moved out of the coil. However, the deviation of the galvanometer needle as opposed to the original deviation. Thus, it can be concluded that the cause of induced emf is the change in the magnetic lines of force enclosed by the coil. According to Faraday, a large emf induced at both ends of the coil is proportional to the rate of change of magnetic flux enclosed coil. That is, the faster the change of magnetic flux, the greater the induced emf arising. As is the flux nmgnetik is the number of lines of magnetic force that permeates the field. generator Generators or power plants that simple can be found on the bike. On the bike, usually used to light dynamo. The trick is that the top of the armature (the part that rotates) is connected to a bicycle wheel. In a process that occurs perubalian energy of motion into electrical energy. Generator (dynamo) is a tool that works based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. This tool was first discovered by Michael Faraday.

The main part of the AC generator comprises a permanent magnet (fixed), coil (solenoid). slip rings and brushes. On the generator. changes in the magnetic lines of force obtained by rotating a coil in a permanent magnetic field. Because the rings are connected by shear, the velocity of the AC induction coil emf cause. OIeh Therefore, the induced current generated in the form of AC current. AC current existence is demonstrated by the incandescent lamps that turn on in series with the second brush. As Faraday's experiments, induced emf generated by the AC generator can be enlarged by: * Increase the coil windings, * Use a more powerful permanent magnets. * Speed up the rotation of the coil, and soft iron core inserted into a coil. Example of an AC generator that will be frequently encountered in everyday life is a bicycle dynamo. The main part of a bicycle dynamo is a permanent magnet and soft iron coil inserted. If the permanent magnet rotated, causing rotation of the emf induced in the coil. If

an incandescent lamp (motorcycle lamp) mounted on the cable that connects the two ends of the coil. The light will pass AC induction currents. As a result, the lights were turned on. The brighter the lights will glow if the velocity of the magnet fixed faster (the faster the rate of bicycle).