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This report addresses that MBC has to deal as of late. This report highlights budget shortages, lack of human resources, equipments and facilities in the corporation and recommend ways to handle them

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Table of contents 1. Introduction 2. Discussion 2.1. Budget shortage Revenue through advertisements Budget by the government

2.2. Inadequate equipments and facilities Modern equipments New equipments Equipment maintenance Staff facilities

2.3. Lack of capable human resources 3. Recommendations 4. Conclusion Employees with degrees Training programs for the staffs Job criteria Wage of the staffs


English for written Communication Assignment

1.0 Introduction Maldives broadcasting corporation is the public service broadcaster of the government of the Maldives. Though the corporation has a tremendous 50 years of broadcasting history, there are various dilemmas that MBC need to tackle currently. This particular report is structured to highlight the issues specifically like lack of human resources, equipment and facilities and to suggest ways to enhance the conditions. Besides, it is noticeable that all these problems are directly linked with the budget shortage and it is essential to seek immediate ways in order to generate income. If MBC could achieve this, then through proper guidance and leadership, these issues can be handled soon. This report is solemnly based on the observations I observed as a student on my trip to MBC headquarters. Moreover it consists of a title page along with an abstract followed by the table of contents, introduction, discussions recommendations and the conclusion. 2.0. Discussion 2.1. Budget shortage Budget shortage is the biggest problem in hand at MBC. If we could solve this issue, then eventually other issues can be solved in no time. The corporation mainly generates revenue by selling advertisements on the air. But, it has been seen a tremendous decrease in companies investing in advertisements, this resulting low income for the corporation. If we compare 2011 and 2012 alone, we would witness 16% decrease of the investments for advertisements through the corporation. Though being the public service broadcaster, MBC receives only 2 million MVR each year. The government encourages the corporation to run on business. 2.2 Inadequate equipments and facilities No modern equipments such as latest cameras, lights, reflectors or sound instruments are available. No equipment has been brought into the corporation since 2005 There is not any official way of maintaining the equipments to make matters worse. An inventory of the corporations hasnt been updated since March of 2010. The details of the states of the equipments are not at all documented.


English for written Communication Assignment The corporation is yet to deliver its staffs with some essential facilities like the praying area, canteen. Providing these would benefit the corporation in the long run. 4.0 Lack of capable Human Resources: Although the corporation consists of quite large number of employees, there are only a few qualified employees are at scene. There are only a handful journalists with bachelors degree. Negligible additional training programs are being held to improve the skills of the employees. In fact only one workshop was held during the last 5 years. No specific Criteria have documented to welcome new staffs. To make matters worse, there are no documents to refer the creditability of the existing employees. It is also important to highlight that the employees receive a little wage from their jobs at the corporation. On top of lack of capable staff, this would undoubtedly lower the quality of the products by the corporation. 3.0 Recommendations: Put an extra and creative effort to produce more programs so that more investors would be interested to advertise thus more revenue would be gained to efficient to running of the company. The government needs to provide a sufficient amount of budget to till the corporation gains enough stability. A high standardized entry criterias needs to be archived to new employees in order to establish more credible staffs. Organize more additional trainings. Increase the wages of the employees in order to boost their motivation to lead an effective running of the corporation and to enhance the quality of the programs. Buy modern equipments Establish a legitimate route to monitor the equipments. Provide a canteen and a prayer room. Canteen can be rented to a food company which would in return generate more income to the company.


English for written Communication Assignment

4.0 Conclusion In conclusion, it is highly evident that based on the findings there is a quite high need for financial support for the corporation. Again it is important to highlight that the necessary equipments and facilities can be brought into the corporation by gaining more budget. Moreover we must never under estimate the necessity for more valuable human resources into MBC


English for written Communication Assignment

Over the years, Maldives has been infamous for its unique golden white sandy beaches, bright tropical sunshine and the rare, one of its kind coral reefs. Besides all these

magnificence, anyone who steps foot on these islands would be amazed by its own peacefulness alone. For this all, the destination has been considered as a paradise on the surface of the earth. Despite this, within the last few decades or so, the crime rates of the nation have escalated drastically. As a matter of fact, modern dangerous crimes such as Murder, Assault or Sexual offences have been also revealed up to higher heights into the society. According to Maldives police service (2013), the number of crimes has increased up to 21.27% if we compare the crime rates of 2011 and 2012 alone. Given this uncomfortable condition within the society, one would not resist considering; is it the education system of the nation to be blamed? Or is it some other factor? Admit or not, it is evident that a significant percentage of students who are exposed into the community after their school life often end up committing crimes such as drug abuse, gang fights and robberies. This surely has something to do with the education system. Indeed as the courts and the police department of the state are concerned children under 18 years, share a great deal in the percentage of criminals (2011, para. 2). This maybe because likewise Dr Jameel ( as cited in by Rasheed, 2005, para. 1) mentions, the raising trend of using children as a medium to commit crimes. With all this being said, other than holding a few awareness programs in some schools rarely (which is not good enough); we see that nothing is done to prevent this. It plays an impactful role as the education system is so much result oriented (Ugail 2012, para. 1), in restricting the education system to address the issues concerning the increase of crimes. This failure is responsible that students tend to achieve remarkable success in studies they are even vulnerable in combating against the crime picture. No major action is embarked on to instruct student towards fine manners and norms. Despite, it has been imprinted in most of the parents and teachers minds that, the best student is determines by his or her academic results and a tremendous effort is put forward by the school and parents in order that their students would get higher grades. This leads to lack of support to develop the qualities of the students. Besides not uncommonly, it is observed that although there are extracurricular activities like Cadet, Band, Scouts and Girl Guide, in schools which encourage good


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qualities, not much attention is given to these activities by the schools. Clearly, presenting a discipline prize once a year would not be of any use. Moreover the most important factor which must be implemented is often neglected to a disappointing extent in our schools. It is the information and the practices of the Islamic lifestyle. Certainly it must be our way of life and if we obey those ways and manners, the community would be ideal of its peacefulness. Yet we have only 3 periods of Islamic studies each week at our school. The subject also limits to teach good qualities in Islamic heritage. It is essential to teach the students of these good manners and make our students enthusiastic to the only way of life if we want to decrease the rate of crimes in the society. But it is miserable to witness that it is given so much weak attention to create love for the religion in the souls of our students. Yet with all these failures in the education system, we cannot blame the system for the increase of crimes, without taking some of the other factors in the community into account. One of this is the political instability the nation has been in throughout the years. As a matter of fact, the crime rates show a significant raise on the years with the maximum conflicts in the country (MPS, 2013). Moreover, many crimes take place within the context of politics. Crimes such as assault, vandalism, corruption among others are common in the political back ground. Furthermore, the countrys political leaders fall in short to provide the youngsters with productive opportunities. Instead, oftentimes the youth becomes victims of their political interests and is opened to commit crimes. Another key factor is the influence of the mass media. Mass media brings a huge boost of influence to our little children (Mansoor, 2013, para. 6). Many students imitate what they see in TV or other relevant media source. Most students are influenced by the programs they see which are irrelevant to their age which results to encourage most of the students to commit crimes. For an example a child who often watches action movies would not be intimidated to fight likewise. This creates the interest for the child to imitate as he would underestimate the seriousness. In addition, most of the media we are exposed are the western media of its culture and lifestyle is total contrary to ours. Therefore, various irregularities as far as students are concerned are likely to be interrupted as these ways are completely alien to us Maldivians. Ultimately the routine of the west is much more preferred among our students and causes the students are presented to crimes as the standards of the crimes in the west and the crimes that we consider are quite inconsistent.

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Based on all the factors and a critical evaluation, it would not be safe for anyone to blame the education system alone for the increased crime rates. Although the system has failed to spread Islamic values effectively, gives more priority to academic results or is unable to aware the students of the crimes; the other influences on students would be considerably influential like the effects of the media or the political unsteadiness which arguably would correlate on the crime rates. Before concluding, it is imperative to highlight that further studies by the concerning authorities have to be undertaken in order to reduce the crime rates in this blessed nation.


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This is the era of men and women equality as many may claim. In these modern days, with mostly men as Chefs, Nurses and other feminine roles in the society there are raising debates if men are as equally good at being a parent as a woman. While women continue raising their voice to be more active in the society, is it the time for men to finally change their dominant role in the society? Or is it still womens job to look after the children? As a matter of fact I dont believe so. That is not because they are incapable of doing other active roles in the society or not that they are brave enough. They are. But it is simply for the fact that they are too good at raising the children of the society and that task is much more important to the society then being a business woman or so A child obviously shares a closer bond with his or her mother for certain. Surely this is achieved simply because the child shares the mothers womb for nine months. This can be incomparable if we look to develop a similar physical bond with the father. Moreover after birth, mother provides her baby with breast milk for almost two years. This further develops the relationship between mother and the baby even after birth. This bond can never be easily broken and this would be instrumental in raising the child. This is the natures way of bringing up the little ones. Moreover this is how it is in within the animals. Women are the caretakers. Women can undoubtedly create intimidating relationships with their off springs. Women are good communicators and often good listeners. Women also demonstrate their children of good manners and norms of the society. Note that men also show and tell the kids of these good norms but it is the womens communication and listening skills which enables the children to duplicate them more efficiently. By this manner they learn to share interact with other, study and also respect each other. Another major reason which proves that women are good parents is that they are forgiving and caring compared to men. They are most of the time the emotional part of a relationship. This feature in the womens soul comes handy especially to when generate the childrens attitudes. Interactions with the caring mothers would imprint a long lasting picture in the childrens mind to be patient and deal tasks critically. In addition, women could show the kids of being a good role model by giving the appropriate loving and caring. Surely a man would fail miserably to deliver such an impression on their kids because the feature is basically not in their genes.

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To back this logic, the constitutional courts also favor women to be the caretaker of the child in divorce cases (Writefix, n.d). It is evident that courts take this decision by referring the above factors in consideration. Also the courts also at certain conditions consider making grandmothers the primary caretakers even if the childs father is alive. So it is certain proof that women can be unbeaten to offer best conditions to raise a good child compared to men. The best reason that ensures that women are the better parents is that the only way of life guides us that way. Our religion solemnly dictates that women must be responsible for raising the children of the society while men must take part in providing the financial support. Despite all the philosophers and sciences result in contrast, nothing earthly can over judge this decree. Moreover a woman who raises her children in a proper manner is rewarded by issuing free ticket to immortal heavens. This signifies the importance the religion gives to women to be the parents of their children. Clearly this would not be without any moral. To sum up, we cannot neglect the features in women such as women share an intimidating bond, their capability of expressing feelings such as caring, forgiveness and also the skills that they acquire such as their good communication skill along with their listening skills. Moreover, the decree in the religion and the fact those courts give the legitimacy for women to be the parents. Considering all these factors, women indefinitely are better at being parents then men. A society would run really smoothly if women do their role of raising the children as a good parent while men must continue to provide the necessary financial support to the family.

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