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EATING OUT The British have "imported" food from very different cultures, e.g. the Indian, the Chinese and the Italian. One reason for the popularity of these types of restaurant is that they are often much cheaper than the more traditional British ones which serve a mixture of British and French cooking. In the larger cities there is a great choice of restaurants. Good examples of this are the vegetarian restaurants which offer a different type of food. TAKE-AWAY FOOD Restaurants often have a take-away service in which you buy the food cooked and take it to eat elsewhere. The most common are Indian, Chinese and Italian pizza take-aways and there are also the American fast-food restaurants. The original British take-away food is fried fish and chips (fried potatoes) and there are still hundreds of fish and chip shops. SELF-SERVICE Another cheap way to eat out is to go to a self-service café where you serve yourself from a counter and pay for your food before eating it. Many self-service restaurants now offer a good range of salads and hot meals. RESTAURANTS

Are these statements true or false? Correct the false ones. Most restaurants show a menu outside the building so you can see the type of food served and the prices. ____________________________________________________________________ 2. ____________________________________________________________________ I . Why are fast-food restaurants so popular in Great Britain? ___________________________________________________________________ . ___________________________________________________________________ 3. ___________________________________________________________________ 4. In a self-service café things are more expensive because there is a waiter. Answer the following questions. Traditional restaurants are more popular than Indian. I . Drinks such as wine and beer usually cost more in a restaurant than in a shop or pub. you buy the food you want to eat and then you sit at the counter and enjoy your meal. 1.Restaurants are usually more expensive than fast-food restaurants or self-service cafés. When you go to a take away restaurant. Chinese or Italian restaurants. 1. People save money if they often go to these types of restaurants.A.B.

2. You ____________________ (not run) in the park for weeks. 5.Complete the following sentences. __________ she __________ (go) up to her bedroom? My mother ____________________ (bring) me to school. 2. ___________________________________________________________________ 3. We ____________________ (not read) that story yet. They __________ already __________ (write) the composition. . What are the main differences between a self-service restaurant and a traditional restaurant? ____________________________________________________________________ II – A . 3. 4. 6. II . Use the present perfect.Find the past participles of the following verbs: 1. What sort of food can you buy in a take-away restaurant? Give examples.Find the past participles of the following verbs: fall eat take cut hear put feel eat put think keep tell go sleep swim write read drive bring run have teach leave hurt f e l t z f r z l a u e w o k e n a l o f t e e a q s l e t r t p d t v e t u e r t h a d n a e a t e n d e s u c w o h u r t e g s e l e c i j v h t q d a e v w t t h u e r w e r a o o t x d i n i k e u b o u g h t e c g r p i o u t n g h o z w n r e c c t u n a e s n w u i g o t x l y q t e h k l s e q p u t t l t w p m t a s x w o u t u r u n k q c m u w II – B . He __________ just __________ (leave) for work.

Today is ________ ___________ (happy) day in Emily’s life. 3. (easy) because the wheels . 2.7. In-line skates are _____________ (modern) now. 9. They don’t think they are ______________________(expensive). Normal roller skates are no longer in fashion. 7. But I ____________________ (not finish) it yet. Write the comparative or superlative form of the words in brackets. School is over so she can spend all her afternoons in the park. They ____________________ (make) films for many years now. I ____________________ (read) the book you gave all morning. Teenagers think in-line skating is _________ are all in one line. That’s all right.Complete with the correct form of the verbs. present perfect or present perfect continuous: 1. I ____________________ (not wait) for a long time. In the summer there are _________ (a lot) activities than in the winter. She ____________________ (visit) six countries so far. He ____________________ (win) the national championship four times. 5. II – D . though. 2. 8. Jimmy ____________________ (play) since he was five years old. Bill and Andy ____________________ (make) ten films since they left college. Sorry I’m late. __________ the teacher __________ (mark) the test? II – C . 4. Linda ____________________ (travel) around Europe for three months. 6. Look! Somebody ____________________ (break) the window. 1. 10.A.