Dear Parent, I wrote to you a few weeks ago, asking for your help in communicating with your student

about the importance of acting responsibly in social situations. While the vast majority of our students act responsibly both on and off campus, the bad behavior of a small percentage of our overall student body can tarnish the reputation of the entire university. When situations become unruly and students are arrested, the media covers the story, and the reputation of the University suffers. More importantly, students who make poor decisions may suffer significant and lasting consequences. This week is traditionally a very active one on campus. Various annual events are held, including spring concert. In anticipation of this weekend and the increased activity, the following email was sent to your student earlier today. Once again, we are asking for your help. We ask that you also have a direct conversation with your student about your expectations and remind them that the Code of Student Conduct applies to behavior both on and off campus. We also ask that you remind your student that when the police arrive at a gathering and read a Dispersal Order, your student must leave the premises immediately. Refusing to follow a Dispersal Order is cause for arrest. We know that most students will make good decisions, and enjoy this event-filled weekend. The University will, however, strictly uphold our expectations for respectful, legal and safe behavior. The University of Massachusetts Amherst Police and Amherst Police are expanding their efforts to monitor events and alcohol consumption on and off campus for the rest of the school year. Should unruly disruptions develop, we will take swift and decisive action. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Sincerely, Jean Kim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Life Dear Student, This weekend we have a full calendar of activities and events culminating with Spring Concert 2013, Sunday night at the Mullins Center. As you enjoy all of these opportunities, most of which were organized by students, please remember to conduct yourself responsibly. While the vast majority of UMass Amherst students do act responsibly every day—both on campus

and in the surrounding communities—for those students who violate the University Code of Student Conduct or the Town of Amherst bylaws, the consequences are significant and can be lasting. Students who are found in violation of the University Code of Student Conduct face the following possible consequences:

1. Disciplinary outcome up to suspension, expulsion or removal from campus housing 2. A disciplinary record on file for 7 years after date of incident, reportable to prospective

employers, graduate and professional schools, federal government, study abroad organizations, scholarship committees, etc. 3. If alcohol-related, the referral to BASICS is $100 4. Parental notifications with a first-time alcohol-related finding 5. Additional consequences include missed class time, missed work and a permanent presence on social media sites. Students who violate the Town of Amherst bylaws may be fined up to $300 for each citation they receive. These violations include open containers of alcohol, unlawful noise, operating a nuisance house, and possession of a keg without a permit. Throwing objects is a felony offense—assault and battery with a dangerous weapon—that carries a punishment of imprisonment if an individual is convicted. When a Dispersal Order is read at a gathering, you must leave the premises immediately. Refusing to follow a Dispersal Order is cause for arrest. Multiple citations may be given to an individual at an event leading to potentially significant fines. Additionally, a judge may add on community service and court fines. Failure to pay citations is a criminal offense. To review the Student Code of Conduct and the Town of Amherst bylaws, please visit the University Responsible Fan Behavior website: Earning your degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst is one of the biggest investments of your life, both intellectually and financially. Protect your investment and encourage your friends to do the same. Don't fuel incidents that degrade the value of your degree and may lead to significant and lasting consequences. Enjoy the weekend responsibly. Take advantage of all the events and activities being offered. A full listing is available on Campus Pulse: Thank you, Jean Kim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Life

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