Peru Tours & Machu Picchu Machu Picchu means Peru, and anybody that will try to talk about

Peru will say Machu Picchu is in Peru. So, you will know what Peru is. In any picture talking about Peru or South America there will came out a photo of Machu Picchu, but why is that happen? It is simple; Machu Picchu is the most important discovery from the past century, is the most important archaeological center in the Entire Americas and it it´s the most important legacy of our ancestors the Incas to the humanity. It is a perfect example of harmony between nature and humans, a harmony that we have forgotten throughout this last year’s where no one cares about the global warming and the environmental pollution. Well this not an article talking about who contaminates and or what causes more danger or stress. This is just a paragraph to talk how nice Machu Picchu is, why you should came and do <a href="">Machu Picchu Tours</a>. Was made during the XV century by a group of natives from the Inca territory that put their maximum effort building temples for their gods, specialized groups in cutting stones, transporting them to place to be built, a group of people specialized in doing perfect platforms for to support the most beautiful temple that remains and amazes all visitors, all expert people under management of great architects and engineers from Cusco. There is no photo or a word that can describe the magnificent Machu Picchu at all, only you can feel it when you arrive in it and you walk by its each sector and streets. Indescribable sector such as: The Guard House; an erroneous interpretation of the building that stays at the very top of the faring sector, it was a workshop building in front of the agricultural worship rock, if you want the portraits photo you must climb up to that point, it provides great overlook of the entire machu picchu. Main Gate; it was the official gate to Machu Picchu, the <a href="">inca trail</a> ends in the gate to machu picchu, remains intact, built with carved rocks with an spot for the city guard. The Quarry; it is an unfinished sector that own huge rocks ready to be cut and form part of temples and houses. The Sun Temple; it consist in the most impressive building in machu picchu, it has a semicircular shape that uses a giant rock as its foundations, the niches and walls are perfectly made, also it is important to mention its 02 windows oriented, each one to an specific solstice, the temple stays above the probable Pacha Mama temple “mother earth temple”, that erroneously is described as the royal tomb, If all the Incas where mummified and Worshiped in Cusco there was no royal tomb in machu picchu. The Water Fountains, a total of 16 are the water fountains that you can see in machu picchu citadel, each are unique where the most impressive is the third one, stays right in front of the gate that faces to the Wayna Picchu mountain, the fountain is just hard to describe, you should be there and try to find a word to describe it. The Inca Temple; or just named royal residence located only a few steps from the fountains, it consist in imposing 02 building with height gates each one with its own workshop, a mortar type carved rock in the patio and a large building at back side. The Condor Temple; an great sample of art work where the Incan architects represented in abstract a big condor facing to the east, on the wings of the condor stays 03 niches named erroneously as the prison, that would be a good representation of heaven. The Mortars Temple; the perfect name for this is the Stars Temple, a large building that had not roof, in the center of the building keeps 02 rocks, carved in mortar shape that were used to provide liquid offering for the gods and stars, that also has a window that is at the east and at each solstice the sunshine getting inside temple frames each mortar. The Religious Sector; it is formed by a group of impressive

buildings where you will see the famous 03windows temple and its Chacana stone or abstract Southern Cross representation, then the main temple, just a big building with enormous stones at each site, has perfect niches and a large stone that once was used to keep golden idols, next to it there is a rock in the ground that it just like the southern cross, and its corners are perfectly oriented to the magnetic cardinal points. The Intiwatana Sector; or Sun fastener, it is located in the highest point of the entire citadel it keeps on top the unique intact stone from this type of rocks, that is an expression of huge knowledge it is the Incas astronomical and agricultural calendar rock, it also a perfect point for photos. Descending from this the trail will lead to the Worship rock, it has 02 thatched workshops, at just meter behind there is the gate for Wayna Picchu Mountain and the Great Cave; to climb this mountain and get the great cave you need to buy a ticket on advance, and make sure there is availability by the time you book. The mentioned sector are same samples about the magnificent of machu picchu, better came Peru and see it by yourself, but before anything else pay attention to the following: Machu Picchu is restricted to certain number of visitors per day. To Climb up Wayna Picchu Mountain you need to pay an extra fee and has a limit to only 200 people at 07:00 hrs. and another same for the second go at 10:00 hours. To get machu Picchu there are many options; You can hike the 04 days inca trail, take the <a href="">Salkantay Trek</a>, the Choquequirao to MachuPicchu trail, Vilcabamba to Machu Picchu, Lares Trek To Machu Picchu, or take the easy way, Train Journey in 02 days one night, or a full day trip. If you need any advice or more info about Machu Picchu tours, send us an e-mail to:
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