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Bill’s Summary:
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Born and raised in the Philippines Speaks the language and knows the culture Saved as a teenager Joined a native IFB church Trained at a Bible college in the U.S. Served as an associate pastor for nine years Sent by the same local church he served in

Marcia’s Summary:
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Born and raised in a pastor’s home Saved as a child Trained for ministry work Gifted musician Trained at a Bible college in the U.S. Served as church secretary for nine years Godly wife and mother

The Hardeckers Missionaries to the PHILIPPINES

IFB Missionaries 111 S. Pine St. Red Lion, PA 17356-2115 (717) 880-5011 Twitter: @hardecker Email: Mt. Zion Baptist Church
48 Muddy Creek Forks Road Brogue, PA 17309-9400 (717) 927-9227

if not most. Jr. and I will be more than glad to send one to you! Bill Hardecker has been my assistant Pastor since 2004.cmc. hard working. praise reports. are in a state of lukewarm compromise. Over the years the Hardeckers have been a great blessing to me personally. orchestra. and loves to preach and teach. If you wish for me to email or send a complete missionary packet. preacher in our jail ministry.O. As a Filipino. He is faithful to God. plans all special music. Master’s Club Director. I have been acquainted Pastor Bill Hardecker since 2000. Delta Senior Center Director. then graduated later with his Master’s degree. and I have been a missionary in the Philippines since October of 1992. . Box 219228 Houston. Their communication with me as a missionary has been both encouraging and helpful. ability to minister to people.COM Visit our personal website STATISTICS: 94 million people 11 million overseas workers 80% Roman Catholic 10% Islam All are precious in God’s eyes for up-to-date prayer letters. His tenure as a member of the pastoral staff of Mt.T. • PRE-TRIBULATIONAL RAPTURE • HEAVEN & HELL ARE REAL PLACES • STANDARDS OF SEPARATION ARE IMPORTANT Bill is also a family man with his house in order. Additionally. TX 77218-9228 (800) 262-7729 www. Both have a great sense of humor and a hospitality ministry. I have had a part in planting three Fundamental Baptist Churches in that time. gives piano lessons. Please prayerfully consider joining the team to reach the Philippines with the Gospel by having a part in the ministry of Bill and Marcia Hardecker. and came to work at Mt. The Hardeckers plan to plant fundamental churches founded on God’s Word with Christ honoring music. He is prepared to dive straight into the work once he arrives on the field. we sent him to the Philippines on a survey trip from which he returned with an increased burden for the people there. Zion. and Discipleship Director. Zion Baptist Church has clearly honed his preaching skills. IFB churches His wife.T. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @hardecker CONTACT # mobile: 717. Pennsylvania has supported our ministry since 1992. Zion. Their sending church. was saved there. Mount Zion Baptist Church of Brogue. The ladies of our congregation in the Philippines instantly fell in love with Marcia. They are willing to spend and be spent for the Lord and His ministry and as you can imagine. Lord willing. teaches women and children. Bill already understands the culture and can speak the Tagalog language. and pleasing personality will surely make her a great asset to her husband in his church planting ministry. cantata. His responsibilities at the church have included Music DirecEdify tor including choir. just let me know. 2012 we authorized him to start making deputation calls as a missionary sent from Mt. Bus Director. VBS DiDisciple new converts rector (average 200). & news Dan Tessin Missionary to the Philippines My name is Daniel Charles Tessin. Bill grew up in the Philippines. he’s been a soulwining trainer. & SATAN ARE REAL • MAN WAS MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD • JESUS CHRIST IS LORD & SAVIOR • THE LOCAL N. If you have any questions about Bill.880.000+ budget with 60 missionaries currently). a Encourage proficient executive secretary. and plays several instruments. will be sorely Enlist missed here.5011 email: hardecker@gmail. Marcia. recommended to come to Bible college in America. and screening music for specials. Missions Director ($170. Though there are many missionaries and Baptist churches here. a Win lost souls to the Lord Jesus student of God’s Word. many. a critical requirement for ministry. graduated. Ministry partners HARDECKER. June 6. and Establish taught in our school of Theology. faithful to soulwining and outreach ministries. In the Spring of 2011. (09/15/10) Baby Joseph (12/28/12) SERVING WITH: Central Missionary Clearinghouse P. W E BE LIE VE: • THE KING JAMES BIBLE ONLY • THE HOLY TRINITY • ANGELS. Thank you for taking the time to look over this I MP O R T A N T D A T E S : Bill (01/10/78) & Marcia (09/30/81) Anniversary (06/14/04) W. knowledge of God’s Word. I first met his wife Marcia in 1992. I will do my best to get a hold of you in the coming weeks. and musical talents. Her musical talents. CHURCH • GRAMMATICAL-HISTORICAL INTR. They also sing duets very IFB Pastors & Missionaries well. The Philippines is a nation of great need. and is an accomplished pianist playing for some services and accompanying.missions. Their zeal for soul-winning and discipleship has helped me in my ministry.PASTOR RANDY STARR My Pastor’s Letter of Recommendation Dear Pastor: (June 2012) OUR GOALS: Evangelize D E P U T A T I O N MI N I S T R Y Dear Pastor. I HEARTILY recommend him to you for your consideration for prayer and financial support as a missionary to the Philippines. call me.