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Proposed Demolition of Two-Storey Residence No. 18 Wood Pecker St., Green Meadows Subd. , QC TRADECON SYSTEMA 22 January 2011

This agreement made on the 22nd of January in the year two thousand eleve between _____________________________________, hereinafter referred to as the Owner’s representative, and Voltaire Villa Vitug, hereinafter referred to as the ______________________contractor. WITNESSETH WHEREAS, the client intends to engage the services of the Contractor for the demolition of Two-Storey Residence located at No. 18 Wood Pecker St., Green Meadows Subdivision, Quezon City, herefore, the client and the Contractor for the consideration hereinafter named agrees as follows: I. Demolition Works for existing structures The project calls for the demolition of a two-storey residence with an approximate floor area of 500 square meters. The Owner, in consideration of the payment to be made to the Contractor of the sum of money hereinafter named, agrees to furnish all labor, equipments, tools and other facilities and the satisfactory and faithful performance of all the work necessary to commence and complete the Project, ready for use as shown on the drawings and described in the specifications, instructions and other related documents.

Commencement and Completion of Works F. General demolition of existing structure as specified and as per instruction from the Owner’s Representative B.00). ____________________ Owner’s Representative Arch. The Contractor agrees that for and in consideration of the faithful performance by the Sub-contractor of this Contract. IV. the Contractor shall pay to the sub-contractor. Temporary Facilities E. Application and payment of Construction bond D. The work stipulated in this contract shall be completed after Sixty (60) working days excluding Sundays and Holidays after commencement of work. General clean-up *ALL DEMOLISHED MATERIALS SHALL BE ON THE ACCOUNT OF THE CONTRACTOR III.uap TRADECON SYSTEMA . Voltaire Villa Vitug. progress billing and work - In WITNESS WHEROF the Owner and the Contractor hereby signify their full understanding and conformity to the terms and conditions of this Agreement by affixing their signatures on this 22nd day of January in the year two thousand and eleven.000. Application of Demolition permit C. TO BE BROKEN DOWN AS FOLLOWS: Forty(40%) percent of total contract cost to be paid as down payment prior to commencement of work and signing of this contract. Scope of Works Works included under this Contract shall include: A. Contract Amount and Manners of Payment G. in a manner provided hereinafter. the amount of NINE HUNDRED FORTY FIVE THOUSAND PESOS (Php 945. Balances through accomplishments.II.