Demonstrate Prosperity Now!

A Mini Course
Based on the teachings of Dr. Emmet Fox

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Making the decision to take this mini study on prosperity is opening the door to the source of all success, wealth, achievement, and material gain. You are now taking the first step in building your prosperity consciousness. You are going to change your consciousness out of the old mental equivalent of lack and limitation into the new mental equivalent of plenty. If you follow the simple laws of prosperity outlined in these three essays, you will be amazed at the beneficial changes and rich blessings that will manifest in your life. The purpose of this study should be that of increasing the understanding (the raising of the whole consciousness, both thought and feeling). Often people talk about prosperity rather than absorb the principles. Since we use the intellect to assist us to lift the understanding, but not the fullness of our approach, then it is important to remember not to struggle with new ideas and concepts. Place them gently in the depths of your consciousness. It is most important to establish the attitude, within yourself, that you are absorbing Truth principles and that they are being consciously incorporated in to every fiber of your being. In remarkable ways, divine activity will move into your affairs to bless and to prosper. In expected and unexpected ways you will draw all that is good to you!

Read through each lesson slowly and absorb and think about each paragraph, read it not just with your mind but with your heart as well.

opening the door to the source of all Good. they will make it difficult for you to demonstrate. regardless of what anyone else’s financial situation might be or the state of the economy. But you must treat. and for everyone. If you have any lingering doubts on this point. Emmet Fox wrote: "You can get all the money you want for any wise purpose through treatment (Prayer). you made a decision to enrich and re-vitalize your life. it is always wise to realize that.“Whatever you may require. It is harmony in relationships. God will provide. Prosperity is a full rounded state of well-being. It is centered in the realization that God is all in all. Prosperity is really a state of consciousness. as well as the health of the physical body. Prosperity is really the Presence of God." With this in mind. There is no need for anyone who knows how to treat to be in money difficulties. and our environment.F. When you made the decision to take this study. work. . It is health of circumstances. is that you should be genuinely convinced that it is the Divine will for you to have all that you need. and will furnish if you are about His business.” E. The first thing necessary. and in that case you must begin by treating for wisdom. You made a decision that can transform and improve everything in your world. there is always plenty for you. You are starting a flow of prosperity action that will drive lack and want out of your life. Prosperity Lesson 1 To most people the word prosperity means nothing more than wealth in terms of dollars and cents.

Emmet Fox once said.” It is important to change your basic thought. the second chapter. It is important to keep your thoughts off of lack. and manifesting them in your life. What are you seeking in life – a better job. “Whatever we name. and plant it in your subconscious mind and cultivate it with faith. “A man is what he thinks about all day long. It is important to realize that when you know how to change the basic thought. limitation. the nineteenth verse. so all of His vast riches are always where you are. a house. notwithstanding repeated pressing. in an early written booklet titled The Law of Financial Success stated that a piece of paper once folded in a certain manner will fold along the same lines the next time. Edward Beals. You will have to make new mental creases. Likewise.” Make this a basic thought. and difficulties. Emerson said. This law operates everywhere. we read that the Lord God brought all the lower forms of life that He had created to Adam. to be debt free? Then take this idea of prosperity. we claim. a new business. As you begin thinking thoughts of prosperity.This is true because we live in an extremely prosperous universe. they form into creases according to the person using them. and therefore flow along the habit course. better health. rivers and streams of water cut their course through the land.” In the book of Genesis. he tells us. and keep them centered on God. you will know how to change everything in your life. The same law is observed in clothing and gloves. and these creases will always be in effect. Remember this does not happen instantaneously. Dr. and He is the source. more money. to see what . Remember that God is everywhere present. Divine Substance is shaping itself around those thoughts. Begin here by thinking “I Am Prosperous.

Remind yourself that your needs are always met. hopeless or limited. or if you think you cannot afford something. You are going to think prosperity even if the rent is due. I cannot afford this. Don’t say that you want to get rid of poverty or lack. It does not give opulence as a reward for Spiritual acquirement. or I always seem to struggle.he would call them. as abundant. If your thoughts are centered on getting out of poverty. We are claiming it and giving it life. I am poor. Here Adam is given the chance to name the creatures. but if we want Spiritual qualities. . Things don’t work for me. we must use certain laws to receive spiritual things. not as lack and limitation. “And whatever Adam called every living thing that was the name thereof. I never get a break. if your bills are behind. Adam represents the intellect and the human will. As you build this faith of prosperity and infinite Supply with conviction. divine activity will move into your affairs and bless and prosper you. So it is with our life and our prosperity. In marvelous and unexpected ways you will begin to draw good into your life. If we call ourselves poor. that is its name. Be affirmative and say what you mean. whatever your situation name your supply as good. you are increasing poverty in your consciousness. we must use the laws which govern the distribution of them. and if we want material things. then through the law of mind action. For example – don’t say things like I do not have enough money in the bank. We must understand completely that God does not give attributes or things to us because we are good. Whatever he named it. we are accepting and attracting limitation. Fox in his notes on the Bible refers to this as a powerful lesson. The object is to train ourselves to give a good name to a seemingly negative situation. he is given the power of free will and choice. then.” Dr.

“And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. Think prosperity. affirm supply and give thanks for the abundance in your life. that is to keep your mind filled with mind substance. Your part is simply to fulfill the law. If you and your personal finances are in a state of misfortune. a sense of helplessness or discouragement. a job loss. or that you are unworthy. your every need will be abundantly supplied. You are not fulfilling the law. If you have experienced a financial crunch. poverty and limitation to dwell in your mind. When you work in harmony with universal law. It is when we establish ourselves in the realization that supply manifests through our faith in the invisible working of Spirit. This with faith is the nucleus for it to grow. talk prosperity. We realize now that the first step to be taken is to make a new beginning in our mental outlook.It is time to release debt. Keep your thoughts centered on I Am Prosperous. The concept of debt is bondage. Since we know that our life is the out picturing of our consciousness. you can turn that around. you can turn that around. In the Lord’s Prayer we read. failure. it is necessary to learn the basic of freedom from burden and debt. when you allow thoughts of lack. Deny any appearance of failure. chaos. . Erase the idea that prosperity is not for you. Overcome any thought that you were meant to be poor.” This forgiving is the cleansing of our consciousness through divine Love and through a building of our faith. Law plus acceptance plus belief is the key.

perhaps. The Psalmist says: “No good thing . Himself. about what we can expect. “I only want enough to meet my needs. your eye will be single and infinite Supply will manifest in all areas of your life. your life will be full of life. The number of possible channels is infinite. she says.” Here is the promise that nothing is too much to ask.” asks us to earnestly question ourselves. or from an employer. lack no good thing. whereas these are merely the channels through which it comes.” “If your eye be single. Many believe and have always believed that certain things are not for them. If you direct your attention to God and infinite Supply. thy whole body will be full of light. Do we really think deep down in our heart that there are some things too good for us to desire or have? Is there a height beyond which we are not to go in our thinking.” He says.” Mary Katherine MacDougall in her book “Prosperity Now. “I don’t want great wealth I only want to be comfortable.” The promise is given in the Old Testament. because change is the Cosmic Law of manifestation. Whatever you give your attention to will be what governs your life. “then we need to start to correct them. the Author and Giver of life. “Those who seek the Lord.Emmet Fox tells us. “People think of their supply as coming from certain investments. or from a business. Sometimes we have limited our good by thinking and saying. “lack of any kind is Always traceable to the fact that we have been seeking our supply from some secondary source instead of from God. our desires and our asking? What do we really think? If we have reservations about our good.” The eye is spiritual perception. The particular channel through which you are getting your supply is quite likely to change. the Source is one. God being the Source.” We limit our good when we say.

does the Lord withhold from those who walk uprightly. That we must pay no attention to outer appearances of failure. that we must set our face to the Author of Power. “One good thought is worth countless negative thoughts. so that we can know with all our heart and mind that there is unlimited good ready for us NOW.” If we believe that we can have only a little good. John Murray tells us that “poverty is a disease of the intellect through which foolish men convince themselves that prosperity is only for the few. than you were the day before.” P. we can start acting wealthy. Correct the thought and the discomfort disappears. The belief that poverty is an insuperable obstacle in the path of progress robs . and be immune from lack and limitation. Realize each day that you are nearer to your goal and your ideal. or fear. Quimby.” Mary Katherine said. lack.P. Our powerful good words will counteract all the negation. nothing can keep you from your prosperity when you know this truth. we can start using wealth consciousness words. Now we have come to realize that we must look to God within as our Unfailing Provider. and things are thoughts that are manifested visibly. “Mistakes in thought produce discomfort. Dr. Know that within you lies the power to progress. felt or expressed. We have come to realize that thoughts are things. W. Nothing in the world can keep you from advancing. Jesus came to destroy false beliefs and to establish the Kingdom of God or Truth in this world. we can start feeling wealthy. we can expand our mental and believing horizons. No matter how many negative thoughts and words we have thought. Think of yourself as always going forward.

depletes his energies. we must know that we have a right to opulence as children of God. person or position for our increase. This is what Jesus meant when He of initiative. The difficulty does not lie with any sense of limitation in the Source. Fox tells us not to outline. That is to say. He instructed to leave the question of ways and means to Divine Wisdom. We must not treat for any particular solution. Second.” We have read over and over again of the creative power of our own thoughts and that the Source of all power is unlimited. said “the highest and most excellent thing in man is formless. the German philosopher. “when you pray (affirm). Emmet Fox explained that we never know what is best for our future.” This will impress the subconscious mind with hope and expectation. and produces the very thing he fears. but we can only get it as we comply with certain conditions. fear and doubt will decrease. we must not treat or look to any particular channel. we must know that this Source is willing to give as we are to receive. and we should guard against giving it shape in anything . Opulence is ours by divine right. although we may think we do. Gothe. Dr. When you are afraid of approaching financial distress. Third. pray knowing that ye have received. First. and that it is only awaiting our demand upon it as a reservoir awaits the turning on of a tap before it can flow through the pipe. it lies in our ignorance of how to draw from the source. we must know that it is. we must affirm that we have it. I shall not want. The Source selects its own channels with greater wisdom than ours. Therefore it follows that the Source of all Substance is unrestricted.” That is when we pray or affirm that we are one with the Source of all supply. and as these increase. it is time to affirm “The Lord is my Shepherd.

tuck it away in your Bible or favorite book.” 2.not just mere wishes. 6. a new job. Prosperity is not a matter of more training. Assignment 1. etc. Keep a positive attitude. Things to remember… 1. For one week. State your thankful heart. This could be an increase in pay. Demonstration begins when prosperous ideas are put to work. 2. Bless your note and give thanks that your desires have already been achieved. working or saving. 7.less than noble dress. Or if you prefer. 5. We do not outline – look to the world for things. It is a matter of understanding the Law. a house. Infinite Supply. Real wants . Write a note to God. It is receiving into consciousness the Spirit of God. . Poverty is a state of mind 4. In your note list your desires. affirm twenty five times a day “There is no limit to my prosperity. Next week you will receive lesson #2. a relationship.” This is another way of stating that within is the capacity to receive larger and richer gifts. 3. Supply is an invisible thing. We can be prosperous if we believe we already are. (Optional) E-mail it back to us for prayer and let it go. Prosperity happens when we mold our thoughts to God substance. We look within.

Man is both the inlet and the outlet of the activity of God. Dr. Fox tells us that people who come into wealth suddenly without building a prosperity consciousness.Prosperity Lesson # 2 Everyone wants to express financial success and that is perfectly alright. the conditions are changed in spite of the environment and seeming appearances. everywhere present resource. Let us re-cap from lesson one. are a major part of living. When these ideas have changed. Charles Fillmore tells us that “Prosperity is the consciousness of God as the abundant. unfailing. we need never fear that it becomes depleted. Those who are born to riches usually have abundance in their lives. Prosperity is not completely a matter of capital or environment. which also must change to conform to the new ideas. ready for all who open themselves to it through faith. and the answer can be summed up in these words: Financial success is here for you now! It only awaits your recognition and acceptance. soon part from their wealth. but rather a condition brought about by certain ideas that have been allowed to rule in the consciousness. even though they never make . We must open the gate of our own consciousness for its consistent uninterrupted flow. Let us explore opening the gate to true prosperity. Since Substance is limitless. Everyday challenges. of making money.

The trenches. “Make the valley full of ditches. Elisha was being told that his demonstration was not going to come from the outer nor in a great drama. They have the prosperity consciousness. but from within. Start where you are. Elisha was instructed to “dig ditches. is the out growth of a rich consciousness. This was the transformation from natural life to a spiritual life through the power of thought.the effort to earn a dollar for themselves. Fillmore once wrote.” As an act of faith the King had the solders dig ditches all over the valley. Tithing is an act of faith – also include paying your bills . no matter what the outer appearance seems to be 2. words and actions. “This is because the ideas of plenty are so interwoven into their thought atmosphere that they are a very part of themselves. and said. neither shall ye see rain.” Metaphysically speaking.” We read in the book of Kings how Elisha caused the water to come from the invisible to fill the trenches in the desert. An angel. word and action. Preparation of the consciousness to receive the increase is an important key. “If you pray for rain. had to be prepared. 1. We often experience situations that seem hopeless. Choose your thoughts. Emmet Fox gives us the key for preparing the way for supply. we should be sure that we have our umbrella with us. yet the valley shall be filled with water. Ye shall not see wind. Charles Fillmore tells us. Give. in which there is no idea of any condition under which the necessities of life could be lacking. You have to prepare your consciousness for the inflow of spiritual substance. A valley is a low place or low spot in life. 3.” Riches. a pure thought came to Elisha. they had to be open and receptive to receive the rain.

by thinking rightly. he was in need of finances. even motes and feather. and those that have not. comfort and prosperity. Be open and be ready for supply. The key to success in life is to build a mental equivalent.” One of the great teachers of Truth. Let him learn that everything in nature. go by law and not by luck. He decided he would treat fifteen minutes a day for one year solely for money.” Regardless of a time of war and depression. get not. that those that have get more. He reported that within a few weeks his whole financial condition changed. It will never again happen to me. Expect the highest and the best 7. 5.4. He never had to worry about money any more. F. Believe that you are one with infinite Supply. I have erased lack out of my mind once and for all. “Seek ye first the kingdom and His righteousness (right mindness). Rawson once told his congregation that he was addressing the fact that when he began his ministry. Law governs everything we do and have in life. 6. Emerson taught: “Let man learn prudence to a higher strain. Seek. Rawson never experienced lack again. which can come from any source. He maintained the treatment for one year and told his students. He had built a prosperity pattern in consciousness. F. It has been well known. “I will never again lack in my life. and that what he sows he reaps.L. ease. This may seem .L.

with an expensive car and driver. Research on this states that after a few years the majority of these people. watch our words and keep always the idea of richness and . So you see just obtaining wealth is not the whole answer. this is just an old shirt. This has been proven many times over by people who have come upon large sums of money through inheritances. “We must praise. Where would you feel comfortable? That is an important question you must answer within yourself. a mansion. I have nothing in my closet to wear. every one of us set up our own set of laws that govern our lives.” He said. Please do not make the mistake that many people do in their quest for wealth. You must mentally see yourself living comfortably in the lifestyle your wealth will place you in. you need to think about what level of wealth you would feel comfortable. however. if you analyze it you will understand why this is so. with hired help. ending up back in their comfort zone. Many people are not prepared to receive more than a meager supply in their life. my furniture is old. Once you determined that level then you can start thinking about manifesting at that level with all the amenities it would provide. where they began. you will not change very much over the years to come. Unless you make a concerted effort to change your comfort zone. The key is not in changing the thing or place when you start. That an unfair law of life. In a large home. belonging to a country club??? Could you adjust your comfort zone to fit such a lifestyle? If not. to think the quick way to wealth is to change what they are doing. have spent or in some way have lost the money they had acquired. or things like this chair is shabby. Emmet Fox said that it is never good to condemn things that we wear or items in our home. Don’t say things like “My wardrobe is outdated. but to change yourself. and your thoughts. and how each and. lotteries and the like. Everyone has a particular comfort zone.

See Substance everywhere and affirm it not only for yourself but for everyone else. Ingalese in his early writings that there are three classes of workers. troubled or fearful. Follow the advice of Paul who said. think and feel. We are told by R. This is the very thing.” Know that you can change your circumstances by changing your consciousness. Emerson said. then there is the physico-mental workers. We must free our mind of the burden of debt or the burden of a difficulty. None of these things move me. This is the Golden Key! Refuse to be depressed or disappointed. refuse to feel doubt. these folks recognize the laws of mind and their powers to aid in drawing prosperity to . This is raising our consciousness. To begin to remedy any limited state of finances or ill health that has been brought about by worry. one must begin to eliminate the worry. Your thoughts at all times should be worthy of your higher self. The outcome depends entirely on their attitude and their thoughts. your fellow man and God. these are the people that make up the mass of humanity. The physical worker. that hold them back and defeats them from demonstrating.” We must realize that our home is a magnet of love and prosperity always drawing to it good.abundance. Their thought of lack becomes an obsession and they cannot think of anything else. uncertainty. especially for those who may owe you. fearful and even depressed.” What he is telling us is to make God the center of everything we say. “assume a virtue if you have it not. Most people who get into financial difficulties become worried.

Every person in the course of his or her evolutionary career must pass through each of these three classes. . For illustration. Each person places himself in one of these three classes of workers. Those who only work physically will earn a good living. plus some. Those who work on the second level will begin slowly manifesting as they develop and grow up through to the third class where manifestation will be expressed in fullness. she claimed it and gave thanksgiving for it. according to his evolutionary development. that they receive whatever they desire without manual or physical labor of any sort. This class is working with the laws of nature consciously while having a career or project in which money comes. but use physical means for manifestation. Three things are necessary to put the law of prosperity in work. She worked with the laws of prosperity. According to her faith it was given to her. but will never acquire true prosperity. She has a record of remarkable cures and has helped so many people around the world through her writings as much as any metaphysician of her time. she received a gift of what she needed from a stranger who had heard about her work. Most persons in Truth have reached the second point of development. she accepted in her mind the amount she needed at that time.themselves. and her faith was great enough to believe that she could demonstrate on a more material plane. Within a short time. She used the law in healing. Emily Cady who was a member of the third class. The purely mental workers or the third class are those who use their minds fully and completely. Her deep faith brought her into the third class by demonstrating and receiving a large sum of money she needed and was affirming for. to continue her work. let’s look at Dr.

and you can only have temporary use of them. deeply desire. but what you yourself. While we are alive here. Second. we can borrow of God something or nothing according to our thinking. Here are a few important rules for achieving opulence. There is no lack of anything in the world. Stay mentally and spiritually centered. Third. not what you believe it’s your duty to want. Keep a mental focus on your desire. Not what you think you ought to have. 1. If you want money do not demand work. Don’t petition or beg God for something to manifest. Demand what you want. 4. from your mind. This will remove uncertainty. Meditate asking God if there is any reason you should not have what you desire. or of asking and receiving. For example: I now accept a better paying job. 2.First to realize that everything you want exists now in Divine Mind. if you have any. This is a mistake made by many people. Everything is distributed according to the law of mental demand. One man is not a millionaire and another poverty stricken by chance. Be positive that your demonstration will manifest. we must realize that all things are distributed by Infinite Supply according to law. Never demand what you do not want. Unpleasant . realize that all things belong to God. not what someone else wants you to have or thinks you should have. 3. Be specific. Don’t ask for input and don’t listen to suggestions from others.

you can demonstrate a seat in Congress. Unhappiness. Tithe and have faith in achieving your desire and give thanks. the more . Ingalese tell us . wealth and happiness. there can be no limit to your possibilities. That He will look upon you with special favor. you can be happy for a life time. envy discontent or depression repel and delay a demonstration. you can in the course of time cure any disease.If you can cure a headache. God loves a prosperous man. lack of self control. Ask only when your desire is strong 6. 9. If you are persistent in your faith. Realize instead that you are using immutable law and that what you demand comes to you because you are using the law correctly. If you can demonstrate a seat on the train. health. Enter into the silence and give thanks for your successful demonstration. ill health and negative situations are the realizations of demands made in ignorance. Don’t give up. worry. resentment. 10. 7. Realize that anger. Be still and know. 8. 5. can be done in a large degree. because what you have done in small degree.situations are the result of demands we have made in the past for things we do not want now. If you can be happy a week. fear. Release the belief that God is going to reward you. The more completely we realize and accept good in all its many fold expressions.

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God. “We cannot live the law by knowing it –we live the law by living it – and living so profoundly as to be unable to escape a conviction of its eternal operation.” Assignment . and all His righteousness. handouts. When you don’t express success. The law of attraction is the reason for supply. J. We must realize that God is a creative Thrust. the more God becomes personified through us. and all these things shall be added unto you. God’s infinite resources are always there waiting for you. prosperity. God is always there. What prosperity means to you will be different from what it means to someone else. No matter what the junior partner does. And this is where it is at. It is the formless Substance of God.” The law of supply is not salary. health and happiness. Success and prosperity is an inside job and it will only happen as you allow it to happen. but the specific attention you give it will be your own response. The firm of God and man never fails. honorariums. that is.completely we do express God. Jr. Lowrey Fendrich. a Principle that we all respond to and give more dimension to. This concept places everything back into your hands. This was a major concept I worked on understanding for many years. said. There is no reason why every minister in every discipline should not be prosperous. checks. the senior partner. It is simply a matter of understanding the nature of God. the same substance that awaits every man who will recognize it and use it. we are actually depriving Spirit of its celebration of itself in our life. gifts.

7. TERM. The focal point of individual life is in partnership with the vast Universal Substance. never fails. I accept my possibilities. I am now open to receive my good. fill out and sign) 2008 between (Write your name here) _____ and God. The principal office of the business shall be in Heart and mind. God. there is divine surplus. 6. I feel worthy. Everywhere I look. Pay clerk’s may come and may go. Blessings come in expected and unexpected ways. PROSPERITY PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT (Print out. always makes good. POSSIBILITIES. Being in partnership with God does not mean that I must limit myself to a relationship of a human agent and a divine business manager. I am the worthy son/ daughter of God. If I want good to increase I must bless it. 2. Money is one of God’s gifts. My past is behind me. . I must rely on the promises that the Father is the source of all good. RESERVATION. The branch is in partnership with the tree. I am thankful. I accept money because it is a necessary channel to the prosperity life I want and should have. 1. no matter what the junior partner does. The parties hereby form a partnership under the name of: GOD AND MAN INCORPORATED. the senior partner. THINKING. 5. by means of which it lives and moves. I change my thinking about prosperity through prayer and affirmations. I place my complete trust in God. but God’s infinite resources are always there. As I enter into this agreement. The firm of God and Man Inc. AGREEMENT. A single drop in the ocean is in partnership with the ocean. The partnership shall begin immediately and shall continue until terminated. Copy and paste it back to us as an act of the acceptance of your Good. A PROSPERITY PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT WITH GOD for self growth. NAME AND BUSINESS. The possibilities of variety.THANKFUL. I remove reservation about money.Fill out your personal partnership agreement with God and look at this and review it every day. 4. I accept my prosperity now. in kinds of partnerships are infinite. 3.

ACCEPT. but yours God. Sign your agreement______ Next week you will be receiving lesson # 3. I believe I am God’s partner. All withdrawals are tithes I send forth in the name of Love. God and I succeed and prosper beyond my deepest anticipations. act as God’s partner and speak as God’s partner. With God as my partner. give me ideas. I now accept this partnership. I am now willing to say not my ideas. 2008___ in _____ [city]. ________ [state].8. Signed God.. I dwell in the midst of Infinite abundance. supply my every need and do all things right. All good shall be received and accepted into my life bank. 9. I review this partnership agreement everyday for one month. but yours.. I shall think about it and meditate upon it. I have only good in my life. REVIEW. Executed this ___ day of ___. Not my decisions. . I do not worry because with complete faith I know the Senior Partner will: inspire me. BANKING. I shall think as God’s partner. 10.

have enough money to travel. Telling you that there is a lot more for you to experience and explore. get ahead in your payment of bills? It can happen. a lot more to express and realize.Prosperity Lesson 3 Do you want to pay off your credit cards.000 a year. have enough money saved for a child’s education. Goal #1_____ Goal`#2_____ Goal#3______ Listen to your desires. get ahead with bills. Listen to the feedback within telling you that you no longer want to be where you are. our desires and our ideas. Sometimes we get a feeling of Spirit nudging us saying there is so much more. be able to tithe without fear or reservation. The power is within you! Through our goals. You can achieve all or any of these goals. Ask yourself right now what goals you want to attain. we are prompted really by Spirit. save enough money for a down payment on a house. Remember God . a job where you can earn more than $50. Make your goals specific and realistic.

not on the bottom. Dr. Fox once told the story of a young woman who arrived in New York from Ireland with little money and the promise of work. Through our thinking. to the belief that money is wonderful. She . Here is where tithing comes in. richer. If money is so evil. we have more than a right we have a responsibility. not just intellectually. the laws of prosperity. Before that can happen. We have a right to be prosperous and successful. conscious expression of Itself. you will begin to have a greater circulation of money in your life. When I was growing up my dad was sick and unemployed. The moment you realize this. we must become fully entrenched with our new direction. no less a doll carriage. we must understand and accept totally within our belief. Her words. then why work for it? Why use it? Prosperity is the action of God.” remained with me for many years as a rooted fear that would pop up every now and then in life.” Also. Spirit seeks a fuller. at some level have experienced negative money memories. While they believe that money is the root of all evil (Jesus did not say it was). and shift your attention from money being evil. We all. The old theologies warned us that money is dangerous and that money is sinful. Mom told me that she did not have money for bills and groceries. “we are not rich like other folks. Emmet Fox once said.meant for you to live on the top. As I came into new thought and began my prosperity path. it is time to release negative money memories. I realized that I had to erase the negative money memories of my past to move forward. I had a negative money memory when I saw a special doll carriage in a department store window. “You must tithe to thrive. they are the same people asking their employers for a raise. It is amazing how many people believe that.

Fox that she feared her father was right by telling her that she would “always be a poor peasant girl and never amount to anything. that’s how you’ll get it. Emmet Fox wrote. is locked in and can’t get out. If I am disappointed in life. locked in a terrible job that I can’t get out of. depends on the vessel with which you have provided yourself. which you can carry away. When she told Dr. Mind is saying. you find what is practically an unlimited supply of sea water at your disposal. As she worked with the laws of prosperity. The only limit is the limit of our capacity to receive.” Dr. you can get ten gallons.went to him for help when the job she was promised only lasted a few weeks. So. If we don’t put value on ourselves. “When you go down to the seashore. “If that’s how you see it.” If we are walking around with the thought of poverty.” If you were God. would you invest in you? Or would you step back and say “ think I will wait . What I am really saying is that God intelligently expressing as me. She had to deny that thought and begin to affirm success and happiness in her life. You already have prosperity because of who and what you are – an expression of God. She eventually became a very successful business woman who married a man of great wealth. and if you have nothing bigger than a thimble. we set ourselves up for the experiences that we have. but if you only take a pint pot you can take away only a pint. Mind expresses consciously what we give it. her life changed dramatically. So it is with divine abundance. but the amount. If you take a ten gallon can. then that is our concept of God. and her funds were low. would you invest in you? In terms of what you have brought to this day and what you are thinking right now. then that is my concept of God. It is a ridiculous thought. you will not be able to take any more than a thimbleful. There are billions upon billions of gallons there. Fox told her it was time for her to erase your negative money memory.

Joseph Murphy: “I like money. abundance and refinement. you are economically healthy. When money is circulating freely in your life. healthy food. how can we expect the Creative Principle to respond? Money is a symbol of exchange. who don’t give to us in terms of mental stimulation and a sense of the joy of living? This is one area where we determine what value we place upon ourselves. they become charged with fear. It means to you not only freedom from want. and for the riches of my mind. I release it with joy. Money should not be your sole aim. You are here to use this power with wisdom. If we don’t invest in ourselves. It is good and very good. and spirituality? This is where we determine the value we place on ourselves.awhile?” Our mental posture is the key. and I am grateful for my good. and the creative powers of the subconscious mind will respond accordingly. Another crunch of our own self-evaluation comes when we use money. education. . Our mental posture determines what value is coming into our world. When your blood is circulating freely in your body. Money flows to me in avalanches of abundance. Here is a statement about money given to his students. spiritually and emotionally with the good you wish to embody. you are healthy. It is merely a symbol of the economic health of the nation. When people hold tight and hoard money. I use it wisely. and it returns to me multiplied in a wonderful way. by Dr.” Joseph Murphy believed strongly that all one has to do in life is to unite mentally. Love of money and wealth with the exclusion of everything else will cause un-balance. Money is constantly circulating in my life. Who and what do we spend our money on? Do we invest in good clothing. How do we spend our consciousness? What do we give our consciousness too? How much time do we give to people who are really boring. but beauty. constructively and judiciously. I use it for good only.

giving to our fellow man. to be about the Father’s business. Someone wrote an article about the little nun who peddled money gifts at Penn Station. Helen Zagat once wrote. “The law of giving and receiving applies in two ways. “Too often we choose to use our free will in a negative way. One day she was simply not there. her basket and some food and beverage her heel caught into her make shift robe and she fell forward down the steep steps.” This second giving can be in the form of prayers. Dr. Receiving from others. It seemed she was no nun at all. A number of years ago there was a nun who would sit in New York’s Penn Station with a donation basket. we try to set up our own account. She was taken to a hospital but had no medical insurance. While carrying her folding chair down the steps and trying to juggle.An important part of the prosperity principle is the law of giving and receiving. Her out of pocket medical fees were exorbitant. Fox wrote. First in giving to God the Source. We abuse our free will. Through practicing the law of giving and receiving we open the way for increase of good in our lives. blessings and material items. trying to work apart from . When we do not receive from others we are stopping their flow of expression. giving to His work and second. Scores of people would stop and give her a donation. does not mean simply taking from others or asking for freebies. This is not working with the law of prosperity. but the law of greed. A large sum of that money went to medical expenses. For many years she took her seat every day in front of a main stairway. It was estimated she collected over five hundred dollars a day in her little basket. Instead of understanding that it is our essential nature to express God. Emmet Fox tells us that we must also learn to receive as well as give. She was a single mom raising children. She had accumulated a great amount of money over the years.

sin and trouble that we find on the physical plane. etc. The practice of prosperity is prescribed in a number of places in the Bible. returning to him with increase that shall bless him immeasurably. For instance. a kernel of grain that lay in King Tutankhamen’s tomb is still but a kernel of grain. to God. there have been many believers in the True God who have made this habit a cornerstone of their lives – and have built upon that cornerstone an edifice of . Or he may share that thought with others and see it take form in countless lives. but really there has been a transmutation into chemical elements needed to make up the component parts of the earth. It is our act of tithing that returns to the Source. and its seed in turn replanted through centuries may have fed nations. taking on different forms or quality. Many questions arise as to the subject of tithing. wood burns and is apparently consumed. “In all the ages. multiplying in usefulness and power with rapidity.” If we think about it.God. A man may treasure a thought within his mind and never using it permits it to die. Emmet Fox wrote. Tithing is one aspect of the law of giving and receiving. we know that all things remain in the universal Substance. all returns to the Source. but simply because they feel it is the right thing to do. Author Helen Zagat tells us that “God is omnipresent and there is nothing outside God. the atmosphere. and the very natural results are sickness. A dollar hidden away in a miser’s hoard is only a dollar. not with the primary motive of getting.” Those who give to the service of God. in the invisible spiritual realm. Put into circulation it may serve a thousand uses. but another from the same year’s harvest planted. So. find that their prosperity increases by leaps and bounds.

and heads of corporations attribute their success. you must first be rich in consciousness. Once you do this you will place in motion the mechanism that will provide the opportunities for wealth to enter into your life. It is through freely giving and receiving that you will attract wealth into your life. into security and comfort by the practice of tithing. and more are doing so at the present time. Obviously the game cannot begin if you don’t release the ball. The water that the lake receives is the tithe from the inlet Source. Fox said. that there shall not be room enough to receive it. Thousands of Truth students have grown out of what looked like long standing poverty. and prove me now herewith. saith the Lord of hosts. to having formed the habit of tithing and maintaining it. and grasp the ball. A lake will become stagnant unless it gives up a small portion of its water. you must open your hand. By tithing you are no longer thinking “I can’t.” In the book of Malachi (3:10) we read “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse. reach out. that there may be meat in my house. and rightly so.” When you can believe and expect wealth and work with the . and pour you out a blessing. Dr. It is through this giving that the lake attracts new water. If I will not open you the windows of heaven.” Most successful business men. “To be rich in life. no. if you are not ready and properly positioned. You cannot just hold out your hand and wait for the ball to drop into it.” and you are now taking on the attitude of opulence.prosperity which insured them that freedom from material cares that is so essential to the development of the soul. Getting ready for wealth is like playing a game of catch. You may be thinking how can I tithe when my finances are in such terrible conditions? Let’s analyze a body of water. Neither can you hang on to the return throw. It is the giving and receiving that keeps the water in the lake fresh and clear.

and all forms of charity and patronage become unnecessary. knows that the one and only thing that the world needs to deliver it from its difficulties is knowledge of Spiritual Truth. and clients are only channels through which supply is at the moment coming to you from God. and not the . usually in support of those institutions or activities which are thus employed. and that once this knowledge once becomes general. no amount of political reconstruction.” “Ye shall know the Truth.” There is no set amount when you begin tithing. Business. and the Truth shall make you free. all political and social problems will adjust themselves automatically. What you receive is someone else’s tithe and opens the channel in their lives to receive. then our prosperity is secure. we are nothing less than trustees for humanity. It is devoted to the spreading abroad of the knowledge of Truth in some form or other. that until a man comes to this knowledge. Dr.laws of prosperity. no amount of secular learning. no other thing will really benefit him. “Tithing does not include general charity or material giving. When we understand the realization that the one and only source of our supply is God. but we know that our first duty is the dissemination of Truth. can do any real good. It is just as important for you to feel good about receiving. We know that by virtue of possessing the knowledge of the Truth of Being. that until this knowledge becomes general. customers. Fox in his booklet The Magic of Tithing tells us. Anyone one who understands the Spiritual Idea. employment. know scientific discoveries. Those who are without this knowledge will continue to donate their money to the promotion of general good works. no schemes of social reform. investments. you will begin meeting your goals.

when you can share and give thanks.” The prosperity you affirm must be supported by a rich consciousness. when you realize the boundlessness of your spiritual inheritance. and as these increase. Jesus said in effect. then nothing shall be lacking in your world. He goes on to say that a tithe is an extremely efficient act of Faith. when you see with a bountiful eye. fear and doubt will begin to decrease. When we are afraid of approaching financial stress. If your sights are low they need to be raised. Don’t get discouraged if there are delays. Keep on keeping on until the Light breaks through and the shadows disappear. we should say with conviction. you have taken the first step on the road of demonstrating opulence. I shall not want. Whatever a man soweth. to give grudgingly or with misgivings from a supposed sense of duty. no man escapes that law. “seek spiritual riches first and material riches will be added unto you. is really giving from a sense of fear. With this understanding of the laws of prosperity. that shall he also reap. . as an idea whose time has come. and no prosperity ever came out of fear.” When you come to know that all that your Father has is yours. if your faith is weak. Victor Hugo said: “Nothing is so powerful in the world. it needs strengthening and if your vision fades it needs to be brightened by the light of God. Fox tells us. “The Lord is my source and supply.” and this will impress the subconscious mind with hope and expectation.least obligation upon anyone to tithe at all until he reaches that state of consciousness when he is ready to do so.

healthy. operating in and through me. wherever you can readily see them. at the breakfast table. I am prosperity. peaceful. . my good comes to me in perfect timing 5.F. Repetition and realization is a major key. in your office. I draw to me the highest and the best 3.” E. I accept success in all areas of my life 4.Assignment Take some small business cards and place an affirmation on each card. The law of prosperity. God has a perfect plan for me. I give freely of all that comes to me from the one Infinite Source We would love to hear about your thoughts and your progress. abundance is everywhere 2. happy. blesses and enriches all who touch my life 7. God’s blessings flow into my life from all directions 6. Please share a line about what you gained from this mini study it will help us prepare for other mini studies. and filled with the Infinite Wisdom. Use them throughout the day. We see you as prosperous. 1. on the night stand. Place these cards strategically in view. and we accept this and nothing less in your life. successful. God Bless! “God will provide us fully with everything we need.