TABLE 2. The CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY Top 50 EMS Companies, 2012
RANK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50
Notes: E = Estimate. 1. Publicly held. 2. Includes ODM work; excludes $1.8 billion in PWB sales and $500M in connector sales 3. Includes ODM work; excludes $1.6 billion in PWB/component sales

COMPANY Foxconn Quanta1 Pegatron1 Flextronics1,3 Compal1 Wistron1 Jabil Circuit1 Inventec1 TPV1 Celestica1 Sanmina1,4 Cal-Comp Electronics1 BYD1 Benchmark Electronics1 Plexus1 Universal Scientific Industrial Co. Venture Corp.1 SIIX1,5 Nam Tai Electronics1 Zollner Elektronik AsteelFlash Group Beyonics Technology UMC Electronics Nippon Mektron1 Global Brands Manufacture1,6 Sumitronics Kimball Electronics Group1 Fabrinet1 Integrated Microelectronics Inc. (IMI)1,7 3CEMS Group (FIC Group) Creation Technologies Enics Computime Ltd.1,5 Videoton Holding1 Eolane VTech Communications1 (USI)1 Electronics1,2

NATIONALITY Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan US Taiwan Taiwan US Taiwan Taiwan Canada US Thailand Taiwan US US Taiwan Singapore Japan China Germany France Singapore Japan Japan Taiwan Japan US US Philippines Taiwan Canada Switzerland Hong Kong Hungary France Hong Kong US Malaysia Hong Kong Hong Kong Japan US US Thailand the Netherlands Sweden US Hong Kong Hong Kong Norway

2011 REVENUES (US$M) $105,990 $32,710 $29,659 $23,170 $22,772 $21,996 $17,430 $13,746 $11,974 $6,510 $5,380 $4,784 $3,055 $2,468 $2,308 $2,102 $1,911 $1,801 $1,150 $1,122 $920 $854.8E $850E $825.1 $789.8 $660M $654.3 $607.8 $616.2 $600 $525E $503 $469.6 $465.5 $463.3 $440.8 $437.1 $399.1 $398.7 $388.40 $384.2 $383.6 $380E $378.5 $355.4 $348.3 $347.7 $295E $294.5 $292.9

URL foxconn.com quantatw.com pegatroncorp.com flextronics.com compal.com wistron.com jabil.com inventec.com tpv-tech.com celestica.com sanmina.com calcomp.co.th byd.com bench.com plexus.com usi.com.tw venture.com.sg siix.co.jp namtai.com zollner.de asteelflash.com beyonics.com umc.co.jp mektron.co.jp gbm.com.tw sumitronics.co.jp kimball.com fabrinet.com imiphil.com 3cems.com creationtech.com enics.com computime.com videoton.hu eolane.com vtechems.com ducommun.com vs-i.com wongswec.com pcpartner.com dne.co.jp keytronic.com oncorems.com hanagroup.com neways.nl partnertech.se mflex.com topscom.com.cn alco.com.hk kitron.com

NOTES Hedging on China? World's largest notebook ODM Up 47% yoy. Might be haunted by reliance on notebooks Expects high mix to make up 70% of revenue by FY13 Second to Quanta in notebooks Big investments in displays, handhelds Medical plastics an Rx for growth? Notebooks, smartphones, servers for HP, Apple Market leader in monitors; 4th in LCD TV Needs to make up for RIM loss New name, same challenges Creating its own 'Thai'-dal wave Smartphone sales stalling Bucked US EMS downward trend Sales up year-over-year, but can it last? ASE subsidiary Diversified and profitable Sold branded auto business to concentrate on EMS Biggest gainer; can it last? Largest EMS in Europe Acquired ElectronicNetwork Ex Flextronics management; now private Expanding to Thailand Major flex PCB producer Two campuses in China, none elsewhere Parent company barely acknowledges existence Every quarter was between $161M and $165M Five straight quarters of growth following flood Europe boosted by EPIQ buy Up 20% in 2012 Acquiring in Mexico Expanded to Suzhou Branded appliance controls rescue profits Automotive, industrial driving higher Bought ex Elcoteq assets Europe is biggest market First full year with LaBarge Really took off in H2 Also major process equipment supplier Major tablet ODM; also branded motherboards Double-digit dip Up $100M in 2012 Still reliant on mil/aero despite GD cutbacks EMS up 14%; carried rest of company Semi business beaten down Cutting capacity in Norway, Sweden Closed US site Total guess Down 46% from 2009 peak Marine sales buoy company
Biggest revenue gainer Largest percentage gaine

Ducommun LaBarge1 V.S. Industry1 Wong's Electronics/WKK Technology1,6,8 PC Partner Di-Nikko Engineering1 Key Tronic EMS OnCore Manufacturing Hana Microelectronics1 Neways Electronics1 PartnerTech1 MFLEX1 Topscom Precision Industry Alco Electronics1,5 Kitron1

4. Excludes $700M in PWB and other product sales 5. Based on four quarters ended Nov. 31 6. EMS only 7. Excludes $45.6M from PSI Technologies 8. Based on four quarters ended June 30

APRIL 2013