How To Attract Luck Into Your Life

Some people out there just seem to be “Lucky”...
They seem to get the good breaks, ha e good friends, and ha e the opportunities put right in front of them a!! the time. If they take a risk, it often works out in their fa or, and they seem to smi!e a !ot more than the others. "ther peop!e seem ery #n!ucky$ they ne er get a break, e erything is difficu!t for them. Their friends don%t seem to he!p them much, and nothing good e er rea!!y &umps in front of them. The risks they do take rare!y end up working out 'and if they do, it%s on!y for a moment(, and they seem to be a !ot grumpier than the !ucky ones. As Rod Stewart might say: “Some guys have all the luck Some guys have all the pain Some guys get all the breaks Some guys do nothing but complain” )ut what if I to!d you that peop!e actua!!y ha e more contro! o er their *Luck+ then they seem to, I mean, isn%t *Luck+ something that peop!e -".%T ha e contro! o er, Isn%t that the point, )ut if that%s the point, then why did you get this report, You must know instincti e!y that you -" ha e some sort of contro!...And you%re right... And now I%m going to te!! you$ ell....Aren!t you Lucky"

Lucky peop!e get in !uck%s way
/ait a second$ you a!ready pro ed something about !uck that I was going to te!! you... )y taking action and actua!!y down!oading this report, you pro ed one aspect of being more !ucky: #ou have to $R# something to get lucky at it. It%s !ike they say in Lottery 0ommercia!s: *You ha e to be in it to win it+. 1ichae! 2ordan and /ayne 3retsky ha e both been credited with saying *I miss 4556 of the shots I don%t take+, which means that they are *#n!ucky+ with taking those shots. )ut by T7YI.3, you may actua!!y succeed in your attempt$ Lucky8 9ome peop!e wi!! try and make sure they :."/ they wi!! succeed at something before they e er attempt it, which means it is I1;"99I)L< to be !ucky at it$ in fact, that%s the on!y way to ensure getting )A- !uck8 If you prepare and prepare, and prepare some more, and then are an e=pert at something, then it%s no !onger L#0:Y when you succeed at it, but it is definite!y #.L#0:Y if you fai!8 That being said, /ayne 3retsky and 1ichae! 2ordan prepared by practicing, but they a!ways p!ayed the game, and a!ways took a chance by taking the unsure shot. The #.9#7< is where Luck !i es8 9o, 7u!e >4 for Attracting Luck Into Your Life is$ T7Y 9"1<THI.388

Lucky ;eop!e actua!!y )<LI<?< they%!! win8
This actua!!y re!ates to the other ru!e because without this be!ief, you may not e en try it. Howe er, sometimes, it%s when we be!ie e so !itt!e that we say */hat the Heck,+ and go for it anyway$ and )A18 Lucky8 /hen you ha e a %ositive State o& 'ind that )<LI<?<9 you%!! win, you do things that !ead to your winning. 9ounds !ike some woo@y fantasy, but you can simp!y 0H""9< to be!ie e this, !ike you choose any be!ief. 9ome peop!e be!ie e that 3od is out to get them and has time and energy to punish them for whate er reason. "ther peop!e think the e=act opposite$ that 3od is working on their beha!f for them and has time and energy to he!p them for whate er reason. )oth of these are ridicu!ous se!f$important fantasies, but the one who chooses to be!ie e that 3od is on their side often has a better outcome. /hat does that mean when they don%t get the better outcomes, /e!!, that%s when a rationa! person wou!d see that it was a ridicu!ous se!f$important fantasy, but often they don%t$ they%!! &ust choose another ridicu!ous be!ief. A!! of our be!iefs are ridicu!ous and wrong$ but we be!ie e them anyway8 And that be!ief is what can he!p someone choose to see their !uck or un!uck. 9o, since they%re a!! !ies anyway, you might as we!! be!ie e in your own !uck, and cu!ti ate a %ositive State o& 'ind"

Lucky peop!e ha e good friends
/hat if I to!d you that !ucky peop!e ha e good friends because they ATT7A0T them, The guy who has friends who wou!d he!p him mo e from a A$f!oor wa!k up across town. The woman who has friends who wou!d babysit so she can ha e a good night with her husband. These peop!e find and attract the good friends in a ery simp!e and ob ious way: They A7< those types of friends to other peop!e8 In fact, those peop!e who are !ucky to ha e *3reat friends+ a!so ha e friends who are that !ucky because TH<Y are that !ucky person%s friend8 /hen you are a friend to someone, they a!so want to be a friend to you, and that%s when peop!e say things !ike *It was L#0:Y that we met+. Actua!!y, *Luck+ has nothing to do with it, but instead, it was the 3#T9 and positi e be!ief that made someone choose to be a friend first. It%s the same princip!e as *Taking the shot+$ you ha e to *Take the shot+ and become a friend if you want to ha e friends !ike that.

Lucky peop!e ne er do this
As 7od 9tewart pointed out, *some guys do nothing but comp!ain+. The *Lucky+ person knows better than to comp!ain because then a!! they%re doing is rea!i@ing and focusing on the #n!ucky stuff. And when you do that, you &ust notice a!! the rest of the #n!ucky stuff8 Try this: Think about your day todayB think about a!! of the crappy, messy, unorgani@ed stupidity that you had to dea! with today. 7emember when that 9T#;I- person said that 9T#;I- thing, /hat about when that other person did that A.."YI.3 thing, and made you fee! crappy because they did it, "h$ and don%t forget about that thing that shou!d ."T ha e happened that did. /hat a sucky day, right, That who!e day was rea!!y #.L#0:Y when you see it that way. )ut ho!d on$ what if you tota!!y ignored that stuff, and instead thought about a!! of the A/<9"1<, coo!, e=citing, and T"TALLY L#0:Y things that happened today, Like when that coo! person said that .I0< thing, or when that rea!!y 91A7T person said that rea!!y 91A7T thing that made you think about something deep, and you L<A7.<- something. /hat about when that thing happened that was rea!!y ery coo!, and you &ust didn%t e en pay attention to it unti! now, /hat a ?<7Y coo! day$ The who!e day was pretty L#0:Y, wasn%t it, .ot con inced,

/hat if I to!d you to think about one particu!ar person in your !ife right now$ spouse, kid, parent, whate er and think about someone who doesn%t e en HA?< someone !ike this in their !ife. Yeah, your husband is cra@y and ne er does the dishes, but he -"<9 actua!!y come home and not beat you, right, And yeah$ your wife doesn%t ha e se= as much as you want, but she isn%t cutting your penis off with a meat c!ea er, right, /ow$ You A7< !ucky8 If a positi e$minded person comp!ains, it%s usua!!y because they be!ie e it can be better, and a !ucky person wi!! go about to try and change whate er it is they can8 The opposite of comp!aining is choosing to ha e a ;"9ITI?< 1I.- 9<T and rea!!y !ooking at your !ife from a positi e point of iew. This positi ity enab!es you to !ook at *prob!ems+ as *cha!!enges+, which are so! ab!e. "r, as something that wi!! probab!y work out for the better in the future. If your business is fai!ing, maybe it means that you%!! !earn how to make it grow. "r, that it crashes, and you%!! bui!d something newer and better after wards. /ith a ;ositi e 9tate "f 1ind, you%!! be ab!e to see what is actua!!y happening, accept it, and mo e on instead of wa!!owing in the *bad !uck+. 9o, remember a!! of the *bad+ things you !isted about today in the abo e e=ercises, Here%s 1Y be!ief about them: A!! of it happened 2#9T so you cou!d do this e=ercise in this book$ /hat a L#0:Y thing to ha e happen88

Here%s the T7#TH about Luck
"k, hopefu!!y by now you rea!i@e that a!! these !essons in !uck ha e nothing to do with a rabbit%s foot, a C$!eaf c!o er, or spi!!ing sa!t o er your shou!der. Luck is rea!!y a 9tate of 1I.-, and when you #9< it, you can determine your own !uck for yourse!f. You%!! see your !ife through *7ose co!ored g!asses+, and be a !uckier person. Yes$ maybe there%s a !itt!e but of nai ete that goes a!ong with it, but to be!ie e in !uck at a!! reDuires a !itt!e bit of nai ete. Here%s a Duick story:

$here is a $aoist story o& an old &armer who had worked his crops &or many years. (ne day his horse ran away. )pon hearing the news* his neighbors came to visit. +Such ,A- luck*+ they said sympathetically. +'aybe*+ the &armer replied. $he ne.t morning the horse returned* bringing with it three other wild horses. +/ow wonder&ul* such 0((- luck+ the neighbors e.claimed. +'aybe*+ replied the old man. $he &ollowing day* his son tried to ride one o& the untamed horses* was thrown* and broke his leg. $he neighbors again came to o&&er their sympathy on his mis&ortune “Such ,A- luck”. +'aybe*+ answered the &armer.

$he day a&ter* military o&&icials came to the village to dra&t young men into the army. Seeing that the son!s leg was broken* they passed him by. $he neighbors congratulated the &armer on how well things had turned out “Such 0((- luck”. “'aybe” said the &armer.
The point of this story is that e ents are actua!!y neither good or bad !uck, but we ascribe meaning to them anyway. /hen you make sense of your !ife, and try to find meaning to it, I be!ie e that you are better off 0H""9I.3 to see your !ife as L#0:Y and doing things that pro e it. If the boy in the story had ne er T7I<- to ride the horse, you wou!dn%t ha e been thrown... and he wou!d ha e been drafted to war8 /hich was !ucky and un!ucky, I choose to see a!! of it as !ucky$ but the cata!yst was that the boy T7I<- to do something. ;eop!e who sit at home, and are scared to try anything, ha e the worst !uck of a!! I think, because they ha en%t gotten the chance to )< !ucky. 3i e yourse!f the 0HA.0<8 Luck isn%t something "#T9I-< of you$ it%s inside of you and the way you see your !ife. /hy not choose who you are, and what character you are in your story. 1aybe you%re actua!!y 3#Y EL<<31A. 'If you get this &oke, I !o e you( in this story. ;!ease go out and T7Y 9"1<THI.3, and ha e the ;"9ITI?< 1I.-9<T to Attract Luck Into Your Life8 Thank you for reading, and en&oy this specia! )".#9 ?I-<":