Communication Is Key

After completing the iIntercultural Ccommunication course I have learned many things about myself and others;;. I even got an idea of what kind of culturale patterns other cultures follow. My favorite section from this course was learning about Metaphors of U.S. Cultural Diversity: which talks about: “When people talk about blend of U.S. culture groups, their ideas are often condensed into a few key words or phrases. These summary images, called metaphors’metaphors’, imply both descriptions of what is, and, less obviously—, prescriptions of what should be.” (p. 59). Which This quote helped me accept, and get a better understanding about of, this diverse nation of ours by being able to look at it from multiple angles from different culturale patterns.; Nnevertheless, before this course I would noticed differences in individuals around my surroundings, but I could never explain certain qualities about each of them in a way that made sense to others, or without sounding racist. So nNow that I have bettered my intercultural communication skills, I have gained a more diverse and positive look at this: “Cculture mix within the United States.” (59), Witch which also illustrated to me that racism inside the United States has gone down, and more individuals besides myself are more open to interacting with individuals from other cultures other cultured individuals. This course has also illustrated to me that because of this culture mixing happening in the United States: “many cultural groups within the United States have continuously adapted to one another as they accommodated and perhaps adopted some of the practices and preferences of other groups while maintaining their own unique and distinctive heritages.” (60). Ffor example, bBeing that I am a Mexican American, and I was raised for the first half of my life in Mexico, I now have learned to adapt myself to other cultures— like African Americans or Phillipino Americans, which has increased my friendships with other fellow students on campus and introduced me to new flavors of foods; thus, this section of the book illustrated to me that with patience and positive communication people can learn to cope and help each other without having to adopt a new culture. Another important section in the book was when I learned the importance of respecting other culture’s beliefs, values, and norms besides my own. I enjoyed chapter 12, where I learned that in order to establish positive communication with others, there must be three conditions that can help individuals
Comment [WU7]: I’m not sure cope is the correct word to use here. Might I suggest ‘interact’? Comment [WU8]: This is a very long sentence. Try to break this up into two different sentences. Formatted: Font color: Black Comment [WU9]: redundant Comment [WU5]: If you are saying that something was illustrated to you, you should provide some sort of original thought. Try not to use a quote from someone else to explain what was illustrated to you. Comment [WU6]: Citation should include Authors name, followed by year of publication. Check Purdue Owl website for further clarification. Comment [WU4]: Try to rephrase. Maybe try “mixing of cultures happening/occurring…” Comment [WU3]: You might want to clarify these few sentences Comment [WU2]: Citation should include Authors name, followed by year of publication. Check Purdue Owl website for further clarification. Comment [O1]: You probably need to elaborate on this sentence a little bit. It leaves the reader hanging.

Reread and rephrase Comment [WU22]: ‘Bigger’ or ‘larger’? Comment [WU23]: Only capitalize disciplines (subjects) if they are languages. Nnevertheless. Another reason I believe that my intercultural communication skills have improved is because recently this weekend I road my bicycle from Chula Vista to my hometown. and I believe that the only way I will achieve a Ph. The first condition is that in order to establish a connection with someone form from a different culture.g. to her she smiled. and norms. French. I am respected and appreciated for allowing myself to have an open mind to listen and respect others beliefs. unless I am asked to share my point of view. The world is beginning to take part in expressing themselves more and it should not come to anyone’s surprise if someone is acting out of the norm. I now just see a bigger(?) number of people in the world compared to myself. but have not seen in some years and the last time I had seen her she told me I needed to get my act together because I was no dummy and was capable of big things. etc. As a result of this course I strongly have have strongly noticed and believe that I have improved my intercultural communication skills.” (108). and informed me that she is very proud of me for never forgetting where I come from. Playas De Tijuana.) Comment [WU11]: Citation should include author’s last name and year of publication Comment [WU12]: Remember to put a period after your citation. Comment [WU17]: Pick one of these words or something similar to use here Comment [WU18]: Redundant. is that I have also noticed that when I am out in public.D in sSociology will be by learning to work Comment [WU16]: Break this into 2/3 sentences to gain clarity. Use ‘recently. values. because Ffirst off. the individuals will not consider the experiences pleasing or constructive. Instead Tthis course has taught me and shown me that with positive communication and patience we all can learn to understand each other. and visited my godmother. English. if the communication is not positive. when I visited her and updated her (regarding/about) my life status. or meeting friend’s family members. (e. The sSecond condition states that when individuals interact. or ‘this weekend’ – not both . and will therefore not continue interacting. a person whom I consider my second mother. in chapter five where it states that: “individual members of a culture may vary greatly from the pattern that is typical of that culture. Oother thaen that. I can relate to a sentence from chapter five in the book. The fourth condition states that when all parties are on the same page and understand each other’s goals and expectations. the other person must be accepted by the group’s leader. ) Comment [WU13]: Good notion—try to rephrase in order to harness the emotion of this powerful proclamation. Deleted ‘to her’ Comment [WU19]: You might want to rearrange this sentence Comment [WU20]: Improved what? Be specific Comment [WU21]: These two thoughts are confusing when put together. the communication connection can be beneficial and positive for both sides.establish positive attitudes towards others in other cultures. (Right before the start of your next sentence. Spanish. Comment [WU14]: Very nice! Comment [WU10]: switch these two words around Comment [WU15]: This is redundant. My final reason for believing that I have improved (?) . yet at the same time making a better name for myself by getting my act together — and having good grades now..

What do you mean by this? Formatted: Font color: Black .with all kinds of points of views. Comment [WU24]: Consider using the word ‘types’ instead of kinds Comment [WU25]: Break this up into two to three sentences Comment [WU26]: Rephrase. and by learning to work with them positively without endangering them or myself.