Denise L. Kaufman Lincoln, Nebraska 68521
Phone/Mobile 308.530.5090 dkaufman0517@gmail.com TENURED SENIOR EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT OPERATIONS MANAGER Performance driven Senior Executive Assistant whose executive level deliverables include but are not limited to management of operations, human resources, strategic planning, financial management, IT/decision support, logistics/activity coordination, data analysis, information management, support of strategic relationships, creating reports/documents, being driven for optimized organization and operational efficiency/effectiveness, IT support, project management, and maintaining a professional demeanor. Experience as a lead community liaison with skills for intellectual written and public verbal communication provides a foundation for building strong relationships and maintaining comfortable interactions with business owners, elected officials and executive level management. Additionally, a demonstrated tract record acting as a legal assistant for attorneys, and, as an administrative assistant to a general manager makes this candidate highly suitable for CEO support. EDUCATION
Master’s Degree – Healthcare Administration – GPA 3.94 Bellevue University, Omaha, NE Business Administration - Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Mid-Plains Community College, North Platte, Nebraska Associate of Science Degree – Dental Technology – with Honors Durham Technical Community College, Durham, NC Bachelor of Science Degree – Human Nutrition/Pre-Dietetics & Food Service Management University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE

HIGH LEVEL SUPPORT FOR A BUSY CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Identified the need for a CEO to have an organized, results driven executive assistant that provided high level support for a wide range of issues, special projects, and daily activities to advance the multifaceted aspects of a performance based business.  CEO empowered me to make financial decisions regarding land acquisitions which included search for commercial funding and driving the processes for loan applications.  Assessed all financial needs to provide detailed information in RFPs.  Took the initiative to develop a list of all regional banking institutions, initiated contact, distributed RFPs.  Identified top two financial organization contenders.  Proficient at internet research, use of information technology and office equipment, including but not limited to: Microsoft Office 2007/2010, QuickBooks Pro 2007, Outlook, Corel Word Perfect, Quatro Pro, ABACUS LAW, FAX/SCAN, Multi-line phone systems.

D. Kaufman


RESULTS: obtained the best interest rate and loan terms, completed the loan application process with minimal input from the CEO, and secured funding.  CEO expected me to anticipate organization needs and recommend change as deemed necessary to meet organizational objectives.  Identified and communicated the need to audit commercial account in order to procure revenue tracking and losses associated with bad policy.  Initiated contact with key account client representative to address the need to resolve the challenge.  Developed new policy and processes to capture additional revenue. RESULTS: collected over $8K in back revenue and developed new AR processes for tracking and monitoring key accounts.  CEO tasked me to inventory dated equipment and present list of capital equipment needs to address technological updates for cutting edge performance.  Contacted vendors to identify top three companies and request proposals for specific equipment.  Reviewed, analyzed detailed equipment specifications and proposed recommendations to CEO.  Negotiated additional discounts from the RFP and arranged for delivery and installation. RESULTS: upgraded to more reliable, technologically advanced and performance based equipment to meet organizational objectives.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS THAT ENHANCE STRATEGIC RELATIONSHIPS, i.e., DONORS, UNIVERSITY LEADERSHIP, BOARD MEMBERS AND STAFFS Identified the critical need to develop leadership competencies to solidify the trust and working relationship with the CEO and other strategic relationships through full cooperation and support in all business matters.  CEO positioned me to be the lead contract with vendors, colleagues, banks and organizations to protect important relationships and provide continuous open communication for the busy CEO and secure ongoing support.  Initiated and lead quarterly meetings with accountant to track performance, recommend adjustments and identify opportunities.  Co-authored and implemented a capital equipment replacement schedule and secured financing. RESULTS: continuously improved profitability and performance.  CEO expected me to identify and maintain important relationships to advance the business and acknowledge priority contracted contacts.  Founded a professional alliance for networking with regional colleagues to identify best practices.  Convener and catalyst to secure participation.  CEO expected me to educate customers and professional colleagues in written format and through knowledge-based expertise verbalization about highly technical products, materials and techniques RESULTS: developed long-term strategic relationships to achieve organizational goals for business success and enhanced financial performance. Persuasive competencies reinforced with high written and verbal communication skills validated answers to buyers questions which consistently translated into value-based purchasing and increased sales.

D. Kaufman


 Attorneys expected ongoing high level confidential communication between clients, attorneys and legal assistant.  Ensured compliance with state and federal laws for efficient probate of estates that exemplified the highest standards of the practice of law.  Fulfilled the duties of a public notary.  Maintained secure communications and monitored for continuous IT security in a busy law firm. RESULTS: maintained confidentiality of client/attorney information. Effectively worked as a collaborative member of a legal assistant team to achieve organizational objectives. ORGANIZED & DRIVEN FOR OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY FOR SUPPORT OF CEO THROUGH CONTINUOUS PRIORITIZATION & TIME MANAGEMENT Observed the need to apply LEAN principles and evidence-based approaches to transform practices, mindsets, reduce waste/cost, achieve less supervision, and lead for standards of customer service excellence.  Attorneys expected me to perform efficiently and effectively for performance-based pay by tracking time and jobs completed.  Attorneys expected correct execution of legal documents for probate of estates.  Continuously met state and federal filing deadlines for probate timelines, high writing skills (legal documents and E-mail) and verbal communication between clients and attorneys.  Proficiency achieved for reconciling estate bank accounts and creating legal financial spreadsheets. RESULTS: satisfied attorney and client expectations for on-time delivery of probated estates.  Observed the critical need to develop workforce competencies and motivation.  CEO positioned me to be the primary teacher/facilitator for on-the-job training for professional staff, business office staff, and staff assistants to achieve consistent standard operating processes and improve performance through elimination of silos and inefficient practices.  Achieved core coaching competencies: mentored over 75 college students through a partnership with Mid-Plains Community College for on-the-job experience to educate for technical skills, team work, shared decision-making, execution of correct documentation practices, self-analyze for workflow and gain insight into their personal strengths and weaknesses.  Achieved an A grade for a semester long Quality Improvement class that emphasized Six Sigma concepts, LEAN and Deming’s principles in order to drive efficiency in business matters. RESULTS: optimized production processes lead to 8-10% annual increases in revenue earned and improved quality due to variance reduction and/or elimination; on-time delivery of services improved customer experiences. Reduced supervision eliminated significant management costs and yielded greater profitability.  Identified the need to develop and lead strategies to achieve objectives for workforce development or interventions to overcome barriers and improve data trends.  Initiated the reorganization of business processes to improve performance and productivity.  Authored the Human Resource Policy Manual, Standard Operating Procedures Manual and Job Descriptions.  Utilized a blend of Category Rating, Comparative Methods, Behavioral/Objective Methods and Narrative Performance-appraisal methodologies to document employee performance, and critical incidents.  CEO empowered me to deal with performance problems and develop individualized Performance Improvement Plans that adhered to state and federal employment guidelines for following due process for dispute resolution.  Working knowledge of OSHA, EEO employee rights, rules and regulations, state and federal employment law and working knowledge of employment-at-will in the State of Nebraska.

D. Kaufman


RESULTS: demonstrated accountability for mitigating risk through appropriate actions with a track record of results. Acceptance of responsibility to identify timely interventions for business practices and workforce development. Attracted and retained a long-term workforce committed to providing quality services. Utilized due process to weed employees inconsistent with organizational policy, procedures or rules, or who performed illegal or improper procedures.


Identified the need to comprehend corporate strategic goals and align projects and activities to meet organizational objectives.  Tasked with a temporary assignment for a National Lab to prepare a GANT chart for tracking time and processes to complete a project to identify new software security vendors using predetermined priorities by government management. RESULTS: the government contractor effectively tracked and completed tasks for mitigating risk for nuclear security and safety.  Empowered by the CEO to act as the general manager for construction of buildings on a busy ranch.  Developed specifications for specific needs in specific areas of the buildings, i.e., counter height, space for equipment.  Oversaw and collaborated with the following, but not limited to: a plumber, concrete specialists, a construction contractor for the buildings, electrician, drywall installers, carpet layers, fencers and painters. Coordinated schedules to avoid conflict and mitigate risk.  Reviewed contracts and negotiated for lower rates and/or add-ons. RESULTS: construction projects completed on-time and under budget.  Empowered by the CEO to anticipate logistical needs for travel, presentation projects, completing and disseminating reports, developing PowerPoint presentations or other activities on-time to facilitate efficient and effective meetings about projects or other strategic matters.  Anticipated and completed logistical needs for travel arrangements, including but not limited to: airline ticket purchases; reservations for meals; lodging and rental vehicles; and, registration for continuing education or conventions. Developed a checklist for preparation of PowerPoint presentations and travel. Managed the executive’s Outlook calendar and coordinated meetings/events.  Initiated phone calls to city/regional/national business contacts about a variety of matters related to keeping projects on time and to facilitate the accurate dissemination of ongoing updated communications. RESULTS: Anticipated CEO needs and met or exceeded performance expectations for annual job reviews. PROFESSIONAL DEMEANOR Observed the need to excel at CEO support through punctual follow-up on communication, projects or activities; use of competencies and experience to resolve problems through to completion; and, maintain a consistent demeanor.

D. Kaufman


 Insured that the mission and vision of the company was understood and carried out with consistency.  Demonstrated track record for building collegial relationships with colleagues, support staffs, outside representatives and vendors. Moral soundness, honesty, compassion and sincerity translated into trustworthiness and provided a foundation for strong long-term relationships.  Utilized credible marketing communication methodologies when E-mailing quotations, examining proposals, negotiating rates and communicating privileged information.  Answered questions promptly with valid knowledge about products or services, offered credible online quotations and proposals, applied appropriate decision-making for problem-solving and efficiently resolved problems to completion.  The CEO empowered me to represent the CEO in times of absence from the office, and relate to other leaders within the organization through high-level communications and by fulfilling requests for information accurately, timely and efficiently.  The CEO trusted, and I ensured that needed information was supplied at all times and managed appropriately. RESULTS: demonstrated consistency in demeanor and proficient action supports a CEO with confidence that a job, task or project will be followed through to completion in a manner that exemplifies consistent professionalism and reflects positive attributes for the organization.  Observed the need for the CEO’s gatekeeper to lead other staffs by example.  Demonstrated consistent professionalism through appropriate dress, appearance, conduct and demeanor at all times (even while under stress, performing tasks, or completing assignments).  High articulation skills about corporate strengths and goals create customer buy-in through persuasive yet professional education of the organization’s needs.  The office of the CEO represents the important advancement of your organization; confidentiality and protection of privileged information is expected. As the voice and often observable/audible first impression reflected to customers, the senior executive assistant must have a consistent professional demeanor and appearance. RESULTS: leading by example, coaching other staffs, supportive team work and collaboration in all matters supported the organization through demonstrated consistent professionalism.

WORK EXPERIENCE Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites & Conference Center Administrative Assistant to General Manager McCarthy & Moore, Attorneys at Law Legal Assistant David G. Manary, D.D.S., M.S. Senior Executive Assistant Operations Manager, Prosthodontics Specialty Clinic White Horse Springs Ranch & Rental Properties Senior Executive Assistant Operations Manager North Platte, Nebraska

North Platte, Nebraska

North Platte, Nebraska

North Platte, Nebraska



Associated with boards and organizations that strategically aligned with public affairs and not-for-profit organizations.     Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, 2011 – Present North Platte Chamber of Commerce – Leadership Lincoln County Board Member, 2010 – 2013 Buffalo Bill Kiwanis – Active Member; 2007 – Present Nebraska Mission of Mercy, October 2005 PRESENTATIONS  Invited to be the annual guest speaker for college students at Mid-Plains Community College regarding business operations, interdisciplinary team approaches for the effective and efficient delivery of services and complete understanding for the need to adhere to standard operating procedures that translates into consistency, eliminates errors, eliminates silos, increases collaboration, reduces supervision & extra management costs.  Planned, coordinated and facilitated leadership training for Leadership Lincoln County that included public television appearances and radio announcements.