Reference No. 280411-L-42 April 28, 2011 ARCH. VOLTAIRE VITUG Principal Architect TRADECON SYSTEMA Tandang Sora, Q.C.

Subject Sir: In response to your request, we are submitting herewith our cost-quotation on the above-captioned subject: 1.0 SCOPE OF WORK : VERIFICATION SURVEY 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 Research and gather all available survey data pertinent to the subject property Computation of lot data from the technical descriptions of title and research; Prepare report verification survey findings; Prepare verification plan, at an appropriate scale showing the consolidated boundaries, technical descriptions, area and gaps or overlaps, if any AS-BUILT SURVEY 1.1 Conduct field survey to locate structures/ improvements situated within the project area. 1.2 Prepare as-built plan at any appropriate scale, showing the structures and features identified above. 1.3 Others specifications and requirements of the Design Architect /Engineer shall also be part of the scope as approved by both parties. 2.0 OUTPUT & DELIVERABLES : 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 Survey Report and Findings All plans shall be signed and sealed by a Registered Geodetic Engineer. Electronic File of Drawing Survey Data in Autocad 14 format / ASCII file. Verification Plan Asbuilt Plan One (1) Blueprint copy : Proposal to Undertake Verification and As-built Survey located at Quezon City

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400 2.400. all payments made are non-refundable .3 Process of necessary permits/authorization letters/endorsements and the like shall be provided by the CLIENT 5. kindly sign on the space provided below and this shall serve us our CONTRACT. 5. VERIFICATION SURVEY 2.000. ASBUILT SURVEY Sub-Total Plus 12% VAT GRAND TOTAL UNIT sqm sqm QUANTITY 2.0 OTHER CONDITIONS : 5.1 MODE OF PAYMENT : • upon • Fifty percent signing of letter agreement (50%) of contract price to be paid upon submission of final plan and report Twenty (20) working days Fifty percent (50%) of contract price to be paid 4. RASA SURVEYING AND REALTY By: RAYMUND ARNOLD S.1 All documents and necessary plans shall be furnished to RASA before commencing survey fieldwork.00 3. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to quote. Very truly yours.00 PhP 50.2 RASA has the option to extend duration of work for reasons beyond control.00 TOTAL PhP 20. Should you find our proposal merits your acceptance.00 PhP 25. 5.400 UNIT COST PhP 20.0 DURATION OF WORK : 5.0 COST AND MANNER OF PAYMENT : TYPES OF SURVEY 1.400. 5.000.5 In case of mutual termination. ALBERTO President CONFORME / ACCEPTED BY: ____________________________ Name ________________________ Date .4 RASA will mobilize in three (3) days upon receipt of Down Payment or Notice to Proceed (NTP). PhP 25.00 PhP 45.00 PhP 5.3. .rasasurvey. 1116 935-7296 935-7297 453-0173 "Traversing the Path of Surveying Technology" Website: www.Anlacan Compound Philand Subdivision Tandang Sora Q.