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Success in today’s challenging business environment requires a workforce with the skills to effectively compete. Alcatel-Lucent University is an experienced, global partner capable of adapting its broad portfolio of learning services to match your particular needs. Timely, innovative, high-impact learning solutions from AlcatelLucent University accelerate your employees’ performance, enabling you to achieve your strategic business objectives and gain a key competitive edge.

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Alcatel-Lucent University is the company’s premiere organization for continuous learning and professional development, presenting world-class learning opportunities in the areas of products, technology and management. The University’s knowledgeable and highly-skilled team of professionals is able to understand your business objectives and efficiently adapt the training to fit your particular learning needs. This personalized approach enables you to speed your return on investment in an increasingly competitive global market.

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including planning. provisioning and trouble-shooting. Advances REFRESH & ENHANCE SERVICES GENERAL TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENT TRAINING OFF THE SHELF AND/OR CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT & DELIVERY CERTIFICATION By product & role ASSESSMENT LEARNING SERVICES Pre-Training Services Training Services Post-Training Services Certification programs to ensure maximum value and return on your technological investment Alcatel-Lucent University Certification Programs focus on solutions and technologies. Services include: Analysis of learning needs and skills gaps to define learning content and steps for the different roles Well-defined training plans and tests to measure the effectiveness of training Workshops and training classes focusing on upgrades to new releases.A comprehensive Learning Offering In addition to training courses. Alcatel-Lucent University solutions cover the entire life cycle of a network. operations. troubleshooting or advanced functions Standard certification programs to validate required skills for key job roles in your organization ALU PRODUCT TRAINING LEARNING ADVISORY Learning Plan Troubleshooting. other learning services are offered to maximize the performance of an organization. Alcatel-Lucent University Certification Program Key Advantages are: • • • • • • • Accelerated time to market Decreased network operations and maintenance costs Strengthened in-house technical expertise and reduced reliance on external partners Relevant content from foundation level to technical expertise Real-world instruction delivered by highly-qualified subject matter experts Fully standard. Long Term Evolution (LTE) and more which are highly relevant for your business. deployment. maintenance and network upgrades and trouble-shooting management. comparable levels of qualification and expertise A clear development path and job satisfaction/marketability for your employees . such as IP Service Routing. Led by highly-qualified instructors and subject matter experts. certification courses devote significant time to hands-on lab training and exercises to ensure that students gain proficiency in configuration. Upgrades.

... Programs include large offering of technical training and are available per region......... The Open Classes program enables an organization to send a few individuals to any course without the need to run dedicated classes. Customization adapts learning to your needs ranging from selecting specific elements of existing content to developing completely new content...... Alcatel-Lucent University combines classroom lectures & hands-on experience with technology-based training............. Levels are adapted to different roles in the organization (management... Classes are delivered virtually via web access and also at Alcatel-Lucent premises........ sales......... Courses are delivered by instructors (virtual and classroom-based) or via E-learning (web based). easily-accessible The Course Navigator provides access to Alcatel-Lucent's top product and solution-related learning offerings Solutions4ALL AE CBT HLN IMS OEC IP4ALL LTE Linear Ad Insert Mobile Backhaul Multi-screen Video Applications Applications Servers and Platforms Real Time Convergent Payment Subscribers Data Management Messaging Motive Digital Media & Advertising Uni ed Communications IP The Service Routing Certi cation Program Carrier Ethernet Switches and IP/MPLS Routers Service Aware Network Management of Carrier Ethernet and IP/MPLS Networks Mobility Solutions Industries and Government Solutions Optics Aggregation Intelligent Optical Networking Photonics Wireless Transmission Submarine Network Management Wireline IP Access Access Management Motive Fixed NGN Core IMS Access IMS Border Gateways Media Gateway Controllers Media Gateways Mgt Legal Interception Applications Charging IP Transport Wireless CDMA GSM Radio W-CDMA LTE WiMAX NGN Mobile Core THE COURSE NAVIGATOR: STRUCTURED AND THE COURSE NAVIGATOR: STRUCTURED AND RELEVANT CURRICULA .....) www.... Courses available in the Products and Solutions Course Navigator vary from convenient e-learning shorts to intensive hands-on training.. etc.. learning must keep pace..alcatel-lucent. ... Our student-centric model utilizes the latest in learning technologies and methodologies to create a personalized learning environment.. providing timely and relevant information in preferred... 5 levels of proficiency from general knowledge awareness to expert level training are available...Learning is adapted to your needs in a variety of innovative formats In a world moving at the speed of ideas................... ..... technical expert.

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