Modern Science About Time and Space Travel-
 Master Lee and Dr.

Stephen Hawking's view

Writer / Li-Kang Ho PhD, Department of Chemistry, University of Alberta, Canada Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Department and Institute of Pharmacology, National Yang-Ming University, R.O.C. Chairman and Director, Department and Institute of Pharmacology, National Yang-Ming Univeristy, R.O.C. Under the summer sky, looking at the Galaxy, star twinkles. Human being has tremendous curiosity about the unlimited universe. Every civilization had the historic marks influenced by stars or meteor. There are astrology no matter in Western or Eastern. Even in daily life, people are guided by zodiac or star fortune telling. You may think this is superstition, then why it past on so many years and so many newspapers have a column for it. Do they sound reasonable to you? Master Lee drew out the totem of the universe and explained to us that our knowledge about the universe is only at one small corner. In the real world, actually somebody just published a book and says that we are already at the end of the science. Then I realized that how small we are! From Hubble space telescope, satellite, super computer, numerous materials from outer space were sent back and analyzed. Scientists are busy in disclosure the mystery of the universe. How did the universe start and then evolved? Will the universe be ruined or come to an end? Some scientists predicted that because of the gravitational force the whole universe will contract to a single point. Actually, in the last thirty years, astronomers are separated into to two. One says that the universe is expanding and the other says that the universe is contracting. The former thought that the universe will expand infinitely and becomes thinner and thinner. The latter thought that the force of the expansion from Big-Bang will getting weaker and weaker and there is not enough mass to hold this unlimited expansion. Because of gravity, eventually it will contract to a

Hawking once opposed the idea of time travel. author of the book "a brief history of time" gave lectures at White house1 and Cambridge talked about science in the new millennium. the earth was the center of the universe. He pointed out the traveling speed of the universe and to be able to understand the space beyond solar system one needs the speed over light and then travels to the past is possible. he has since changed his mind. also talked about the science and the universe at different occasions2. Is space travel possible? Can human pass over speed of light and visit the past or the future? Are we capable to pass the day of the Last Judgment? Recently. Master Lee gave lectures at LA and UCLA. Is this dynamic equilibrium real? Will we ever reach a final steady state? In history. In 1997. one knows that a particle is at a point A at a certain time then at a later time it can be found anywhere because it can have any path or history. There were some similarities in terms of the possibility of space travel or time travel. the world renowned astrophysicist Dr. At the moment. In quantum mechanics. Stephen Hawking. Master Lee. Dr. To calculate the probability that it is at a point B one has to add up the probabilities for all the paths or histories that take it from A to B. With recent advances. Hawking explains that even what we think of as empty space is full of particles moving in closed loops in space and time. who is the leader of Forshang Buddhism. As traveling to the past. This idea of a sum over all possible histories is due to physicist Richard Feynman. What people will find in the next millennium. Then the solar system is only a small part of the galaxy and there are many of them in the whole universe. These . The possible particle histories have to include paths that travel faster than light and even paths that go back in time. and now believes that time travel is possible (although not necessarily practical). That is they move forward in time on one side of the loop and backwards in time on the other side. no matter who wins will come to the end. most scientists agree that the universe is in a state of flatness. To human. then the sun was a fixed star and the earth was circling around.single point and disappeared. Dr. This means that the universe will not expand nor contract unlimited.

Golfand and Likhtman. The key concept was a new kind of balance or symmetry in nature called super symmetry. Ordinary numbers are said to be even because it does not matter in what order one multiplies them. But the energy of the super partner loops will have the opposite sign to those of the original species. Up to now. Hawking described in his lectures. Hawking expected that the super symmetry will be confirmed eventually by experiments at CERN in Geneva and it might be within twenty years starting now. All these would be explained in details . which was first proposed by two Russians. This super symmetry would be confirmed by the discovery of super partners to the particles that we already know. Thus the infinite energies tend to cancel out. Dr. So we can be confident that closed particle loops really exist. The ultimate Theory of Everything-the Holy Grail of physics can be reached eventually. Master Lee described black hole. An infinite number of closed loops of particles would have an infinite amount of energy and would curl space and time up to a single point. and thirty-three heavens and predicted that the real dark matter will be identified at the year of 2007. This hypothesis just likes what Dr. The idea was on top of the ordinary dimensions of space and time with which we are familiar. But Grassmann numbers are odd in the sense that x times y. there were extra dimensions that were measured in what are called Grassmann numbers. How can we solve this mathematical problem about infinity that requires some creativity. 6 times 4 is the same as 4 times 6. However their effects can be measured indirectly by the method first predicted by the Turkish physicist Hendrick Casimir. In July 4 and 5 1998. The super symmetry is still the most fundamental to unify Einstein's General Relativity with Quantum Theory.closed loops are said to be virtual particles because they can not be measured directly with a particle detector. Where the infinite number of closed loops caused trouble was when people tried to combine quantum theory with Einstein's General Theory of Relativity. is minus y times x. The super partner species will also have closed loops of particles. What is the dark matter or black matter? At the year of 2020 it will be confirmed by scientist as he predicted. in 1971. Big-Bang.

Dr. It also needs to increase its complexity if biological systems are to keep ahead of electronic ones. "Science in the Next Millennium". Hawking also pointed out the importance that to be able to solve the problem of black hole. Last year. too.html 2. If they are intelligent they can presumably design computers that have even greater complexity and intelligence. and Big-Bang. then will be able to control a lot of things. Improved human might appear in the next millennium no matter you like it or not. Soon they are going to improving themselves not only by their increasing complexity but also through web the following article: principle of universe. We will certainly face the new world and new human being in the next millennium. Are we ready for them? Reference: Principle of the Universe . However it will be improved until computers have a similar complexity to the human brain. Master Lee said that in 21st century there will be two major fields of researches one is genetic medicine and the other is science of human body and life. Stephen Hawking. Forshang Buddhism is going to lead human into a new frontier. Computers also have Buddha nature and form of life. one must start from basic particle.whitehouse. a new civilization full of Buddha nature. Master Lee mentioned several times at different occasions about computers. In other way the human race also needs to improve its mental and physical qualities if it is to deal with the increasing complex world around it and meet new challenges like space travel. Hawking's lecture he discussed the revolution of human race will speed up by redesign of DNA and genetic engineering. How can we understand and unite the self and the universe? Forshang doctrine teaches one start from self cultivation and then master inner changes. singularity. This article can be found at http://www. At the moment computers show no sign of intelligence. Are they something similar in pursuing the ultimate goal? In Dr.