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Gain Up To 11 pounds In 4 weeks

By Teiko Reindorf

Whats up Playboy? Before we get started with the whole muscle building thing, Id like to thank you for grabbing your FREE copy of Beast Mode Bodybuilding Within the pages of this bad-ass report you are gonna get the exact blueprint I used to pack on 11 pounds of thick, dense muscle in a lttile over a month. If you are a rank-beginner or coming off a lay-off from lifting this program can do the same for you. Before we get into the program itself, I wanna tell you why I called this Beast Mode Muscle Im no nature buff, heck I barely go outside (joking) but... I do have a soft spot for some animals, more importantly gorillas. Despite being a close relative of the human being, gorillas also happen to be one of the most bad assed animals on the planet. If you ask me, gorillas are the true kings of the jungle. They are big, strong, powerful and know how to go into...

Whenever they get pissed off. I think most of us big dudes are the exact same way... We are chill as fuck but when the push comes to shove we unleash the inner animal.

Outside of dealing with conflicts... unleashing the animal is one of the most important things you can do if you wanna pack on muscle. Its all about training like BEAST but that can only get you so far - if the workouts you are doing dont support your goals. Over the past 10 years, Ive figured something out when it comes to packing on muscle quickly - some workouts work better than others. If you ask me the best sort of workout for building muscle is gonna be a workout which places a heavy emphasis on volume. Dont believe me? Take a good hard look around your gym. Sure the Olympic lifters are a decent size and the Powerlifters are big... But at the end of the day the bodybuilders ALWAYS look the biggest. This should tell you something... though every style of training can build muscle... the best style of training for building muscle quickly is bodybuilding. So the question is, why do most people who follow a bodybuilding style of training fail when they are trying to put on weight? I believe its beacause they stress too much frilly shit like junk sets instead of focusing on things that actually work.

If you wanna pack on mass... youve gotta stick to the basics, baby!
This is why the program Ive laid out for you goes back to the basics. Its a new-school spin on Vince Girondas classic 8x8. Though Girondas Original program was good... new discoveries in strength and conditioning can make it even better.

The original program had you would picking one lift per body-part as your primary lift. The problem with this was after repeating this same lift for weeks on end, youd end up with overuse injuries. My new-school variation helps balance you out by performing two big primary lifts in a agonist/antagonist superset. So for every push you do, youll do an equal number of pulls. Another benefit to this new twist to 8x8 is itll increase your training density, meaning rather than do just one exercise in an hour you will do two resulting in more work done in a given period of time. The third and possibly most important benefit of this new twist is that youll get more muscular recruitment each time you lift. (Any time you perform exercises for opposing muscle groups you increase recuritment - BAM) So this is what we are gonna do... each time you lift all of the exercises will be performed in a supersets. You will always start with the bigger primary exercise and follow up with a second smaller antigonistic movement. Ie. Exercise 1 - Big movement - Barbell back squat 8 reps, rest 60 seconds Exercise 2 - Small movement - Seated leg curl 8 reps, rest 60 seconds As you can see you will perform a set of 8 barbell back squats, rest for 60 seconds then perform a set of 8 seated leg curls. Rest for 60 seconds and repeat the same sequence over again... its so simple even a monkey could do it. Follow that up with a few accessory sets of complimentary movements and your ass is done. You you think this workout looks easy- trust me it aint

The short rest intervals combined with big compound movements will have you crying out for your mamma. In fact the first few weeks, Ill take a bet that you wont even make it through the whole workout. Its actually that rough. If for some strange reason you find it easy to make it through this workout without balling into a corner - the weights too damn light! Add 5% to the bar next time you come to the gym. Okay enough with the explanation lets get into the actual workout itself... The complete workout program is as follows.

Day 1: Legs
A1: Barbell back squats 8 x 8, 60 second rest A2: Seated leg curls 8 x 8, 60 second rest B1: Hanging leg raise 3 x 12, 60 second rest B2: Weight abs curls 3 x 12, 60 second rest

Day 2: Chest & Back

A1: Dumbbells chest press 8 x 8, 60 second rest A2: Wide grip seated row 8 x 8, 60 second rest B1: Dumbbells flyes 3 x 12, 60 second rest B2: Pull-ups 3 x 12, 60 second rest

Day 3: Shoulders & Arms

A1: Parallel bar dips 8 x 8, 60 second rest A2: Barbell biceps curl 8 x 8, 60 second rest B1: Seated dumbbells shoulder press 3 x 12, 60 second rest B2: EZ barbell skullcrushers 3 x 12, 60 second rest

Notes: Train 4 days a week (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat) Before you jump feet first into this program I should warn you... your first week on this protocol will be marked with teeth-clenching levels of soreness. Ever had to hold on to something to get on the shitter? Thats what you should expect One way to remedy this crippling muscle soreness is by supplementing with Branch chain amino acids before and during your workout. Mix up the BCAAs with water and sip it during each workout. You will thank me for that one Secondly you may want to increase your intake of healthy fats and water during this program. High volume training can put a beating on the joints and ligaments. Protect yourself by lubing-up the joints Another thing, eat like a horse. This type of training is very demanding on your body and it will cause a dramatic spike in your appetite. Lastly only stay on this program for 4-6 weeks. If you try to be a hero and extend the shelf-life of the program, those nasty overuse injuries will catch-up with you and have you laid-out with injury. In terms of what to do once you are done with this style of training? Your best bet is to switch shit up and take a high intensity, lower volume approach like the one found in my BIG MAN STRONG program. Itll naturally deload your body and bring forth another spurt of serious muscle growth. So there you have it...

Once again thanks for getting this manual. keep me posted with your progress. via Facebook Also check your email often. I will be sending you even more kickass programs to help you get bigger, stronger and leaner. - Teiko

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