'Payroll System’ is a System which suites for most business organizations to process their monthly payroll.

This system is able to process permanent employee salaries and contract based employee fees. Each employee at the firm daily updates attendance and leave through computerized system. That system’s data bases are checked for accuracy by the accounts department. At the end of the working week the accounts department uses the total attendance and leave reporting, together with information gathered from human resource and administration systems. This system included all the information about the employee. The accounts department prepares cheques or cash, using the information. Then cheque or cash forward to employee’s bank account or issued directly to the employee and transactions delivery report is sent to the accounts department. Accounts department uses these reports to produce management reports and complete payroll listing database. Details of Pay Calculation The accounts department uses the checked and batched attendance and leave reporting computerized system. It contains:1. 2. 3. 4. Employee number Employee name Date Hours worked

Human resource and administration system contains:1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Employee number Employee name Hourly pay rate (used to calculate gross pay) Employee ETF, EPF details. Employee loans details. Employee Category (Part-time / full-time). Employee Designation. E.g. Directors, Branch Managers, Registrars etc. 8. Employee working experiences.

ETF.email Each working day contains 8 hours. Without having a valid authentication to the system. If an employee works more than 8 hours for a day. based on their Employee level. The full-time employees’ monthly salary is fixed. depending on the users’ role in the organization.off hours is deducted from the total. will display the number of regular hours. At the end it displays the total net pay. The salary calculations are done automatically. access is restricted. Security and confidentially of information. After collecting the time for weeks and performing the calculation. E. 5. the number of hours worked. extra hours considered for overtime payments 8.g.Other important things for this system 1. 9.g. 6. Category (Part-time / full-time). hours included for overtime and their payments. 3. The part-time employee’ salary is based on the number of hours they work. Fast data entry of salaries by utilizing only the keyboard. . E. Even having a valid authentication. 4. The employee’s total working hours for a week are calculated and non working. EPF Multiple loans per employee can be processed.:. 2. certain parts/functions of the system can be restricted. The reports generated can be exported to different other electronic formats. 7.