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My Skills Guide: Horse Amigurumi
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My Skills Guide
Just a site where i want to share all my skills with the world!
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Saturday, April 2, 2011


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Horse Amigurumi
My little Crochet Horse Amigurumi.

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My final satisfied horse, fuh... it took several tries to make it and here it is my black stallion that fits a dark knight, though it has no armor on, but it looks great and the wire in it legs is working wonders to pose him. Did several type with many techniques... however its a mix and match.

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My Skills Guide: Horse Amigurumi

(1) ▼ Apr 2011 (4) Horse Amigur umi My First 3D Beadin g My Experi ence in 3D Games Art Miniature Amigur umi Dolls ► Jun 2011 (1) ► Aug 2011 (1) ► Sep 2011 (2) ► Oct 2011 (4) ► Dec 2011 (1) ► 12 (20) The pink horse below is large head with thin legs. The pinky white tiny pony like without its hair is large head with large legs. The black one at the top of the page is small head and thin legs adding extra row of "sc, inc in all for the front legs". (This one is made of that fur like black yarn with minlon black yarn, and the neck is made with sewing the rectangle patch of hair part and a patch of the front neck into cylinder like shape) The plain white one is the first trial and the body is made in 2 parts where the back legs are made first then joining to the front of the body. (Failed to get the pattern down though). Few more that aint attached to each other is yet to be uplaoded in the future (so as any changes or varieties of parts) Hopefully i will manage a pegasus wing next...?

Amigurumi or so i think


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My Skills Guide: Horse Amigurumi

Miniature Ganesh (1) Miniature Goku (1) Miniature Monkey (1) Miniature Template Pattern (1) Mobile Phone Cover and Drink Bag Crochet (1) Mobile Phone Crochet Cover (1) I know i have been away for some really long time, so here is something i had in mind for sometime, Partially done... (Note : I used two yarns as it was too thin and soft to work on like normal size skeins. Just trying to finish up leftover yarns then getting more as after all this is just my hobby)... but ended up buying more. Suggest at least intermediate level of crochet as i work in circles non stop... If you tend to use fun fur, the first 4 rows use fun fur then rest is the horse skin fur, else just carry on like normal. The Head Type 1 : Large Head Row 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Head My First Amigurumi : Pikachu (1) My Flash Collection (1) Photoshop Potrait (1) Pokemon Mew or Kitty (1) Princess Jasmin Large (1) Princess Serenity (Pict Only) (1) Self Studies : 3D Beading (1)

Self Studies : Chinese 5 chain Magic Ring 5 Knotting (1) (inc) in all 10 (sc,inc) in all Self Studies 15 : Friendship Bracelet (2sc,inc) in all 20(1) (3sc,inc) in all 25 Self Studies : Manga sc in all 25 Eye for Amigurumi (1) sc in all (Keep marker as the marker will be the lower part of the 25 Self Studies : Music (1) head.) 7sc, dec, sc, dec, sc, dec, sc, dec, 7sc 21 Self Studies : Smocking sc in all 21 (1) Technique (sc, dec) in all 14 Semi Naruto 5sc, inc, 2sc, inc, 5sc 16 WristWarmer (Pict dec, 12sc, dec 14 Only) (1) sc in all 14 sc, dec, 8sc, dec, sc Swan 12 (Paper Lego) (1) inc, sc, dec, sc, inc, inc, sc, dec, sc, inc 14 VB Program 6.0 Basic (dec) in all 7 (1) Finish off and pull the string inwards down to mark the area for the neck Wing Collection (3)

Type 2 : Small Head 1 2 3 4 5 Magiv Ring (inc) in all (sc,inc) in all (2sc,inc) in all sc in all 5 10 15 20 20




My Skills Guide: Horse Amigurumi

6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

sc in all 5sc, dec, sc, dec, dec, sc, dec, 5sc ( sc, dec) in all, ends with sc 4sc, inc, sc, inc, 4sc dec, 7sc, dec sc in all inc, dec, sc, inc, inc, sc, dec, inc dec in all end off

20 16? 11? 13 9 9 ? ? ?

As you know horse heads are long, so... i worked a little diagonally to get the shape i wanted.

The end of the yarn will be hanging on the edge, so i end up tucking and pulling below the jaws so it curve a bit and have its shape just nice at the nose.

Oh forgot to mention, i use needle only for pulling the thread downwards, but i still "huge dec" thingy at the end, i have no idea what that is actually though. I use many weird methods as long it looks neat and like horse nose.




My Skills Guide: Horse Amigurumi

The Body Starting from the butt as its the most annoying part to do and i've been making this part over and over again for a simple way to understand, from different shapes... however, the final choice is simple enough as i made two semi spheres and join them up then work around it. Though the white horse in the picture is a little more complicated method, the still looks nearly alike and way simpler to do.

Rows 1 2 3 4

Body 6 Chain Magic Ring (inc) in all (sc,inc) in all (2sc,inc) in all End off and make another and tie of the ends together.

Total 6 12 18 24

Bind them (whip stich, or also meant put them both together and 5sc) up like the picture above, you dont need to cut the yarn off and just continue working be



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