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Friday @ the Movies Uplifting movies the whole family can enjoy for a wonderful night out together. All are welcome. Check our facebook page for announcements of scheduled events and movies. Joel-Roy-Marriage-and-Parenting-Seminars/

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Before booking a scheduled event, it is best that we schedule a meeting to go over program details and answer any questions you may have. We will work together on an appropriate event format suitable to meet the identified goals.

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I Refuse to Lose
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Joel Roy is a native of Bordeaux, France and has lived in Rockbridge County, Virginia since 1993. He has been married for 19 years and has three children. Joel has more than 25 years as an educator working with students and groups ages two and up.

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Joël received his call to become a Marriage Counselor in 2008 and has invested these past several years in research and training. He received his certification as a Youth Camp Counselor in 1985 in France and as an educator in Marriage Counseling, Parenting, Anger Management and Addictions from Life in Focus in 2008. His knowledge, experience and passion come together as a speaker to deliver these series.

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People are hurting, but there is something significant we can do as a community of believers to provide help, hope and healing.
The ‘I Refuse to Lose’ seminars are empowering and uplifting. If anyone thinks that they have already lost, we have a message for them as well. As believers, we know our God is in the redemption business and that is our message - breaking the chains which are holding you down, starting today! By using my personal testimony, everyone learns simple, practical principles for establishing a healthy marriage relationship presented in a fun, non-threatening environment. This program is available for your church, organization or group to host free of charge. There are various scheduling options based on a format that works best for your audience or we welcome you to attend one of our scheduled events. Check our facebook page for scheduled events.

• The issues which require a ‘Loyal’ Confrontation; • Four cornerstones character of Godly male

The Challenges of Raising a Child in Today’s Culture: Parenting Seminar Themes:
Part I • Introduction: Dear Dad • Today’s Youth • AAA: The Road to Success • Normal Pattern of Life for a Parent • What is your parenting style? Part II • How do I discipline my child? • Never tell your child... • A message to all children • Father’s Love Letter Who should attend: Although this is a ‘parenting’ seminar, we strongly encourage all individuals 10 and above to attend. The purpose is for families to share this experience together and to bond. Children as well as adults will gain valuable information to strengthen their relationships with one another. Don’t have children yet? This series will help you begin to formulate a strategy for your future family’s success!

• 12 steps to recharge your relationship • The differences between men and women • Five things your spouse wants you to know about intimacy The marriage seminar series is designed to empower and strengthen couples while giving concrete guidelines to the younger generation as they enter the dating years. This as a FREE community service as a tool to counter rampant divorce in our culture. Here is what one husband said after attending:

Marriage Seminar Themes:

I. Assessment II. Loyal Confrontation/Man-Up III. Recharge Your Relationship IV. Intimacy

Attendees will learn:

• To gauge the health of the relationship • The two cycles of destruction we MUST break

“This conference was not at all what I had expected. When my wife suggested I attend, I thought ‘Oh no! I’m going to hear a list of things I have to change and all about what I am doing wrong. But after attending the session this evening, I felt energized and empowered. Every husband should attend this conference and I am proud to have participated.”

Scheduling options:
Flexible options for hosting. Site location will be part of the planning. The format is a multi-media event complete with Christian songs and videos to reinforce the messages and themes.