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Shot Blasting Technology

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When it comes to dealing with surface finishing and surface preparation problems, Rsler offers the total process solution! Our customers can choose between two processing technologies, Vibratory finishing or Shot blasting, which offer virtually unlimited possibilities. Through extensive processing trials, we always find the right finishing solution for our customers needs.This includes not only the development of a specific finishing process, but also the selection of the right equipment and consumables.We deliver the total solution to satisfy your surface finishing requirements. Our success in the market proves that we are right. It is not by chance that our innovative developments and our high quality standards have established Rsler as the world technology and market leader in surface finishing and surface preparation. In more than 60 countries we support our customers with a closely-knit network of Rsler subsidiaries and sales representatives. We are the only company in our field operating test and demonstration centres throughout the world. This allows us to run test trials under real production conditions close to our customers. This offers several advantages: Our customers save time and money, and at the same time through our professional processing trials and advice they are assured of receiving the best process solutions and products available on the market!

Worldwide Demonstration The Total Process and Test Centres Solution

Vibratory finishing and shotblasting test centre located at theRsler headquarters inUntermerzbach: more than 95 vibratory finishing and shotblasting systems working space: approx. 2.700 square meters Similar test centres are located in the United States, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Austria, South Africa and Brazil. Consumables, machines andprocess safety in perfect combination: A perfect interaction between consumables, equipment, process and safety Cost-saving automation linking multiple process steps Qualified field service teams guarantee smooth installation and commissioning of your equipment Comprehensive training of your operators and maintenance staff After-sales service guarantees high uptimes for your equipment

Environmental Quality
The consideration of environmental issues guarantees a high level of product quality and environmental protection. For example, recycling the process water is a key feature of our mass finishing technology. In this case, the positive effect on the environment is reflected in savings of compound and water of up to 95 %. At the same time, a high level of process reproducibility and finishing quality is guaranteed.

Team Spirit
Rsler is a dynamic organization where the initiative and commitment of each employee plays a key role. Systematic training and a cooperative management with lean structures are essential elements of our corporate philosophy. This allows us to create a workplace environment which attracts talented young people.

ISO 9001:2008

Furniture and hardware

Gas-, air-, plumbing fittings

Turbine components

Cutlery and knife parts

Shot blasting is a technology which directs blastmedia onto a parts surface at a speed of up to170 m/sec. The media is accelerated either Automotive parts by turbines (airless), compressed air, or electric pumps (water jet cleaning). The blast results depend on the type of blast machine, processing parameters and selected blast media.

Audio, video, photo components

Jewellery/watch parts

Electronic components

Jewellery/watch parts Steel- and ship building

Hand tools Computer parts

Hydraulic- pneumatic components

Descaling, Derusting Paint Stripping, Coating Removal Core Removal, Sand Removal Shot Peening Surface Cleaning Deburring High-pressure Water Jet Blasting, Satin Finish Wet Blasting Painting, Rust Protection Surface Finishing Roughening
Aerospace components Implant and medical instruments


Bearing components

Gearbox components

Machine components

Concrete, stone and ceramic industry


Shot Blasting
Our comprehensive product range offers modern shot blasting technologies which completely fulfill todays market requirements. In addition, we are constantly working with our customers to develop individual solutions to specific surface treatment problems.

RMBD Continuous Through Feed Tumble Belt Machines

With the development of this continuous through feed tumble belt system, Rsler has opened up the way to fully automatic and economical shot blasting of mass produced small to mid-size bulk parts, as well as the blast cleaning of large, delicate components. All in the same machine.

Technical data:
Max. part size (measured diagonally in mm) Tumble belt diameter (mm) Type of turbines Number of turbines Power of turbines (kW) Integrated separation Machine length (mm) Machine height (mm)

RMBD 500/2 (4)

400 500 Hurricane 28, 32 and 42 2 or 4 5.5 11
Date: 10/12

yes 5,340 5,200

RDGE Wire Mesh Belt Machines

This machine type is ideal for continuous, all-around shot blasting of flat, as well as large parts with complex geometry. Parts are transported through the blast machine on a highly wear-resistant wire mesh belt. Available with 2, 4 or 8 turbines.

Technical data:
Type of turbines Number of turbines Power of turbines (kW) Max. parts weight (kg/running meter) Max. pass width (mm) Max. pass height (mm) Loading height (mm)1 Machine length (mm) Machine height (mm) Media cleaning systems Air volume dust collector (m3/h)

RDGE 800-2 (4,8)

RDGE 1000-4 (8)

RDGE 1250-4 (8)

RDGE 1600-4 (8)

Hurricane 28, 32, 42 2, 4 or 8 5.5 15 100 800 400 1,000 7,000 5,300 approx. 5.5 15 100 1,000 400 1,000 7,000 5,300 approx. 5.5 15 100 1,250 500 1,200 7,000 5,300 approx. 5.5 15 100 1,600 600 1,300 8,000 5,600 approx.
Date: 10/12

rotating drum screen, air wash separator and dust collecting system 4,000 10,000 4,000 10,000 4,000 10,000 5,000 10,000

Measured from floor level

RRB Roller Conveyor Machines

Rsler roller conveyor machines are specifically designed for blast cleaning very long and flat parts, such as large area metal sheets and I-beams. They are also ideal for shot blasting low profile weldments. The components pass through the machine (usually a entrance vestibule, a blasting chamber and a blow off/brush-off chamber) on a special forced drive roller conveyor system. The travel speed is variable. Rsler offers turnkey preservation lines for spraying a welding primer or a total surface coating on the blasted components. Regardless of the condition of your raw materials, they can be pretreated, derusted and coated with a high gloss paint, all in a single process.

Technical Data: 1
Maximum load (kg/m) Blasting efficiency at rust level B/SA 2 : sheets up to (m/min) profiles up to (m/min) Number of turbines and power 2 -Option

RRB 11/5

RRB 16/5

RRB 22/5

RRB 22/5 HD

RRB 27/6

RRB 27/6 HD

RRB 34/6

RRB 34/6 HD

RRB 42/6

RRB 42/6 HD

RRB 52/6 HD

Max. component width/height (mm) 1,000 x 500 1,500 x 500 2,000 x 500 2,000 x 500 2,500 x 600 2,500 x 600 3,200 x 600 3,200 x 600 4,000 x 600 4,000 x 600 5,000 x 600
1,250 1,250 1,200 1,500 1,200 2,000 1,200 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000

2 1.5 4 x H32 7.5 kW 11 kW

2 1.5 4 x H42 11 kW 15 kW

2 1.5 6 x H42 11 kW 15 kW

4 3 6 x H42 22 kW 6 x Rutten C 380 x22 kW 6 x Rutten Y 400 x22 kW

2 1.5 6 x H42 11 kW 15 kW

4 3 6 x H42 22 kW 6 x Rutten C 380 x22 kW 6 x Rutten Y 400 x22 kW

2 1.5

4 3

2 1.5

4 3 10 x H42 30 kW 37 kW

4 3 14 x H42 30 kW 37 kW

8 x H42 6 x H42 8 x H42 22 kW 15 kW 22 kW 22 kW 30 kW/37 kW 8 x Rutten C 380 x22 kW 8 x Rutten Y 400 x22 kW 7,050 5,500 6,400 7,050 5,500 6,900 7,050 7,100 7,000

4 x Rutten 4 x Rutten C 300x7.5 kW C 380 x11 kW

10 x Rutten 12 x Rutten C 380 x30 kW C 380 x30 kW 10 x Rutten 12 x Rutten Y 400 x30 kW Y 400 x30 kW 7,050 7,100 7,000 7,050
Date: 05/12

Machine length (mm) with blow/brush-off Machine width (mm) Machine height (mm)

6,450 2,900 4,950

6,450 3,450 5,300

6,750 3,800 6,100

7,350 3,800 6,100

7,050 4,800 6,400

7,050 4,800 6,900

8,200 7,000

Special dimensions on request. Pullout device for turbines available (optional).

RHB Overhead Rail Hanger Machines

Overhead rail hanger shot-blast machines are recommended for processing delicate parts which cannot be processed in bulk, and for particularly complex, heavy, and/or large volume components. Rsler offers 3 different types of overhead rail hanger shot blast machines, namely linear single rail or Y-rail batch systems and continuous overhead rail systems. The linear single rail systems are available in the versions L (standard design), HD (high performance design) and F (foundry design). The continuous overhead rail systems are supplied in HD or F design, each available as indexing or continuous version.

Technical Data:
Max. gate width/part diameter (mm) Max. gate height/part height (mm) Max. hook weight (kg) Number of turbines and power (kW) Machine length total (mm) Machine width total (mm) Machine height total (mm) Air volume dust collector (m3/h) Foundry design type F Continuous design type RHBDT

Version RHBE 11/15 L/HD RHBE 13/18 L/HD RHBE 17/22 L/HD RHBE 22/27 L/HD RHBE 22/32 HD RHBE 27/27-47/72 HD L/HD L/HD L HD L HD L HD L HD L HD L HD HD HD x 1,100 1,500 400 500 2 x 5.5 2 x 5.5 5,000 4,500 3,800 3,800 4,750 4,750 3,000 3,000 1,300 1,800 500 1,000 2 x 7.5 3 x 7.5 5,400 5,000 4,350 4,350 5,250 5,275 3,000 4,000 x x 1,700 2,200 1,000 1,000 3 x 7.5 3 x 11 5,900 6,000 5,500 5,800 5,600 5,700 5,000 5,000 x x 2,200 2,700 1,000 1,000 4 x 7.5 4 x 11 6,550 6,590 6,065 7,000 6,625 7,100 7,500 15,000 x x 2,200 3,200 2,000 5 x 11 6,590 7,000 7,600 20,000 x x x x x x x x x x x x

On request.

Date: 10/12

SBM/SBI Continuous Loop Belt Conveyor Through Feed Machines

SBM/SBI blast machines are equipped with a Vshaped troughed belt. The transport cams on the belt have an auger effect and induce a gentle forward movement of the components through the blast area. This machine type is especially suitable for continuous shot blasting of high volumes of small bulk parts. SBM/SBI machines can be equipped with turbines or air injection or pressure blast systems.

Technical Data:
Max. part size (measured diagonally in mm) Type of turbines Number of turbines Power of turbines (kW) Capacity1 (kg/h) Integrated separation Machine length (mm) Machine height (mm)

SBM 1010

SBM 1210

SBM 1520

SBM 2020

Hurricane 28, 32 and 42 1 5.5 650 2,720 4,040 1 7.5 1,000 x 3,940 4,280 2 each 7.5 2,000 x 4,660 4,600 2 each 11 2,500 x 5,360 5,100
Date: 10/12

In reference to steel parts


RMBC Tumble Belt Batch Machines

This machine type is ideal for batch processing of mass produced parts of all kinds of bulk parts. The RMBC offers a wide range of shot blasting applications: From small, delicate plastic components up to large, heavy forgings. Available with either rubber belt or steel slatted tumbling mill.

Technical Data:
Max. batch volume (l) Max. batch weight (kg) 1 Max. component weight (kg) Number of turbines and power (up to kW) Tumble belt Blast chamber width (mm) Machine height (mm) Media cleaning systems Requested volume power of dust collector unit (m/h3) Foundry design type F
1 2


RMBC 1.1 100 300 400 10 15 1 x 7.5 1 x 7.5

rubber plate rubber plate

RMBC 2.1 160 400 700 10 15 1 x 11 1 x 15

rubber plate rubber/steel plate

RMBC 4.2 400 1,000 1x37 or 2x11

rubber/steel plate

RMBC 6.2 600 1,500 40 or 150 2x15 or 2x22

steel plate

RMBC 8.2 800 2,000 2,800 40 or 150 50 or 250 2 x 22 2 x 37

steel plate steel plate

RMBC 10.3
1,000 3,000 50 or 200 3 x 22
steel plate

700 3,790 3,710

890 or 960 3,960 3,850 or 4,510

1,350 5,350 or 6,130 3,000 x

1,200 6,230 5,000 x

1,700 6,600 6,730 see line HD 5,000 7,500 x

2,255 8,200

screen, air flow separation and dust collector unit

vibratory screen, safety screen, air flow separation and dust collector unit

Higher payloads possible (option) Vibratory screen, drum screen, magnetic separator, air flow separation and dust collector


1,000 2,000

1,000 2,000



RDT Rotary Table Machine

Components are placed on the rotary table which passes them continuously through the blast area. This guarantees uniform blasting of the parts' surface. RDT systems are available with a single rotary table or a segmented indexing table. RDT machines can be equipped with turbines or air injection or pressure blast systems. Table diameters from 1,000 to 2,500 mm.

Technical Data:
Rotary table diameter (mm) Max. parts height (mm) Max. load (kg) Number of turbines and power (kW) Machine width (mm) Machine length (mm) Machine height (mm) Air volume dust collector (m /h)

RDT 100
1,000 470 300 1 x 5.5 1,100 2,250 3,400 2,000

RDT 150
1,500 600 1,000 1 x 7.5 1,660 2,280 4,500 2,000

RDT 200
2,000 800 1,000 2 x 7.5 2,600 2,300 5,400 3,000

RDT 250
2,500 800 1,500 3 x 7.5 3,000 3,000 5,400 5,000
Date: 10/12


RSA Rotary Indexing Satellite Table Machines

With the rotary indexing satellite table machine, delicate parts can be processed on a continuous basis without touching each other. The spectrum of blasting applications for these machines ranges from delicate deburring to shot peening. RSA machines are also used for applications in which only certain areas of the parts need to be blasted. RSA machines can be equipped with turbines or pressure air systems.

Technical Data:
Machine width (mm) Machine depth (mm) Machine height (mm) Max. parts height (mm) Max. parts width (mm) Rotary table diameter (mm) Number of satellites Satellite diameter (mm) Blasting gun Air nozzle (mm) Blasting nozzle (mm) Nozzle material Air requirement per nozzle (m3/h) Air volume dust collector (m3/h) Type Positioning accuracy of rotary table (mm)

RSA 1400
1,550 1,950 2,650 300 230 1,110 6, 8, 10, 12 110

2.0 6.0 8.0 14.0 Steel or boron carbide 15 140 2,000 Pressure blast or air injection +/- 0.5 (with indexing motor)
Date: 10/12


MT Rotary Barrel Blast Machines

The MT rotary barrel machines are ideal for shot blasting of extremely small parts which are too small to be blasted in a tumblast machine. However, MT machines are also usable for blast cleaning of large bulky parts with weights of up to 300 kg. A special rotary barrel design gives the MT series this distinctive character. The inside of the MTs barrel showing the unique pyramidal construction which causes the parts to move in a multi-tumbling action. Automatic loading and unloading systems enable the integration into a continuous production line.

The inside of MTs barrel

Technical Data:
Batch volume (dm3) Max. batch weight (kg)/HD Max. turbine power (kW)/HD Machine width (mm) Machine depth (mm) Machine height (mm)

70 170 7.5 2,200 1,450 4,600

RMT 15
140 340 7.5 2,400 1,550 4,900

RMT 30
280 680 11 2,600 1,800 5,100

RMT 40

RMT 70

RMT 100

RMT 120

1,000/1,350 1,700/2,250 2,350/3,150 3,000/4,000 22.5/30 2,700 2,000 5,500 37 3,300 2,400 6,600 37 3,600 2,600 7,200 37 4,000 3,100 7,700
Date: 10/12

ST Blast Cabinets
Pressure and pressurized injector blast cabinets are ideal for blasting a wide variety of small parts. The cabinets can be equipped with turntables, baskets, blast nozzles, pressure blasting systems, oscillators and other special auxiliary blast units.

Technical Data:
Machine width (mm) Machine depth (mm) Machine height (mm) Blasting chamber width (mm) Blasting chamber depth (mm) Blasting chamber height (mm) Blasting gun: Air nozzle (mm) Blasting nozzle (mm) Nozzle material
3 1

ST 700 PS
1,270 1,050 1,640 740 760 490

ST 1000 PS
1,530 1,385 1,900 990 1,000 710

ST 1400 PS
2,000 1,480 2,000 1,390 1,230 810

2.0 3.0 6.5 ceramic/boron carbide 13 30 2.5 150 0.25

3.0 5.0 9.0 14 steel/boron carbide 30 84 5 300 0.55 automatic

3.0 5.0 9.0 14 steel/boron carbide 30 84 10 600 0.75

Date: 10/12

Air requirement at 5 bar (m /h) Absorption area (m )


Exhaust power (m /h)


Fan power (kW) Filter cleaning




REDL Continuous Feed Shot Blast Machine

The REDL system allows the fully automatic blast cleaning of steel bars with round, quadratic and hexagonal profiles and can be easily integrated into the overall manufacturing process. Depending on the parts, the processing speed can be adjusted from 12 to 60 m/min. The steel bars are guided on special transport rollers made from hardened tool steel. Special pressure rollers prevent slippage of light weight components on the transport rollers. Each of the 3 blast chambers is equipped with 2 turbines offset by 60 and placed at a right angle to the transport direction so that the blast stream hits the bars at a 90 angle.

RKL Billet Shot Blast Machine

Billets, relatively short, heavy steel bars with a quadratic profile are usually made in continuous casting or hot roll lines. After production their surface finish must comply with at least grade SA 2, i.e. the surface must be practically free of rust and scale. This blast system allows the derusting and descaling of billets with cross-sectional dimensions of max. 180 x 180 mm at cycle times of 20 seconds. Equipped with 8 Long Life high performance turbines and 2 blast media recycling & classification systems, this blast machine can run at processing speeds of up to 90 m/min.


RROB Roboblaster
Applications for this amazing, high performance shot blast system with one-arm robot include deburring, shot peening, and surface cleaning of large-sized delicate components. Compared with conventional shot-blasting systems, the RROB systems offer very short time cycles with absolute process reliability and repeatability blast results. Precise horizontal and rotary parts movement by the patented gripper provides a uniform finish and complete removal of the blast media. RROB systems are ideal for integration into automated production lines or manufacturing cells.

RWK Oscillating Chamber Systems

This versatile shot blast system was developed to meet high performance blast requirements, and can be used for a wide variety of applications, especially for rotation-symmetrical components. This dual chamber system allows for the largest possible handling space when loading and unloading parts. The advantage of this shot blast system is that parts can be safely loaded and unloaded in the open chamber, while other components are being blasted.


RDR Tube and Bar Blasting Machines

This continuous blast machine with special skewed roller -parts transport allows the comprehensive and uniform shot blast treatment of tubes and round bars in a continuous process. Ideal for integration into a continuous production line.

Shot Peening
Shot peening is an important and essential process for improving component fatigue life in many industrial sectors, primarily in the aerospace and automotive industries. Drive components (i.e. gears) are often subjected to the shot peening process in order to induce compressive stresses, which considerably reduces the risk of fatigue cracks during their operation. The service life of many components such as gearbox components, drive and crank shafts, springs, turbine blades and turbine components in general and many others can be extended multiple times with shot peening.


Wet Blasting
The wet blasting process is used for surface improvement, cleaning, stripping and shot peening of delicate, high-precision components. The main advantages are that no dust is created, the ability to use very fine abrasives, the reduced media fragmentation due to the water film (ideal for shot peening using with glass beads) and the reduced risk of inclusions (especially on soft metal) as water has a cleaning effect. Wet blasting is also used for blast cleaning parts partially covered with grease or oil.

High Pressure Water Jet Systems

High pressure water jet systems blast with pure water at a pressure of up to 60000 psi. This water jet is projected onto the component to be treated by one or multiple nozzles mounted on a rotating nozzle holder. The rotation of the nozzle(s) generates a milling or grinding effect on the parts. This is a "soft" method to treat parts from which tenacious, very hard coatings have to be removed. Blasting with water has many advantages like no deformations and an insignificant abrasion at the component, the process water can be re-used in the closed circuit, no subsequent cleaning of the components necessary, no abrasive wear and anticorrosives may be utilised. This technology has many applications in different industrial sectors, like removal of thermal coatings (e.g. plasma coatings) or paint stripping of a variety of different components. Also, removal of residual slag from welding seams or removal of sand or ceramic residuals from castings.


Deflashing Machines

SAB Through-Feed Deflashing Machines

The high-performance SAB series is equipped with 28 turbines and suitable for the continuous or indexing high-volume automatic deflashing of small to large-sized, especially delicate, thermoset components. Typical applications are the deflashing of components made from unsaturated polyester moulding compounds, like control panels, etc.

Deflashing of Lead Frames

In addition to the standard range of machines, Rsler also designs and builds custom made systems for special applications, such as deflashing machines for lead frames with automatic load, unload and restack systems.



Based on the design of the overhead rail blast system RHBE 40/50 the Rsler engineers developed a tailor made concept that includes a split elevator. Other design features are the small foundation pit and the fastening directly to the building floor. This allows the operator to enter the shot blast machine from floor level without any steps. The RHBE allows single piece as well as batch processing of parts with a max. diameter of 4,000 mm, a height of 3,000 mm and a total weight of 15 t.

For heavy duty operation, usually found in foundries and forge shops, Rsler developed the RMBC 8.2 tumblast machine. This powerful shot blast system allows the blast cleaning of, for example, forged parts weighing up to 150 kg in batch volumes of 800 l and total batch weights of 2,000 kg. This system is extremely robust and due to its high blast intensity very productive. The blast chamber is lined with manganese steel to prevent premature wear.

Special roller conveyor shot blast systems were developed for the blast cleaning of complex welding constructions. To reach all areas, including interior and frontal areas, the turbines are placed on the blast chamber at a right angle to the transport direction forming two circles. In addition, the turbines of the first circle are tilted towards the transport direction, and the turbines of the second circle are tilted against the transport direction. The resulting blast pattern allows all-around blast coverage of the most complex welding constructions.

The RDT satellite rotary table shot blast machines are equipped with high performance turbines and allow the shot blasting (e.g. shot peening) of the parts in different positions. The placement of the turbines is such that the blast stream reaches all critical surface areas with the same intensity. Due to the compact design of these blast systems the distance between turbines and the processed parts is very short resulting in very intensive shot blast process.


Test Centers and Service

Finding a better waya commitment to our customers

Test Centers worldwide

Throughout our worldwide organization we adhere to strict quality control procedures. This applies especially to our test centers where we develop process solutions for all kinds of surface finishing problems. Each branch of the Rsler group features its own test centre equipped with the latest Rsler finishing equipment. This equipment is utilized exclusively forprocessing trials with our customers sample parts.

For Rsler service is not just an empty promise

Professional advice, short turn-around times and prompt and reliable service: Rsler offers single-source surface finishing solutions, worldwide! 4 Installation and training Machine installations and operator training are performed by our team of highly skilled and experienced service engineers. 4 In-House Manufacturing In line with our corporate philosophy to be a true single source supplier, Rosler engineers and manufactures all equipment components like vibratory motors; load/unload systems, control panels, welding constructions, laser cut parts, etc., in-house. 4 Spare parts service for all recognized shot blast systems Surface finishing equipment generally is subject to a considerable amount of wear. For this reason preventive maintenance and prompt supply of spare parts are a key requirement for any surface finishing installation. Rsler maintains a complete inventory of spare parts in every branch, ensuring local supply and fast availability, be it wire mesh belts, turbines, pressure vessels or any kind of nozzles, etc. To minimize downtime, parts are either delivered and installed by our own field service personnel or shipped to our customers location overnight. 4 Maintenance and repair service Rsler maintains a well trained staff of professional field service engineers providing prompt, reliable maintenance and repair service as well as overhaul of your older equipment.


Rsler Special Surface Finishing Solutions

We would like to draw your attention to other publications for special machines and processes.

Aero Engine/Airframe Preparation and Finishing

Special processes for surface treatment such as shot peening, paint stripping, water-jet cleaning, peen forming.

Conservation Lines
Complete preservation lines with pre-heating, shotblasting system, patented painting line and dryer from a single source.






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