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West Force

A Human Resources Consultancy

Kunal Rathour, CEO +1. 604.600.3010

A Met West Group Venture

Who are We?

West Force is a Human Resources (HR) Consultancy dedicated to meeting staffing needs of employers across British Columbia and Alberta and finding the perfect working environments for professionals in the same provinces. West Force strongly believes that Human Capital is the most important investment for any organization. Driven and skilled employees not just drive, but sustain successful organizations. To that end, West Force is dedicated to the challenge of finding the right professionals for every organization it works with. The company works with Canadian employers to not just meet their HR needs; from job profiling, job analysis, candidate selection and final hiring, we do it all. It is structured on inheritance of delivering excellence, industrial knowledge, world-class infrastructure and comprehensive resettlement packages consisting of immigration, placement & settlement.

MetWest Group
Met West Group is a Canadian based company with its Head Office in Vancouver administrative office in India. Since its creation in 2010, Met West has been a facilitating company for educational institutions of Canada. The companys basic objective has been to promote Canada as an educational hub and to spread awareness of career and job opportunities within diversified sectors. Met West is committed to support students/ clients as well as suitable candidates who visualize destination Canada through its venture. This company is one stop shop for education and articulation to begin with and finally works on a support system which helps students / individuals, right from selection of their careers placement and finally settling down in Canada through our services.

West Force proposes to establish alliances with business organizations for seeking job


opportunities/work permits for the establishment through the suitable candidate base from India, to be recruited for various fields of operation on high priority demand in Canada. Modality of operations for the above are enumerated as follows: West Force to procure/ obtain a data bank for recruitment of suitable candidate/professionals from India seeking jobs / work opportunities in Canada West Force shall be responsible for selecting suitable clientele for job specific, thereafter assist the client in all aspects of documentations, administration, applying for VISA / Work Permit and finally smooth induction to Canada through its acclimatization and orientation process. West Force shall assist the candidate to connect with the employer abroad. To identify suitable employers of high demand list of jobs West Force would work with the employer to work out the modalities of obtaining positive Labour Market Opinion (LMO) with the concerned Government agency in Canada, periodical advertisements in local news media and pre approvals as needed To assist and guide the candidate on arrival in Canada, which shall include reception, documentation on arrival, orientation to the city, settling down modalities and procedures with employer To assist the candidate on any other eventualities arising for the next six months on arrival.

Mission Statement To Provide The Best Possible Staffing Solutions To The Clients By Recruiting Driven, Skilled, And Smart Professionals

In business, the most important lesson I have learned is that there is one currency that always plays the key role in forming value, and that is human capital the knowledge, skills and experiences of people, Lowell Milken


Services For Employers
West Force works with employers to meet their staffing needs. From elaborate job profiling to working out the modalities of obtaining positive Labour Market Opinion (LMO), West Force provides a comprehensive service package to employers in British Columbia and Alberta. We maintain a data bank of candidates from across the globe and this data bank is regularly updated and maintained. The Candidate Profile Local and International Students, Foreign Skilled, Semi-Skilled and Unskilled Labour Recruitment done from Europe, USA, India, Mexico, Hong Kong & Philippines Recruitment for Seasonal, Contract and Permanent Workers Selection Process Rigorous Selection Process to ensure Quality candidates in the Candidate data bank Only those with extensive experience, strong English and clean records are considered We ensure that all workers recommended by us are: o Adapting & Accommodating o Team Players and Individual Contributors o Problem Solvers o Physically Strong and Can Work Under Pressure


The establishment shall always be well staffed with associates that will cater to the needs of the guests Due to the additional services being performed by the associates, more services in the establishment can be initiated that would have incremental growth for the establishment The management will always be supported by staff in performing the dayto-day operations Training the associates in sales and marketing would help the establishment in increasing revenue under different accounts and markets The cost of operating the establishment would significantly be lowered with the additional work force Attrition rate would be reduced as the associates shall work for a period of atleast 1 year and up to 3 years Flexibility with days off, hours of work and the type of work being performed by the associate


Opportunity to work in an international environment and experience a new culture, environment, food, and people Opportunity to grow and develop a definite professional life Improve skill sets by working in fast paced environments and learning the trends of the Food & Beverage industry in North America An opportunity to live and earn in Canada, creating a strong base for their settlement in Canada Gain valuable experience and skills to apply the same on their return to their home country

Services for Individuals

West Force also works independently with professionals from across the globe who want to challenge their boundaries and work in Canada.

Contract Work


Seasonal Jobs


Permanent Jobs


Labour Market Opinion (LMO)

Preferred Projects
(As Prioritized by Canadian Government) Temporary Foreign Workers Occupations Under Pressure Limited Formal Training Occupations (NOC C And D) Live-in Caregiver Program Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP) International Students from Recognized PostSecondary Institution Foreign Information Technology Specialists

BC Hospitality Industry


Professionals Placed So Far

Housekeepers Hotel Front Office Staff Food Counter Attendants Restaurant Wait Staff Food Servers Cooks/Chefs Hotel managers Bartenders Software Developers Network Technicians IT Technicians Marketing Analysts Sales Executives

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