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11/02/2013 Dear Parent, Sub: MaRRS International Spelling Bee- Emirates Level Championship. May we introduce ourselves as the organisers of the MaRRS International Spelling Bee, the leading Spelling Bee in Asia. The MaRRS International Spelling Bee goes beyond an ordinary spelling competition and is currently the largest self-motivated English Learning Programme for school children. It helps students to improve their communicative skills and comprehension levels in English. Participating in the competition encourages children to enhance their vocabulary, learn to apply the words they have acquired and also correct their pronunciation. The students go through the various rounds that assess their spelling, pronunciation and word usage skills. Being a self-motivated programme, the students learn on their own, without being compelled to excel. The competition begins at the School Level and then progresses to the International Level through the Inter School, State and National championship. The students should succeed in each level in order to be eligible to participate in the next level. These levels vary a bit depending on the country. The MaRRS International Spelling Bee is currently the largest English Spelling Competition in the world in terms of Scope and Participation. It is conducted in twenty two states in India and also UAE, Kuwait and Malaysia. Students from Class1 to Class 12 participate in the competition in six different categories.

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google. Department of Phonetics and Spoken English is the permanent advisor of the MaRRS International Spelling Bee.com/photos/104941493503032212176/albums/5574982105993 957889?banner=pwa The MISB is more than ten years old and is delivered across various territories through the associates of MaRRS. have been formulated with the advice and support of the expert faculty of English and Foreign Language University. Hyderabad. which does not fall under the normal education curriculum in any country. Jayaraju. https://plus. These trainings help the participants to get an exposure to the various faculties of English. The MISB has also incorporated orientation programmes for the participants before every level of the competition. The contents of this training programme have also been developed with the help of faculty from EFLU.[Type text] The rounds of the competition. who are given the necessary inputs. training and support to deliver the event with required quality.google. ‘Language is always caught and never taught’. The pictures provided in the following link would give you an overview of the magnitude of the National Championship of the MaRRS International Spelling Bee being held in India. Dr. MISB goes beyond just assessment to development and from theoretical to functional. The objective here is to expose children to the nuances of English during the formative years.com/photos/104941493503032212176/albums/5669204947237 671057?banner=pwa You can also see photographs of the International finals of the MaRRS International Spelling Bee at: https://plus. This ensures regular updation and quality of the event. so that they can improve their language. which helps to improve all the faculties of the English language. As the famous dictum says. [Type text] [Type text] [Type text] .

to ensure international uniformity. All those who qualify to participate in the oral rounds of one level can also partake in the written rounds of the next level. we announce the list of qualifiers for the oral rounds. The MaRRS International Spelling Bee is being planned and conducted with extreme care so as to ensure fairness. The candidates register online on the website marrsspellingbee. All these processes are important as the objective of the MaRRS International Spelling Bee is effectual and potent learning. Once they register. our associate for conducting the MaRRS International Spelling Bee in UAE has been conducting the MaRRS international Spelling bee in schools in UAE. MaRRS also conducts orientation programmes to train the participants before the competition. Beyond the school level competition.com. The written rounds are conducted first and based on the score of this round students qualify to participate in the oral rounds. Royal Language Institute. Every level of the competition has two sections.ae. This is because.are awarded a unique Candidate Identification Number (CIN). the candidates get access to free learning materials which help them to prepare for the competition. The Institute has informed us that the competitions at the schools are over and they intend to conduct the Emirates Level on the 16th of February.ae to confirm their participation in the Emirates Level Championship.in the case of UAE. as you would agree. Sufficient spacing is provided at all levels to encourage learning. Abu Dhabi. Winners are declared based on the cumulative score of the written and oral rounds of each level. quality and learning at all levels. Emirates Level . There is also separate website for UAE – marrsspellingbee. all the qualifiers to next level of competition . The candidates also need to register to get the learning materials. Orientation programmes are also required to [Type text] [Type text] [Type text] . But as pointed out earlier. The written round and oral rounds are conducted on two different dates.[Type text] The competition is administered through the website marrsspellingbee. the qualifiers are to be provided with CIN. Once the evaluation of the written round is over. the answer sheets need to be evaluated with patience and care.written and oral. The written prelims of the next level are also conducted along with oral rounds.

if conducted by anybody else will not be a part of the MaRRS International Spelling Bee and any certificate or award issued by any third party will not have the credentials of the MaRRS International Spelling Bee. The procedure has to start with the generation of CIN. In this context we also need to inform you that the International Championship for these qualifiers would be either in the month of February 2014 or June 2015 depending on the progress of the competition in all the participating countries. This can be initiated only once we receive the database of qualifiers. The registration process will also be conducted simultaneously. [Type text] [Type text] [Type text] . Any competition.ae.ae. The competition also needs to be conducted as per the pattern set by MaRRS in association with the faculty from EFLU. Royal Language Institute has assured us that they will be sending the complete database latest by 13th of February. The official date for the Emirates Championship will be announced on the website marrsspellingbee. This will be in the month of April after the exams when the school reopens. All the registered participants will get access to online learning materials.[Type text] be conducted before the competition.ae. As the participants will also need time to prepare for the competition.the written roundon a convenient date to be announced shortly. We wish to affirm that the Emirates Level of the MaRRS International Spelling Bee would not be conducted in UAE on the 16th of February but on the dates to be announced by MaRRS officially on the website marrsspellingbee. This shift in dates would provide the participants with adequate time for learning. MaRRS will be organising the first part of the Emirates level . It is only fair that all the qualifiers from UAE are given the same opportunities as in any other country. In this context we also wish to inform you that the Royal Language Institute has also communicated their consent to the rescheduling of the Emirates Championship of the MaRRS International Spelling Bee to facilitate deserving opportunities to the participants. the Emirates Level cannot be conducted on the 16th of February. MaRRS will be providing CIN to all qualifiers immediately on receipt of this database. only enhanced performance will carry the participants up to the international level and provide them with the opportunity to win the International title. All these are critical because. As in other parts of the world. Royal language institute will not be conducting the Spelling Competition on the 16th of February or any other date other than the date to be announced officially by MaRRS on the website marrsspellingbee.

We wish to restate that the entire exercise to reschedule the Championship is only to ensure the required parity. On receipt of the database. quality and opportunity to all the participants of a reputed competition like MaRRS International Spelling Bee. Please feel free to contact us for any further clarification on the above. [Type text] [Type text] [Type text] . May we also thank you for all the support provided for the conduct of the MaRRS International Spelling Bee. MaRRS will also arrange to deliver certificates and related documents to the participants of the school level competition.Suresh Kumar. P. Thank you Yours sincerely MaRRS Intellectual Services (P) Ltd. We would now solicit your support in this effort of ours to provide parity and quality opportunity to the participants of the MaRRS International Spelling Bee in UAE.[Type text] Hence you are requested not to be misled by any communication propagating any such arrangements.

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