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Executive Strategy Manager


strategy execution platform

Over 70% of businesses forecast performance they will never attain. Only 1 in 10 companies will achieve sustained, protable growth. And while those 10% realize dramatic benets, typically in the billions of dollars, the rest continue to underperform.
Chris Zook, Beyond The Core: Expand Your Market Without Abandoning Your Roots, 2004

Are You Executing Strategy?

No organization plans on disappointing shareholders. But over 70% of companies forecast performance they will never attain. To make things worse, only one in ten companies will ever achieve sustained, protable growth. Does your organization exhibit any of these warning signs? Misaligned incentives and metrics driving non-strategic behavior Inability for anyone outside of the executive suite to articulate the strategy Unfocused and unproductive meetings focused on tactical issues Confused and convoluted organizational structure Siloed organizations ghting for turn Lack of focus on the customer

If so, your organization is at riskat risk of not executing strategyand of disappointing shareholders.

Making Strategy Execution A Competitive Advantage

Leading organizations (like those in the Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame for Strategy Execution) have realized that strategy execution can be a signicant and lasting source of strategic advantage. Returns in the billions of dollars are not uncommon in the Hall of Fame. But strategy execution does not just happen by magicit requires a formal strategic management process. Palladium research has identied six key areas of focus in the Balanced Scorecard strategic management process: Strategic measurement Strategy refresh Strategy review meetings Communications Business and support unit alignment Best practice sharing As early as 1994, Hilton Hotels recognized the power of the Balanced Scorecard strategy execution process. Using this process we reversed declining guest satisfaction and loyalty and became the number one hotelier worldwide. Dennis Koci, Retired Senior Vice President Operations Support, Hilton Hotels Corporation

Organizations that have these six formal processes in place perform twice as effectively as those without formalized strategy management processes.

Executive Strategy Manager

Optimized for the Balanced Scorecard Strategic Management Process
The Executive Strategy Manager (ESM) allows for better strategy management by enabling you to have personalized dashboards with the critical information you need to manage your job. The ESM helps you to both facilitate effective and efcient strategy review meetings and communicate your strategy throughout the organization. You are able to identify the key performance drivers and manage the individual responsibilities at all levels of your organization. It is designed to help your organization quickly get started with building Balanced Scorecards through structured coaching, templates, and processes, and then grow with your organization as you cascade and align the Balanced Scorecard program across the organization. Integrated meeting management, enterprise alignment, performance management, and initiative management functionality ensures that the ESM will meet your needs as they evolve. ESM quickly and easily scales from one to one thousand scorecards, and creates a climate of corporate and individual responsibility.

Sharing Information with Executive Strategy Manager

More often than not, few people know what information is available, where to nd it, and how to analyze it. ESM makes your reporting processes dynamic by sharing information among all relevant stakeholders, and presenting this information in an understandable format. By inviting these stakeholders to review, comment and analyze the information, static performance data is transformed into actionable knowledge. Information can be shared effectively and employees will truly understand the cause-and-effect linkages between strategy and everyday work.

Madison Paper Company-Alsip, a subsidiary of Myllykoski, has been using software from Palladium for over two years to manage its strategy. We found that the Executive Strategy Manager provided an excellent way for us to manage our monthly reporting meetings. We currently have our North American operations all using the reporting software, and we have recently begun linking personal development plans to our scorecard using the Personal Scorecard application offered by Palladium. We are very pleased with our choice of software and professional services to help us manage our strategy. A. Joseph Ostmann, Director of Finance, Madison Paper Company-Alsip

Complex Management Made Simple

Up and Running Fast
The unique Executive Strategy Manager (ESM) on-demand software model enables organizations to take advantage of powerful performance management functionality without requiring months of implementation. Your business will be able to quickly begin reporting on your Balanced Scorecard using an intuitive Web 2.0 interface. By using Palladiums secure servers, you can save on hardware expenditure and operational overhead, while freeing your IT staff to focus on other critical projects.

Developed by the Creators of the Balanced Scorecard Concept

Designed and managed by the creators of the Balanced Scorecard, Drs. Kaplan and Norton, the ESM ensures alignment with the latest BSC best practice methodology to drive breakthrough results. With integrated technical and methodology help, plus acclaimed support from Palladium experts, the ESM will help you accelerate time to strategic results. ESM is a proven, scalable solution, designed to give organizations of any size access to the worlds best combination of performance management software and expertise. We had our rst Balanced Scorecard meeting with the full Strategic Planning team a couple of weeks ago and it went very well. The information was easier to present and understand than the method we were using before. The members really liked the comments we added to the specic measures. The team members were able to obtain a clearer picture of how all our action items and initiatives link to and impact our measures and goals. Cindy Highbarger, Controller, Mid-Continent Instruments

Are You Ready to Make Strategy Execution a Core Competency?

Strategy Execution is about growth and innovation. It creates a new corporate synergy around shared, customer-directed objectives. Driven through all levels of the organization, strategy execution generates a new cross-functional, integrated, management agreement that aligns people, leadership, and culture. If you are motivated to make innovative change, realign the vision of your organization, and rise to new levels of success, Executive Strategy Manager (ESM) is the tool to make it a reality. Results are immediate and measurablethe change is permanent and profound. Intensely focusing on strategy execution is revolutionary.

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Key Features and Benets

Simple Meeting View optimized for online strategy reviews
The Meeting View allows for one-click access to strategic performance analysis and recommendations in a format that is optimized for projecting during a strategy review meeting.

Flexible and Scalable

Combining the exibility of PowerPoint and Excel with the scalability of a Dashboard application
Executive Strategy Manager Dashboard Application PowerPoint Excel

Cascade from Enterprise to Business Unit to Personal BSC

Link and align your organization to make strategy everyones job and utilize alignment reports to view performance across the enterprise.

Feature Simple executive Meeting View PowerPoint or PDF Export Online Strategy Map Design In-Depth Qualitative Comments

Online strategy map design

ESM allows you to create and edit your strategy map online and export to PowerPoint.

Export reports exactly as you see them on screen to Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe PDF
Custom Excel reports can also be created utilizing Webservices, which enable one click export from the ESM, ofine updating, and one click upload back in to the ESM.

Quick update interface to simplify navigation for executive teams

Executive time is limited. Ensure success and buy-in for the Balanced Scorecard program by making the update process painless.

Extensive customization of user interface

ESM can be extensively customizedactivities modied, eld names changed or suppressed. Reporting periods, status indicators, and even screen layouts can be modied on a scorecard by scorecard basis.

Quick update interface Extensive customization Flexible charting engine Measure, objective, and chart libraries Alignment reports Enterprise to personal scorecards Simple SQL integration Integrated initiative management Low cost per scorecard pricing Theme reporting Integrated Strategy Execution Library Low total cost of ownership Professional support from Palladium Fully Supports Partially Supports

Integrate your business intelligence applications

Seamlessly pull your measure data from Hyperion, Cognos, Microsoft, SAP, and other BI platforms, automatically into the ESM to streamline the reporting process. Also, automatically roll up data from cascaded scorecards to an enterprise scorecard.

Integrated initiative management and milestone tracking

Check on key strategic initiative status by reviewing associated initiatives and drilling down to milestone status in Meeting View. Automatically generate an Initiative Gantt Chart based on the Initiative and Milestone start and end dates.

Flexible charting engine that allows creation of almost any graph

Visualizations should not be limited to simply line, bar, or pie charts. ESM allows you to create any chart that you can create in Excel.

Capture of in-depth qualitative performance reviews and recommendations

WYSIWYG editors allow objective, measure, and initiative owners to enter rich qualitative information. Understand the why, and whatnot just the number.

Built-in or custom measure, objective, and chart libraries

Organization-wide objective, measure, and initiative templates ensure common language and vocabulary and facilitate objective and measure alignment throughout the scorecard cascade.

Personal Dashboard/Meeting Agenda

Easily create a custom view for the upcoming meeting that shows the information for review. Alternatively, create your own personal dashboard that contains the specic information relevant to you.

The ESM is really the single most breakthrough aid we had during our development phase. It stepped us through development, and with support from Palladium when we needed, I think we really produced a strategy map and rst report that focused the company on the strategy and not the process. Tim MacEwen, Irving Group

Up and Running Today

With extensive coaching, process support, best practices, and templates built into the solution, you can start building your scorecard this morning and managing your strategy this afternoon.

Representative Clients
Executive Strategy Manager is in use by over 4000 people in over 125 companies to manage over 800 scorecards

Personal Dashboard/Meeting Agenda Online Strategy Mapping Tool

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis Manage Alignment and Cascades

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Initiative and Milestone Gantt Charts Theme-Based Reporting

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