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Kyra C.

Telephone: (248) 705 5957

To obtain a position that will enable me to use my educational background and experience in
studio art, design, scuba diving, Russian language and culture and/or linguistics.

Oakland University
Bachelors in Graphic Design

1/2017 (in progress)

Michigan State University
Bachelors in Russian, Linguistics Minor
Bachelors in Studio Art, Specialization in Painting/Photography


Volgograd State Technical University
Study Abroad Program participant


Underwater Photography with Fiona Ayerst
Responsibilities: Knowing how to clean, assemble and disassemble housing equipment and
strobes for DSLR cameras, a clear understanding of Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CS5, close
observation of marine animals and their behavior.
Guinjata Dive Centre, Mozambique
Dive Master
Responsibilities: Opening the dive center, leading dives from shore or from a rubber duck boat,
assistance in training new divers, leading a group of divers with a buoy line, understanding dive
sites, map building, fish identification, assisting in panicked diver situations, EFR training,
knowledge of all equipment and gear.

Work Experience
Kaiser Studio – Troy, MI
8/2016 – present
Studio Photographer/Printer
Responsibilities: Photographing students and staff of various schools for ID cards, school
portraits and activities.
Grumbacher Acrylic/Drawing Instructor – Rochester, MI
7/2016 - present
Painting Instructor
Responsibilities: See Responsibilities for Pinot’s Palette, including instructing drawing classes
and teaching students how to create various perspective and animation drawings.

both in the USA and Russia. Arizona. providing step-by-step instructions while painting on a canvas as the class paints along. Languages Russian. sketching portraits. design. Oceans Campus – Mossel Bay. grout and tile for large-scale mosaic building and design. Africa Media – Mossel Bay. in charge of equipment rental. photography. Academic and physical training in scuba diving up to Dive Master level. teaching non-painters how to re-create a painting. English and understanding of some Spanish References Available upon request . blog and article writing for Oceans Campus and Africa Media. how to build and design a mosaic representing Maria Montessori’s ‘Timeline of Life’ for their school garden. Set up for painting classes. Adobe Bridge.kyrakalageorgi. Montessori Mosaic (2ft by 44ft) 01/2015 – 03/2015 Artist/Mosaic Designer Responsibilities: Teaching children (pre-K through 6th grade) of the Quality Interactive Montessori School in Cave Creek.Four Peaks Trompe-L’Oeil (acrylic base 4ft by 6ft) 2015 Q. Photoshop CS5. Creating commissioned artwork. Lightroom 5. & sculpture. South Africa 05/2014 – 09/2014 Wildlife & Adventure Photography Field Specialist Responsibilities: Teaching interns how to photograph wildlife & adventure sports. Organized. Skills • • • • • • • • • • Working with mortar. providing wildlife sanctuaries with photographs for their use. assisting with teaching Open Water and Refresher courses. assisting with free divers. Teaching classes up to 60 people how to re-create a painting. South Africa 05/2014 – 09/2014 Blue Wilderness Sardine Run – East London. Authentic understanding of Russian culture due to growing up abroad and travel. assisting with dive gear and equipment. South Africa 7/2014 Dive Master Responsibilities: Leading dives from a rubber duck and from shore. fish identification. Academic training in Russian language. creating ) . taking photos of customers working. An analytical understanding of painting. public speaking. Translating/transcribing text and interpreting conversation Russian <> English. explaining theory for various photography techniques. free-diving to check for wildlife. motivated and continuously willing to broaden my knowledge and understanding of various cultures and people.Pinot’s Palette – Clinton Township. MI 08/2015 – 8/2016 Painting Instructor Responsibilities: Opening and closing the studio. either small to large-scale murals. completing a painting within a 2-hour or 3-hour time limit. Microsoft Programs. planning dives and free dives. presenting how to build a website and portfolio for their work. advertising for the company. Mural Work (see Published Work on www.Havasupai Waterfall Mural (acrylic base 4ft by 8ft) .