Prophetism, Crusade & Jihad
Subodh Dev

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Prophetism, Crusade & Jihad

Prologue................................................................................3 PART ONE ...........................................................................6 1. Tolerance – Characteristic of ancient non-biblical cultures .................................................................................7 2. Enter the prophetic God ...............................................11 3. A New Prophetic Tradition Takes Shape ..................21 4. The Philosophy of Prophetism ....................................24 5. Prophets— Deluders or a Deluded Lot......................54 6. Authority—the Life Force of Prophetism ..................66 7. Fraud and Sword— Only Causes of Success of Prophetism .........................................................................72 8. The Prophetic Moral Code ...........................................78 Part Two .............................................................................91 10. Genocides in the Old Testament .............................103


3 . which he calls God. the very process of conceptualization itself is limiting. Hence. Therefore. as long as man carries about himself. the God.Prophetism. every culture had its own God concepts. This sense of limitedness is the natural outcome of his sense of separateness from the rest of the universe. That is why. man will be limiting it by forming concepts because the very concept of unlimitedness is limited by its opposite – the concept of limitedness. This urge to be free is as much inborn as his sense of limitedness. the concept of a separate limited being. Being unhappy about his limitations. In fact. man had always wanted to be free of them. throughout history. Crusade & Jihad Prologue Man has always been conscious of his limitations. the concept of unlimitedness. he has the innate need for God. Now. man thinks that he must turn towards the unlimited. for the very concept of limitedness simultaneously gives rise to its opposite. if at all there is the unlimited. In order to overcome his limitations. cut off from the rest of the universe.

cannot be conceived by mind which is limited (limited at least by the concept of opposites). which is the seed of conceptualization is the fundamental obstacle that blocks the communion with the limitless. the limitless. If at all there is enlightenment. 4 . Crusade & Jihad unless all conceptualizations cease. arise from the ego only. All forms of self importance like the need for special status. Therefore ego or the feeling of separate identity. he knows that God concept and God are different. there is no chance of meeting the unlimited. the God. the ego is the breeding ground for further conceptualization as we have already seen. He also knows that all concepts about God are born of people’s minds and the quality of the mind that conceives determines the quality of the God conceived. in other words. In the light of the above discussion. Above all. But the concept of a separate limited identity. he has not realized God. an enlightened man will definitely know that God. we can say in plain words that as long as there is even an iota of self importance in a person.Prophetism. special privileges. etc.

all concepts are only aids to reach it and have to be dropped once they serve the purpose.Prophetism. only to point out at the appropriate time that the limitless is inconceivable. 5 . who are slaves of conceptualization. Crusade & Jihad But at the same time he may interpret. modify the existing concepts or form new concepts of God in order to help the evolution of the less evolved around him.

Prophetism. Crusade & Jihad PART ONE DISCERNING PROPHETISM 6 .

63). That is the reason why these cultures accepted that divinity could manifest itself in any form or communicate with anyone. For example. Think about it totally and act as you like” (Gita: 18. in Hindu and Greek cultures it could be seen that many gods used to happily accept worship of the devotees together. Among the ancients. None of their Gods were jealous of other Gods and never vengeful to the devotees of others. one cannot but notice an amazing thing – their seers (not to be confused with priests) never claimed any special status for themselves.Prophetism. Tolerance – Characteristic of ancient nonbiblical cultures When we look at the ancient non-biblical cultures. “The most secret knowledge has been imparted to you by Me. Therefore the question of forcing their God concepts into the heads of others never occurred to them. They were absolutely devoid of all self importance. at least the Hindus declared that their 7 . In Bhagavad Gita Krishna says to Arjuna. Crusade & Jihad 1. So everyone was free to choose his own path.

Like the Hindus. but the wise speak about it in many ways: As Indra. they said. Greeks. permeated the entire universe. Romans. Sumerians. “The Reality is one.14th century BC) who made his own worship compulsory. were tolerant towards the religious practices of others. Mitra. religious hatred was always an exception and never the rule.Prophetism. the ancient Egyptians.164. (Rig Veda: 1. It is not therefore surprising that in non-biblical cultures of antiquity. their names in old inscriptions erased 8 . Chinese etc.This reality.46). mighty Garutamat. Crusade & Jihad Gods were not essentially different but only different aspects of one and the same reality. ordered the temples of other Gods closed. “Whatever is in the universe is permeated by God” (The first line of the first mantra of Ishavasyopanishad). Varuna Agni. The multiplicity of Gods continued in all ancient cultures but for a brief period in Egypt during the reign of Pharaoh Akhenaton (c. both organic and inorganic. the giver of breath”. Yama and Matarishvana. Hittites.

There are enough reasons to believe that ancient Jews.Prophetism. But the latter day Christians translated this as ‘in the beginning the God…’. belonging to various tribes. Crusade & Jihad and followers of older traditions killed. The Hebrew word for God. For God doeth know that in the day ye eat thereof. then your eyes shall 9 . But the following passages from the Old Testament support the view that the ancient Jews believed in ‘Gods’. Many scholars are of the opinion that Moses picked up his religion from the Pharaoh’s example. is plural and actually means Gods. Their argument was that the first translation is wrong because Jesus was not present at the time of creation (for them the only person other than Jehovah qualified to be called God is only Jesus).” ye shall not surely die. Many scholars are of the opinion that the first line of the book of Genesis should have been translated as ‘in the beginning the Gods created the heavens and the earth’. Elohim. but there is no convincing proof. The serpent says unto the woman (Eve). were not monotheists.

Note that both the Lord God and serpent uses the plurals ‘us’ and ‘gods’.5) 1. and take also the tree of life and eat. At another place in the same chapter. the man is become one of us. Melchizedek who is also the high priest of the ‘Most High God’ administering the communion of bread and wine to Abraham and blessing him in His name. The Lord God 1 All Biblic quotes used in this book are from King James authorized version of the Bible and Koranic quotes are from English translation of the Koran by Marmaduke Pickthall. and live forever (Genesis 3:22)2. lest he puts forth his hand. knowing good and evil (Genesis 3:4. Maximum care has been taken not to quote them out of context so as to prevent the distortion of their meaning. Explanation in bracket by the author 2 10 . Abraham also expresses his devotion to the Most High God and takes an oath in His name (Genesis 14:17-24). to know the good and evil and now. We can find the King of Salem. Lord God says to Himself “Behold. Abraham’s own brother Nahor’s grandson Laban used to worship images.Prophetism. Crusade & Jihad be opened and ye shall be as gods.

These scholars opine that Moses picked up Jehovah during his stay in Median. in all 11 . prior to his becoming a prophet. Jehovah Himself reveals this to Moses. Moses. Enter the prophetic God The scenario changes with the arrival of Jehovah. This seems to be right because the Jews before Moses do not seem to know of Him. unto Isaac. “And I appeared unto Abraham. and unto Jacob. the God propagated by him).3). 2. the prophetic God who reveals Himself to Moses (in fact. Crusade & Jihad of Abraham commands Jacob (later Israel) to build an altar and worship the God of Bethel for guiding him (Genesis: 31. after running away from Egypt. by the name God Almighty. 35:1). There is no evidence to prove that Jehovah of the Midianites was jealous and intolerant. But by my name Jehovah was I not known to them” (Exodus 6.Prophetism. So far we do not find Abraham’s Lord God jealous. Many Bible scholars are of the opinion that Jehovah was the war god of the Midianites.

Crusade & Jihad likelihood. The revelations through Moses cited below fully exposes Him. Allah is the same God as of Abraham. He has explicitly stated that his God. retained His name but changed His personality. dictatorial. He promises it to them. Even amongst them He chooses a prophet to communicate to them only through him and everyone else has to be submissive to the chosen one. cruel.Islamic Arab God. He ceases to be alike to all of His creation and picks on Jews as his chosen people. Moses and Jesus]. jealous.Prophetism. Moses’ Jehovah is exclusive. Mohammad retained His name but replaced His personality with Jehovah’s. Allah was originally a pre. a tolerant and benevolent one. cunning. hijacked Him from Medianites. [Mohammad (May peace be upon him) did exactly the same almost twenty centuries later. vengeful. idiosyncratic and unreliable. already inhabited by others. So what actually came down to the Israelites was ‘new wine in old bottle’. intolerant. (1) “I will raise a prophet from 12 . Even though they have no right on Canaan.

Prophetism. – His intolerance. 13 . that who so ever will not hearken unto my words which he shall speak in My name. (3) “Thou shall not bow down to other gods nor serve them. visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children unto the third or fourth generations” (Exodus 20:3. save unto the Lord only. and quite break down their images “(Exodus 23:24). 5). And it shall come to pass. nor do after their works. “He that sacrificeth unto any God. but thou shall utterly overthrow them. (4). I will require it of him”. – His jealousy and vengefulness. 18. 19) . (Deuteronomy: 18. Thou shall not bow down to them for I the Lord thy God is a jealous God. Crusade & Jihad among them to brothers unto thee and put my word in his mouth and he shall speak with them all that I shall command him. (2) “Thou shall have no other gods before me.His exclusiveness. he shall be thoroughly destroyed” (Exodus: 22:20) –His dictatorial way of suppressing dissent.

(6) “If thy brother or thy son or the daughter or the wife of thy bosom. But thou shalt surely kill him.Again His cunningness 14 . or thy friends entice thee secretly saying let us go and worship other gods. Namely. Crusade & Jihad (5) “These are the statutes and judgments which ye shall observe to do in the land which the Lord God of thy fathers giveth thee to possess it. not thy fathers. upon the high mountains. which ye shall posses served their gods. and upon the hills and under every green tree” (Deuteronomy 12:1. of the gods of the people around you. all the days ye live upon the earth. or far off from thee. But thou shall not consent – neither should thy eyes pity him. Ye shall utterly destroy all places.Prophetism. 2)—His instigation to destroy other cultures. and afterwards the hands of all people” (Deuteronomy 13:6-9) . from one end of the earth even unto the other end of the earth. neither thou spare. neither shall thou conceal him. which thou hast not known. nigh unto thee. thy hands shall be the first upon him to put him to death. where in the nations.

he shall be surely put to death. when he blasphemeth the name of the Lord. shall be put to death”. The consequences of disregard to Him are catastrophic. Please note that by involving the entire community in the murder. He used to get them killed by Tibetan villagers in order to prevent their projection as heroes of Tibetan freedom struggle by other rebels. I will also send the teeth of 15 . (Leviticus: 24. Crusade & Jihad and brutality in silencing dissidents. (7) “ And he that blasphemeth the name of the Lord. 16). the dire consequences of disloyalty to Him are “They shall be burnt with hunger. and devoured with bitter destruction. Jehovah sees to it that the executed will not be treated as the ‘heroic martyrs’ by the people. Same strategy was adopted more than thirty centuries later by Chairman Mao to deal with the Tibetan rebels. (8) In the song which Jehova taught Moses and ordered to be sung to Israelites. and all the congregation shall certainly stone him: as well as the stranger. as that is born in the land.Prophetism.

and dwell there in: for I have given you the land to possess it. (Numbers: 33.Prophetism. and say unto them. When ye are passed over Jordan on to the land of Canaan. (Deuteronomy 32:24. Then ye shall drive out all the inhabitants of the land from before you. that those which ye let remain of them shall be pricks in your eyes. The sword without and the terror within. 25). (Numbers: 33. and quite pluck down all their high places: And ye shall dispossess the inhabitants of the land. and destroy all their molten images. 53). shall destroy both young men and the virgin. 16 . and shall vex you in the land which ye dwell”. and destroy all their pictures. the suckling also with the man of grey hairs”.55). with the poison of the serpents of the dust. --Destroying the dissidents was the strategy adopted by Stalin also. (10) “But if ye shall not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you. Crusade & Jihad beasts upon them. some three millennia later. then it shall come to pass. (9) “Speak unto the children of Israel. 51. 52. and thorns in your sides.

Prophetism. children and cattle be kept for the enjoyment of Israelites. Outside the promised land Jehovah ordered that the entire male population should be slain. puts forth the same argument for justifying the killing of innocent Jewish children along with their ‘guilty’ parents. Crusade & Jihad Jehovah instigating the Israelites to do ethnic cleansing. and the little ones. Hitler also started with driving out his victims from Germany and like Hitler Jehovah also ended up by commanding the total annihilation of the victims. shall thou take it unto thy own 17 . the women. and all that is in the city. “If the children are spared then they will grow to take revenge on our children” (Himmler’s speech at Possen on 6-101943). Hitler adopted the same policy towards Jews and Gypsies in the 20th century. (11) “And when the Lord thy God hath delivered it into thine hands. and the cattle. Like Jehovah. Himmler. thou shall smite every male there of with the edge of the sword. even all the spoils there of. But the women. One of his close deputies.

neither shall a garment mingled of linen and wool come up on thee”. exiles and slavery befall on them. Still defeats. 13. So they try more vigourously to live according to His ordinances – monotheism and iconoclasm. 18 . which the Lord thy God hath given thee”.Prophetism. At times Jehovah was quite idiosyncratic.19) Jehovah claims the credit for every victory of the Israelites. Jehovah was totally merciless. (Deuteronomy: 20. Crusade & Jihad self and thou shall eat the spoils of thine enemies. thou shall save alive nothing that breatheth” (Deuteronomy 20: 16). but puts the blame on them whenever the reverse happens. But regarding the inhabitants of the Promised Land. (13) “Thou shall not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind. thou shall not sow thy field with mingled seed. which the Lord thy God doth give thee for an inheritance. (Leviticus: 19. All of their misfortunes are assigned to their disloyalty towards Him (worshipping other gods). 14). (12) “But of the cities of these people.

then Jehovah’s orders are to stone him to death by His congregation. Crusade & Jihad But Jehovah makes a final volte-face on the already crushed Jews when He reveals through Jesus that now they have no time left and shall repent. destroying it utterly. 2-7). But He puts even these three mass murderers to shame by His punishment for the worship of other gods. Stalin and Mao. then Jehovah’s commandment is: (15) “Thou shalt surely smite the inhabitants of that city with the edge of the sword. and all that is 19 . Also if more than one witness testify an Israelite’s worship of other gods. 34). rolled into one. This generation will not pass till all these things (Jesus’ prophesies about the end of the world) be fulfilled” (Mat: 24. So Jehovah is at least Hitler. Now if someone from a city of non Israelites abets an Israelite to worship other gods and if it is found to be true on enquiry. he shall be certainly killed.Prophetism. for the end of the world is near: “Verily I say unto you. (Deuteronomy: 17. male or female is found or admits worshiping other gods . If any Israelite. The witnesses shall lay their hands on him first and then all others.

15.Prophetism. Nahum the Elkoshite. with the edge of the sword. and cattle thereof. quite accurately describes Jehovah: (16) “The God (is) jealous. and shalt burn with fire the city. and resrveth (wrath) for his enemies” (Nahum:1. the God revengeth and (is) furious. (Deuteronomy: 13. the Lord will take revenge on His adversaries. for the Lord thy God and it shall be an heap for ever. Crusade & Jihad therein. 16). and all the spoil thereof every whit. 20 . The Biblical prophet. it shall not be built again”. on the basis of a vision he had. 2). And thou shalt gather all the spoil of it in the midst of the street thereof. the Lord revengeth.

soothsayers etc. who gave them the knowledge of things to come--a sort of mediums. Crusade & Jihad 3. good or evil. also called sorcerers. It is in the Old Testament that for the first time we come across a different category of prophets. There were a rare few of them. Such prophets. Jehovite prophets founded a religious tradition which sanctified political aggressiveness on the basis of the revelations 21 .Prophetism. they did not do much damage to the world. who claimed themselves to be the exclusive messengers of God and also demanded the total submission of their people in the name of their God. Jehovah. exorcists. the monotheistic or Jehovite prophets. who on the basis of their clarity and common sense could foresee future events. were present in every culture throughout the history. A New Prophetic Tradition Takes Shape A prophet is one who prophecies. diviners. But the vast majority of them claimed to be in contact with some spirits. But as long as they restricted themselves to simply predicting the future or dealing with the spirits. without demanding the submission of their fellow humans.

shall surely be put to death: they shall stone them with stones: their blood shall be upon them”. these prophets. commanded by their God Jehovah. as per the ordinance of their God considered all versions of it other than their own –the cloud and the tabernacle— as blasphemy which should be totally eradicated. (Leviticus: 20. (Exodus: 22. in which the submission of the fellow humans is also demanded. “Thou shall not suffer a sorceress to live”. Moses was the first known prophet of this kind for even though he claimed that Jehovah had revealed 22 . especially of living beings.Prophetism.17). Crusade & Jihad received by them. that will be the subject of our study in this article. in the revelation. Hence forth by prophetism we mean the Jehovite variety of it. including trees and inanimate objects of nature were considered by them as abominations).g. Even though any type of symbolism in worship is idolatry. It is this type of prophetism. Also “A man also or a woman that hath a familiar spirit or that is a wizard. (e.27). worship through pictures or molten images. These prophets waged a relentless war against the prophets of other traditions.

The covenant established with Abraham’s Lord God was more or less a family affair. Isaac and Jacob (later Israel)--. Jehovah reveals to Moses that He has promised the land of Canaan to his ancestors. 23 . Crusade & Jihad Himself to his ancestors--. but only to him the means to achieve it are revealed. include bloody massacres as well.none of them posed as messengers of God. The means.Prophetism.Abraham. along with other forms of violence.

is mandatory irrespective of the nature of the commandment. total obedience to the prophet being one of them. eternal damnation in 24 . The Philosophy of Prophetism 4. the Divine will is known only to him and therefore no one else can know the Divine and His designs by independent enquiry. Whatever He has to reveal to His people about Himself or His commandments to them will be revealed only through His prophet.Prophetism. This is the fundamental axiom of prophetism which is beyond reason and questioning. however sincere he may be. The implication here is: the only valid knowledge about God is the one given by the prophet. Absolute obedience of His commandments as given through the prophet. Crusade & Jihad 4.1 The crux of prophetism God will choose someone to be His prophet and communicate with his people only through him. Deviation from the path laid out through the prophet (in fact laid out by him) will result in total destruction (and in Christianity and Islam. Enforcing the revelations on the flock as the only legitimate belief is the duty of the clergy.

[We have already cited revelation from the Old Testament (Deuteronomy: 18. And. 18. Lo! those who malign Allah and His Messenger. and test (them) into the fire and they are burned” (Joh: 15. for only the prophet can intercede with the God on behalf of the people. In the New Testament Jesus says: “For the Father judgeth no man. he is cast forth as a branch and is withered. even as they honour the Father: He that honoureth not the Son honoureth not the Father that hath sent him” (Joh: 5. And again: “If a man abide not in me. Allah hath 25 . Their direct prayers to God are not enough for redemption. The basic tenet of Islam is the Kalimah— “There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is his prophet”. belief in His prophet also is essential. O ye who believe. but hath committed all judgment unto the Son: That all (men) should honour the Son.Prophetism. “Lo! Allah and His angels shower praises on the messenger. Belief in God alone is not sufficient. also shower praises on him and salute him with a worthy salutation. 6). 19) making the belief in the prophet mandatory. Crusade & Jihad the hell also). 22-23). and men gather them.

position of prophet in Islam is such that he has to be taken more seriously than even God! “Ba Khuda Deewana Bash. Anwar Shaik. and hath prepared for them the doom of the disdained” (Qu: 33.can intercede with Allah on the day of judgment].Prophetism.Islam. in his Sirat Rasool Allah (this is the first biography of Mohammad) records the prophet as saying: “… I was given all embracing words. Because of all these. Crusade & Jihad cursed them in the world and hereafter. the renowned Pakistani scholar and writer who settled in London explains: The words used in the original Arabic. booty was made lawful to me as to no prophet before me. Ibn Ishaq. and I was given the power to intercede: five privileges accorded to no prophet before me”. The Arab Imperialism). Yassallune and Sallu are derived from the noun Assalaat meaning ceremonial worship (Shaik Anwar-. (One can 26 . but his worship or submission to him is called for. 56-57).The implication is that it is not mere respect or praise of Mohammad that is expected. O Ba Muhammad Hoshiyar”. Mohammad emphatically says that only he and no one else—not even Moses and Jesus-.

2 Some basic questions 1. at least towards those who do not for the simple reason of their total 27 . Therefore. Allah may be discussed. already inhabited. to the Jews and order complete extermination of the natives. Jesus confirms this many times in the gospels. 4. Crusade & Jihad be reckless with God but with Mohammad be careful). while He could have easily given them any uninhabited land and blessed it to become fertile? 2. but Mohammad cannot be discussed except in praise of him. Also the prophet can delegate his authority to his chosen follower and he in turn can appoint his own successor and other officials and transfer the divine power to them for specific tasks. Does it matter to God under what name or mode he is worshipped or whether worshipped at all? 3.Prophetism. in Islam. Can God be partial to some and prejudiced against others so as to promise a land (Canaan). Can the God be vengeful towards those who do not worship him.

Otherwise. Can He be exclusive so as to cut off all communications with His people but through His chosen prophet and command the submission of all others to His Favourite? Partiality. being limited by the thing totally different from Him. Therefore the question of having preferences to someone or prejudices against another and the like does not arise. we present a quotation from the Bhagavad Gita. so as to order their massacre or permanent damnation in Hell? 4. Crusade & Jihad ignorance of Him. etc are qualities arising out of a sense of incompleteness. If He is the creator. nor have I any favourite. God being unlimited cannot feel incomplete which would indicate limitation. prejudices. I hate none. He ceases to be unlimited. To point out the contrast. need for glorification. preferences. Krishna says to Arjuna:“ I am equal to all. which means He cannot see anything in the creation as totally different or cut off from Himself.Prophetism. Those who worship Me with devotion. vengefulness. they are in Me and I am in 28 . His primary feeling towards His own creation will be of connectedness.

every phenomenon. by whatsoever path approaches Me. Therefore God can never command to his people to be submissive to one particular individual.11). (Gita: 9. (Gita: 4. And no human being can claim to be one too. By the same argument. Krishna to Arjuna: “Whosoever. And “Those who worship even other Gods with devotion. “One should listen to 29 . A wise saying from the oldest living non prophetic tradition – the Hindu tradition – is very significant in this context.Prophetism. 29). whether being worshipped or not or the way of worship does not matter to Him at all. worship Me”. every word and deed of beings will contain some message of His or the other. If one can get few glimpses of God then it was. Two more quotations in this context will be highly enlightening. There is no need for Him to appoint a sole stockist of His wisdom. I accept him for his salvation”. Then how can the question of vengefulness towards the non-worshipping arise? Therefore He will reveal Himself to any sincere enquirer. every movement in nature. is and will be possible for many others also.23). (Gita: 9. Crusade & Jihad them”. Also being the creator.

Crusade & Jihad sensible words. for then he becomes very much important than others. but if what is said is unreasonable. even if they come from a child. God condemning all other forms of worship can be extremely advantageous to the prophet for it will enlarge his sphere of influence and discourage his followers from going astray. God’s insistence on being worshipped can be very important for the prophet for it makes him totally indispensable. It can matter very much to the prophet that the God has a preference for him.Prophetism. Then where from these monstrous ideas come from? Obviously they belong to the dark dungeons of the prophet’s mind. the limitless Being. one should reject it even if the speaker is Brahma (the God of creation of the Hindus) Himself”. God picking him up as his messenger and demanding the submission of worshippers to him can be really great for the prophet for it 30 .---(Subhashitam—means wise saying) In the light of the above discussion it becomes crystal clear that diabolic revelations (such as quoted in this article or found elsewhere) can never come from God.

nature and structure in some detail (as the length of this article permits) on the basis of the Old Testament. As we have said earlier. 4. namely. since the nature of the mind that conceives determines the nature of the God conceived.Prophetism. The other two brands of prophetism. God’s anger and vengeance towards the disobedient and devotees of other gods and His all out support for their destruction can very well serve the two fold requirement of the prophet. We will study its origin. are only more aggressive versions of the Mosaic ideology. maintenance of discipline in his camp and generation of motivation and courage in his flocks for aggression on other societies. Crusade & Jihad can make him the greatest authority in the world—God’s deputy—and provides with the moral right for exercising the authority on anyone. to understand the monstrosity of Jehovah we have to look into the personality of Moses. He 31 . It is on this backdrop that we can see prophetism for what it really is. Finally. Christianity and Islam.3 Prophetism laid bare.

he is recorded to have refused to bow down to Egyptian Gods and given to bouts of violent anger.Prophetism. when he tries to mediate between two quarrelling Israelites. Siptah. Be Yah disappears from the records immediately after an unsuccessful coup by the regent princes Tausret against the lawful young Pharaoh. an influential man. For example. (Johannes C De Moor—The Rise of Yahwism). For on the day after the murder. A search into the ancient Egyptian records has brought to light an influential courtier of the Pharaoh named Be Yah of Semitic origin whose temperament and religious ideals are strikingly similar to Moses’. It seems that he was trying to project himself as the leader of Israelites. Probably Be Yah might have been a fellow conspirator. By nature he was hot tempered and given to sudden outbursts of violence as indicated by his murdering of the Egyptian officer who beat up a Jewish worker. one of them reacts: “Who made thee a prince and judge over us?” A conjecture of the Bible historians is worth mentioning here. Crusade & Jihad was a courtier of Pharaoh. Now the Book of Exodus tells that having fallen from the grace of the 32 .

It cannot be a mere coincidence that he starts getting Jehovah’s revelations during this period. Jehovah reveals to him that He has chosen him as His prophet. There he marries the daughter of the Midianite priest Jethro and lives in his father-in-law’s house. rather too insignificant for a former courtier of Pharaoh.Prophetism. Most one time important people can never accept their later insignificance gracefully. In short. the new circumstances gave enough time and solitude to perfect his plans to establish himself as the sovereign of Israelites. Their minds will restlessly brood over how to restore their importance. Moses flees from Egypt to the land of Midianites. 33 . Jehovah’s revelations might have been conceived (consciously or unconsciously) as the key instrument for realizing his ambition at this point of time. Moses has to pass on His commandments to the Israelites from time to time and see that they are followed by them implicitly. He spends his time grazing his fatherin-law’s sheep and wandering in the desert. that too in the isolation of the desert. Crusade & Jihad Pharaoh due to accusation of murder. To Moses.

he plays the role of the divinely ordained prophet of the Jews at Pharaoh’s court. It is to involve Aaron also in the game. Back in Egypt. As he has problematic speech faculty. His ‘stick-snake’ show seems only like stage magic. His modus operandi for winning over the Israelites for leaving Egypt and securing Pharaoh’s permission for their departure is a combination of trickery and terror. and will teach you what ye shall do. the only proof for all these is Moses’ own words. even he shall be to thee instead of a mouth and thou shall be to him instead of a God”.Prophetism. (Exodus 4:14-18) He returns to Egypt with his brother Aaron only after learning that the Pharaoh and all other significant men who were against him are no more. Jehovah comes out with a workable arrangement. Of course. Jehovah suggests “…. It should be remembered that 34 . and with his mouth. And he shall be thy spokesperson unto the people and he shall not Aaron the Levite thy bother? I know he can speak well…. Crusade & Jihad Jehovah entrusts the Jews to Moses. and put words into his mouth: and I will be with thy mouth.And thou shall speak unto him.

This is so typical of all stage magicians. having been educated at Pharaoh’s palace may have been well trained in that art. That Jehovah had ordered Moses to come to the mount to receive the commandments was well advertised before hand and the entire Jewish population assembled at the foot of the mount to witness the ‘miracle’. The first three of the ten plagues sent by Jehovah on Egyptians. They never allow the onlookers to get too close. This view becomes more convincing when we read that only Aaron was allowed to be with him on Mount Sinai when the famous ten and many other commandments were revealed by Jehovah. People were told that Jehovah had descended on the mount and Moses. accompanied by Aaron went up.Prophetism. Moses. are repeated by the court magicians 35 . Crusade & Jihad ancient Egypt was fabled for her court magicians. Soon there was seen smoke arising from the mount and a cloud appeared and the blast of trumpets was heard. But they were all kept well out of bounds with a fence around it with the warning that any one other than himself and his brother Aaron who even touched the fence will die.

throughout their stay in the desert (for nearly 36 . Once Moses took over the charge of Israelites.Prophetism. hail stones. making their probabilities of being stage tricks very high. darkness during the day etc. the killing of the first born Egyptians.. while the terrorists need. both two legged and four legged is clearly an act of terrorism by Moses and his goons. The tenth. for God does not need any sign on the houses of the wicked to punish them. (Exodus: 7-12). This is evident from Jehovah’s command to draw a sign on the lintels and side posts of the doors of Israelites with the blood of the animal sacrificed in order to distinguish their houses from Egyptians’ and asking them to remain indoors the whole night. which the magicians could not repeat are more likely natural calamities which were interpreted by Moses as the hand works of Jehovah to the superstitious audience. Crusade & Jihad also. The remaining of the nine plagues like appearances of locusts. dissidence was always suppressed with death penalty. Ideas were always imposed upon them most brutally. with lot of bloodshed.

and go in and out from the gate to gate throughout the camp and slay every man his brother.Prophetism.” (Exodus 32:25-28). When Moses. And the sons of Levi (Moses himself belonged to the Levi tribe) gathered themselves unto him. When Moses had gone to Mount Sinai for forty days. were relieved and wanted to return to their old 37 . on his return from Mount Sinai came to know of this. Put every man his sword by his side. Thus saith the Lord of Israel. apart from cruelty. his reaction was: “And Moses stood in the gate of the camp and said. For example. they were worshipping other gods under the symbol of a Calf. every man his companion and every man his neighbour. The killers were consecrated and they became the priestly class. the Levites. Crusade & Jihad forty years). Here. while Jehovah declared himself to Moses as the only God of the Jews.‘ who is on the Lord’s side? Let him come unto me’. And he said unto them. thinking that he had gone forever. treachery also is employed. And the children of Levi did according to the words of Moses: and there fell of the people on that day about three thousand men. many Israelites.

as per Jehovah’s orders. only to inform Moses later to get them killed. asked the congregation to stone him to death. 32-36). Crusade & Jihad ways of worship. For instance. a man who chopped wood on a Sabbath day was brought to Moses and he. The same treachery was repeated by Mao in his campaign ‘let a hundred flowers blossom. let a hundred thoughts compete’---his infamous Cultural Revolution. Aaron actually encourages them and makes images of the Calf by melting their ornaments. In order to rule a society with an iron hand. that they may minister to him----And thou shall give the Levites unto Aaron and his sons: they are wholly given unto him out of the children 38 . (Numbers: 15. any dictator needs a trusted gang around him.Prophetism. Is not Moses brutally dictatorial? Apparently the only punishment he knew was of death. Moses accomplishes this by getting a revelation from Jehovah to make priesthood hereditary: “Bring the tribe of Levi near and present them to Aaron the priest. Mao’s campaign also was aimed at identifying the dissidents once they came out with their non conformist opinions and eliminating them.

Crusade & Jihad of Israel. As a result. through the 39 . 9. the Israelites massacre all their adult males and take the women and children as captives to Moses. And thou shall appoint Aaron and his sons.Prophetism. (Exodus: 18). which is perceived by Jehovah as the Medianites’ ‘sly plotting’ against them. But the Midianites incur Jehovah’s wrath by inviting Israelites to their festivals where they bow down to Midianite gods. they caused the children of Israel. (Exodus: 2. Jethro. 11-18). He sends a plague because of which many Israelites are killed and also orders the destruction of Midianites. and they shall wait on their priest’s office and the stranger that cometh nigh shall be put to death”. He was earlier given shelter by the Midianites. 6. They had also extended their hospitality to the Israelites during their passage through the desert. On top of all. Now Moses flares up: “Behold. the Midianite priest had given him valuable advice for organizing the Israelite society. (Numbers: 3. 10). In accordance with Jehovah’s standing instructions regarding the people outside the Promised Land. Moses was totally devoid of any feeling of gratitude.

Here we can see him overdoing his God’s commandments. No doubt. (Numbers: 31. Now therefore kill every male among the little ones. he also succeeded in establishing Jehovah as the national God of the Israelites (The Old Testament: Books 2. But all the women children.Prophetism. greed. Moses was a master organizer. it becomes quite clear that he will naturally 40 . to commit trespasses in the matter of Peor. But at the same time. cruel. He effectively manipulated the fear. 4 &5). and every woman that hath known man by lying with him.16. Crusade & Jihad council of Balaam. ambitious and violent. that have not known man by lying with him. Through the combination of trick and terror tactics. and there was a plague in the congregation of the Lord. Through nearly six hundred commandments that are claimed to have been revealed to him by Jehovah. From the above study of Moses’ mindset. 17. he was also very cunning. he tightened his grip over the Jewish society. 3. 18). keep alive for yourselves”. lust and gullibility of the Jewish people to establish himself as their Supremo.

unambiguously reveals the mindsets of the Jehovite prophets.Prophetism. Few examples to illustrate this point (that the prophetic God is only a projection of the prophet’s mind): (1) The prophetic God reveals according to the convenience of the prophet. Both of them are despots. In fact Jehovah is only a magnified projection of Moses himself. Also. But the fact that His basic jealous. Jehovah had strictly ordered endogamy for Israelites. Crusade & Jihad conceive a God like Jehovah only. vengeful and dictatorial nature remains unchanged through out. Not only Moses. such a God who delivers even by snatching from others is most acceptable and a great morale booster. and even Aaron and his wife turns against him on this account. That is precisely the reason why He is a Super Dictator and there is nothing divine about Him. but every prophet has projected his mind on the Jehovah concept. But Jehovah sends 41 . But Moses takes an Ethiopian woman as one of his wives. for people wandering in the desert with future uncertain. intolerant. The apparent changes we perceive in Jehovah’s revelations while going through the prophetic literature is due to this.

Another example: An ordinary Muslim is permitted by Allah to have only four wives at a time. she comments: “Allah excels even you in fulfilling your wish” (Hadis: Sunan Ibn Majah).Prophetism. His favourite wife Aisha (She was only six years when she was married to Mohammad who was about fifty five years) seems to have noticed the repeated coincidence between Mohammad’s convenience and Allah’s revelations. But Mohammad had at a time at least eight wives! Allah reveals in this instance that being the prophet. Once. Exactly in the same manner Allah too always obliges Mohammad. 7. he is privileged to have any number of wives at a time. (Numbers: 12. on a revelation in the context of his conduct towards his wives. Crusade & Jihad a revelation declaring him a super prophet and supporting him but without relaxing the rule of endogamy a bit. 8). “O Prophet! Lo! We have made lawful unto thee thy wives unto whom thou hast paid their dowries. while the ordinary believer is not. So Moses remains above the law for ordinary mortals. 6. and those whom thy right hand possesseth of those whom Allah hath given 42 .

and a believing woman if she give herself unto the Prophet and the prophet desire to ask her in marriage—a privilege for thee only. and the daughters of thy uncle on the father’s side. for Allah is Forgiving. he evolved a strategy of raiding the merchant caravans from Mecca. 43 . and to force Islam on people. In order to keep his flock with him. 50) (2) During his initial years in Medina. Merciful ( Quran: 33. and the daughters of thine aunts on the father’s side. Crusade & Jihad thee as spoils of war. and the daughters of thine uncles on the mother’s side and the daughters of thine aunts on the mother’s side: who emigrated with thee.Prophetism. not for the (rest of) believers—We are aware of that which We enjoined upon them concerning their wives and those women whom their right hands possess (meaning the captured women – clarification by the author)—that thou myst be free from blame. Nearly eighty such raids were conducted during his life time out of which about twenty five were led by him in person. attract fresh converts. Mohammad had no resources. the rich Jewish settlements and unorganized Arab Pagans of Medina.

Say: The spoils of war belongs to Allah and the messenger. and keep your duty to Allah. and obey Allah and His messenger. if you are (true) believers” (Qu. Lo! Allah is forgiving.Prophetism. 8.” (Qu: 8. He sends a revelation on how booty is to be divided: “And know that whatever ye take as spoils of war. Crusade & Jihad These raids are described in the Hadis as jihads and the jihads led by Mohammad himself as ghazwahs. But the Pagan Arab moral code had forbidden robbery. Thus the mujahid (a Muslim who takes part in the raids. And Allah reveals: “They ask thee (O Mohammad) of the spoils of war. Merciful” (Qu: 8. 69). and adjust the matter of your difference.jihads or holy wars. 41). This revelation comes immediately after the so called ‘battle’ of Badr. lo! a fifth thereof is for Allah and for the messenger and for the kinsman (who has need) and orphans and the needy and the wayfarer…. 1). So Allah sends convenient revelations: “… Now enjoy what you have won (the booty) as lawful and good. as they were called by Quran and 44 . The problem of division of booty now crops up. Thus having ensured the obedience of believers. so keep your duty to Allah.

In the second most important Hadis collection. Allah promises His believers much booty: “Allah was much pleased with the believers when they swore allegiance with thee (the prophet) beneath the tree and he knew what was in their hearts and He sent down peace of reassurance on them.the sacred one fifths. Mohammad is recorded to be explaining: “The spoils of war were not lawful for any people before us (the Muslims). Crusade & Jihad Hadis) can keep four fifths of the booty. 21). Allah will compass it” (Qu: 48. 4327). And much booty they will capture.Prophetism. This is because Allah saw our weakness and humility and made them lawful to us” (Sahih Muslim: No. One can very well imagine the type of people getting attracted by this offer of Allah 45 .came into existence. Sahih Muslim. and hath rewarded them with a near victory. Allah further ensures that the believers would continue to receive booty for all times to come: “And other gain which ye have not been able to achieve. while Mohammad can keep the remaining one fifth. This is how the Islamic religious institution of Khums. Allah is ever mighty. 18-19). wise” (Qu: 48.

Prophetism. Moses was concerned only with becoming the undisputed leader of the Jews and the Promised Land of Canaan. So the Son of man is the Son of God and vice versa. so does his God too. being the only begotten son. their lordship is his by virtue of inheritance. he sincerely believed that Jehovah was his personal father and since his father is the Lord of heaven and earth. They had to be satisfied with their ‘false gods’. Later. Jesus refers to himself as the only begotten Son of God. Jesus. So long as their paths did not cross. the Son of Man. Correspondingly Jehovah was also not interested to become the God of non Israelites. He declares his Lordship over heavens and earth as by virtue of inheritance in 46 . as portrayed in the New Testament was much more ambitious than Moses. Not having an undoubted social father. he did not bother about the Pagans living outside the Promised Land. probably because he could not find this concept anywhere in the works of earlier prophets.18. Crusade & Jihad and Mohammad! (3) As the prophet grows more and more ambitious and exclusive. [In John 3. he took upon himself another appellation.

Jesus gives them a slip and stays back in the temple.49). Many times he becomes wild with the Jews for not accepting him. After hearing a ‘voice from heaven’ at the time of his baptism to the effect that he is the beloved son with whom his Heavenly Father is pleased. their saviour king. during a visit to the temple of Jerusalem with his parents. he expects that the Jews will accept him as the Messiah. because he is the Son of Man’]. destined to be their king and the mighty Roman Empire all around. Some time before his crucifixion.Prophetism. he was at a loss to see how his rise to glory would materialize. At the age of twelve. he is convinced that the glory he dreamed for himself cannot be attained in his first coming and has to wait till his second 47 . he replies: “How is it that ye sought me? Wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?” (Luke: 2. 27 of the same gospel: “And (the God) hath given him the authority to execute judgment also. When the worried parents come back in search of him to the temple and ask him how could he do what he did to them. But with Jews rejecting the propaganda that he is Messiah. Crusade & Jihad 5.

64). to testify whether he is the son of God. The Kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Mat: 10. prepared to die in the firm faith that the Jews will realize his greatness when he resurrects and makes his second appearance. So he enters Jerusalem. and commanded them. And as ye go preach. and coming in the clouds of heaven” (Mat: 26. Go not unto the way of the Gentiles. fully conspicuous on a donkey so as to conform to the description of the Son of Man by an earlier prophet.But when nothing of the sort he expected happened after 48 . he had forbidden his disciples from revealing his gospel to the non Jews. Here after shall ye see the Son of Man sitting on the right hand of power. just before he was taken to be tried. But obviously he does not die on the cross for he meets his disciples later.5-8). Crusade & Jihad coming after the crucifixion and resurrection. and unto (any) city of the Samaritans enter ye not: But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. nevertheless I say unto you. saying. Zachariah.Prophetism. Before his crucifixion. saying. he says: “Thou hast said. “These twelve (disciples) Jesus sent forth. When the high priest of Jews asks him.

he calls his disciples to Galilee and commands them: “And Jesus came and spoke unto them saying. For after his revival he says to Cleopas and another disciple at Emmaus: “O fools. Crusade & Jihad his crucifixion. and teach all nations. Ought not Christ to have suffered these things. 25. Since Jesus has declared (and every pious Christian believes it!) that every word spoken by him came from God. 18-19). all powers is given unto me in heaven and earth. Since he was afraid to roam around publicly in Jerusalem now. He also realizes that in order to rise to glory it is not enough to target the Jews only and decides to go after the Gentiles too. and slow of hearts to believe all that prophets have spoken. to enter into his glory?” (Lk: 24. baptizing them in the name of the Father. and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost” (Mat: 28.Prophetism. this is an instance of Jehovah also growing in ambitiousness—from the God of 49 . instead of waking up from his illusions about his own glory. 26). Go ye therefore. he still hopes that his glorification by the world will take place in the near future and the traumatic experience he suffered is a necessary part of it.

is more exclusive in the New Testament. at most the most important one. Crusade & Jihad Jews only to the God of the whole mankind-along with his prophet. In the Old Testament. but by me” (Jo: 14. He sends His only begotten son.At one point he even denies all prophets who came before him: “All that ever came before me were thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them” (Jo: 10. 8). But in the New Testament. 16) . The key to Jehovah’s increased exclusiveness is in Jesus’ concept of himself. Jehovah. We find Jehovah most ambitious and exclusive when 50 . Moses was only one among the many. Surely he is more exclusive than Moses. Jesus’ ‘Father in Heaven’. (Mk: 16. But at the same time. who alone can save the world from sins. He says. the truth and the life: no man cometh unto Father. he used to send His prophets on a regular basis.Prophetism.6). Thus He becomes more exclusive. So Jesus makes salvation his exclusive portfolio. “I am the way. which means that there is no salvation except through Jesus! The same idea is expressed when he says that those who believe in his gospel will be saved and those who do not will be damned.

The only religion acceptable to Allah is Islam. accept Islam and you will be safe”. and he will be a looser in the Hereafter” (Qu: 8. And lo! The sequel is for those who keep their duty (unto him)” (Qu: 7. that there is no God but Allah (La Ilaha Illallah).33). from mosque tops.Prophetism. “And whoso seeketh as religion other than theSurrender (to Allah) (meaning Islam) it will not be accepted from him. When they reached the settlement Mohammed announced “Oh ye assembly of Jews. Crusade & Jihad He appears in Quran as Allah.Also He has given out the entire world to His prophet’s followers “… Lo! The earth is Allah’s. 128). Simply being accepted as the only God is not enough for him. But the Jews resented. It has to be shouted also. He giveth it for an inheritance to whom He will. five times a day. The Hadis ‘Sahih Muslim’ narrates how Mohammad used to assert his inheritance of the whole earth: Mohammad and his followers went to attack a Jewish settlement of Medina. When he did not get a satisfactory answer he declared: “You should know that the earth 51 . Mohammad made the same announcement two more times.

he is the greatest of them too. Being the only true prophet of the only true God. lust and violence are justified in His name.Prophetism. We have described the origin. Mohammed claims himself to be the last prophet. Crusade & Jihad belongs to Allah and His prophet. and I wish that I should expel you from this land” (Sahih Muslim: No. If religion is meant for raising man from his animalistic nature by curtailing his ego. It is essentially an ideology for ego gratification of the prophet in the name of God. Mohammad is the most ambitious as well as the most exclusive of the prophets. for the other prophets will be right only if they agree with him. Aggression. the nature and structure of prophetism in sufficient detail to see it as it is. greed. then surely prophetism cannot be called religion. 52 . Since no other prophet will follow him. the world is left with no other choice than to be subservient to him. cruelty. Correspondingly. thus in effect becoming the only one. 4363). All these imply automatically that Allah and Allah alone is to be worshipped by the entire world for all times to come. crookedness.

Prophetism. What is sought in prophetism is domination with absolutely no botheration about the means. Therefore it is the worst political ideology in the guise of religion. Crusade & Jihad Instead of raising man to divine heights. it pulls down God to the level of an evil tyrant. 53 .

This. Moses. in. many were deluded to believe sincerely that they were really the messengers of God. hope 54 . probably the unconscious more than the conscious. depression. excitement. it is quite clear that the source of revelations is prophet’s own mind. That means while some of them might have been consciously fooling the people. emotion.Prophetism.Mohammed). At a later stage he himself admitted that Satan had managed to insert his own orders among the revelations. urge. Definitely. A more than sympathetic biographer of Mohammad. Maxime Rodinson says that Mohammad himself was afraid that human inspiration formed some part of his revelations. Crusade & Jihad 5. Prophets— Deluders or a Deluded Lot From our study of prophetism this far. It is a fact of life that man has unimaginable capacity for self deception. (Maxime Rodinson . Jesus and Mohammad belonged to the latter category. Many times intense stress. itself is a proof that Mohammad was not conscious of what actually was happening at the time of wahi (revelations). (The famous Satanic Verses).

Jesus and Mohammad. even a lay man can sense that something is wrong with these three. Coming back to Moses. hallucinations and uncontrolled reactions. But to plunder and massacre even unarmed innocents and rape and sell their women and children into concubinage and slavery. one must have certainly crossed the boundaries of sanity. It is not that he did not want to. Moses and Mohammad were overtly ultra violent. Jesus was not in a position to do physical violence on anyone. that too as divinely ordained duty. Certain delusions in such cases can stick on permanently overshadowing their commonsense. on the other hand he was for 55 . the chamerlengo in Dan Brown’s ‘Angels and Demons’. It is human to get angry with a person who harms or react violently under the extreme conditions of threat to life or honour of their women folk. even though they looked really sincere in their beliefs.Prophetism. emotional charges of much less intensity can trigger delusions. Crusade & Jihad and the like can delude even a normal man to the point of hallucinations as in the case of Carlos Ventresca. But for an already mentally afflicted person.

For the eunuch is his sexuality ideal “ … and there are some eunuchs. 29-30).Prophetism. 25). Another act of Jesus that looks quite crazy is his cursing the fig tree for not bearing fruits out of season. Here even though he mentions only eyes and hands. ” (Mat: 19. It is an 56 . 12). Crusade & Jihad it. 27). bring hither and slay (them) before me” (Lk: 19. Jesus seems to be sexually abnormal too. In Mohammad’s heaven. 22. In his heaven there are no things like marriage and sex (Mk: 12. While Jesus was an anti sexual. which made themselves eunuchs for kingdom of heaven’s sake…. Apart from this. what he really means is obvious. Mohammed was an ultra sexual. Father’s cruelty is hereby transferred to His only begotten Son). He is of the opinion that removing the body parts are more profitable than incurring sin and getting the whole body cast into hell fire (Mat: 5. which would not that I should reign over them. He also believed and declared that his heavenly Father had delegated to him the authority to judge and send people to hell (Joh: 5. So he substituted physical violence by curses. He says: “But those mine enemies. sex is almost the only entertainment.

his visions and his horse journey to heaven etc. but because of theological inconvenience) says that Jesus’ family took him to be baptized because they hoped that this ritual may purify him of the impure spirit that troubled him. 52). He is beside himself (Mark: 3. Similarly many contemporaries 57 . not because of unreliability. 21). Crusade & Jihad unending copulation that is going on there. ‘The Gospel of Hebrews’ (kept out of the church canon. Even while on earth he was oversexed. There is an apocryphal text.Prophetism. while he fully believed in their realities. Even Jesus’ own folks thought that he has gone out of his mind “And when his friends heard (of it) they went out to lay hold on him for they said. The Pharisees say: “Now we know that you are possessed by a devil” (Joh: 8. Jesus and Mohammad appeared to be out of their minds. but also for their contemporaries. Not only for us. His sexual craving increased with his age! His description of heaven and hell. He married about a dozen times after the age of fifty and by their ages his wives were fit to become his granddaughter to mother. are too much even for a lay man to be taken as real.

Prophetism. Jesus believed that it will be in the immediate future after his crucifixion and resurrection. 6). People also called him enchanted. 47). “We are best aware of what they wish to hear when they give ear to thee and when they take secret counsel. He is dead certain about it for he tells his disciples: “Heaven and earth will pass away but my words shall not pass away” (Mat: 24. especially that of Jesus and Mohammad. when the evildoers say: Ye follow but a man bewitched” (Qu: 17. Their diagnosis of Mohammad is 58 . “And they say: O thou unto whom the Reminder is revealed. Many psychologists have analyzed the personalities of the prophets in the last century. Another delusion both Jesus and Mohammad shared was the ‘Dooms Day”. Crusade & Jihad considered Mohammad as either a cheat or mad and he has to invoke Allah’s revelations in defense of himself. when he would appear in his glory on the clouds of heaven ready to do the final judgment on the world and people of his own generation will witness it. There are nearly a dozen more passages where people consider him as mad. lo! Thou art indeed a madman!” (Qu: 15. 35).

according to the Swami. (Remember Mohammad’s visions about the heaven. Vol I. along with his good works. An exceptionally brilliant psychopathological analysis of the behaviour of important Biblical prophets including Moses and Jesus was done by the multi discipline scholar Dr. Discourses on Raja Yoga. Crusade & Jihad that his is an example of paranoia. brought unending sufferings and destruction into the world (Swami Vivekananda: Complete Works. hell and of himself as the only mediator on the dooms day). Herman H Somers 59 . Swami Vivekananda pointed out that Mohammad suffered from derangement of brain due to stumbling into the state of ‘samadhi’ without proper preparation and guidance. which is defined as the sneaking development of a permanent and unassailable delusion system. volition and action are preserved. Mohammad. That is why. chapter on Meditation and Samadhi). in which clarity of thought.In fact this diagnosis of the modern psychologists only confirmed the diagnosis made from another quarters on the basis of Yogic Psychology about one century before.Prophetism.

Dr. Dr. After making his diagnosis of the ‘great Biblical prophets’. He was a Jesuit missionary for about forty years. Sometimes in such cases the murderer develops the conviction that God had wanted the murder. This would have led Moses to remarkable self righteousness and proneness to murder and death penalty. Somers concludes that he was suffering from paraphrenia. Moses and Jesus were not mentally sound. has a coherent thinking and well organized behaviour. But he remains adapted to his milieu. Somers published a book on Jesus in Dutch. that most of them including Abraham. Dr. Regarding Jesus. Crusade & Jihad in the late 20th century. which is triggered and fed by only rarely occurring hallucinatory crises. which is a fairly rare mental affliction in which the patient develops a delusion. These patients have great hostility towards anyone who criticizes them. he broke away from the order. mostly concerning his parents or ancestry. Somer’s diagnosis of Moses is that he was suffering from reactive psychosis. This was caused probably by the guilt feeling about murdering an Egyptian officer. in the light of his 60 .Prophetism.

Finally. and He will lay them low and give you victory over them. Jesus also took the stand that he is only doing the will of his heavenly Father. (Source: Psychology of Prophetism by Koenraad Elst). Again the Quran says: “Ye (Muslims) slew them (the unbelievers) not. Joshua also told the same. again he will be doing the will of the Father only. about twenty years back and to my knowledge the church has not opened its mouth in rebuttal till date. told himself and others that it is Jehovah that had destroyed their enemies. Even on the Day of Judgment. who were not believing in him to hell. while he was massacring the non Israelites. Mohammad also believes that in jihad it is Allah who destroys the enemies: “Fight them (the unbelievers)! Allah will chastise them at your hands. and He will heal the breasts of folk who are believers” (Qu: 9. Moses. 14).Prophetism. almost all the prophets played the hand of their God. but Allah slew them. when he will send them. And 61 . Crusade & Jihad findings. Similarly. in other words it is the Father who is talking and acting through him.

So when the ego or the ‘me’ goes by surrendering. Then. This is the wonder about non prophetic religions. the ‘me’ or the sense of separate identity cut off from the total. the ‘other’ (the non-me) also vanishes. A reader of prophetic literature. There are no chosen people or prophet of God too. The words ‘false gods’ do not exist in their dictionaries. it is the ego. Knower” (Qu: 8. There is no devil concept also in 62 . the ‘non-me’ also. For. that He might test believers by a fair test from Him. There is no devil as opposed to God. sense of all divisions disappears.Prophetism. For such a mind there are no false gods as different from the true God. which is the cause for the sense of ‘other’. who is not alert enough may easily get misled to believe that these prophets had really surrendered their egos and were functioning simply as the instruments of God. Crusade & Jihad thou Mohammad threwest not when thou didst throw. Lo! Allah is Hearer. only the sense of totality remains. but Allah threw. 17). But if they had really surrendered their egos. then they would have also said that it is the same God that is speaking and acting through others as well.

Prophetism. On the other hand. For the real sign of an instrument of God is the absence of any sort of self importance. such a man will see the totality or God in everyone and everything. They were not actually conscious of 63 . because any feeling of speciality is the product of ego. Anyone who thinks that he is the intermediary between man and God is the most deluded egotist. A person who is really living as the instrument of God will never really feel that he is the specially chosen prophet who alone can contact God or the only mediator between man and God or the only begotten Son of God. There is also no concept of a prophet in them (This topic is discussed later). Crusade & Jihad them. the feeling of being different from the whole. he is the central figure. But the prophets were men of enormous self importance. So their belief that they were living as God’s instruments was only an illusion. Anyone who goes through the old or new Testaments or the Quran can easily see this. In every book of the prophet. Also there are no chosen people for them. so everyone will look divine to him. Therefore the idea of mediating with God on behalf of man is sheer nonsense.

by living in the illusion that he has become an instrument of God. being the instrument of God means. The net result is that instead of getting freed from his ego. which to the prophet means that God is angry with him. others are not. Therefore. If he kills anyone. then it is God who is angry with that person. the prophet 64 . If someone is not honouring the prophet. Again self importance! To him. the prophet can never tolerate any disagreement or disrespect to God. being the instrument of God. So prophet is angry with him. then it is God that he is not honouring. if he is angry with another.Prophetism. it is God who kills that person. for the prophet is only an instrument. then it is with God that person is not agreeing. While playing the instrument of God. This is how the prophet’s self deception works. his firm belief was that only he is the instrument of God. it is possible to trace the workings of their minds. Crusade & Jihad the workings of their own minds. If anyone does not agree with him. But from what is described in the Bible or Quran. The firm belief of the prophet that he is God’s chosen one among men made him feel more important than others.

intolerant etc. despotic.Prophetism. violent. Crusade & Jihad unconsciously expects his God to become his instrument for fulfilling his desires. cruel. vengeful and intolerant. 65 . This is how the prophet’s ego gets blown up to astronomical proportions. As every egotist is intolerant to disagreements. by making his God his instrument.. That is why the prophetic God is always jealous. the prophet in his delusion makes his God jealous.

There is little spirituality and too much politics in them. the state is always theocratic. Crusade & Jihad 6. In the words of Pope Boniface VIII: “Both the swords (the spiritual and the material) are in the powers of the church. The history of the last two thousand years has conclusively made it clear that prophetism 66 . God’s name was not invoked in search of answers to such questions.Prophetism. the church and the state are always inseparable. Therefore in prophetism. The one by the hand of the priest and the other by the hands of the kings and the knights at the will and sufferance of the priest”. Their prayer book is also their law book. The spiritual is wielded by the church and the material for the church. what is this phenomenon called life and the like are not the themes of discussion in prophetism. Authority—the Life Force of Prophetism Fundamental questions like what is this existence. That is why craving for power is always intrinsic to prophetic religions. It was rather invoked as an instrument for the exercise of authority by the prophet and the clergy over their people.

Crusade & Jihad cannot survive without political power. the High Priest of Jerusalem Temple. Ram Swaroop points out: “As events settled (after settling in Canaan). as these commentaries are called. As a matter of fact serious discussions among the Jewish scholars about prophetism and Jehovah began much earlier. many Jewish Scholars tried to allegorize the events of the Exodus and ethicalize their God. contain much that is noble and inspiring” (Ram Swaroop-Hinduism vis-a-vis Christianity and Islam). 67 . Another factor that broadened the Jewish minds was the Graco-Roman cultural influence in the last half of the first millennium BC. They took a relaxed attitude towards the Mosaic Law. Late Shri.Prophetism. Cultured elite of the Jewish community were greatly attracted by this cosmopolitan culture. The Talmuds. These ‘modernised’ Jews led by Menelaos. Communal and regional identities and loyalties were assimilated to a great extent by this culture. The loss of political power to Romans in the first century BC and the later displacement to various parts of the world broke the venomous strangle hold of the Mosaic ideology on the Jewish psyche.

( Koenraad Elst’s “The Saffron Swastika”). As 68 . But pushing things this far resulted in the Macabean (an orthodox Jewish tribe) backlash leading to the establishment of an orthodox Jewish state. Subsequently the Jews got dispersed to various parts of the world.The orthodox Jews revolted twice. a synthetic and interdenominational God. in AD 70 and 134 but were crushed both the times by Romans. thus giving a fresh lease of life to prophetism. So the most important contributing factor towards the detoxification of the Jewish minds of prophetism was the loss of political power. The rabbinical tradition which took shape around the time of rebellions became synonymous with Judaism and they never had another prophet again.Prophetism. Menlaos also agreed to turn the Jerusalem Temple into an inter religio--cultural place of worship and dedicated to Zeus Olympikos (as He was called in Greek). Crusade & Jihad inspired the Syrian king Antiochos IV Epiphanes to pass an order abolishing the Mosaic Law and replacing with secular civil code. This state lasted for a few decades until it was conquered by the Romans.

Crusade & Jihad time passed. even though there is no dearth of fundamentalists’ groups there.Prophetism. Also. in spite of the great deal of oppression they had to suffer everywhere except in India. Today. The modern state of Israel is quite democratic. Even during the war times. the conquest of Canaan and the associated massacres remain with them only as history. But the demon called as prophetism could not be contained by all these developments. It made its hideous appearance in more ambitious and exclusive forms through the channels of Christianity and later Islam and tormented the world for centuries. They emerged as one of the most successful people on the face of the earth. Judaism matured quite a lot. the Talmudic God replaced Moses’ Jehovah for all practical purposes. Western European nations broke free form the yoke of the church few centuries ago. Christianity has crumbled in most of the developed countries of Europe and America. Devoid of political power. Israel has reasonably honoured the international norms and dealt sternly with those that indulged in excesses. With the science exploding the 69 .

Buddhist religions who has studied his mother religion and Christianity has opted for the latter by finding it superior. churches being sold. They care only for increasing the number of followers to realise their ambition of domination over these 70 . number of church goers extremely dwindled.Prophetism. fraud and even force. Till date. getting no fresh native recruits to the seminaries. The conversions have not at all improved the quality of life of the new convert in any manner and the church cares two hoots about this. the situation has become really pathetic for Christianity in those countries. not a single person from the Hindu. backed up by the mighty western money and media power. Today. dioceses closed down and filing pauper suits unable to pay off compensations to the victims of sexual harassments by church fathers and increased interest of the people in non prophetic religions. various churches and missionary groups are desperately trying to establish themselves in the developing HinduBuddhist countries of Asia and in Pagan Africa by indulging in mass conversions by means of allurements. Crusade & Jihad Biblical myths.

in return. was not visible in the media of these Afro Asian countries. So it continues to grow in strength and fundamentalism. In the non Islamic countries of these continents. serve the imperialistic designs of their western masters. They have managed to see to it that the story of the decline and fall of the Christian Empire in the developed west.Prophetism. They do not dare to try their hands on the Islamic countries. These churches and missionary groups. The Pope still proceeds with the confidence that the third millennium will see the cross firmly planted on the soils of these new pasture grounds. Crusade & Jihad countries. especially the storm raged in the western media after the publication of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the nineties. 71 . media and educational systems. they have already cultivated very strong influence on the governments. But Islam has not lost its political power so far.

in his time had given up violence in practice and Christianity. was theoretically peaceful. but it came only by wielding the sword. The Prince: “All well armed Prophets have conquered and unarmed failed”.Prophetism. for Judaism. Moses took up the sword and he was a success. When we look at the history of prophets. As a matter of fact. Mohammad wielded the sword more ferociously and he was a grand success. even though resorted to violent practices. Mohammad condemned both Judaism and Christianity as peaceful religions. Mohammad scolds him: “(Listen to me. The famous Italian philosopher and statesman. a follower asked Mohammad’s permission to renounce worldly activities and lead a life of seclusion. Fraud and Sword— Only Causes of Success of Prophetism It should be kept in mind that authority never came to prophets merely by repeating the revelations. Machiavelli. O man of little understanding) I was not sent down (by Allah) to preach the religion of Jews and 72 . points out in his masterpiece. Once on a jihad expedition. Crusade & Jihad 7.

into everlasting fire. But Jesus himself contradicts this according to the gospels. prepared for the devil and his angels” (Mat: 25. “Then he shall say unto them on the left hand. nay. Jesus could not take up the sword and he was a failure. He says: “Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you. drawn by the gospels most of the times. 4489). Crusade & Jihad Christians” (The Hadis collection. He tells his disciples that on the last day of the world he will sit in his glory on his throne and segregate those who have not served him to his left and send them to eternal hell. for the first ever time in the Bible (in fact in the history of mankind) we find the concept of permanent hell introduced. is anything but that of a peaceful man. Depart from me. He is very much intolerant towards non acceptance and disagreements. A 73 . Mishkat No.41). ye cursed.Prophetism. Here. His picture. Mathew also records the same idea (Mat: !0. 34). Most of us are brainwashed by the mighty propaganda going on for almost two thousand years to believe that Jesus did not want to take up the sword.52). he was the messenger of peace. but rather division” (Luke: 12.

74 . Crusade & Jihad person who wants even his worst enemies to burn forever in hell cannot be called peaceful or matured. Real maturity can come only with a certain degree of freedom from likes and dislikes and without real maturity there is no real peace.Prophetism. Apart from vindicating the rights of the faithful. force is supposed to do good to the unbelievers by compelling them to examine the truth and renounce error. The use of force is prescribed by the last book of the New Testament. The pagans have to be broken as the potter breaks his pots (Re: 2. Christianity became a great success only when its saints and leaders took up the sword in a big way in the latter days. the Revelations. Later on the Christian kings of Europe were invited by the church to impose Christianity on their people. While propagating Jesus as the messenger of peace. Augustine (354-430 AD) have seen in the use of force the best method of bringing round the unbelievers. The church fathers like St. his ‘message of peace’ was spread by them by the sword. The Christian Roman emperors starting with Constantine used force on a large scale for spreading the faith. 26-27).

1). This is the gist 75 . seeks and gets Pope’s permission to shift his seat to Constantinople. Crusade & Jihad Europe was thus converted to Christianity by fire and sword. is the history of Christianity’s spread throughout the world. the city of Rome. crusades and fraud where force does not succeed. It also showed the Pope returning the crown and other imperial symbols to the Emperor. Inquisitions. considering himself to be too insignificant to live in the same city as the Pope. and the province of Italy and the rest of the Roman Empire in the west. Sita Ram Goel). Donation of Constantine: This forged document depicted Emperor Constantine surrendering in devotion. The Emperor.Prophetism. As sample we point out two formidable forgeries committed by Pope Stephan II in eighth century. (Source: Papacy .Its Origin and History by late Shri. The Emperor is shown to have succeeded in persuading the Pope to accept only the Imperial Palace. Constantine is commanded by the Pope to rule over the eastern Roman Empire. his crown and authority of Roman Empire at the feet of Pope Sylvester I.

twenty six years after the last 76 . Crusade & Jihad of the document. These Decretals were designed to prop up the pope’s position as the Supreme Pontiff of the church. by an Italian humanist Lorenzo Valla. here also.Prophetism. for that city did not exist even as a project in the year in which the document was supposed to have been deposited by the emperor at the tomb of St. Peter! It is on the basis of this forged document that the Pope reigns as the Sovereign of the city state of Vatican on this day. He was intrigued by the mention of Constantinople (New Rome) in the document. Jerome was born only in 340. As in the case of Donation of Constantine. the fabricators made the same fatal error with dates. The forgery was exposed in the year1440. 2). But St. The Isidorian Decretals: This document is presently known as the False or Pseudo Isidorian Decretals which consists of decrees ascribed to various popes from Clement I (8897 AD) to Melchiades (311-314 AD). It was found the Decretals interspersed with passages from St. Jerome’s Latin translation of Bible.

Crusade & Jihad date in the Decretals and finished his translation only a few years before he died in 420 AD. 77 . So both the temporal and spiritual authorities of the popes are derived out of forgery.Prophetism.

“Thou shall not avenge. Since prophetism divides humanity into two mutually exclusive classes of believers and towards the believer and the other towards the unbeliever. 18). The Prophetic Moral Code Too much publicity has been given to the prophetic morality—the Christian virtues like charity and Islamic virtues like brotherliness. each prophetic religion has. the famous injunction of Jesus. love thy neighbour as thyself. In reality nothing can be farther from the truth. Jesus never extends this rule to cover 78 . but thou shall love thy neighbour as thyself” (Leviticus: 19. To exemplify. two sets of codes of conduct--. in theory as well as in practice. which is claimed to be the basis of ‘Christian charity’. is originally given out as an ordinance to Israelites by Jehovah through Moses to be followed within the community. Crusade & Jihad 8. nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people.Prophetism. The propaganda is aimed at making the non believer believe that the field of application of these virtues extends to the entire humanity and for attracting him to prophetic faiths.

right from the inception of Christianity. its 79 . before crucifixion he restricts his teachings to Jews only. 5-8). After his crucifixion he commands his disciples to spread out to the entire world and not only teach his gospel to them but also baptize and bring them into his fold.Prophetism. which means that it is his follower Jewish neighbour who is to be loved as own self by another follower Jew. Coming to the “practice” side. For. Now the domain of the above law automatically stands extended also to gentiles who become his followers.41) and (Mk: 16. Every true Christian upholds this claim even to this day. Crusade & Jihad whole of humanity. Initially he had restricted its field of application to those Jews who were his followers. as is made clear by him in (Mat: 25. where he says that he himself will send the unbeliever to permanent hell and he (the unbeliever) will be doomed. On the other hand what he reserves for those who do not believe in him is only hatred. 16). Therefore at any point of time. as we have seen earlier (Mat: 10. the injunction to love the neighbour as oneself was meant by Jesus to be practiced within the community of his followers only.

29). but anyone who is not a Christian must go to that place where he will be eternally barbequed”. it was always done within the community only. This is Christian morality! If at all a virtue had been ever practiced by them. Yet it is not prepared to give up the gains made or claims advanced on the basis of these malpractices. We have pointed out two formidable forgeries made by Pope Stephan II.Prophetism. Swami Vivekananda who saw through the missionary game commented thus: “Christians talk of universal brotherhood. 118). The catholic church has come to admit about the forgeries committed and violence and frauds practiced by the saints and popes. What Christians have done to Jews and other non Christians is sheer blood chilling horror. And “O ye who believe! Take not for intimates other than your own folk….. Crusade & Jihad saints and popes have been committing colossal violence and frauds. Similarly in Islam also we can find two different sets of codes of conduct: “Mohammad is the messenger of Allah.” (Qu: 3. And those with him (Muslims) are hard against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves….” (Qu: 48. So 80 .

save from their wives or (captives) that their right hand possesses. It is a sin to covet another Muslim’s wife but perfectly legal to covet a kafir’s wife. It is an offence to rob another Muslim but perfectly alright to rob a kafir. for then they are not blameworthy” (Qu: 23. We have already seen the Quranic revelation and quotation from Hadis to this effect. Crusade & Jihad Islamic ‘brotherhood’ also is strictly forbidden to be practiced outside the community. 5-6).Prophetism. These ayats declares that coveting a kafirs wife is perfectly legal in Islam (By making a kafir woman captive for sexual gratification the believer does not become blame worthy!). 24). The Hadis ‘Sahih Muslim’ makes this very clear by providing the 81 . Mohammad himself sets an example by leading the robbing expeditions on the merchant caravans of Pagan Meccans and rich Jewish settlements of Medina. by all merciful and all powerful Allah himself. One of the true believers’ signs is: “And who guards their modesty--. Another revelation to the same effect is “And all married women are (forbidden unto you) save those (captives) whom your right hand possesses” (QU: 4.

3432). 19-20). A still higher grade 82 . Most High.meaning one who does jihad—is far superior to an ordinary Muslim as is revealed by Allah: “Count ye the slaking of a pilgrim’s thirst and tendance of the Inviolable Place of Worship as (equal to the worth of him) who believeth in Allah and the Last Day. Crusade & Jihad context. and striveth in the way of Allah? They are not equal in the sight of Allah… Those who believe. and have left their homes and striven with their wealth and their lives in Allah’s way are of much greater worth in Allah’s sight. Forbidden unto you are women already married except those whom your right hand possesses” (Sahih Muslim: No. In Islam. sent down regarding that. Then Allah. It is a crime to kill a Muslim but a merit to kill a kafir. “At the battle of Hunain Allah’s Messenger sent an army to Autas— Having overcome (the infidels) and taken from them captives the Companions of Allah’s Messenger seemed to refrain from having intercourse with the captive women because their husbands being polytheists. These are they who are triumphant” (Qu: 9.Prophetism. a Mujahid—a Muslim who strives in the way of Allah-.

That is why no Christian missionary group does much charitable activities in a country governed by Islamic law. Otherwise the gang will not who slays a kafir with own hands. So it is no wonder that we do find some commendably virtuous practices in prophetic religions also. Quran says: “Freedom from obligations (is proclaimed) from Allah and His messenger towards those of the idolaters with whom ye made a treaty” (Qu: 9. 1). a minimum restraint and humanness have to be displayed by the member gangsters towards each other. If at all they do. Even in 83 . Muslims shall exhibit loyalty towards one another. Whenever virtues like charity or brotherliness are shown to unbelievers they are meant to be bates for pulling the unbelievers to the prophetic camps. But no Muslim is bound to keep the promise made to a non Muslim.Prophetism. they work mainly among the non Muslims of that country who can be converted without arousing the wrath of the government. Crusade & Jihad goes to the Ghazi-. Even in a gang of notorious dacoits.

Both Moses and Mohammad. They are least bothered about fifteen crores (a crore is ten millions) of Indian Muslims suffering on the earth and ultimately going to hell for not accepting Christ! It need not be particularly mentioned that if charity is done with an ulterior motive. But he lived at the cross roads of history. it ceases to be a virtue and becomes an act of exploitation or at least a strategic business action. These codes were traditionally observed by many Pagan societies. who were master organizers and born leaders unlike Jesus. the missionaries are interested in taking only the Hindus to heaven by making them Christians. Crusade & Jihad India.Prophetism. Jesus was only a typical Jewish prophet who accepted the Mosaic Law. Unlike Moses and Mohammad. when the Jewish society was getting 84 . Even these so called virtues were not the original contributions of the prophets. realised the importance of the Pagan moral codes in keeping their congregations together and fully functional and incorporated them into the internal codes of conduct of their respective congregations in the guise of divine commandments.

The only original idea that he can be credited with is that of the eternal hell. Chengis Khan. Mihajus Siraj 85 . where by hook or crook it reaped rich harvests. was cosmopolitan. While Jesus remained essentially Jewish. Paul exhibited some originality but not Jesus. Even the Son of God concept can be found in Hindu and Greek mythologies or Egyptian and Roman histories. who sowed the seeds of Christianity in the west. But the wisdom he gave to the world was already contained in these parables (which were already prevalent during his time) and the then current proverbs. Even though many Egyptian and Roman Kings took up the title of Son of God on themselves. none of them claimed to be the physical sons of God. his younger contemporary. The mighty Mangol. Crusade & Jihad bombarded by various external influences. excelled all prophets in implementing strict moral code on his people. as is evident from the number of parables he told. Of course. Paul. Jesus was gifted with the skills of memorizing and oratory. This concept cannot be found anywhere in the world literature before him. The famous 13th century Muslim historian.Prophetism.

will it be proper to coin terms like Chengis Khanic honesty and simplicity and do propaganda that they are the essential principles of his ideology? Definitely not! For such moral behavior on the part of their people was brought about by the prophets or their successors and Chengis Khan by an iron hand. Crusade & Jihad records in his ‘Tabqat--i--Nasiri: “The justice of Chengis Khan was so severe that none except the owner had the courage to pick up a whip that had fallen by the road side. On account of this. either on the earth or in the hell. Lying and theft were things quite unknown in his army and no one could find any trace of them” (quoted by late Sita Ram Goel—The Calcutta Quran Petition). The 86 .Prophetism. people started acting out their minds pushing the traditional virtues into insignificance. Once the iron hand was removed. It was the fear of punishment. as it happened in Western Europe due to crumbling of Christianity a few centuries ago. that made people conform to the prophetic or Chengis Khanic moaral codes. or the demolition of the communist power structure in many countries in the twentieth century.

But this flowering can take place only in inner freedom. Once we believe in a prophet. Hence prophetism and inner freedom can never go together. Crusade & Jihad great lesson to be learned from this is: real virtue cannot be enforced from outside. He has told us what to think and how to think and we have to force our minds always to conform to the thought pattern he has set for us. But the Rishis were not prophets. who are ignorant of their own as well as the prophetic religions. then the prophet becomes our perpetual authority. Prophets vis-à-vis Rishis and Gurus It has become a fashion with the modern educated Hindus. while truly believing Christians and Muslims consider the Rishis and Gurus as the agents of the Devil. Therefore the very concept of prophetic virtue itself is a fallacy. The natures of revelations of both are entirely 87 . it has to flower within. This is the very antithesis of inner freedom. to equate the prophets with the Rishis and Gurus. We have to believe that he stands for ever between us and God and unless we please him.Prophetism. our visas to heaven will never come.

Crusade & Jihad different. He was conscious of himself as different from the God. The results of the two types of revelations were also diametrically opposite. Whose voice he heard.rather mediumistic. because of the revelations received by them. when the sense of all differences including the ‘me’ and the ‘other’ totally disappeared. But in the case of the prophetic revelations the difference of the ‘me’ and the ‘other’ was very much present. The traditional Hindus believe that the Vedas were revealed to the Rishis. The Rishis. when his own individuality or the ego was completely obliterated. The state of his mind that ‘heard’ the revelations was of fear and confusion.Prophetism. So the prophetic revelation occurred as the result of establishing communication with a source that appeared to be external-. In fact they even declared that anyone could receive revelations provided his mind becomes 88 . became egoless. The Vedic revelations sprang forth not from any external source but from the depths of the Rishi’s own Being. They neither spoke about themselves nor claimed any importance. in a state of total silence (Samadhi). far away from silence.

No one will be allowed to be at par with him. On the other hand. is to awaken the inner Guru. the capacity to observe and learn from everyone and everything. the disciple is on his own. A real Guru feels his mission accomplished when the disciple evolves to his own level. The Guru also is not a prophet. The role of the outer Guru. the so called revelations from his God. The Guru never tries to mould the disciple according to his ideology but allows and guides him to grow in his own natural way. He also insisted that God will communicate only through him. including violence. no matter how much meritorious the rest might be. every prophet talked a lot about himself and claimed the status of the most important person on earth--God’s own chosen one. Also the followers have to be submissive to the prophet. Guru the person. Crusade & Jihad silent.Prophetism. But the prophet uses all means at his disposal. Once the inner Guru is awakened. People who have claimed direct contact with God or in other words claimed prophethood have been executed both in 89 . to mould his followers according to his ideology.

By being obedient to the prophet. Crusade & Jihad Christianity and Islam.Prophetism. the follower is promised some worldly benefit or heaven after his death. 90 . Even in heaven. the status of the believer is much smaller than that of the prophet. The growth of the follower and dispelling of his ignorance are not the concerns of the prophet.

Prophetism. Crusade & Jihad Part Two THE CONSEQUENT HUMAN PLIGHT 91 .

they believed that they were living as the instruments of God. Crusade & Jihad 9. In their illusion.Prophetism. insects and trees are. birds. We have seen how the prophets in their self deception believed themselves to be the only intermediaries between man and God. their self importance grew to such an extent that honouring or dishonouring them was equated to honouring or dishonouring God himself. Division between man and man We have discussed various aspects of prophetism. That is why all the prophetic religions teach that God created the nature. while in reality they were functioning as if God was their instrument for self glorification. The non human organisms had come into being long before the man had appeared. Without their being conscious of it. But the fact is that the man is only a part of nature as animals. The above teaching of the prophets turned out 92 . This self importance coloured their visions so much that they could see the world only through the smoke screen of their personal cravings. the animals and the birds only for the use of man. as we have already seen earlier.

a true believer in the prophet cannot but see the unbeliever. he also shall consider them as enemies and if the believer cannot consider his family members as his enemies. Every major prophet. has expressed the same sentiments as in the infamous statement of Jesus: “He who is not with me is against me” (Mat: 12. 36-37). then he loves them more than Jesus and hence he is not 93 . For Jesus says: “ He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me” (Mat: 10. The implication here is. those who did not please the prophets by bowing down to them were considered by them as their enemies and therefore the enemies of their God. in his unconscious self importance. due to his love for them. then like Jesus.Prophetism. 30). whom his prophet sees as his enemy (and hence his God’s enemy). even if the unbelievers are his parents. Even among the humans. if the family members of the believer are not believers in Jesus. Crusade & Jihad to be the most major cause for man’s destructive mentality towards nature and other forms of life. as his own enemy. Now.

such are wrong-doers” (Qu: 9. This enmity towards the unbelievers created frictions in the convert’s family and community wherever conversions took place to Christianity. It may be 94 . The Quran says: “O ye who believe! Choose not your fathers or your brethren for friends if they take pleasure in disbelief rather than faith. fraud and pressure tactics to bring about mass conversions and as a result. there was disruption of family and communal harmony in the conversion affected areas. The Govt. a retired Chief Justice of Nagpur High Court. The same idea is expressed in Luke (14.Prophetism. Whoso of you taketh them for friends. in 1954 to study the prosyletization activities of the missionaries in India as there was large number of complaints from various quarters about their activities. 23). Bhavani Shankar Niyogi. It does not matter to the believer that personally the unbeliever may not have anything to do with him. headed by Justice Dr. The commission found out that missionaries employed financial and other allurements. Crusade & Jihad worthy of him. of Madhya Pradesh (a state of Central India) constituted the Niyogi Commission. 26) also.

Thus. there came about a division of the world into two mutually opposing classes of believers and unbelievers. And fanaticism is certainly a type of madness which is the mother of all forms of 95 . Crusade & Jihad that the unbeliever might have even helped him a lot (Like the Midianites. Allah says to his believers: “Verily in the prophet of Allah ye have a good example for him who looketh into Allah and the last Day. in the mind of the true believer. 21). and one remembereth Allah much” (Qu: 33. Since prophetism never allows reason and objectivity to examine its basic premises.Prophetism. his fanaticism increased leaps and bounds. as the faith of the believer in its dogmas grew stronger. But all these do not matter to the true believer because his prophet is his most ideal role model. who gave shelter to Moses and Israelites or the Hindus who granted lands for Churches and Mosques and even helped Christians and Muslims to practice their forms of worship). This exclusivist mentality of the prophet and his true believers sowed the seeds of religious conflict in a world which hitherto did not know of hatred in the name of God and religion.

Thereupon Muhayyisa lept upon and killed Ibn Sunayna. a Jewish merchant with whom he and his elder brother. we use only the first names in places of long full Arab names: The Apostle (Mohammad) said. Crusade & Jihad terrorism. ‘You enemy of God. a religion which can bring you to this is marvelous!’ and he became a 96 . did you kill him when much of the fat on your belly comes from his wealth?’ Muhayyisa answered. When Muhayyisa killed Ibn Sunayna. saying. by Allah. ‘Sirat Rasul Allah’ of Ibn Ishaq (cited by late Sita Ram GoelThe Calautta Quran Petition). ‘Yes.Prophetism. We give below an illustration from Mohammad’s first biography. ‘Had the one who ordered me to kill him ordered me to kill you I would have cut your head off’. The other asked. ‘By God. had he ordered me to cut off your head I would have done so’. He exclaimed. if Mohammad had ordered you to kill me would you have killed me?’ He said. For the sake of brevity. Huwayyisa began to beat his brother. Huwayyisa was not a Muslim at that time. Huwayyisa had social and business relations. ‘Kill any Jew that falls into Your power’. ‘By God.

The introduction of the idea by the prophets that God destroys His enemies (unbelievers in Him and His Prophet) gave rise to the concept of the ‘Holy War’—the jihad and crusade. This illusion made it possible for the prophet and his true believers to kill man not only with a clean conscience but also in the firm belief that such killings would bring to him merit in this world and in heaven. In the context of jihad Allah says: “O ye who believe! If ye help Allah. He had an 97 . Crusade & Jihad Muslim. 7 ). 15 of the same chapter. the heroes of heathen killings. Allah promises paradise to such a person. in Christianity. For example. the believer who is engaged in holy war is ‘helping’ his God in establishing His Kingdom on earth. This is an example of how prophetism dehumanizes people. He organized riots against Alexandrian Jews who were forced to leave the city. heretic hunting and inquisitions were canonized as saints! A typical example is Cyril of Alexandria who became the bishop in 412. In ayat no.Prophetism. Accordingly. He will help you and make your foothold firm” (Qu: 47.

it is widely believed that it survived the christian attack. But the scholars had started leaving 98 . The leading scholar of Alexandria. the Temple of Sarapis and many other Pagan monuments were destroyed. had made intolerance to non Christians an official policy and were patronizing the likes of Cyril. was caught. her body cut to pieces. Cyril was canonized by Pope Leo XIII in 1882 for his services to the Christian cause. The Caesarium. In 415 Cyril let loose his army of monks on the centre of learning in Alexandria. a young Pagan lady. at least from 375 onwards. stripped naked and dragged inside the church by the monks. even though all facts abut his ‘service’ in Alexandria were well known at that time. As there is no evidence of the destruction of the famous library of Alexandria in 415.Prophetism. Hypatia who was a mathematician and philosopher of the neo platonic school. Crusade & Jihad army of monks whose job was to harass the non Christians in all possible manners. There she was clubbed to death. the flesh was scraped from the bones using shells and the remnants thrown into fire. The Christian Roman emperors.

when they captured Egypt in a surprise move.Prophetism. They sent a humble petition to Caliph Omar in Mecca to spare the library. they are impious. to which the latter is reported to have replied: “If the books in Alexandria are in agreement with Quran. In either case. In Islam jihad is the duty of every Muslim for all times to come and refusing to take part in it for any reason other than physical disability is a sin which can cause his fall into hell. It must be burnt”. they are contrary to Mohammad’s book. Crusade & Jihad since that incident and the decline of the centre of learning had begun. For six months the books were burnt in the furnaces of public baths in Alexandria. even if he is observing all other injunctions of his religion. there is no need to preserve the library. they are superfluous. The library was burned down by Muslims in 642.000 volumes of knowledge of ten centuries was destroyed. If on the other hand. Regarding the importance of jihad Mohammad says: “To keep yourself busy in the way of Allah (meaning 99 . So the library along with 700. The remaining scholars of Alexandria made a last minute attempt to save the fabulous library.

And to get imprisoned in the field of battle is better than getting engulfed in surphis prayers for as many as sixty years” (Mishkat: No. They will fight for His cause. Crusade & Jihad jihad) for a single morning or afternoon is better than the whole earth and whatever (wealth) it possesses. slay and be slain. the same day of his martyrdom in jihad.Prophetism. The Quran also says: “Allah has purchased of the faithful their lives and worldly goods and in return has promised them the Garden (meaning Paradise). It is a real pity that even in this 21st century there is no dearth of deluded souls who believe this and come forward for suicide attacks. But a shahid can enter the paradise. even if he has not kept any other religious injunctions. 4489). Such is 100 . The reward awaiting the shahid (the pleasures of the paradise) is of such magnificence that the shahid himself will desire to return to earth and get killed in jihad ten more times. All other Muslims will have to wait till the day of judgment to get entry into heaven. Sahih Muslim records Mohammad saying that it is the shahid—a Muslim who gets killed in jihad—who is the most meritorious person.

and his habitation will be hell. if they but understood” (Qu: 9. 111). And “Whoso on that day. And who is more true to His promise than Allah? Rejoice then in the bargain you have made. briefly.turneth his back to them (unbelievers) unless maneuvering for battle or intent to join a company.which spread death and devastation in the world for centuries. And they said: Go not forth in the heat! Say: The heat of hell is more intense of heat. We give here. and were averse to striving with their wealth and lives in Allah’s way. an account of 101 . 81). he truly hath incurred wrath from Allah. This concept of holy war in prophetism did not remain limited to theory only. a hapless journey’s end” (Qu 8. It was put into practice most savagely right from the days of the first prophet . That is the supreme triumph” (Qu: 9. the Gospel and the Quran. the Quran says: “Those who were left behind rejoiced at sitting still behind the messenger of Allah. 16).Prophetism.Moses himself . Crusade & Jihad the true pledge in the Torah. Now regarding those who refuse to fight jihad or turn back from the enemy.meaning the day of jihad.

suffering brought about by 102 . Crusade & Jihad the human prophetism.Prophetism.

who worshipped the Golden Calf. of thirty one Canaanite cities (Joshua: chapters 6-14). both human and cattle. became Christian. a). allegedly as per Jehovah’s command ordered the slaughter of about three thousand Israelites in Sinai. Christian Vandalism The early Christians were not powerful enough to do really large scale killings. they 103 . The first bloodshed by prophetism was of Jews when Moses. the massacre of all male and married women population of Midian being the most gruesome among them.Prophetism. All these massacres were carried out in accordance with Jehovah’s commandments. Genocides in the Old Testament The first victims of prophetism were the prophet’s own people themselves. Some other non Canaanite nations were also slaughtered during Moses’ time. Their violence was restricted to few pockets where they were dominating. on a single day. Crusade & Jihad 10. Joshua massacred the entire population. But when the powerful Roman Emperor. Constantine.

a single person can hold both the temporal and spiritual authorities. He found the Christian theology and organizational structure most suitable for maintaining his position and total control over his people. It is not that Constantine adopted Christianity due to religious reasons. belonged to a tradition in which republics and democracy to some extant flourished. The survivors had to profess Christianity. on the other hand. the supreme temporal and spiritual leader of the Christian Roman Empire. Backed up by the might of the Christian Roman Emperors. In such pluralistic traditions. millions were slaughtered during the first millennium throughout Europe for not accepting Christianity. Only in prophetism. Crusade & Jihad started large scale killings of the non Christians who refused to embrace Christianity. They were also polytheists. As per the deal with the Christian clergy.Prophetism. at least publicly. it is not possible for dictatorship and religious exclusiveness to survive. The pagan Romans. and of the later Christian kings. 104 . Constantine was declared as the Maximus Pontiffix (the supreme bridge).

Pope Alexander VI (1492. The missionaries who went along with the Portuguese could not match the performance of their brethren who were 105 . Millions of natives were inhumanly tortured and executed in this manner. fire and sword. the Caribbean Islands and the West Indies was to read out the ‘Requerimento’. The Australian native population was also decimated. The modus operandi of the missionaries in South and Central America. Even then the Spanish soldiers were called to start a slaughter of those who refused to submit. which was in Spanish and not understood by the natives.Prophetism. the demand of submission to Christianity. their places of worship demolished or converted into churches before these lands were completely christianised. Crusade & Jihad The second millennium saw the spread of Christianity in the American and Australian continents and many parts of Asia and Africa by fraud.1503) impressed upon the kings of Portugal and Spain to transport the missionaries to the distant lands conquered by them and to pay for their upkeep till they managed to live off the conquered lands.

Prophetism, Crusade & Jihad working with the Spaniards in the western hemisphere. The reason was that the Asian countries were not at all inferior to the Portuguese in the art of warfare on the land and the missionaries could not fool the natives into believing that their religions were inferior to Christianity. Unfortunately for the missionaries, they could use force only in some small coastal pockets which came under Portuguese control due to the latter’s supremacy over the seas. But in these pockets, they showed their real colour. In Goa, on the west coast of India, St. Francis Xavier, a Spanish Jesuit missionary, wrought havoc. He was the person who brought inquisition to Goa. As a result, thousands of Hindus were slaughtered for not accepting Christianity. Thousands fled from Goa to neighbouring Hindu kingdoms to save their lives, honour and religion. Thousands were tortured in the most inhuman manner till they submitted to Christian faith. Children were brutally flogged and cut to pieces in front of the parents. Their feet were cut off so that they could not run away from the scene of their children’s torture.

Prophetism, Crusade & Jihad Their eyelids were removed so that they could not close their eyes to the horrible scenes in front of them. Readers who want to know more about Goa inquisition can refer the well documented books: History of Christianity in India: The Beginning to 1707 AD by Stephen Neill, The Goa Inquisitions by AK Priolkar and St. Francis Xavier; the Man and Mission by Sita Ram Goel. But in spite of all this barbarism, the missionaries did not succeed in christianising Goa completely. Even today, Goa remains a Hindu majority state. In Africa also fraud and sword were extensively used by the missionaries in their zeal for christianization. Men were forcibly captured and sold in the slave markets. The first President of Tanzania, Julius Nyerere, once said that when the missionaries arrived in Africa, the Africans had the land and the missionaries had the Bible. The missionaries asked the Africans to close their eyes and pray. And when they opened their eyes again, they had the Bible in their hands and missionaries had their lands. b). Islamic Havoc

Prophetism, Crusade & Jihad We have seen earlier that jihad occupies the central place in Islam. Ayotollah Khomeini, the former ruler and religious leader of Iran, who issued the fatwa against Salman Rushdie fully validated this when he said that Mehraab (the main hall of a mosque) itself means the place from which the war (harb) starts. Allah had revealed that as the Jews did not stick to His words revealed through the earlier prophets He had forsaken them and picked on Muslims as His chosen people. Now He threatens them that “If ye go not forth- meaning if the Muslims refuse to wage jihad- He will afflict you with a painful doom, and will choose instead of you a folk other than you” (Qu: 9. 39). In the Hadis we get even clearer exposition of the concept of jihad. Sahih Muslim (No.4696) quotes Mohammad: “One who died but did not fight in the way of Allah nor did express any desire (or determination) for jihad died the death of a hypocrite”. It is to be kept in mind that in Islam the hypocrite goes to the lowest layer of hell; one layer lower than even a kafir. The same Hadis collection (No.4294) describes how jihad should be waged: “Fight in the way of Allah,

Collection of jizziya. invite them to three courses of action: Invite them to join Islam. The spread of Islam through jihad is achieved in four ways: a). which would further accelerate its spread. If they refuse to pay the tax. This would help Islamisation by reducing the 109 . This would also help the spread of Islam by being used for the up gradation of the war machinery. its maintenance and payment of bribes. we get the following clear concept of jihad. accept from them the jizziya. (3) Its objective in this world is the spread of Islam. Crusade & Jihad Fight against those who disbelieve in Allah. Massacre of unbelievers. the poll tax. Apart from increasing the number of adherents instantaneously. c). When you meet your enemies who are polytheists. (1) It is actual war for religious reasons. b). in due course people would be convinced that if they refuse the ‘peaceful’ invitation to submit.Prophetism. seek Allah’s help and fight them”.By inviting the unbelievers at the pint of the sword to join Islam. If they refuse to accept Islam. (2) Its ultimate objective is Paradise. then they would have to face the sword of Islam. In the light of Quran and Hadis.

He got fully convinced from his Meccan experience that his religion will not sell through the medium of peace. The portion that goes to the mujahids indirectly helps Islam’s promotion by motivating them to strive even harder in Allah’s way. One fifth of the plunder goes to the prophet and after his time to the caliph which is directly used for spreading Islam. Plunder. Mohammad had fully realized the importance of sword in the spread of his religion from his own experience. The human resources also fetch money through ransom and slave trade. While at Mecca he was rejected by the people and he had to run away to Medina. That is why he started getting revelations regarding the use of sword in the 110 . Massacre also paves the way for the next important element of jihad: d). Crusade & Jihad number of non Muslims in the world and hence opposition to it. The booty includes the movable and immovable properties and the women and children of the unbelievers and the professionals among them.Prophetism. The women helps greatly to the growth of Islam for their children by their masters would be brought up as Muslims.

he had a powerful army of 30. The Hadis. he had a well equipped army of 10. In his first armed raid against the Meccans in 622. Crusade & Jihad service of Allah. we have seen how the sword helps in realizing Mohammad’s ambition.000 men! All these are well accounted in various Hadis collections and his biographies. In jihad. Allah makes it clear that only the mujahid is entitled to get the booty. when he planned the invasion of Palestine. 4549) reveals the great importance Mohammad gave to sword in his religion: “The portals of heaven les under the shadow of the sword”. But when he marched to Mecca in 630. Regarding the earth also.000 soldiers and in 632. after he could mobilize some support. he had only 301 ill equipped supporters. another element of almost the same importance as the sword is plunder. A certain Arab tribe around Medina refused to accompany Mohammad on his expedition to Hudaibiyyah and Allah’s 111 .Prophetism. Mishkat (No. He used all the four aspects of jihad discussed above extensively. on the eve of his death. It is extremely significant that all the revelations regarding jihad came down at Medina.

15). Make holy war.210 of the same Hadis collection. do not embezzle the spoils”. Even a shahid can go to hell because of it. a slave of Mohammad got klled in the jihad against the Jews of Khaibar. the small garment he stole on the day of Khaibar but which did not fall into his lot is burning like the fire (of hell) on him”. The pattern set by Mohammad was followed by his successors as well. Sahih Muslim (No. Crusade & Jihad revelation came down promptly: “Those who were left behind will say: when ye set forth to capture booty. history of Islam is fully soaked in blood. Once. As a result.” (Qu: 48. The hooligans of Arabia at the time of 112 . let us go with you. When Muslims started greeting the dead slave as a martyr. 4294) quotes Mohammad: “Fight against those who disbelieve in Allah. In fact embezzlement of spoils is one of the deadliest sins in Islam as made clear by No. …Say (unto them O Mohammad): Ye shall not go with us…. the prophet cried out: “Nay. not so. By Him in whose hand is the life of Mohammad. This shows how carefully and effectively Mohammad used loot to motivate people to work for him.Prophetism.

Many ambitious and opportunistic people also accepted Islam by seeing the rise of Mohammad. But they were threatened of massacre by the chieftains of Mohammad which frustrated their plan (See ‘The Calcutta Quran Petition’ by late Sita Ram Goel). Crusade & Jihad Mohammad joined his fold because plundering the kafirs and abducting their women were approved by Allah and His prophet as legal. which brought vast areas of Asia and Africa under the control of Islam along with huge amount of plundered wealth. When Mohammad breathed his last. All those Arabs who refused to get converted to Islam were mercilessly cut down. Millions of ‘kafirs’ were butchered for not accepting Islam and their blood flowed like rivers. Their women folk 113 .Prophetism. Mohammad’s last wish was to cleanse entire Arabia of non Muslims. But the vast majority of Arabs joined Islam for the fear of losing their lives. The subsequent Caliphs and sultans undertook extensive jihadic expeditions. the Meccans had decided to return to their ancestral faith. His wish was fulfilled by the later Caliphs in a very short time after his death.

Prophetism. Thousands of infants were savagely cut to pieces and pierced by spears in front of their mothers and many more thousands of children were sold into slavery. Another million people were displaced. when the news of their men folks’ slaughter at the hands of jihadis reached them. The partition of India in 1947 due to Muslim demand for a separate country for themselves resulted in the loss of nearly two million lives. Pakistan actively promotes cross boarder terrorism against India and involves in fomenting communal riots on Indian soil. In the name of Islam. large number of women jumped into burning pyres. Due to India’s large Muslim 114 . In India. Thousands of women were ravished. Crusade & Jihad were brutally raped and taken as captives to the harems of the believers where these unfortunate women had to keep on contributing to the growth of the believer population. Thousands of places of worship of the kafirs were desecrated or razed to ground and mosques were erected in their places. Since then four wars were fought between India and Pakistan. in order to save their honour.

The raiders and rulers alike had declared that their 115 .Prophetism. These pseudo historians try to blackout the chapters of Islamic vandalism in India’s history. ordering them not to include the atrocities of the Islamic raiders and rulers of India in the history syllabi. They try their best to make the Indians believe by fair and foul means that the motivating factor behind the aggressions of Sultans and other Muslim chieftains was not Islam. plunder. Crusade & Jihad population. but it was the greed for wealth accumulated in the temples of India. This is a blatant and motivated lie. for the chroniclers of these rulers and raiders make it very clear that the invasions were nothing but jihads and take pride in the killings of kafirs. Some state governments in India send even directives to their education departments. desecration and destruction of their places of worship. Pakistan is greatly successful in its dubious designs. Modern Islamic apologists and historians at the helm of India’s historical studies establishments try hard to blackout the barbarism of the Islamic aggressors.

Crusade & Jihad military expeditions were nothing but jihads aimed at eradicating the evil of idolatry.Prophetism. almost every tenet is spread over the entire text and no contexts of revelations are provided. 116 . Islam. they belonged to different cultures. These apologists and pseudo historians are able to fool people only because of the overwhelming majority’s ignorance of Islam and its history. Since it is the context that gives a correct understanding of the word. unambiguously demonstrates the nature of the aggressions. desecration and destruction of temples and erection of mosques in their places—the pattern set up by prophet Mohammad himself. rape. torture. arson. That they destroyed and desecrated even very small temples which did not have any wealth. especially of the Hadis. Above all. loot. Yet the pattern of their onslaughts were same everywhere. selling the captives into slavery. The only thing common to them was their religion. lived in different times and were of varying educational standards. In Quran. as can be seen in their chronicles—murder. the raiders and rulers were of different nationalities. forcible conversions.

But the Hadis. Once Islam is understood on the basis of Hadis. which have become really dangerous. the words and deeds of Mohammad. Then no one will be able to fool people by lying that the Islamic invaders were motivated only by economic or political factors and their chronicles are not reliable records of their motivations and actions. provides the correct contexts and hence the correct meanings of the Quranic revelations. That is why the Islamic scholars consider the Hadis to be as important as Quran. the chronicles of the Muslim invaders and rulers will be found to be in exact accordance with the spirit of Islam. Crusade & Jihad it is not possible to understand Islam only on the basis of Quran. being the accounts of how Mohammad himself explained Allah’s commandments and put them into practice.Prophetism. Also they are the most authoritative interpretations of the revelations. The same Islamic spirit (which is the same as the spirit of prophetism) could be found in action behind modern day terrorism and communal disturbances. Unless the danger is correctly understood there is no way of dealing 117 .

The Jews. prophet became more important than his God for all practical purposes. The Christians labeled them as God killers and oppressed. Since Jews did not accept Jesus or Mohammad. One God but Different Prophets—Cause for Torture. It was only in 1962 that the church agreed to forgive them for killing Jesus.. Loot. Christians and Muslims worship the same God. To the believers. The crusades that resulted also claimed 118 . The quarrel between Christians and Muslims was also because their chief prophets were not the same. c). a thorough debate on prophetism is the first step to eliminate terrorism and communal hatred. Arson. Crusade & Jihad effectively with it. Therefore. Rape and Slaughter Another development in prophetism also resulted in the slaughter of millions. they were targeted by the followers of the latter two. that too on condition that they should disassociate themselves with the generation who are alleged to have caused Jesus’ crucifixion. But that did not prevent them from reaching out for one another’s throat.Prophetism. tortured and killed them for centuries.

torture and rape were widely practiced by both sides. etc. Forcible conversions also took place to either side. In fact. they made their way to the forefront of civilized societies. The Jews lived for centuries in Egypt quite cordially with the Egyptians. They worshipped Egyptian gods also and were quite liked by the Egyptians. both civil and military. Arson. Till they came under the influence of Hellenistic culture and spread out of Israel owing to the loss of political power to Roman’s they were not a nation worthy to be compared to other great nations of antiquity like India. plunder. rose to supreme positions in that country. Crusade & Jihad millions of lives. Egypt. has always remained inimical to freedom of thought. being exclusive by nature. its first adherents were also its first victims. Persia. civilization and knowledge Prophetism. But once the Mosaic influence on their psyches started fading away. China. loot. 119 . It was Moses who caused their minds to be closed and fanatical. Prophetism versus culture. d). People like Joseph.Prophetism.

Many of them like the astronomer 120 . The Christian church and missionaries try to fool the Asians and Africans by associating the greatness of western civilization and scientific developments with Christianity. The same liberal Hellenists. The entire Europe slipped into a dark age for a millennium. they could make whatever advancements they made. mathematics. Until the 17th century. But the fact is that Christianity destroyed the glorious civilization of the ancient west (we have already seen what they did in Alexandria) and only after the west Europeans threw away the yoke of Christianity. all their glory faded away. architecture. Crusade & Jihad The ancient Greco Romans were highly cultured and civilized people.Prophetism. They were pluralistic and liberal. the church had been totally oppressive of the scientists and other free thinkers of Europe. They had made tremendous advancements in various fields of learning like science. now started carrying the fire of fanaticism. literature and other arts and crafts. who once used to carry the light of knowledge. Once they were forcibly converted to Christianity.

There are many evidences to show that the ancient Arab pagans were cultured and civilized. They were tolerant and hospitable to other people. For example. As Islam went on conquering. Mohammed’s first wife. Asma bint Marwan. Islam’s story is also not different.Prophetism. But once they became Muslims. they were deculturalised and lost most of their noble qualities. who was murdered on Mohammed’s orders. They became extremely fanatical and drove away Christians and Jews from the Arabian Peninsula. There was a poetess. along with human lives and honour they went on destroying the centers of learning and cultures also. They had given asylum to both Christians and Jews in their troubled times. Khadeeja was running her family business. Crusade & Jihad Joseph Brno were burnt alive and many others like Galileo were inhumanly tortured by the inquisitors. This is the evil influence of Islam. Even ladies had freedom to come up and compete with men. The famous library of Alexandria and the University of Nalanda and many other centres 121 .

it is this humaneness emerging out of the dark clouds of prophetism. knowledge and civilization flourished in some countries because the rulers broke away from the Islamic orthodoxy. This is just a motivated white lie. A myth that is extensively propagated and believed by many is that Islam promoted knowledge and civilization. But during the period of the Abbasid Caliphs. The person who was mainly responsible for this progress was the Abbasid Caliph. In fact. So whatever growth in civilization and knowledge achieved in the Islamic world was in spite of Islam. which held back their progress till date. Whenever something good and human comes out of the true believer. during the first two centuries of Islam. This is a clear proof that prophetism was not able to completely extinguish the light of humaneness. Crusade & Jihad of learning in northern India were completely burnt by the Muslim fanatics. Al122 . The strict commandments of Allah and Mohammed not to mix up with the unbelievers developed a ghetto mentality in them. the only duty of Muslims was to practice Islam with its worship and violence on all fronts.Prophetism.

The Hindu and Greek texts on various subjects were translated and Hindu scholars were welcomed to settle in Baghdad. The adherents to this school had their own political and religious views which differed completely from the traditional Islam. They treated him as an apostate. His progressive outlook and policies invited severe opposition from the vast majority of orthodox sections. an adherent to a school of thought in Islam which originated around his time.. Crusade & Jihad Mamoon of the 9th century. Al-Mamoon was a Mutazilah (one who stands apart). They also did not believe that Quran is the repository of all knowledge. He established observatories and promoted science and arts and rational outlook.Prophetism. He created a translation bureau in Baghdad called the Beikal-Hukmah or the House of Wisdom. This led to the renaissance in the Islamic world in the 9th century. Mamoon and his group kept aloof from the factional feuds of his contemporary Islam. They did not believe that Quran was revealed by Allah. the originator of the most fanatic school of Islamic 123 . Under the leadership of Imam Hanbal..

This led to unrest and resulted in weakening Mamoon’s position. frequent insurrections were attempted. The Abbasid Caliphate came to a bloody abrupt end when Halaku Khan the grandson of Chengis Khan brutally massacred the Caliph and all his family members. Mamoon in turn. A few fortunate Mutazilitezes escaped to Spain where there were some progressive Muslim rulers. This paved the way for entrance into a new world of 124 . Crusade & Jihad law.Prophetism. Another factor that allowed civilization and learning to flourish in some Islamic countries was the introduction of the sophisticated Persian language in the palaces and offices of the Muslim rulers. He suddenly died in 833 AD. (as Al-Mamoon’s adherents were called) were suppressed with brutal barbarism and Islam succeeded in bringing about the Cimmerian darkness once again. The mutazilitezes. Some scholars believe that Caliph Mamoon was murdered. Hanbal won. ordered his people to adhere to Mutazilitizm He started dealing strongly to the Mullahs who upheld the traditional view that Quran was revealed by Allah and everything worthy to be known was in it.

Prophetism, Crusade & Jihad thoughts different from Quran, knowledge of various subjects and scholarly pursuits. It is in Persian that the great classic, the Rubbiat of Omar Khayyam was written. The book is a philosophical meditation on life which breaks clean away from the style and level of Quran. But the civilizing leaven of Persia did not reach Egypt and North Africa in sufficient strength. Consequently, prophetism triumphed and the Islamic world sank back once again into ignorance.. Even in Iran (formerly Persia), Islamic fanatics triumphed and Ayatollah Khomeini captured power. Since then, till his death, he went on issuing fatwas for the elimination of free thinkers like Salman Rushdie. Iran was also pushed into the Islamic darkness. Even though the Muslims condemn Al-Mamoon as an apostate, they are ever eager to claim the credit for his achievements by boasting of Islam’s role in bearing the torch of knowledge and civilization during the middle age. e) Reactive Aggressiveness Violence



Prophetism, Crusade & Jihad Prophetism begets violence in yet another fashion; violence as reaction by the non prophetic religionists. The Bible describes that centuries after Moses and Joshua conducted the genocides of non Israelites, the Moabites (the descendants of Abraham’s nephew, Lot and Lot’s eldest daughter) attacked an Israelite city as a revenge operation. The Egyptian Pharaoh during the days of Solomon also did the same. The stray cases of violence against prophetic religionists – Muslims and Christians – by Hindus in our times also are due to reaction to the prophetic religionist’s aggressions on them and their religion. As long as the prophetic religions continue to remain aggressive, the reaction, in the form of hatred towards them is never going to end. f) Prophetism and Modern Day Chaos We have seen earlier how terrorism is a natural outcome of prophetism. A major threat to world peace in our times has been Islamic terrorism. The oil rich Arab and Persian Gulf countries have been lending financial support and safe bases to Islamic terrorists. During the

Prophetism, Crusade & Jihad years of cold war, USA and its allies gave espionage training and weapons to jihadis, to use them against the erstwhile USSR. The Soviets also did the same in some African and Arab countries against the American block; especially taking advantage of the latter’s all out support for Israel. In their shortsightedness and competition for world domination, USA and USSR made Islamic terrorism really deadly. After the end of the cold war due to collapse of USSR, both present Russia and the western countries have become the targets of jihadis’ strikes. The west, in its double standards, is keeping its eyes closed to the jihad waged in Kashmir and other parts of India. According to official accounts, the terrorism in Kashmir alone has claimed about one hundred thousand lives so far. The Islamic terrorists’ attacks have become the order of the day in one part of the world or the other. The pseudo intellectuals of the media, especially in India, try their best to make people look away from the real issue, which is the role of Islam in terrorism. They try to

refuse to discuss one key issue: How the terrorists are able to mobilize support for their cause. Crusade & Jihad present the whole problem as the reaction of the Muslims all over the world to western imperialism.Prophetism. social and political desperations or Pakistan’s designs to destabilize the enemy country India by them. Of course the reaction to American aggression on Afghanistan and Iraq and Pakistan’s hand in cross boarder terrorism do play their parts. carry out their operations successfully and remain out of reach of the powerful governments? Also they pretend not to see the fact that most of the identified terrorist organizations of today are Islamic. Even the Islamic terrorists’ attacks in Kashmir and other parts of India are labeled simply as ‘terrorist attacks’ and attributed to economic. especially in India. They tell the Muslims all over the world that 128 . but in the name of Islam. The leaders of these Islamic terrorist organizations are themselves highly religious and appeal to their fellow religionists throughout the world. not in the name of resistance to economic or political exploitations by western powers. But the media.

.Prophetism. It is highly significant that their list of infidel countries against whom they are waging jihad contain not only the western powers and Israel. The Islamist terrorist training camps are flourishing there in cooperation with ISI. captured about 129 . The same ISI had collaborated actively with the Pakistani army dominated by West Pakistanis in the mass killings and rapes of East Pakistanis in 1971. which owes its existence as a sovereign country to India. but also India.. It was Indian armed forces that routed the Pakistani army. the notorious spying agency of Pakistan. a country in which Muslims enjoy more privileges than anywhere else in the world. Crusade & Jihad they are waging jihad against the infidels—the enemies of Allah and Islam—and there is no reason to believe that they do not mean what they declare. Even Bangla Desh (former East Pakistan). in spite of the fact that more than ninety five percent of Indian Muslims supported the partition of India on religious grounds to carve out Pakistan for themselves in 1947. has joined hands with Pakistan and other jihadis and has become a hub of cross boarder terrorism against India.

Even General Musharuff. particularly in the context of confrontation with India. Crusade & Jihad one hundred thousand Pakistani soldiers including general Niazi as prisoners and liberated East Pakistan from the brutal oppression of General Yahya Khan’s military regime of United Pakistan.Prophetism. the Muslim countries prefer Pakistan to India and the terrorists declare India as Dra-ul-Harb. the Pakistani president shy away from alienating himself and his military government from his people 130 . All these facts most clearly point out the role of Islam in modern day terrorism. But the terrorists who are waging jihad against the west enjoy tremendous support among its people. Another example is the present day Pakistan. The sovereign country of Bangladesh was thus born in 1971. Most people consider its government to be a puppet of USA. the country with which jihad has to be waged. This is in spite of the fact that the west has been always pampering Pakistan. On the basis of this only common factor. It should be remembered that the only thing common about these Muslim countries or various terrorist groups is Islam.

But none of the Muslim clerics has so far issued a fatwa (religious order) against terrorism or those helping the terrorists in any manner. The terrorists’ call for jihad greatly appeals to the hearts of both literate and illiterate believing Muslims because it is their divinely ordained duty to help jihadis. contacts. whether utterance of triple talaqs in an intoxicated state or by telephone or by SMS by the husband will effect to a divorce etc. the terrorists receive direct and indirect support of the Muslim community. cover. even though USA has been exerting heavy pressure on him for the same. recruits. like whom to vote in the next election. strategic information and indirect support in terms of its not condemning terrorism sufficiently strongly. Whenever the police become serious in anti 131 . many Muslim religious leaders do make some press statements as an eyewash. Crusade & Jihad by taking strong action against the Al-Quida jehadis. They otherwise issue fatwas on every topic under the sun.Prophetism. As a result. Direct support in terms of funds. As there is growing resentment of terrorism everywhere. storage facility of arms and ammunition.

But in India they have succeeded to such an extant that the dominant sections of the Indian media abuse anyone who wants even to discuss the Islamic factor in international terrorism as a Hindu Fascist—one of the most detestable abuses used in India’s pseudo intellectual and political parlours today. Apart from the fear of terrorists’ retaliation on their persons and kith and kin.Prophetism. They have already succeeded in creating panic everywhere in varying degrees. If the government enacts any strong anti terrorist law. they take to streets with the slogan that Muslims are being oppressed. This support from the Muslim community helps the terrorists to remain out of reach of the law enforcing agencies and to carry out their terror strikes successfully. they make a big hue and cry that Muslims are targeted. the politicians who rule India are afraid of 132 . They do this by striking terror in latter’s hearts. The Union and State governments in India do not exhibit the political will to deal with terrorism sternly. The terrorists also manage to secure indirect support of the non Muslims as well. Crusade & Jihad terrorism operations.

Prophetism. There are widespread allegations that the Indian Human Rights Activists are prompted not only by fear. Crusade & Jihad antagonizing the Indian Muslim community by taking effective measures against terrorism because the latter vote en bloc in elections. prophetism still has not been successful in dehumanising its adherents (who are in fact its victims) fully. but also by the money reaching them. According to Islamic standards on the basis of 133 . But the height of irony is the stand taken by the Indian Human Rights Activists. but invariably jump to the forefront to fight for those arrested on charges of terrorist activities. through illegal channels. from the huge fund provided by oil rich Muslim countries to sponsor Islamic terrorism. They ignore the Islamic terrorist attack victims’ right to even live. That is why we do find many persons born in Muslim community who do not subscribe to the view that jihad is the most meritorious action. As we have pointed out earlier. But unfortunately such people do not have any say in their community. They are genuinely concerned about the growth of Islamic terrorism.

Prophetism, Crusade & Jihad Quran and sunnah (the tradition set by prophet Mohammad), they are not to be counted as real Muslims. This is the attitude of the Islamic establishment towards them. Eminent people like the former chief justice of India’s Supreme Court, Mr. M.C. Chhagla, former Union Minister Mr. Sikander Bakht and the present President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam etc. are not considered as ‘true’ Muslims by the dominant Muslim orthodoxy. Even an ordinary Muslim, as a person, is as good or bad like any other human being. But when the call of Islam comes his humaneness is eclipsed, at least temporarily, and he becomes a wild fanatic. The Christians are more diplomatic and they employ various means, including violence, according to the situation and their capacity. Even today, in Christian majority areas of India, especially in the north eastern parts, many times Christians resort to violence against the non Christians for religious reasons. In other parts they resort to frauds and inducements to destroy the belief systems and culture of the Hindus from whom they face practically no resistance. Thus even today,

Prophetism, Crusade & Jihad prophetism continues to poison human minds causing mental and physical agony to large number of people. It makes every true believer a potential terrorist. It is only a matter of time before nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction fall into the hands of prophetism’s terrorists. Once that happens, no one will be secure. Seeing all these, one really feels from the heart that the world would have been a much better place to live had prophetism been never born. . An Appeal to the Sensible The capacity to think and choose for oneself is what distinguishes humans from animals. Without it man is just a two legged animal. This gift of nature (or of God, if one prefers to put it that way) to man is meant to be used. Otherwise his survival on this planet will not be possible. Like in any field of human endeavour, this gift, the thought faculty, has to be used in the realm of religion too. Can God, if He is just and compassionate towards all, if He is the ultimate refuge of all be as partial as to reveal himself only to His chosen Favourite?

Prophetism, Crusade & Jihad What about other sincere seekers? Will he be so narrow-minded as to earmark the whole earth for the glorifiers of His Favourite? Then what about others who are also His creation? Will He deny their right to exist as He has created them? Just because one has not heard about the favourite prophet or is not impressed by him, will he be sent to eternal hell to burn for ever by the compassionate God, even though he may be a sincere and meritorious worshipper? Will the just and compassionate God be as violently intolerant towards honest disagreement with His Favourite as to order total destruction of the dissident? Will He reward His Favourite’s followers who loot, torture, kill the non followers and rape their women with high positions in His heaven? What does it mean to send the last prophet? Has He ceased to care for his creation even though the complex phenomenon called life still goes on? If He does all these, He certainly is not just and compassionate. Moreover He is not at all God but in reality a demonic egotist. It is foolish and

The popes claim that being the successors of such a Jesus. this implies: since only the Father and no one else can understand the Son. His favourite prophet and his successors are the ‘judges of all who are judged by none’. This is one of the appellations with which the Popes adorn themselves. This means unlimited privileges and zero accountability to the Favourite and in 137 . they can and they only can be the judges of others. In plain words. A Pope’s authority to be the judge of all and immunity from being judged by others is derived from Jesus who says: “No one knows the Son except the Father and no one knows the Father except the Son and anyone to whom the Son chooses to reveal Him”. no human is in a position to judge him and since only the Son and those to whom the Son has revealed can understand the Father and His will. no human. (Mat: 11.Prophetism. Foolish because believing in such a God calls for enslaving the brain to His prophet and his henchmen. including the greatest emperor. has the authority and competence to judge them. For. 27). Crusade & Jihad dangerous to believe in such a God and His last prophet or His only begotten son.

Prophetism. The church has been precisely doing this. High Tech talaqs. beheadings. Why do these governments show such an enthusiasm for the spreading of an ideology which has been rejected by their own people? It is trivial even 138 . not only for the cause of religious imperialism. The common man will be exploited in the name of God and His prophet or only begotten Son by men of vested interests at the helm. gouging out the eyes and the ghetto mentality will continue forever. but also for the sake of political imperialism as well. their governments have been extending full support to the missionary groups based in their countries and these groups leave no stone unturned in their evangelization efforts in Asian and African countries. the clergy-elite clique. chopping off the limbs. Any dissidence will be dealt with various pressure tactics including excommunication and physical violence. Even though the westerners have practically rejected Christianity (the percentage of church goers in Western Europe is around 5). Sha Bano and Imrana episodes will further repeat. Crusade & Jihad turn to his caucus.

murder.Prophetism. Crusade & Jihad to a fool that the motivation is not religious but political. He used to conquer. have the believers the right to act it out on others? If you say yes. Even in this 21st century. Il Tengiri. Historians Mohammad Habib and 139 . the prophetic proselytizing religions claim that their God has commanded them to convert the entire world into their faiths. who have fallen from the position of king makers. Just because something that is claimed to be the word of God is written in some book. The Popes. in their turn. It is also dangerous to believe in such a God and His prophet or only begotten son. Let us pause and think for a moment. consider this: Chenghiz Khan also used to get revelations from his God. plunder. rape and sell the captured women and children to concubinage and slavery as ordered by his God through the revelations. have been willingly playing the roles of their agents for the last few centuries. Hence proselytizing is their birth right. for then it becomes the divinely ordained duty to destroy the culture and belief systems of others.

Now. Sita Ram Goel-. if you had not committed great sins. Then you are an enemy of peace. This is bound to beget counter hatred as reaction and will pave the way for endless conflicts.The Calcutta Quran Petition).Prophetism. ‘A Comprehensive History of India’ Vol. Chengis Khan tells them: “I am the punishment of God. God would not have sent a punishment like me on you”. then by approving forceful and fraudulent conversions. in their book.which is brutally selfish. Only when someone else commits violence on you. (quoted by late Shri. If you say no. Crusade & Jihad Khaliq Ahmad Nizam. you admit yourselves to be of double standards-. crusades and inquisitions because they were ordered by the prophetic God. jihads. V. Those at the helm are 140 . has Chengis Khan the right to do as he did just because his God commanded him to do so? If you again say yes that means you approve of violence against innocent human beings and hence you are an antisocial. In any conflict it is always the commoner who suffers. you may think differently. ‘The Sultanat’ record that while talking to some Muslim magnets at Bukhare.

peaceful and civilized manner or live in chaos and perish. as a reaction. with an open mind. The situation has become quiet grave. right up to this day. Therefore it becomes the duty of every sensible person to decide for himself whether he wants to live in a sane. Islam is never discussed in the east or west objectively. a non prophetic religion has produced countless saints and seers from time immemorial. the calls for ‘modern crusade’ (the terms that slipped out from American President George Bush’s tongue in the days of attack on Afghanistan) also and together they have the potential of plunging the world into a third world war. Hinduism.Prophetism. The history of world religions validates this fact. but in India it is never debated. Crusade & Jihad seldom affected. But the total number of real saints produced by all prophetic 141 . Even the very ability to look objectively is finished if one accepts a prophet as the sole custodian of truth and salvation. The calls for jihad have evoked. If the choice is the former. the whole issue of prophetism has to be objectively and thoroughly looked into. The west has discussed Christianity and rejected it.

one can bring the horse to the water. the fundamental obstacle that blocks the tuning with the Divine (in other words salvation) is the ego. ultimately everyone has to save himself. As the saying goes. Someone else can at the most point out to us that the feeling of separateness is false. So. Crusade & Jihad religions put together can be counted on the finger tips! The whole idea of a saviour or an interceder (who in effect is a saviour) of humankind is absurd. Unless one clearly understands for oneself the fictitious nature of the ego. if we reject the blind belief that some one is the only begotten Son of God and saviour or the last prophet and mediator and no one after him can have the direct experience of God for all 142 . The Bhagavad Gita puts it most beautifully: “Let (a man) raise himself by himself. But he cannot come and sit within our separate ‘I’ness to understand that for ourselves.5). Seeing this very clearly. the sense of a separate identity. (He) himself is his friend and (He) himself is his enemy” (Gita: 6. for as we have discussed in the beginning.Prophetism. let him not degrade himself. but cannot make it drink. it never goes away.

Prophetism. It can be argued that if the belief is lost the man is lost. Such a mind can become receptive to noble ideas from all quarters and make the right choice. Only then we will be able to live sanely. Crusade & Jihad times to come. But rejection of a belief due to the understanding of its falsehood brings about only clarity and openness of the mind. That possibility is there only when a belief is lost out of reaction or greed or due to pressure or fraud. then we will be able to look at things objectively with an open mind. happily and effectively in today’s complex life situations. 143 .

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