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NEW BUILD - 26m Tug
Listing ID: 433875
DESCRIPTION: LENGTH: BEAM: DRAFT: LOCATION: BROKER: PRICE: PRICE NOTES: NEW BUILD - 26m Tug 26.0m 8.0m 3.65m ex Shipyard, HongKong Geoff Fraser USD 1.62m Available for Fast Delivery

General Description

26m – NK Tug

Principal Specification LOA: 26.0m LBP: 23.588m Breadth Mld: 8.0m Depth Mld: 3.65m Design Draft: 3.0m Classification: NK Complement: 10 person Registration: Singapore Fuel Tank Capacity: 134.0mt Water Tank Capacity: 53.0mt

Propulsion System Main Engine: 2 Units Yanmar 6AYM-ETE Marine Diesel; Engine at 610kW (829HP) at 1900RPM

Gear box: 2 Units Yanmar Gearbox Ratio 5.91:1 with class certificates

Generator: 2 Units Yanmar, 2x50kW

Propeller: FPP with Solid 4 Blades Manganese Bronze

Spark Arrestors: On all exhaust silencer

Kortz nozzle: 2 units

Steering Gear: 1 unit 2.5 tons electro hydraulic, single station

Deck Machinery and Equipment Anchor Windlass: 1 unit 380 model Dia. 17.5mm electrical hydraulic anchor windlass c/w double gypsy (based on class requirement)

Anchor: 2 units 420kg stockless bower anchor

Chain Cable: 10 shackles of dia 17.5mm Stud Link cable

Towing Hook: 1 unit c/w pin pulling quick release 25T-h capacity 25 Tons


10 April 2013 - ID: 433875

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m/hr at 40PSI   Emergency Portable: 2” Portable YANMAR Diesel Water Pump   Sea Water Pump: 1 Unit WARLUS Brand   Wheelhouse Equipment Steering and control console fitted with instrument panel.S. The preferred system is bells operated by means of beak glass call poits or central control   Signals shall be as follows -       Intermittent Ringing – General Emergency -       Continuous Ringing – Abandon Ship -       Short Rings – All clear   Engine Room Oily Water Separator: 1unit Dongfang brand with capacity of 0. 6-1/2   Pumps All pumps and piped were arranged in accordance to be installed in Good Marine Practice and Classification Requirement   G. intercom and PA system. and Fire Pump: 1 unit KOSHIN brand with motor KOSHIN brand of capacity 450L/min at 40m total head   Bilge & Ballast Pump: 1 Unit KOSHIN brand with motor KOSHIN brand capacity 450L/min at 40m total head   Fuel Transfer Pump:  1 Unit ASAHI brand with motor ASAHI brand of capacity 100L/min   Fresh Water Pressure: 1 Unit WARLUS brand of capacity 2cu. Running of Electrical cables installed in proper marine trunking   Stern Tubes and Shafting Water Lubrication Stern Tubes with BTC Flange cutless bearing C/W 2 Length stainless steel (AISI316) Tail Shaft Dia. bulbs etc. rudder indicator. horn buttons. Fire Fighting Equipment and Life Saving Appliances All in accordance with Classification Society’s Specification and requirement of the Government Authority for the Intended trade of the subject tug   Emergency Alarm System To be fitted with means of raising alarms in emergencies.25cu. Control: 1x Fwd Clear View Screen: 1 unit Clinometer: 1 unit Marine Clock: 1 unit Barometer: 1 unit Ship Set Shaft Tachometer: 1 unit Binoculars: 1 unit International code flags: 1 set Chart Table: 1 unit Marine Air Horn: 1 unit   Radio and Navigation Equipment SSB radio: 1 set FURUNO IC-M710 c/w 1 Unit AC/DC power supply for SSB SART: 1 Set ACR Pathfinder 3 Echo Sounder: 1 Set FURUNO FVC-620 GPS Navigator: 1 Set FURUNO GP-32 EPIRB: 1 Set SEP-406 MHz SAMYUNG VHF Radio: 1 Set ICOM VHF Radio IC M304 c/w 1 Unit AC/DC Power Supply for VHF Radar AC/D: 1 Set Furuno 1715 MKII (24NM) c/w 1 unit AC/DC power supply for Radar   Ship Communication Electric Engine Telegraph: 1 set PA system: 1 set with Horn Speaker on deck Intercom: 3 Units Wall mounted Type   Navigation Lights.ID: 433875 Page 2 of 5 . 15ppm (IMO comply) Fuel Filter: 1 unit TWIN Racor for Main engine and Genset Blower Fan: 2 units with 3800cfm Filter (Main engine And Generator): 1 unit Tool Bench: 1 unit   Washplace & Toilet One wc pedestal with seat One shower set One washbasin One mirror 10 April 2013 .All Electrical cables and accessories (switch boxes.m/hr .) will be of marine type. main engine control (Electronic Remote Control Type). flood lights. switches for navigation lights. searchlights. and clear view screen wiper.

ID: 433875 Page 3 of 5 .O. Hull Finish and Cathodic Protection All external surfaces of bttom and side plating of the steel hull palte were wired brushed and sand-blasted before applying three (3) coat of marine paints of good ship building practice with Hempel Brand   Anodes Suitable numbers (about 28 pcs) are to be welded to the Hull   Painting.  Pumps.: 1 Ventilation Fan: (2) 8” exhaust fan; (2) 18” exhaust fan Side Scuttle: 7. officers and crew cabin   Fenders Rubber Fenders and Tyres all around at appropriate places   Painting.0 cbm Electrical Stove: 1   Carpentry Work Fancy Plywood and Materials to be used for panelling accessories at wheelhouse. each with dedlight cover Cement Flooring: reinforce with wire mesh finish with glaze tiles Freezer: 1 x 1. Engine Room Bilges Hempel brand used as suitable protection paint for the engine room bilges and areas below engine floor   Hull Coat Below the waterline Above the waterline Wheelhouse Engine Room F. Plumbing and Piping All pumps and pipes were arranged in accordance to Good Marine Practice and Classification requirements   Main piping material used shall be as follow Bilge and Ballast Piping: Galvanized Steel SCH 80 Fuel Oil Piping: Seamless Black Mild Steel SCH 40 Lub Oil Piping: Seamless Black Mild Steel SCH 40 Raw Water Cooling Piping: Galvanized Steel SCH 80 Fresh Water piping: Galvanized Steel SCH 40 Salt water piping: Galvanized Steel SCH 80 Sea Chest: Galvanized Steel SCH 80   Pipe Work Colouring All exposed piping systems can be identified with colour bands in accordance with the international colour schemes Bilge and Ballast: Black Fire Main: Red Fresh water system cold: Blue Fresh water system hot: Blue with Red Bands Fuel Oil: Brown Lube Oil: Yellow Hydraulic: Purple Sea Suction: Green Sea Water Cooling: Light Green Compress Air: Pink   Accommodation and Galley Cabins: 1x2 on main deck. mess room.C. tank engine room Water tank (engine room)   Under Coat 2 2 1 1 2 External 2 (anti-fouling) 2 2 2 - Material and Scantling Keel Plate: 12mm Bottom Plate: 9mm Side Plate: 9mm Main Deck Plate: 9mm Bulkheads Plate: 8/90mm Bulwark Plate: 8mm Superstructure: 6mm   Mast Class and Port Register Requirement   Air Conditioning 10 April 2013 .5 cbm Refrigerator: 1 x 1. 2x4 below main deck W.

Split unit air-conditioner in accommodation area and wheelhouse   Certificates Builder Certificate Certificate of Class Registration Certificate Safety Construction Certificate International Tonnage Certificate International Load Line Certificate Materials and Equipment Certificates   Drawings The relevant drawings as approved by Class are to be supplied and all installation drawings   Manuals of Machinery and equipment Manual of all machinery and equipment supplied will be provided in English version. These include all necessary drawings and schematics   10 April 2013 .ID: 433875 Page 4 of 5 .

Please do not rely on particulars and specifications unless you have verified their accuracy.ID: 433875 Page 5 of 5 .26m Tug Images 10 April 2013 . Such information has not been verified and may be incorrect.IMPORTANT: The particulars and specifications are supplied by the vendor and not Workboats International.   NEW BUILD .

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