“Haymarket is Woody Guthrie’s guitar, a red lighthouse, and the promise of May. Mazel tov.” —Mike Davis

Forthcoming from Haymarket in 2013

9.5 Theses on Art and Class
Ben Davis “Among excellent younger critics now is Ben Davis.” —Peter Schjeldahl, art critic for The New Yorker 9.5 Theses on Art and Class and Other Writings shows how a clear understanding of class makes sense of what is at stake in a broad number of contemporary art’s most persistent debates. These include discussions of the definition of political art; the troubled status of “outsider” in the industry; and the question of how to maintain faith in art itself.
978-1-60846-268-1 • $16 June 2013 • Trade Paper • 224 pages

Ben Davis currently lives and works in New York City, where he is Executive Editor at

Marx's Capital
An Illustrated Introduction David Smith, illustrated by Phil Evans “[Marx’s Capital: An Illustrated Introduction is] valuable and in some respects more so than all the interpretations and popularizations I have read.” —C.L.R. James “[This illustrated introduction] is very, very good, a brilliant exposition and a really creative relationship between image and explanation.” —John Berger
978-1-60846-266-7 • $15 May 2013 • Trade Paper • 190 pages Ebook: 978-1-60846-291-9 • $16

Karl Marx did not write Capital for the bookshelves of economists and philosophers. Capital is economics for working people, from their viewpoint and history. David Smith and Phil Evans explode the myth of difficulty haunting Capital. David Smith is a sociologist whose publications include books on Orwell and the changing structure of the working class. Phil Evans is a longtime political cartoonist based in England. He has illustrated Understanding Economics, among many other books.

Prelude to Revolution
France in May 1968 Daniel Singer “Daniel Singer is the left’s most brilliant arsonist. He sets ablaze whole forests of desiccated cliches about the ‘end of history’ and the ‘triumph of the market’ in order to light the way forward for the next generation of radical thinkers and activists.”—Mike Davis Prelude to Revolution is an indispensable study of May 1968. Singer presents a gripping narrative of the movement’s development and a careful analysis of its political content, and concludes by considering what lessons those interested in radical change should draw. Daniel Singer was a socialist writer and journalist best known for his articles for the Nation and the Economist, serving for decades as a European correspondent for each magazine.

978-1-60846-273-5 • $18 June 2013 • Trade Paper • 504 pages

The Black Panthers Speak
Edited by Philip S. Foner “Essential reading for those who would prefer to judge the Panther movement for themselves.” —Library Journal Here are Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, Eldridge Cleaver, David Hilliard, and Fred Hampton; Kathleen Cleaver and other Panther women; the party’s positions on black separatism, the power structure, the police, violence, and education; as well as songs, poems, and political cartoons. This is the story behind the Black Panthers. Philip S. Foner was one of the most prominent Marxist historians in the United States. A prolific author and editor, he tirelessly documented the lives of workers, African Americans, and political radicals.
978-1-60846-328-2 • $19 September 2013 • Trade Paper • 328 pages

Historical Materialism Book Series
Editorial Board: Sébastien Budgen (Paris), Steve Edwards (London), Marcel van der Linden (Amsterdam), Peter Thomas (London) The capitalist crisis of the twenty-first century has been met by a resurgence of interest in critical Marxist theory. At the same time, the publishing institutions committed to Marxism have contracted markedly since the high point of the 1970s. The Historical Materialism book series is dedicated to addressing this situation by making available important works of Marxist theory. The aim of the series is to publish important theoretical contributions as the basis for vigorous intellectual debate and exchange on the left. The peer-reviewed series publishes original monographs, translated texts, and reprints of “classics” across the bounds of academic disciplinary agendas, and across the divisions of the left. The series is particularly concerned with encouraging the internationalization of Marxist debate, and aims to translate significant studies from beyond the English-speaking world. The Historical Materialism book series will expand significantly over the coming years with substantial and important books in all areas of Marxist theory. We are undertaking a project of publishing previously untranslated texts by Marx, long-unavailable debates from the Second and Third Internationals, and English editions of important studies from the postwar period. Equally significantly, we also aim to publish the work of the emerging generation of Marxist scholars and theorists.

Marx’s Concept of the Alternative to Capitalism
Peter Hudis
“A particular strength of Hudis’s book is that it examines the full sweep of Marx’s writings, rather than focusing on one particular text or period of Marx’s life. No stone is left unturned in attempting to uncover the implicit conception of an alternative [vision to capitalism]. The scope of this allows him to include a number of texts which are often overlooked in this discussion and offer a number of novel interpretations of works usually discussed in different contexts.” —Dan Swain, Marx & Philosophy Review of Books In contrast to the traditional view that Marx’s work is restricted to a critique of capitalism—and that he consciously avoided any detailed conception of its alternative—this work shows that Marx was committed to a specific concept of a postcapitalist society which informed the whole of his approach to political economy. Instead of focusing on the present with only a passing reference to the future, Marx’s emphasis on capitalism’s tendency toward dissolution is rooted in a specific conception of what should replace it. Peter Hudis, Ph.D., is Professor of Humanities and Philosophy at Oakton Community College. He has published extensively on Marxist theory and is General Editor of The Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg.

978-1-60846-275-9 • $28 June 2013 • Trade Paper • 272 pages


Gramsci’s Political Thought
Carlos Nelson Coutinho
“[This publication] provides a wonderful opportunity to draw some attention to the debates on Gramsci in Latin America . . . and is an essential window through which to view debates in and beyond Brazil.” —Adam David Morton, For the Desk Drawer “One of [its] strengths is its decisive and clear account of Gramsci’s own interpretation of Leninism as a living and vibrant practice, making no allowances for theoretical laziness and dogmatism. Coutinho endeavors to present Gramsci . . . as an ever-vigilant challenger to dogmatic approaches to Marxism.” —Chris Walsh, International Socialist Group Gramsci’s Political Thought offers an analysis of the evolution of the political thought of Antonio Gramsci. Focusing on central concepts of the Prison Notebooks and relating them to the history of modern political ideas, the book demonstrates that Gramsci’s ideas continue to be relevant resources for understanding the controversies of our present time. Written by a leading Brazilian Marxist theorist, this book provides one of the most succinct and theoretically focused introductions to the thought of Antonio Gramsci available internationally. Carlos Nelson Coutinho is the author of several books on political theory and editor of the Brazilian version of The Complete Works of Antonio Gramsci.

978-1-60846-277-3 • $28 July 2013 • Trade Paper • 198 pages

Marxism and the Oppression of Women
Toward a Unitary Theory Lise Vogel, introduction by Susan Ferguson and David McNally
“Vogel’s book clarifies both the debate [between feminist and socialist theories] and the issues, and is a welcome contribution to the field. . . . I would recommend this book to anyone concerned with the theories of socialism or feminism. Whether one agrees with Vogel or not, one cannot help learning from her analysis.” —Carol Brown, Qualitative Sociology “This book is a significant contribution to a heated debate . . . over the ‘unhappy marriage’ of Marxism and feminism.” —Hester Eisenstein, Science & Society Nearly thirty years after its initial publication, Marxism and the Oppression of Women remains an essential contribution to the development of an integrative theory of gender oppression under capitalism. Lise Vogel revisits classical Marxian texts, tracking analyses of the “woman question” in socialist theory and drawing on central theoretical categories of Marx’s Capital to open up an original theorization of gender and the social production and reproduction of material life. Includes Vogel’s article “Domestic Labor Revisited,” which extends and clarifies her main theoretical innovations. Lise Vogel, a veteran of the US civil rights and women’s liberation movements, is Professor (retired) of Sociology at Rider University and the author of numerous books and articles. Before becoming a sociologist, she had an earlier career in art history. 5

978-1-60846-340-4 • $28 November 2013 • Trade Paper • 266 pages

Criticism of Earth
On Marxism and Theology IV Roland Boer Criticism of Earth thoroughly reassesses Marx and Engels’s engagement with theology, analyzing their collected works for discussions of spiritual matters and the persistence of biblical allusions. What emerges is a continued interest that is maintained throughout their lives.

The October Revolution in Prospect and Retrospect
Interventions in Russian and Soviet History John Eric Marot These probing analytical essays apply Robert Brenner’s analysis of pre-capitalist modes of production to early Soviet attempts at revolutionary transformation, concluding that none of the oppositional economic programs were feasible, while resisting the view that Stalin’s rise was inevitable.

978-1-60846-274-2 $28 • April 2013 380 pages

978-1-60846-276-6 $28 • July 2013 274 pages

Marx on Gender and the Family
A Critical Study Heather Brown This, the first book-length study devoted exclusively to Marx’s perspectives on gender and the family, offers a fresh look at this topic in light of twentyfirst-century concerns. Brown studies his writings on gender as well as his 1879-1882 notebooks on precapitalist societies and gender.

The Ellen Meiksins Wood Reader
Edited by Larry Patriquin Ellen Meiksins Wood is a leading contemporary political theorist who has been described as the founder, together with Robert Brenner, of “Political Marxism,” a distinct version of historical materialism that has inspired a research program that spans a number of academic disciplines. This reader provides an overview of her work as a whole.

978-1-60846-278-0 $28 • July 2013 246 pages

978-1-60846-279-7 $28 • August 2013 368 pages

Marx and Sigularity
From the Early Writings to the Grundrisse Luca Basso Though often seen as opposed to the basic premises of Marxism, in this groundbreaking work Basso shows that the true content of the notion of singularity can only be realized through class struggle. Stimulating and provocative, Marx and Singularity is sure to become a point of reference.

The Culture of People’s Democracies
Hungarian Essays on Literature, Art, and Democratic Transition Georg Lukács Translated into English for the first time, this volume collects some of Lukács’s most influential writings. These essays are engaged with questions of realist and modernist worldviews in art, the relations of literary history to politics, and the role of cultural intellectuals in public life, among other themes.

978-1-60846-336-7 $28 • November 2013 226 pages

978-1-60846-337-4 $28 • November 2013 374 pages

The Meanings of Work
Essays on the Affirmation and Negation of Work Ricardo Antunes Billions depend exclusively on their labor to survive. For them work is not a choice, and yet the restructuring of the global economy has forced increasing numbers into unemployment and eroded the rights and economic gains of those still on the job. This work asks what this means for today’s labor market.

Marx’s Temporalities
Massimiliano Tomba This study provides a critical analysis of Marx’s political and theoretical development. By integrating the paradigm of the spatialization of time with that of the temporalization of space, Tomba shows that an adequate historiographical paradigm for capitalism must consider the plurality of temporal layers that come into conflict in modernity.

978-1-60846-338-1 $28 • November 2013 226 pages

978-1-60846-339-8 $28 • November 2013 206 pages


Studies in Critical Social Sciences
Editor: David Fasenfest Modern capitalism began the twenty-first century seemingly victorious as the dominant social and economic organizing principle in the world. Rampant re- and de-regulation accompanied a wholesale attack on the social, economic, and political gains of the prior century under the guise of increasing competitiveness and the need to respond to the forces of globalization. The end of the Cold War, the decline of the former Soviet Union, and the increasing foothold of capitalism in China all point to an unchallenged reorientation of the global political economy to reflect this ascendence of capitalist social relations. The peer-reviewed Studies in Critical Social Sciences book series, through the publication of original manuscripts and edited volumes, offers insights into the current reality by exploring the content and consequence of power relationships under capitalism, by considering the spaces of opposition and resistance to these changes and by articulating capitalism with other systems of power and domination— for example race, gender, culture—that have been defining our new age. Studies in Critical Social Science includes the subseries Studies in Critical Research on Religion and Critical Global Studies.

Faces of State Terrorism
Laura Westra
Terrorism, a widespread global phenomenon, manifests itself in the actions and the policies of individuals and groups, but also and primarily in the actions and policies of states. Delving into the seldom-discussed question of the motivation for most episodes of terrorism, this book studies terrorism’s effects based on the economic and geopolitical imbalances that frame today’s global governance. Many states hide their terrorist activities under the “faces” they show the world, masks intended to hide real aims of acquiring or expanding power and wealth. These activities, presented as “self-defense,” “preventive action,” “counter-measures” or even as promoting “progress and development,” are forms of state terrorism that are much more widespread, powerful, and destructive than the actions originating from groups labeled terrorist since 9/11. This book examines the numerous illegal measures states use, from unlawful imprisonment and curtailing of civil liberties to torture, in the name of responding to terrorism. Laura Westra, Ph.D. (1982) in Philosophy, University of Toronto, and Ph.D. (2005) in Law, Osgoode Hall Law School, currently teaches environmental law at the University of Windsor, international law at the University of Milano (Bicocca), and a graduate course on Environmental Studies for Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia. She has published twenty-seven monographs and collections on environmental justice, human rights issues, and international law, and more than eighty-five articles and chapters.
978-1-60846-280-3 • $28 May 2013 • Trade Paper • 243 pages


A Critical Approach Andy Blunden
Andy Blunden presents an interdisciplinary review of theories of concepts of interest to cognitive psychology, analytic philosophy, linguistics, and the history of science. Problems within these disciplines establishing reductive theories of the conceptual have led some to abandon concepts altogether in favor of interactionist or narrowly pragmatic approaches. Blunden responds with an account of the development of the theory of concepts from Descartes through Hegel—with special focus on the latter’s critical appropriation by early critical social science—culminating in the cultural psychology of Lev Vygotsky. He then proposes an approach to concepts which draws on activity theory, according to which concepts are equally subjective and objective: both units of consciousness and of the cultural formation of which one’s consciousness is part. This continues the author’s earlier work in An Interdisciplinary Theory of Activity (Haymarket, 2011). Andy Blunden is an independent scholar in Melbourne, Australia. He works with the Independent Social Research Network and the Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy. His Interdisciplinary Theory of Activity was published by Haymarket in 2011.

978-1-60846-283-4 • $28 July 2013 • Trade Paper • 308 pages

Reinventing Race, Reinventing Racism
Edited by John J. Betancur and Cedric Herring
Reinventing Race, Reinventing Racism not only provides fresh theoretical insights into new forms of race and racism, it also provides evidence of and policy solutions to address these seemingly intractable forms of discrimination and racial disparities. These issues are tackled by some of the nation’s most prominent race and public policy scholars. In addition, the volume has contributions by some of the most innovative up-and-coming voices often neglected in such volumes. Reinventing Race, Reinventing Racism is an accessible book written on an important and timely subject that continues to affect the lives of Americans of all shades and ethnicities. John J. Betancur, Ph.D., is Associate Professor in the College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is the coeditor of The Collaborative City: Opportunities and Struggles for Blacks and Latinos in U.S. Cities. Cedric Herring, Ph.D., University of Michigan, is Professor of Sociology and Public Policy at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has published seven books.

978-1-60846-346-6 • $28 November 2013 • Trade Paper 399 pages


The Underground Church
Nonviolent Resistance to the Vatican Empire Kathleen Kautzer Since the 1970s, liberal American Catholics have sustained a reform movement to counteract the conservative drift of the Vatican and preserve and expand on the reforms of Vatican II. Drawing on a range of social theories, this book brilliantly analyzes this movement.

The Neoliberal Pattern of Domination
Capital's Reign in Decline José Manuel Sánchez Bermúdez Capital finds itself entangled in irresolvable crises. The defense of life and the construction of renewed hope for a future require opposition to the domination of capital. This book contributes to that effort by setting out an analysis of the mechanisms on which capital is based.

978-1-60846-281-0 $28 • April 2013 346 pages

978-1-60846-282-7 $28 • May 2013 357 pages

Towards a Dialectics of Philosophy and Organization
Eugene Gogol This work takes as its starting point the question “What philosophic-organizational vantage point is needed for revolutionary transformation today?” Gogol offers an answer by exploring organizational practices amidst various epochal struggles, as well as the theoretical-organizational concepts of such thinkers as Lenin, Trotsky, and Luxemburg.

Capital Accumulation and Migration
Dennis Canterbury Despite the renewed interest in the impact of migration upon economic development, remarkably few studies have taken up the ways in which the geographic flows of labor impact capital accumulation. This timely and provocative book analyzes the existing literature and adds a critical dimension by examining the financialization of migration processes.

978-1-60846-341-1 $28 • November 2013 416 pages

978-1-60846-342-8 $28 • November 2013 258 pages

Theorizing Globalization
A Critique of the Mediatization of Social Theory Marko Ampuja Ampuja critically examines the works of key globalization theorists to demonstrate their excessive fascination with recent changes in media and communications technology. The author argues that many theorists’ media-centric and ahistorical treatment of globalization stands in the way of a complete understanding of how capitalist societies have evolved.

Messages from Georg Simmel
Horst J. Helle As the founder of the humanist version of sociology, Georg Simmel sent powerful messages about the discipline. His key ideas—that reality is socially constructed, changes over time, and rarely is as it appears—are critically re-examined with an eye toward drawing lessons for contemporary scholars and activists.

978-1-60846-343-5 $28 • November 2013 410 pages

978-1-60846-345-9 $28 • November 2013 201 pages

Economic Nationalism and Globalization
Lessons from Latin America and Central Europe Henryk Szlajfer This work offers, against the background of developments in Latin America and Central Europe during the first globalization, a reinterpretation of economic nationalism both as an analytical category and as a historical experience. Critically explored are attempts at proto-economic nationalism in early nineteenth-century Poland and Latin America.

978-1-60846-344-2 $28 • November 2013 424 pages


Recent and Recommended

Selections from Cultural Writings
Antonio Gramsci; edited by David Forgacs and Geoffrey Nowell-Smith
978-1-60846-136-3 • $22 “is impeccably translated and presented volume of Gramsci’s writings on culture is like a voice from a number of other ages.” —Adrian Rifkin, Block Antonio Gramsci was one of the world’s most influential cultural critics. His writings on the interconnection between culture and politics fundamentally changed the way that scholars view both. is volume brings together the most important of his cultural writings.

The Communist Manifesto
A Road Map to History's Most Important Political Document Karl Marx and Frederick Engels; edited by Phil Gasper
978-1-931859-25-7 • $14 • Ebook: 978-1-60846-048-9 • $12 “What Gasper does is to remind us how relevant the Manifesto is to our world today. . . . An indispensable addition to anyone’s library.” —Howard Zinn is beautifully organized, fully annotated edition of the Communist Manifesto is complete with historical references and explication, additional related texts, and a thorough glossary, bringing the Manifesto to life for today’s readers.

Detroit: I Do Mind Dying
A Study in Urban Revolution Dan Georgakas and Marvin Surkin
978-1-60846-221-6 • $18 “Detroit: I Do Mind Dying is a beautiful, riveting account of one of the most important radical movements of our century—a movement led by black revolutionaries whose vision of emancipation for all is sorely needed today.” —Robin D. G. Kelley Surkin and Georgakas track the extraordinary development of the Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement and the League of Revolutionary Black Workers as they became two of the most vital political organizations of the 1960s and 1970s.

Monsters of the Market
Zombies, Vampires and Global Capitalism David McNally
978-1-60846-233-9 • $28 • Winner of the 2012 Deutscher Memorial Prize for Best Marxist Book “is outstanding new work from David McNally is indispensable for serious monster fans and radicals both—and almost giddyingly so for those of us who are both.” —China Miéville, author of Embassytown Drawing on folklore, literature, and popular culture, this book links tales of monstrosity from England to recent vampire and zombie fables from sub-Saharan Africa and to Marx’s persistent use of monster metaphors in his descriptions of capitalism. 10

How Revolutionary Were the Bourgeois Revolutions?
Neil Davidson
978-1-60846-067-0 • $32 • Ebook: 978-1-60846-265-0 • $32 “I was frankly pole-axed by this magnificent book. Davidson resets the entire debate on the character of revolutions: bourgeois, democratic and socialist. He’s sending me, at least, back to the library.” —Mike Davis, author of Planet of Slums Of late the concept of the “bourgeois revolution” has come in for sustained criticism from both Marxists and conservatives. In this comprehensive rejoinder, Davidson examines the question “how revolutionary were the bourgeois revolutions,” by systematically analyzing the French, English, Dutch, and other revolutions.

Literature and Revolution
Leon Trotsky, edited by William Keach
978-1-931859-16-5 • $16 “It is splendid to have this magnificent classic of Marxist criticism available once more, and in so helpful and informative a version.Trotsky’s [book] gives the lie to all those for whom Marxist criticism can deal with modes of production but not with metaphors.” —Terry Eagleton, author of After Theory Leon Trotsky penned this engaging book to elucidate the complex way in which art informs—and can alter—our understanding of the world.

Covert Racism
Theories, Institutions, and Experiences Edited by Rodney Coates
978-1-60846-210-0 • $36 “A half century after the civil rights movement succeeded in putting to an end the most overt forms of racial oppression characteristic of the Jim Crow era, coming to terms with how to characterize the nature of the nation's post-civil-rights era racial formation has been an enduring focus of both academics and the public at large. is is a useful one-stop guide devoted to explaining how, to borrow from Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, ‘racism without racists’ works. Summing Up: Recommended. All levels/libraries.” —Choice

Voices and Photographs of the Young Lords, 1969–1971 Photographs by Michael Abramson, introduction by Iris Morales
978-1-60846-129-5 • $24.95 “Palante is an indispensable source for learning about the history of the Young Lords.” —Edna Acosta-Belén, SUNY Albany Palante, the first book by and about the Young Lords, captures the spirit and actions of the 1970s New York–based organization. Featuring political essays by members, oral histories of their lives leading into the party, and photos of their vibrant and militant members, actions, and events. 11

Recent and Recommended

The Gramscian Moment
Philosophy, Hegemony and Marxism Peter D. Thomas
978-1-60846-116-5 • $36 • Winner of the Premio internazionale Giuseppe Sormani 2011 in Turin for the best book or article on Gramsci in the period between 2007 and 2011 internationally “is should become the standard text in English on Gramsci’s thought. . . . e best book on Gramsci's political theory for three decades.” —Alastair Davidson, author of Antonio Gramsci: Towards an Intellectual Biography Drawing on the recent flurry of linguistic work on the Prison Notebooks, omas argues that Gramsci’s significance is his distinctive position in the development of the classical Marxist tradition.

Theory as History
Essays on Modes of Production and Exploitation Jairus Banaji
978-1-60846-143-1 • $28 • Winner of the 2011 Deutscher Memorial Prize for Best Marxist Book “Banaji’s . . . highly sophisticated and original approach to historical analysis provides not only a welcome stimulus and a challenge for scholars today, but also will give them plenty to think about for many years to come.” —Marcel van der Linden e essays collected here straddle four decades of work in both historiography and Marxist theory, combining source-based historical work in a wide range of languages with sophisticated discussions of Marx’s notion of “modes of production.”

Zombie Capitalism
Global Crisis and the Relevance of Marx Chris Harman
978-1-60846-104-2 • $17 • Ebook: 978-1-60846-321-3 • $17 “Zombie Capitalism is both timely and hugely valuable. . . . is book is an essential read.” —Socialist Review While for most mainstream commentators the financial crisis that opened in 2007 signaled the failure of regulation and accountability, Chris Harman describes the ongoing economic turmoil as a byproduct of capitalism’s inability to consider anything but the bottom line. Incisive and accessible, this is both an unparalleled analysis of the crisis, and a brilliant introduction to Marxist economics.

Critical Companion to Contemporary Marxism
Edited by Jacques Bidet and Stathis Kouvelakis
978-1-60846-030-4 • $50 e Critical Companion to Contemporary Marxism is an international and interdisciplinary volume which aims to provide a thorough and precise panorama of recent developments in Marxist theory in the US, Europe, Asia, and beyond. Drawing on the work of thirty of the most authoritative scholars, the Companion spans all the humanities and social sciences, with particular emphasis on philosophy. e work is divided into three parts: “General Trends,” which provides a broad intellectual and historical context; “Currents,” which tracks the trajectories of twenty specific currents or disciplinary fields; and “Figures.” 12

My People Are Rising
Memoir of a Black Panther Party Captain Aaron Dixon, foreword by Judson L. Jeffries
978-1-60846-178-3 • $17.95 • Ebook: 978-1-60846-179-0 • $17 “Aaron Dixon is a courageous, compassionate, and wise freedom fighter whose story of his pioneering work in the Black Panther Party is powerful and poignant. Don’t miss it!” —Cornel West In an era of stark racial injustice and decisive action, Aaron Dixon dedicated his life to the struggle for change, founding the Seattle chapter of the Black Panther Party in 1968 at age nineteen. rough his eyes we see the courage of a generation and the unforgettable legacy of Black Power.

What's My Name, Fool?
Sports and Resistance in the United States Dave Zirin
978-1-931859-20-2 • $15 • Ebook: 978-1-60846-110-3 • $15 “Dave Zirin is that rare thing—a writer who combines a passion for sport, deep knowledge of its history, and a fearlessly radical critique of the role the rich and powerful play in it.” —Mike Marqusee In What’s My Name, Fool?, sports writer Dave Zirin shows how sports express the best and worst features of our society. Zirin’s sharp and insightful commentary on the personalities, politics, and history of American sports is unlike any sports writing being done today.

Education and Capitalism
Struggles for Learning and Liberation Edited by Jeff Bale and Sarah Knopp
978-1-60846-147-9 • $17 • Ebook: 978-1-60846-164-6 • $17 “This book is a breath of fresh air! The chapters take on central issues in education with a clear vision of what could be.” —Jean Anyon, author of Marx and Education This book, written by teacher activists, speaks back to the elite “school reform” consensus. It draws on the ideas and experiences of social justice educators concerned with fighting against racism and for equality, and those of activists oriented on recapturing the radical roots of the labor movement.

The Mexican Revolution
A Short History 1910-1920 Stuart Easterling
978-1-60846-182-0 • $14 • Ebook: 978-1-60846-183-7 • $14 “The Mexican Revolution is a powerful work of historical synthesis. Slicing to the foundational bones of the revolution’s dramatic arc, Easterling’s precise, surgical narrative offers a remarkably clear rendering of the conflicting class forces at play and the historical personalities brought to life through their encounter.” —Jeffery Webber, author of From Rebellion to Reform in Bolivia Long after its outbreak, the Revolution remains the defining moment in Mexico’s modern history. Yet elements of its history continue to be debated today.


Recent and Recommended

Cuba Since the Revolution of 1959
A Critical Assessment Samuel Farber
978-1-60846-139-4 • $24 • Ebook: 978-1-60846-166-0 • $24 “This important, very well written, and quite interesting book evaluates the fifty-two years of the Cuban Revolution under a classical Marxist (pre-Stalinist) viewpoint. . . . [Farber] evaluates, with surprising insights, Cuba’s performance on national sovereignty, political democracy, economic growth, social welfare, race, gender, and the stand of domestic and external dissidents and critics. . . . Expect a strong reaction both from the right and the left. Don’t miss it!” —Carmelo Mesa-Lago, University of Pittsburgh

Democracy at Work
A Cure for Capitalism Richard Wolff
978-1-60846-247-6 • $15 • Ebook: 978-1-60846-257-5 • $15 “Richard Wolff ’s constructive and innovative ideas suggest new and promising foundations for much more authentic democracy and sustainable and equitable development, ideas that can be implemented directly and carried forward. A very valuable contribution in troubled times.” —Noam Chomsky A new historical vista is opening before us in this time of change, Wolff writes, in this compelling new manifesto for a democratic alternative based on workers directing their own workplaces.

Occupying Wall Street
The Inside Story of an Action that Changed America Writers for the 99%
978-1-60846-251-3 • $15 “An essential and galvanizing on-the-ground account of how oxygen suddenly and miraculously flooded back into the American brain.” —Jonathan Lethem Occupying Wall Street draws on extensive interviews with those who took part in the action to bring an authentic, inside-the-square history to life. In a vivid, fastpaced narrative, the key features of the encampment and important events of the movement are described in the words of the people who were there.

Reading Revolution
Shakespeare on Robben Island Ashwin Desai
978-1-60846-272-8 • $18 “Desai is asking South Africa (including himself ) to scrutinize new and old histories. The history of the victors laid down in the new history books and political discourses that dominate South Africa today. The history being made and remade now.” —Peter Dwyer e prison authorities of the apartheid South African prison Robben Island were obsessed with censoring the news that prisoners could receive of the outside world. rough the memories and biographical accounts written by former political inmates, this book evocatively brings to life the voices of prisoners.


Selected Backlist

Always on Strike
Frank Little and the Western Wobblies Arnold Stead Centering on Frank Little’s activities as a Western Wobbly, Always on Strike chronicles and discusses the I.W.W.’s free speech actions, the Mesabi Iron 978-1-60846-220-9, $16 Range Strikes of 1913 and 1916, antiWWI activities and their suppression, 978-1-60846-226-1 $16, ebook the Green Corn Rebellion, Little’s assassination, and the subsequent Wobbly conspiracy trials.

Lucy Parsons
An American Revolutionary Carolyn Ashbaugh Lucy Parsons, an outspoken woman of color, radical writer, and labor organizer, led the defense campaign for the “Haymarket martyrs” and remained ac978-1-60846-213-1, $16 tive in struggles of the oppressed throughout her life. This biography is an insight into her life and the rise of the American labor movement.

History of the Russian Revolution
Leon Trotsky “The greatest history of an event that I know.” —C. L. R. James Regarded by many as among the most
978-1-931859-45-5, $32 powerful works of history ever written, this book offers an unparalleled ac978-1-60846-050-2 $32, ebook count of one of the most pivotal and

Myths of Male Dominance
Collected Articles on Women Cross-Culturally Eleanor Burke Leacock This classic anthropological study debunks the many myths behind the idea of “natural” male superiority. Drawing 978-1-931859-57-8, $18 on extensive ethnographic research across cultures, Leacock demonstrates that claims of inherent male dominance and female subordination are based on carefully constructed falsehoods with no historical, factual basis.

hotly debated events in world history.

No One Is Illegal
Fighting Racism and State Violence on the U.S.–Mexico Border Justin Akers Chacón and Mike Davis This vital book highlights the history of white vigilante violence in the US, examines the role of US corporations in the Mexican economy, and the role 978-1-931859-35-6, $18 of immigrant labor in the US economy, 978-1-60846-052-6 $18, ebook and offers an insightful analysis of various other key themes relating to the recent battles over immigrant rights.

Ours to Master and to Own
Workers’ Control from the Commune to the Present Immanuel Ness and Dario Azzellini Looking at specific examples drawn from every corner of the globe and every period of modern history, this 978-1-60846-119-6, $19 pathbreaking volume comprehensively traces the often under-appreciated his978-1-60846-170-7 $19, ebook torical tradition of workers' control and self-management. Ripe with lessons drawn from historical and contemporary struggles.

Schooling in Capitalist America
Educational Reform and the Contradictions of Economic Life Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis Many recent books on education and schooling examine small pieces of the 978-1-60846-131-8, $22 system to suggest improvements. No book has ever taken on the systemic forces at work in modern education systems like Schooling in Capitalist America and suggested that a radical transformation of society is required to improve schools.

The American Road to Capitalism
Studies in Class-Structure, Economic Development and Political Conflict, 1620–1877 Charles Post “In The American Road to Capitalism,
978-1-60846-198-1, $28 Charles Post offers a brilliant reinter-

pretation of the origins and diverging paths of economic evolution in the American north and south. . . . Sure to be received as a landmark contribution.” —Robert P. Brenner


Selected Backlist

The Meaning of Marxism
Paul D'Amato This book is a lively and accessible introduction to the ideas of Karl Marx, as well as other key Marxists, with historical and contemporary examples. The Meaning of Marxism shows that a 978-1-931859-29-5, $14 “radical, fundamental transformation of existing society” is indeed not only 978-1-60846-051-9 $12, Ebook possible, but urgently necessary.

The Political Economy of Racism
Melvin Leiman “Students and scholars of all theoretical stripes will enjoy and benefit from this work.” —Contemporary Sociology
978-1-60846-066-3, $22 This scholarly, readable, and provoca-

tive book shows how the persistence of racism in America relies on the changing interests of those who hold the real power in society.

The Women Incendiaries
Edith Thomas The history of any period and of any country tends to be written by men about men, and when women figure in the story at all, they appear as wives, mistresses, or courtesans. This brilliant 978-1-931859-46-2, $16 and impassioned study provides a welcome exception to the rule.

Vive La Revolution
A Stand-Up History of the French Revolution Mark Steel An Actually Interesting, Unapologetically Sympathetic, and Extremely Funny History of the French Revolu978-1-931859-37-0, $15 tion. Vive la Revolution is an uproariously serious work of history. Funny and insightful, it puts individual people back at the center of the French Revolution, telling this remarkable story as it has never been told before.

The Black Power Mixtape
1967–1975 Göran Hugo Olsson Featuring images only recently discovered in the archives of Swedish television, here is the Black Power movement as you’ve never seen it. Powerful interviews with Stokely Carmichael, Angela Davis, and others who shaped the struggle of their day are mixed with the contemporary reflections of leading activists, musicians, and scholars.

A Climate Change Story Christine Shearer For the people of Kivalina, Alaska, the price of further climate change denial could be the complete devastation of their lives and culture. Their 978-1-60846-128-8, $16 village must be relocated to survive, but neither the fossil fuel giants nor 978-1-60846-171-4 $16, ebook the US government are willing to take full responsibility.

978-1-60846-296-4 $21.95 978-1-60846-297-1 $21.95, Ebook

A Time to Die
The Attica Prison Revolt Tom Wicker “[A Time to Die] will surely appease the hunger of tens of thousands of us for an honest insider's account of what led to such a ferocious attack on virtually 978-1-60846-215-5, $18 unarmed prisoners. . . . It is a heartbroken rather than angry book.” —Kurt Vonnegut

American Insurgents
A Brief History of American Anti-Imperialism Richard Seymour All empires spin self-serving myths, and in the US the most potent of these is that America is a force for democracy around the world. Yet 978-1-60846-141-7, $17 there is a tradition of American anti978-1-60846-162-2 $17, Ebook imperialism that has challenged this mythology. Seymour examines this complex relationship from the American Revolution to the present day.


Selected Backlist

The Lean Years
A History of the American Worker, 1920-1933 Irving Bernstein, intro. by Frances Fox Piven “Irving Bernstein is preeminent among historians of American labor history.” —Arthur Schlesinger Jr.
978-1-60846-063-2, $25

Turbulent Years
A History of the American Worker, 1933-1941 Irving Bernstein, intro. by Frances Fox Piven The 1930s have come to define the high point of labor militancy. In this groundbreaking work of labor history, Irving Bernstein uncovers a period 978-1-60846-064-9, $28 when industrial trade unionism, working-class power, and socialism became rallying cries for millions of workers in the fields, mills, mines, and factories of America.

Bernstein recaptures the history of the decade leading up to FDR’s inauguration, uncovers its widespread inequality, and sheds light on the long-forgotten struggles that form the prelude to the great labor victories of the 1930s.

Be Realistic: Demand the Impossible
Mike Davis With wit, humor, and a remarkable grasp of the political marginalization of the poor and working class by the 1%, this pamphlet crafts a striking defense of Occupy Wall Street and lays out well-considered next steps to advance the struggle against inequality.

A Glance in the Rearview Mirror
Neoliberal Ideology From its Origins to the Present Eric Toussaint The continuing crisis has begun to expose cracks in the ideology used to justify neoliberal policies of privatization and austerity. This informed, accessible primer drives a wedge into these cracks, allowing the non-experts among the 99% to understand the flaws in the economic philosophy of the 1%.

978-1-60846-217-9 $4.95, saddlestich pamphlet 978-1-60846-230-8 $4.95, Ebook

978-1-60846-254-4 $4.95, saddlestich pamphlet

Lessons for Our Struggle
Frances Fox Piven Class struggle is as American as apple pie. In this sharp pamphlet, Frances Fox Piven offers a clear historical context to the current struggles around economic disparity, poverty, and imperialism and relates them to the labor, civil rights, and anti-imperialist struggles of the Depression era.

Women Strikers Occupy Chain Store, Win Big
The 1937 Woolworth's Sit-Down Dana Frank Woolworth’s department store was the Walmart of the early 20th century. The women who worked there were overworked, underpaid, and sexually harassed. This pamphlet is the inspiring story of how these courageous women fought back against corporate exploitation and oppression.

978-1-60846-216-2 $4.95, saddlestich pamphlet 978-1-60846-229-2 $4.95, Ebook

978-1-60846-245-2 $4.95, saddlestich pamphlet 978-1-60846-246-9 $4.95, Ebook

African Struggles Today
Social Movements Since Independence Peter Dwyer and Leo Zeilig Leading scholars investigate the social forces driving the democratic transformation of postcolonial states across Southern Africa. Extensive research 978-1-60846-120-2, $17 and interviews with civil society organizers in Zimbabwe, South Africa, 978-1-60846-308-4 $17, Ebook Zambia, Malawi, Namibia, and Swaziland inform this incisive analysis of inequality, social struggles, and NGOs.

A Marxist Philosophy of Language
Jean-Jacques Lecercle, translated by Gregory Elliott The purpose of this book is to give a precise meaning to the formula: English is the language of imperialism. Under978-1-60846-026-7, $28 standing that statement involves a critique of the dominant views of language, both in the field of linguistics (including a chapter criticizing Chomsky’s research program) and of the philosophy of language.


Historical Materialism Book Series Backlist
Alasdair MacIntyre’s Engagement with Marxism Selected Writings 1953–1974
Edited by Paul Blackledge and Neil Davidson
ISBN: 978-1-60846-032-8 • $28

Criticism of Heaven
On Marxism and Theology Roland Boer
ISBN: 978-1-60846-031-1 • $28

Criticism of Religion
On Marxism and Theology II Roland Boer
ISBN: 978-1-60846-122-6 • $28

The Detour of Theory Gregory Elliott
ISBN: 978-1-60846-027-4 • $28

Criticism of Theology
On Marxism and Theology III Roland Boer
ISBN: 978-160846-197-4 • $28

Behind the Crisis
Marx’s Dialectic of Value and Knowledge Guglielmo Carchedi
ISBN: 978-1-60846-196-7 • $28

Discovering Imperialism
Social Democracy to World War I Edited and translated by Richard B. Day and Daniel Gaido
ISBN: 978-1-60846-235-3 • $50

Between Equal Rights
A Marxist Theory of International Law China Miéville
ISBN: 978-1-931859-33-2 • $28

Exploring Marx’s Capital
Philosophical, Economic, and Political Dimensions Jacques Bidet
ISBN: 978-1-60846-028-1 • $28

The Capitalist Cycle
An Essay on the Marxist Theory of the Cycle Pavel Maksakovsky
ISBN: 978-1-60846-018-2 • $28

Financialization in Crisis
Edited by Costas Lapavitsas
ISBN: 978-1-60846-237-7 • $28

The Clash of Globalizations
Neo-Liberalism, the Third Way, and Anti-Globalization Ray Kiely
ISBN: 978-1-60846-022-9 • $28

Following Marx
Method, Critique, and Crisis Michael Lebowitz
ISBN: 978-1-60846-033-5 • $28

The German Revolution
1917–1923 Pierre Broué
ISBN: 978-1-931859-32-5 • $50


A Systematic Marxist Account Tony Smith
ISBN: 978-1-60846-023-6 • $28

Red October
Left-Indigenous Struggles in Modern Bolivia Jeffery Webber
978-1-60846-258-2 • $28

Impersonal Power
History and Theory of the Bourgeois State Heidi Gerstenberger; translated by David Fernbach
ISBN: 978-1-60846-029-8 • $36

The Theory of Revolution in the Young Marx
Michael Löwy
ISBN: 978-1-931859-19-6 • $15

In the Steps of Rosa Luxemburg
Selected Writings of Paul Levi Paul Levi; translated by David Fernbach
ISBN: 978-1-60846-234-6 • $28

Toward the United Front
Proceedings of the Fourth Congress of the Communist International, 1922 John Riddell
ISBN: 978-1-60846-236-0 • $55.00

Lenin Rediscovered
What Is to Be Done? In Context Lars T. Lih
ISBN: 978-1-931859-58-5 • $50

Utopia, Ltd.
Ideologies of Social Dreaming in England, 1870–1900 Matthew Beaumont
ISBN: 978-1-160846-021-2 • $28

Making History
Agency, Structure, and Change in Social Theory Alex Callinicos
ISBN: 978-1-60846-020-5 • $28

Western Marxism and the Soviet Union
A Survey of Critical Theories and Debates Since 1917 Marcel van der Linden
ISBN: 978-1-931859-69-1 • $20

Marxism and Ecological Economics
Toward a Red and Green Political Economy Paul Burkett
ISBN: 978-1-60846-025-0 • $28

Witnessess to Permanent Revolution
The Documentary Record Edited and translated by Richard B. Day and Daniel Gaido
ISBN: 978-1-60846-089-2 • $36

Politics and Philosophy
Niccolò Machiavelli and Louis Althusser’s Aleatory Materialism Mikko Lahtinen
ISBN: 978-1-60846-123-3 • $28


Studies in Critical Social Sciences Book Series Backlist
The Age of Knowledge
The Dynamics of Universities, Knowledge & Society Edited by Henry Etzkowitz and James Dzisah
ISBN: 978-1-60846-241-4 • $28.00

Dialectic of Solidarity
Labor, Antisemitism, and the Frankfurt School Mark P. Worrell
ISBN: 978-1-60846-036-6 • $28

Engaging Social Justice
Critical Studies of Twenty-First Century Social Transformation David Fasenfest
ISBN: 978-1-60846-124-0 • $28

The Apprentice’s Sorcerer
Liberal Tradition and Fascism Ishay Landa
ISBN: 978-1-60846-202-5 • $28

Crisis of Capitalism
Compendium of Applied Economics Luciano Vasapollo
ISBN: 978-1-60846-239-1 • $28

The Entropy of Capitalism
Robert Biel
ISBN: 978-1-60846-242-0 • $28

European Bloc Imperialism
Dennis C. Canterbury
ISBN: 978-1-60846-204-9 • $28

Crisis, Politics and Critical Sociology
Edited by Graham Cassano and Richard A. Dello Buono
ISBN: 978-1-60846-201-8 • $28

The Future of Religion
Toward a Reconciled Society Edited by Michael R. Ott
ISBN: 978-1-60846-038-0 • $36

The Cuban Revolution as Socialist Human Development
Henry Veltmeyer and Mark Rushton
ISBN: 978-1-60846-244-5 • $28

Globalization and the Environment
Edited by Andrew Jorgenson and Edward Kick
ISBN: 978-1-60846-042-7 • $28

Culture, Power, and History
Studies in Critical Sociology Edited by Stephen Pfohl, et al.
ISBN: 978-1-60846-043-4 • $36

Globalization, Violence and World Governance
Laura Westra
ISBN: 978-1-60846-207-0 • $28

The Destiny of Modern Societies
The Calvinist Predestination of a New Society Milan Zafirovski
ISBN: 978-1-60846-125-7 • $36

Hybrid Identities
Theoretical and Empirical Examinations Edited by Keri E. Iyall Smith and Patricia Leavy
ISBN: 978-1-60846-035-9 • $28


Imperialism, Crisis and Class Struggle
The Enduring Verities and Contemporary Face of Capitalism: Essays in Honor of James Petras Edited by Henry Veltmeyer
ISBN: 978-1-60846-146-2 • $28

Marx’s Scientific Dialectics
A Methodological Treatise for a New Century Paul Paolucci
ISBN: 978-1-60846-039-7 • $28

Social Change, Resistance and Social Practices
Edited by Richard A. Dello Buono and David Fasenfest
ISBN: 978-1-60846-144-8 • $28

Marx, Critical Theory, and Religion
A Critique of Rational Choice Edited by Warren S. Goldstein
ISBN: 978-1-60846-041-0 • $36

Imperialism, Neoliberalism, and Social Struggle in Latin America
Edited by Richard A. Dello Buono and José Bell Lara
ISBN: 978-1-60846-040-3 • $28

State Capitalism, Contentious Politics and Large-Scale Social Change
Edited by Vincent Kelly Pollard
ISBN: 978-1-60846-208-7 • $28

Neoliberalism’s Fractured Showcase
Another Chile is Possible Ximena de la Barra
ISBN: 978-1-60846-206-3 • $28

Transforming Globalization
Challenges and Opportunities in the Post 9/11 Era Edited by Bruce Podobnik and Thomas Reifer
ISBN: 978-1-60846-044-1 • $28

An Interdisciplinary Theory of Activity
Andy Blunden
ISBN: 978-1-60846-145-5 • $28

Neoliberalism and National Culture
State-Building and Legitmacy in Canada and Québec Cory Blad
ISBN: 978-1-60846-243-8 • $28

Labor Regime Change in the Twenty-First Century
Unfreedom, Capitalism, and Primitive Accumulation Tom Brass
ISBN: 978-1-60846-240-7 • $28

Weaving Transnational Solidarity
From the Catskills to Chiapas and Beyond Katherine O’Donnell
ISBN: 978-1-60846-205-6 • $28

Profitable Ideas
The Ideology of the Individual in Capitalist Development Micheal O’Flynn
ISBN: 978-1-60846-199-8 • $28

Liberal Modernity and Its Adversaries
Freedom, Liberalism, and Anti-Liberalism in the 21st Century Milan Zafirovski
ISBN: 978-1-60846-037-3 • $36

Western Europe, Eastern Europe and World Development: 13th–18th Centuries
Collection of Essays by Marian Malowist Edited by Jean Batou and Henryk Szlajfer
ISBN: 978-1-60846-200-1 • $36

Race and Ethnicity
Across Time, Space, and Discipline Edited by Rodney D. Coates
ISBN: 978-1-60846-045-8 • $36

Marx and the Politics of Abstraction
Paul Paolucci
ISBN: 978-1-60846-209-4 • $28

Religion and the New Atheism
A Critical Appraisal Edited by Amarnath Amarasingam
ISBN: 978-1-60846-203-2 • $28.00

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