General Conference Fishing Game

(contains small parts, play with an adult nearby)

President Thomas S. Monson. {Served in the Navy. Likes to raise pigeons and fancy chickens}

President Henry B. Eyring {His dad was a scientist. Served in Airforce and went to Harvard}

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf {Grew up in Germany. Was a piolet}

President Boyd K. Packer {Flew a plane in WWII. Has 10 children.}

Elder L. Tom Perry {Liked to camp in his backyard with his dad}

Elder Russell M. Nelson {Was a singer and a heart surgeon. Loves to snow ski}

Elder Robert D. Hales {Was pitcher in baseball as a highschool freshman. Loves to golf }

Elder Dallin H. Oaks {Was a judge and likes to go fishing}

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland {Liked to play football, basketball, baseball and run track}

Elder M. Russell Ballard {Was a businessman. Joseph Smith is his great-great uncle}

Elder David A. Bednar {Was football quarterback in high school}


Elder Quentin L. Cook {Loves primary songs, had missionaries sing them as Mission Pres}

Elder Richard G. Scott {Was nucular engineer. Worked on an oyster boar as a teenager}

Elder D. Todd Christofferson {Worked in banks. Performed in Hill Cumorah Pageant}